mutable - seeing double from inside the bubble

mutable air

gemini experiences everything as double. this is the synthesis of masculine and feminine, child and adult, creativity and logic, extroversion and introversion. they identify closely with their knowledge, capacity for connection and education. it means that learning a new topic, setting a new goal, or taking on a new hobby takes over their whole personality. mutable is most welcome in air, just as air relishes in mutable energy. it creates a substantial, rich, and chaotic internal experience. and the physical body can be very neglected in gemini, because wild, destructive, impulsive and reckless personalities come and thrash around in it. the mind is also so busy and consumed by its development it forgets the signal to eat and sleep. 

mutable earth

virgo is the cohesion of mind and body. developing a correlative relationship between thought, mood, and affirmations with the physical body, constructing a clear circuit of communication between both. virgo’s body is a purely spiritual vessel utilised by the divine to conceive its creative vision. the mind is primed to ultimate potential but it cracks very easily. if they ingest something toxic for the mind, they can feel very sick in the stomach. mutable energy can struggle in earth captivity, there is a partial urge to anchor down but conflicting mutable energy can make being comfortable seem uncomfortable

mutable fire

sagittarius is the enchanted and mythic creature, combining the forces of pure prophecy, instinctual aggression, and will with its heavenly and ascended alter. life and death is the duality in sagittarius. one part was reborn as spirit after scorpio, the other part is fleshy, feverish animal. the spiritual hunger is so intense in both of these dualities that it can increase the appetite for everything out of desperation. mutable energy is exhilarated by wild fire, it feels uncontainable and unstoppable 

mutable water 

pisces is a sacred marriage of spirit and matter. they seem to absorb personalities and express the whole cosmic experience like they can play every cosmic note. there is more than 1 person inside pisces, but sometimes they are very unsure of what personality or sensation belongs to them. mutable energy flows comfortably in water, playing with mirages and reflections. pisces can lose memories and then have them return at any moment, some of her dual selves are hiding all across the universe



The Audio from the Jungle Cruise’s Queue

I’m obsessed with it, but even after working there for a year, I wasn’t able to catch everything that Albert AWOL says. So here’s a complete transcript.

This post will be TL;DR for most. If you’re a freak like me, it will be a delightful read. Either way, sorry!

“Here Comes My Ball and Chain,” by the Coon-Sanders Nighthawks

This is Skipper Albert AWOL, the Voice of the Jungle, broadcasting on the DBC to all points unknown! If you’re within the sound of my voice, you are listening to AWOL Airwaves on the DBC.

And now, here’s today’s river tip from Skipper Bill of the Congo Connie. Bill says, “If it rains in the jungle, who cares? That’s why they call it a rainforest!” Thanks, Bill.

Any travelers who may need to exchange foreign currency during their voyage needn’t worry. There are banks all along our rivers.

In addition to beautiful Malaysia, Burma, Siam, and Cambodia, Lotus Tours offers two new destinations: Boston and French Lick, Indiana!

…that can’t be right…!

Uh, correction: that’s “Borneo” and “French Indochina.” Bookings may be made at any travel office within a thousand miles of this jungle outpost.

Attention, Skippers! If you’re looking for some variety and need to log extra time at the wheel, another group of…uh…“volunteers” is being shanghaied for nighttime excursions down the Congo. These fascinating cruises through total darkness can be both exhilarating and unpredictable!

All Skippers should take note of the following changes along the Jungle Cruise rivers.

First, it is no longer considered sporty to hold small children over the edge of the boat while traveling through the hippo pool. Contrary to popular belief, this does not stop their ears from wiggling! (That’s the hippos of course, not the children.)

Second, due to the fact that a boatload of passengers onboard Zambesi Zelda entered a Cambodian ruin and failed to come out, any and all temple ruins are now off limits to your cruise!

And finally, passengers requesting extended tours should be referred directly to the Booking Office where they will receive immediate medical treatment.

“With Plenty of Money and You,” by Dick Powell

All Skippers-in-Training are required to wear a leopard hatband, so travelers at dockside will know not to board your boats.

We know that communicating on the jungle rivers can be difficult at times, so we’re always glad to pass along warm personal greetings from one Skipper to another! Here’s one now from the Skipper of the Senegal Sal to the Skipper of Irrawaddy Irma: “If you can’t drive, stay off the river.” Isn’t that nice?

Attention, Skippers: don’t forget to submit your entries for the “Maim the Croc…” Eh, correction, that’s “NAME the Crocodile” contest. The winner will receive a one-week, all-expenses-paid cruise for one on the jungle river of his choice!

“Jeepers, Creepers” by Louis Armstrong

For safety reasons, all passengers are asked not to feed any animals that may approach your vessel before, during, or after the Jungle Cruise, including the ravenous guides working at the Unload Dock. Thank you.

Friday night’s Jungle River Movie–Tarzan and Me–has been canceled due to the fact that those pesky gorillas have once again borrowed our projector. Any Skipper interested in retrieving the projector will receive a free day’s ration of Banana Bits: the dried fruit of choice among all Jungle Cruise Skippers!

Equatorial Expeditions presents: the Route of the Lost Queen! Two- and three-week journeys are available on a “first come, you must go” basis. Interested parties should contact I.L. Befair at the Office of the Interior.

Mating season has begun at the African elephant staging grounds. All boats are cautioned to use extreme care when traveling through this part of the jungle.

Attention, all Skippers! Tomorrow night’s bachelor party for Skipper Carl–originally scheduled for the African elephant staging grounds–will now be held at the Indian elephant pool. Proper swimwear is mandatory.

“Yes, Yes” by Ambrose with Sam Brown and the Carlyle Cousins

Instructions on how to dock a half-sunken boat will be given this Tuesday morning at Loading Dock Number One. Due to reasons that are more than obvious, these maneuvers will not be open to the public.

Skippers, we have yet to receive any entries for our “Name the Crocodile” contest. Besides a one-week, all-expenses-paid cruise for one on the jungle river of your choice, you will also now receive one slightly used pygmy war canoe! Enter today. Please.

Attention, Skippers: please urge your passengers to disembark on the starboard side of the boat. That’s the side closest to the dock…IF you pull in bow-first.

Attention, passengers: please urge your Skippers to pull into the dock bow-first.

Last week, the River Pilot’s License Test was given to thirty Jungle Cruise Skippers. Congratulations to all those who passed! The remaining twenty-nine pilots may take the test again next month.

May I have your attention, please? If anyone has located a large uncut diamond–weighing approximately sixteen carats–will you please return it to the Lost and Found area? (Pfft, right.)

“Song of India” by Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra

Roam the plains of Africa, India, Ceylon, and Persia with experienced expeditioners! See the rare and unusual from the perch of a pachyderm! Join the Elephant Safari Company as they search for lions, tigers, and bears! (Oh, my!)

Due to capacity limitations on the Jungle Cruise boats, parties of thirty-three should consider dividing their group into two groups of sixteen-and-a-half each.

Here’s today’s Jungle Trivia Questions! One, “What is the correct response when confronted by a crazed charging elephant?” and Two, “How many gorillas does it take to destroy a base camp?” Stay tuned!

Attention, all Skippers! Due to an increase in piranha activity along the rivers, you are now required to update the “Missing Persons” board at the end of each cruise.

Attention, all travelers! If your name is added to the “Missing Persons” list at the end of your cruise, please accept in advance our most sincere apologies! Thank you.

“It’s the Girl” by the Boswell Sisters

Jungle Skippers: don’t forget to keep extra oars handy on your ship! That way you won’t find yourself stranded up the river without a paddle!

For safety reasons, individuals are not allowed to take home pets which have been collected while on the Jungle Cruise.

And now today’s survival tip: when confronted by a charging rhino, head for the nearest tree and climb fast! Failure to follow these instructions may result in pointed confrontations.

Congratulations to our dockside crew, who won their first cricket match of the season. We understand it was an overwhelming victory!

(A what? A forfeit?)

And next week–when the opposing team shows up–I am sure they’ll do just as well!

“Rhythm King” by the Coon-Sanders Nighthawks

Come drift into an era of kings and golden idols! Discover what you would have never missed if you had never seen it in the first place! It’s another amazing Amazonian river fantasy from the Jungle Navigation Company!

Listen up, Skippers! Your chance to enter the “Name the Crocodile” contest is just about over. Come on, fellas! Not only will you win a one-week, all-expenses-paid cruise for one on the jungle river of your choice, and one slightly used pygmy war canoe, but you’ll also now get–absolutely free–a full volume set of “Teach Yourself Swahili” just for entering!

Remember, “Wasio na hofu” is Swahili for “They who have no fear.” And “Matoi mbuzi katikka nyumba um teea katikka kebanda chakke” means “Take the goat out of the house and put it in its shed.”

All boat captains, please be advised that there have been several reports of aggressive butterflies along the inner banks of the Amazon River. Three guests have reported minor confrontations. To minimize the chance of future injuries, Butterfly Repellent is strongly recommended!

Attention, all passengers! Attention, all passengers! A rather large leopard has recently been seen in the vicinity! The animal can be identified by its razor-sharp teeth, long menacing claws, and a loud ferocious growl. If spotted, please contact the local authorities immediately.

The leopard snarls in the background.

Oh, dear. Uhh, never mind. We seem to have found him!

The leopard roars.

…nice pussycat…!

“Love is Good for Anything That Ails You” by Ida Sue McCune

And now, here are the answers to our Jungle Trivia Questions! The correct response to a crazed charging elephant is, “Auuugh! Auuuuugh!” and it takes an average of eight minutes for a family of gorillas to destroy a typical base camp.

Will the owner of a blue jeep, license number…uh, well, it doesn’t have a license plate. At least, not anymore! Will the owner please contact the office of the Minister of Transportation immediately? Your vehicle has…turned up at a nearby base camp.

This is Skipper Albert AWOL, the Voice of the Jungle, broadcasting on the DBC to all points unknown! If you’re within the sound of my voice, you are listening to AWOL Airwaves on the DBC.

“Harlem River Quiver” by Duke Ellington

The DBC is proud–and financially pleased–to welcome a new sponsor to the AWOL Airwaves! It’s Aero Casablanca! As an introductory offer, all Jungle Cruise personnel will receive discounted fares on Aero Casablanca’s Belgian Congo River tour. All flights must be booked at least two minutes in advance of takeoff and stays in the Congo region must be for a minimum of twenty-five years. Fly the skies of Aero Casablanca: the airline no one comes back on!

All travelers should be aware that herds of elephants have been seen bathing in several regions of the Mekong River. Since these animals have been known to spray water at passing boats, you are advised to wear the appropriate attire. Or bring an umbrella.

Recent reports of giant pythons have been greatly exaggerated! These reptiles cannot digest children weighing over sixty pounds in a single bite! The largest child they can consume at any one time would have to weigh less than forty-five pounds.

Attention! Will the Skipper of the Nile Nellie please move your vessel? You’re docked in a No-Floating Zone.

The previously announced “Name the Crocodile” contest has been suspended due to an acute shortage of entries. If anyone has any ideas about naming our pet croc, please drop them off at the Office Depot! Not to worry; you won’t have to accept any of the prizes.

Now available: one full volume set of “Teach Yourself Swahili!” Yours, just for the asking, at the Office Depot!

“What a Girl, What a Night” by the Coon-Sanders Nighthawks

Due to local monsoons, the demonstration on how to waterproof your vessel has been rained out.

Here’s a message from Sir Henry Morton Stanley to…I…I can’t quite make out this name. It’s “Dr. Livingston,” I presume? Please meet Sir Stanley at the falls.

This week’s Special Guest Skipper is Admiral Bartholomew Wrongway! Admiral Wrongway will be piloting several excursions into the deepest, most dangerous regions of the Congo! Since the Admiral is new to the area–and as such, quite unfamiliar with our waterways–it is recommended that you steer clear of his vessel.

In keeping with jungle tradition, all guests now waiting in line to board Jungle Cruise boats are urged to raise their hands high above their heads and imitate the sounds of their favorite jungle animals!

Will Colonel Williamso–

AWOL coughs.

Excuse me. Uh-hem. I seem to have something in my throat!

AWOL clears his throat until it culminates in a Tarzan yell.

Much better! Will Colonel Williamson please report to the Minister General’s office? Thank you.

“Diga Diga Doo” by Duke Ellington

Rivers of the Pharaohs: excursions to the land that time forgot…and so will you. Sign up today for the adventure of someone else’s lifetime.

We’d like to thank the headmaster at the Library of Lost American Melodies in Minous for supplying us with this fine assortment of music for our dockside entertainment.

The Docking Zone is for loading and unloading only.

The Loading Zone is for docking purposes only.

The Unloading Zone is for purposes unlike those of the Loading and Docking Zones.

Any passengers with experience in piloting a riverboat should give their name to the Skipper upon boarding. (Just in case.)

In the world of science, recent research has uncovered the fact that certain species of crocodiles are repelled by brightly colored clothing!

As a reminder: passengers traveling on the Nile should consider wearing brightly colored clothing during their cruise.

Anything Goes Selections” by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, Ramona Healy, and Hauser Laurence

Fishing from the sides of the Jungle Cruise boats is strictly prohibited. (Unless of course you happen to be fishing a relative out of the crocodile-infested waters of the Nile River.)

If your vessel needs repairs, please see our mechanic, located at the Boat Storage area. It is not proper to remove parts from other Skippers’ boats. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Doctor Hugo Squirtum’s popular pachyderm lecture series will continue on Saturday night at the Jungle Trading Post. This week’s lecture, “Elephant Trunks: Part Drinking Straw, Part Water Pistol,” will focus on the many ways elephants use their flexible appendage for nourishment, skin care, and friendly contact!

“Let’s Misbehave” by Irving Aaronson and His Commanders

Those individuals waiting in line for the Annual Platypus Sightseeing Expedition should check in with the Booking Office immediately! Someone made a rather nasty mistake on your vacation destination. Sorry!

Attention, children: please be advised that there are reports of wild adults roaming the area! Thank you.

Skippers: only animals–not guests–are permitted to graze while in the rainforest.

Will the Jungle Cruise Skipper in khaki fatigues please report to the boat storage area? I’m sorry, let me clarify that: the Jungle Cruise Skipper in khaki fatigues working on the dock wearing the neat-looking hat and black walking shoes, answering to “Hey, You!” please report to the boat storage area.

“Painting the Clouds with Sunshine” by the Jack Hylton Orchestra

Here’s a helpful hint for all would-be jungle explorers! When observing wildlife in this region, it is important to blend in with the natural surroundings. That means remaining still while trying to look as green as possible.

If anyone sees the Skipper of the Orinoco Ida, please tell him that his last group of passengers has just returned to the dock with his boat.

Will the individual who left a box of small furry things by the Purser’s Office please come to reclaim them? They seem to be quite hungry.

The winning entrée from this month’s cooking competition is bamboo stew with shredded vine stems. Skipper Doug–our floating gourmet–recently tried this unusual dish and told us, “It tastes like chicken!” He was quick to add however, “So does everything else we cook around here.” Thanks, Doug.

“The Mooche” by Duke Ellington

Attention, navigators! Revised maps of the jungle areas have been completed, and should arrive the day after tomorrow, if the courier can find his way here.

Will world famous paleontologist, Dr. Cornelius Bifocal, please return the dinosaur coloring book–and crayons–he borrowed from the Dispatch Office?

Due to a recent outpouring of rain in our area, the Nile River is extremely wet today. Please drive slowly!

Guests arriving at dockside for the Jungle Cruise must check their baggage with the dockmaster. This includes all wild animals and children under the age of five.

Passengers returning from the jungle are advised to hold their baggage claim tickets until all belongs have been secured. Guests not returning needn’t worry about it.

Attention, all Skippers: several well-known photojournalists will be boarding our boats today for photographic studies of the region. However, in order to minimize any disruption of our tours, they will be disguised as local tourists. If you should happen to spot one, please do not ask for autographs.

“The King’s Horses and the King’s Men” by the Jack Hylton Orchestra

Individuals taking excursions into the Congo should provide their own drinking water and rations, since snacks will not be served.

Since our weekly shipment of tea has been delayed, papaya juice will now be served at the four o'clock hour. As always, day-old crumpets will still be available!

All crew members should secure a spot in the bunkhouse as soon as possible! And remember, if you walk in your sleep, don’t forget to don your bathing cap before retiring this evening.

For sale: late model war canoe. Hand-carved wood interior, dual paddles, and naturally air-conditioned! Interested parties should respond through the grapevine.

FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 4 (march-april)

Perfect Storm by cherrystreet (80k) CHAPTERED 

What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding.

Harry and Louis choose the latter.   FAKE/PRETEND RELATIONSHIP WITH A TWIST

You Always Seem To Bring Me Light by sinisterist (18k) CHAPTERED

He jumps when he feels a hand stroking his hair lightly. “I love it like this,” Louis murmurs, reaching to tug a wayward curl.

“Love what like this?”

“Your hair.” Louis’ touch is hesitant, almost reverent, all trace of humour gone now. “When it’s still kind of damp but the ends are dry and curl up like corkscrews. It’s supposed to look gross but it doesn’t.” He pauses before continuing quietly. “Your curls are so lovely.”

Harry swallows. Louis is a hurricane, and amidst his whirlwind of emotions, he slowly says; deliberately says, “So are you.”

In a world where YouTuber baker Harry pines for the (inconveniently taken) Louis. In other words, another YouTuber AU.

Emperor’s New Clothes by sunsetmog (92k) CHAPTERED

The fact that Louis’s most precious belonging was a cat with a face like thunder and an uncanny ability to cover every single inch of Louis’s clothing with cat hair was something that Louis chose not to think about too much.

or: Harry’s a pop star and Louis isn’t, and there’s a non-disclosure agreement where there used to be a relationship. SECRET RELATIONSHIP

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Rachel Amber is the fire that Chloe needs to stay away from



I love Amberprice. I will defend it til the very end. Would I fall for someone like Rachel Amber? Yes. Would I like to be friends with someone like Rachel Amber? Absolutely. Would I date Rachel Amber? No. Absolutely not. Not because of how smashy she gets when she’s angry, but because of how the tiny traits about her tips me off the wrong way.

Am I sure she really likes Chloe? No. Do I think she’s manipulating Chloe? Yes. Does Rachel’s actions and reactions to Chloe’s doubt to running away bother me?… 

Hella yes. 

It VERY much bothered me.

I’d like to go back to this conversation:

They’re talking about Rachel. Hands down, that’s what I sincerely believe.

The first time you meet Rachel is intense. It’s like fire. It’s bright, and warm, and exhilarating. Rachel burns like fire. Brightly, and she’s the center of attention.

She becomes the center of Chloe’s attention.


She burns so brightly that the darkness of Chloe’s life is completely engulfed in this. I can’t find a video where Chloe says it, but in my play through, on the first episode, while talking to Joyce during breakfast, Chloe basically goes: We make bad choices when we’re dealing with losing someone. She’s basically judging her mother for choosing David so soon after she lost William.

Sound familiar?

Who else lost William, as well as a best friend, and started hanging out with the wrong crowd and making awful decisions in life?

So, if you eliminate fire. If you eliminate that bright bright light… what do you see?


Chloe doesn’t want that. She just wants to see…. Rachel provides her light. a direction. But perhaps that direction becomes too blinding and painfully burning as Chloe gets closer to it. That’s why, by the end of the episode, Chloe is so hesitant with leaving with Rachel. Chloe felt the warmth of the fire, but as she edges closer, she has to recoil for a moment because that fire is burning her. Eventually she gives in, after a promise.

Something solid – the bracelet

Something permanent – a tattoo

Something passionate – a kiss

Lesbi-honest… MOST of us, chose the most NON concrete way to make a promise: a kiss. We, as Chloe’s players, are pushing Chloe into the fire.

But here’s the thing, let’s jump ahead a little bit in the future okay?

 Chloe loses Rachel anyway. She loses her fire. A very bright fire that she has been staring at for a while now. She’s back in darkness, but the fire left a mark on her. It didn’t burn her. It left that weird shape in her eyes that happens when one stares too long at something bright.

But slowly and surely, she starts seeing clearer. And in darkness.. what do you see when you look up?


Fire that shine billions of light years away. Safe to watch, untouchable, yet they’re still so beautiful. They give direction. If one knows how to read stars, you will know where to go just by using them

Who else is miles away? Who else is untouchable?

It’s a bit of a reach, but Max could have been that greater beauty. 

A more logic reach is the end of Life is Strange (original), where Chloe realizes that she has been so focused on the fire (Rachel) and the hazy orb that the fire left (Rachel’s disappearance), that she failed to see the other beauty of her world (her mother, blackwell, Eliot (he’s a really good kid), Steph, Mikey, and maybe even David because he does have some lessons that make sense)

But Rachel isn’t just what made Chloe miss the finer things in her life… The darkness around her was dark enough that she couldn’t see….

So dark that she couldn’t see directions.

So how was she to know that looking up was all she needed to see the dim lights in her sky? How was she to know when Rachel Amber was this wildfire that gave her warmth but also misdirection?

The Day You Were Born

*Note. This is a very minor factor in the human psyche, and not technically a component of the natal chart. Each day of the week has an energy which it imparts to individuals born on it, but it is vague and often a subtle undertone or theme rather than a prominent, overt, direct influence. This is closely related to the “mundane” matters of the 6th house, the everyday aspect of our lives, and how you approach or behave in that area. The planet ruling your day of birth may be interpreted to have increased energy or importance in your natal chart.


People born on Sunday tend to have well-defined identities, or at least a strong sense of self, and they deeply value their individuality. They can be very creative individuals, full of vitality and unique personal power, and they’re often well-liked for their radiance. Above all, their opinion of & belief in themselves drives them in their everyday lives. Their actions revolve around independent choice.

MONDAY || Moon

People born on Monday tend to be rather sensitive and emotionally responsive. Their feelings are deep & strong, and typically have a significant influence over their actions. Privacy and comfort are priorities in their everyday lives; they strive to feel safe, and may be reserved. They can be profoundly compassionate. They value their memories, which are usually vivid & clear, and protect their history.


People born on Tuesday tend to be energetic and forthright, with a vital intensity and passionate disposition that carries them throughout their everyday lives. Taking action and being decisive are important to them; strength of character, ambition, and progress help define who they are. They enjoy exhilaration and feed off adrenaline, so they could be reckless thrill-seekers if they’re able.

WEDNESDAY || Mercury

People born on Wednesday tend to be thoughtful and inventive. Their minds are central to their identity; the cultivation, communication, and manifestation of ideas is often what their everyday lives revolve around. Exchanges are crucial to their well-being, as conversation is their main avenue of self-expression. They tend to be busy-bodies, focused on a perpetually-flowing daily process.

THURSDAY || Jupiter

People born on Thursday tend to have “big” personalities; they’re often open, expressive, & engaging. Being a part of the world around them is vital to their happiness, & that is what their everyday lives revolve around. The pleasures of life are their hobbies. Their minds & hearts are expansive, giving them grand ideas & grand connectivity. The deeper meaning of things is important to them.

FRIDAY || Venus

People born on Friday tend to be charming & generally likeable. They’re polite, graceful, and easygoing, with rather “breezy” and warm personalities which attract others to them. They have a good sense of style & know how to present themselves in appealing ways. Beauty, indulgence, pleasure, & self-esteem are what their everyday lives revolve around. Their values are important to them.

SATURDAY || Saturn

People born on Saturday tend to have solid, responsible personalities. They are focused, determined, and disciplined. They may be reserved individuals with anxious dispositions or a cool, collected mien typically mistaken for coldness. Their strong, definite ambitions and continuous self-improvement are what their everyday lives revolve around. They are dignified, independent hard-workers.


IGN - “For those looking for a new flavor of superhero show, Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ definitely delivers” 8/10

FORBES - “Fantastical is to be expected, but the weirdness of this show is next level for Marvel, and it’s fun”

NERDIST - “Runaways brings heart and great characters to the superhero genre. There’s something exhilarating about seeing these characters come to life, and the casting of the teen heroes is utterly fantastic” 5/5

THE MARY SUE - “Runaways impresses with its wonderful cocktail of earnestness, melodrama, and mystery. Can’t wait to see more”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - “There’s a deep vein of dark comedy here, a satire that deepens the more recognizable superpowered-teen melodramaB+

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - “If everybody’s got to have a superhero show, then it looks like HULU has a good one”

DEN OF GEEK - “Marvel TV is due for a win. Is Marvel’s ‘Runaways’, Hulu’s first foray into Marvel adaptation, it? The short answer: yes” 4/5

TV LINE - The Breakfast Club meets X-Men with a splash of Stranger Things thrown in, Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ is the richest, best-realized hero drama of the new TV season” A-

WE GOT THIS COVERED - “When the show hits that sweet spot it’s an intriguing, weird, funny, and addictive addition to the Marvel world”  8/10

THE DAILY DOT - “Runaways arrives on the scene amid a crowded comic-book lineup across the TV realm, but it manages to shine as it juggles a superhero show and a teen drama worthy of its beloved source material”

Tom and Lin-Manuel: An Appreciation/Jealous Rant

Every writer has a golden period – a chunk of time when her brain is ripest, when the veins he is tapping are the richest, when the ideas, big and small, spill out over the sides of the bucket instead of having to be patiently collected like drops of rain off a leaf. This is true for songwriters, playwrights, novelists, screenwriters, anyone who writes anything in any genre. Go look at John Hughes’s IMDb page and marvel at his golden period, which I would bookend as 1983-1990. It’s outrageous. He wrote Vacation, Mr. Mom, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Some Kind of Wonderful, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Uncle Buck, and Home Alone in eight years. Eight years?! That’s absurd.

But then look at his next 20 years. You won’t find one movie that is better than the worst one he wrote in those seven years. The vein ran dry. It always does. That’s just the deal.

Tom Petty’s golden period never ended. Or, at least, the silver periods on either side of his golden period were seemingly infinite. No matter where you think he peaked – Full Moon Fever, or Wildflowers, or Damn the Torpedoes – the decades on either side were wonderful. He was great from the moment he released his first album in 1977 to the day he died last month. For forty years he wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and the songs he wrote were good or great or amazing.

Tom Petty wrote “Breakdown” and “American Girl” in 1977. He wrote “You Don’t Know How it Feels” seventeen years later, in 1994. He wrote “You Got Lucky” in 1982, “King’s Highway” in 1992, “The Last DJ” in 2002. He wrote “I Won’t Back Down,” “Runnin’ Down a Dream,” Free Fallin’,” “Love is a Long Road,” “A Face in the Crowd,” Yer So Bad,” and “The Apartment Song,” and “Depending on You,” all in 1989, and they were all on the same album, and that’s absurd.

He wrote “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” in 1981 and “Big Weekend” in 2006. He wrote every song on Wildflowers – and they are all great – in or around 1994. He wrote fifty other great songs I haven’t named yet, like “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Jammin Me.” He wrote great songs you’ve heard a million times, and great songs you’ve maybe never heard, like “Billy the Kid” (1999) and “Walls” (1996) which was buried on the soundtrack to She’s the One.  He took a break from the Heartbreakers and casually released “End of the Line” and “Handle With Care” and “She’s My Baby” with the Traveling Wilburys in 1989-90. He wrote “Refugee” in 1980 and “I Should Have Known It” in 2010. Is there any rock and roll songwriter alive who wrote two songs that good, 30 years apart? (Paul McCartney wrote “Hey Jude” in 1968, and only 12 years later he wrote “Wonderful Christmas Time,” which is so bad it nearly retroactively undid “Hey Jude.”)

He wrote about rock and roll things, like ’62 Cadillacs, getting out of this town, and dancing with Mary Jane. He wrote about love and loss and heartbreak. He wrote legitimately funny jokes, and moribund memories, and personal narratives, and imaginative flights of fancy. One of his characters calls his father his “old man” and it somehow isn’t cheesy. He was from Florida and California and wrote about both of them, and every time I’m on Ventura Boulevard I think of vampires, because the images he wrote are indelible. 

Petty didn’t just write songs directed at women, like most rock stars. He wrote about women, and he wrote for women, and he wrote with women. He treated the women in his songs as lovingly and respectfully as he treated the men. He cared about them as much, he spent as much time thinking about them, and he liked them as much, and all of that is rare.

He wrote simply, but not boringly. He made his characters three-dimensional, somehow, in a matter of seconds. There’s a famous (probably apocryphal) story about Hemingway bragging he could write an entire novel in six words, then writing: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” I prefer the 18-word novel Petty wrote as the first verse to “Down South” –

Headed back down south
Gonna see my daddy’s mistress
Gonna buy back her forgiveness
Pay off every witness

When I was working on Parks and Recreation, whenever we needed a song to score an important moment in Leslie Knope’s life, we chose a Tom Petty song. It started with “American Girl,” when her biggest career project came to fruition. It was “Wildflowers” when she said goodbye to her best friend. It was “End of the Line” at the moment the show ended. For the seven seasons of our show, Tom Petty was the writer we trusted to explain how our main character was feeling, because he wrote so much, so well, for so long.


It seems like a joke, Hamilton – a joke in a TV show where one of the characters is a struggling New York actor, and is always dragging his friends to his terrible plays. Like Joey in Friends. There’s an episode of Friends where Joey is in a terrible musical called like Freud!, about Sigmund Freud, and you get to see some of it, and it’s predictably terrible. Freud! the musical is arguably a better idea than Hamilton the musical.

I’m far from the first person to say this – I’m probably somewhere around the millionth person to write about Hamilton, and the maybe 500,000th to make this particular point, but it needs to be said – a hip-hop Broadway musical about the founding fathers is an astoundingly terrible idea. Lin-Manuel Miranda should never have written it. As soon as he started to write it, he should’ve said to himself, “What the fuck am I doing?!” and stopped. And after he got halfway through, he should’ve junked it, gotten really drunk, and moved on with his life, and made his wife and friends swear to never mention the weird six months where he was trying to write a hip-hop musical about Alexander Hamilton. I literally guarantee you that when Lin-Manuel Miranda first told his friends what he was writing, every one of them reacted with at best a frozen smile, and at worst a horrified recoiling. Some of them might have been outwardly encouraging – “sounds awesome bud! Go get ‘em!” But then later, alone, they would call each other and say What the fuck is he doing?

There is a moment, in Hamilton, when what you are watching overwhelms you. (It’s not the same moment for everyone, but most everyone has one, I suspect.) It’s the moment when the enormity, the complexity, the meaning of it, the entirety of it, overpowers you, and you realize that what you are experiencing is new – new both in your specific life, and new, like, on Earth.  The first time I saw it, that moment was a line in the middle of “Yorktown.” Hamilton sang the line And so the American experiment begins / With my friends all scattered to the winds, and I burst into tears in a way I hadn’t since I was 10 and a baseball went through a guy’s legs in the World Series. Something about how casually he says that – And so the American experiment begins – just settled over me, like a collapsing tent, and this thing I was watching wasn’t in front of me, it was everywhere around me, and it was exhilarating and transformative.

(If I could put this part in a footnote, I would, but I don’t know how to, so: I should mention that I am very far from a musical theater aficionado. I have seen maybe eight musicals in my life. Not only did I not expect to cry, hard, during Hamilton, I did not expect to enjoy it. I saw it like a week after it opened on Broadway, kind of on a whim, knew nothing about it, and the last thing I said to my wife, as the lights went down, was: “We’ll leave at intermission.”)

The second time I saw it, that moment came much earlier (I knew what I was getting into, this time, so I was more ready to be subsumed). It came barely three minutes in, when the entire cast of the show, in a piece of choreography that can best be referred to as “badass,” all walk down to the very front of the stage and stand, shoulder to shoulder, and sing very loudly about how Alexander Hamilton never learned to take his time. The cast has, to this point, trickled on stage, slowly, one by one, telling you Hamilton’s origin story, and then suddenly there they all are, all of them – maybe 20? 50? It seems like 1000? – as close to the audience as they can get, and they are every size and ethnicity and gender, and their voices are loud, and I thought to myself, oh my God, this is a cast of people descended from every nation on Earth, all singing about the foundations of the American experience, and yes I “knew” that, intellectually, but holy shit, now that I see them all, I know it, like in my stomach, I understand it, and what a thing that is.

The third time I saw Hamilton, that moment was during “It’s Quiet Uptown,” when this enormous, sprawling, improbable, otherworldly, multi-ethnic, historical, art tornado presses pause on all of its historical-cultural-ethno-sociological-artistic investigations, and spends four and a half spare minutes with a couple who are grieving an unimaginable tragedy.  Specifically, it was the lines

Can you imagine?
Can you imagine?

What a thing to do, for your characters – to give them four and a half minutes in the middle of an enormous, sprawling, historical swirl, to just be sad. What a piece of writing that is.

(Again, should be a footnote, but: as long as I’m talking about writers here, I should point out that if the late Harris Wittels were alive, he would, at this moment, text me and hit me with a “humblebrag” for writing about how I have seen Hamilton three times, and he would be right. Miss you Harris!)

In the hundreds of hours of my life I have spent thinking about Hamilton since I first saw it – far more hours than any other single piece of art I have ever experienced – I have revisited that same thought over and over: he never should’ve written it. It was an absurd thing to do. It took him a year to write the title song, then another year to write the second song, and how did he not give up when two years had gone by and he’d written two songs?  He must’ve known in his heart it needed to be a 50-song, 2 ½-hour enterprise, and he had two songs after two years, and he kept going. How did he keep going? I’ve been trying to write this blog post about two writers I admire for different reasons since the week Tom Petty died, and I’ve almost given up five times.

At this point, the entire musical is that “moment” for me. It’s the whole thing, now – the thing that overwhelms me is the whole thing. The conception of it, the writing of it, the rewriting of it. The music and the motifs and the themes and the threads and the dramatic shape and the characters and their inner lives, and the eagle-eye writer’s view it took to keep all of that in his head, all of it, the whole time. The writing of it. The utterly impossible writing of it. 

Substitutions, Reworking & Personalizing Spells

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Substitutions in magick and spellwork is where you replace an ingredient for a spell with another due to lack of the listed ingredient. This is often done when a witch does not have specific plants, herbs or crystals on hand for when working a spell. This is a very common practice especially when individuals are on a budget or are still “in the forest” so unable to get specific ingredients. This is also done when a spell calls for an obscure or hard to find or even endangered herb/plant such as white sage, mugwort, nightshade, wormwood, wolfsbane and other harder to come by plants that one could not normally find in a store or local gardens.

General Substitution:

  • White Candles for any candle color
  • Rosemary for any herb/plant
  • Table Salt for any salt
  • Tap Water for any water
  • Clear Quartz for any crystal
  • Black Tea for any tea
  • Rose for any flower
  • Tobacco for any toxic herb/plant
  • Sage Incense for any incense
  • Olive Oil for any oil/carrier oil
  • Frankincense for any gum resin
  • Lemon for any citrus
  • Apple for any fruit

There are things in each “category” of ingredients for spells that are used for general over all substitution. Though these ingredients below can substitute for anything in their given category it does not mean that they are the best items to use for substitution in every spell. Why is that? Simply because each ingredient has different correspondences and though these items are “general” they have their own correspondences which can very much be different from what the spell is corresponding to.

An Example: Rosemary corresponds with protection, love, lust, mental powers, exorcism, purification, healing, sleep, youth. If you are using it in a spell for money it may not work as well as it would to substitute the missing herb with another herb that corresponds with money, wealth and prosperity. This is why the list above is simply for if you are in a pinch and you have absolutely nothing else to substitute in for it.

This is why it is better to go with intent based substitutions, for they tend to correspond better with the spell and are more likely to be successful. It is very easy to figure out other ingredients that work with a spell by seeing if the ingredient corresponds with the intent, such as does this crystal correspond with love in anyway? If so it is a good substitute for a love spell, if it doesn’t then it is a poor choice. This part is where you need to research yourself to ensure you are substituting things properly. Research the correspondences of what you have and see if they match with the spell you wish to find a substitute for.


Reworking is the process of changing the actions, procedures and steps of a spell to cater to either one’s own situation or to work with ingredients that have been substituted or are missing. Reworking works hand and hand with substitution. The reason this is, is because sometimes when we substitute ingredients we can no longer use the same processes done in the spell. This is common when we substitute something such as a water safe crystal with a non-water safe crystal for a potion or substituting an edible plant with a toxic one in an edible spell.

Here is an example scenario that will show us both the process of standard substitution and reworking.

A Spell for Protection requires you to have a bowl of water and some aloe. The process of the spell is soaking the aloe in the water for a short time then rubbing the herb on your wrists and forehead. You wish to do this spell but you have come across the problem of having no aloe. Below are some examples of how to substitute with this spell and how to rework it when necessary.

  1. Solution Example: You happen to have mint which also corresponds with protection. Mint is a non-toxic plant and it is good for your skin as well as smells quite nicely. So you easily replace the aloe leaves with mint leaves instead and go about the spell as the steps instructs. This is an example of substitution that does not require any sort of reworking.
  2. Solution Example: You have blueberries which correspond with protection that you can use though you would rather not rub blueberries onto your skin leaving a sticky stained mess. This is where reworking is required. Blueberries are edible so instead you soak the blueberries in the water and instead eat the blueberries and then use the water to anoint yourself.
  3. Solution Example: You have wolfsbane but it’s highly toxic and should definitely not be soaked in water, rubbed on your skin or ingested. This is a prime example of absolutely having to rework the spell for safety reasons. In this case it would perhaps be best to have the wolfsbane in a bowl and use its energy to mentally anoint yourself. This requires most likely reworking most if not all of the spell.

Reworking actions in witchcraft without substituting ingredients. This is most common due to a person’s situation or location making certain spells difficult to do. A very common example of this type of reworking would be reworking a spell to not have a burning process due to the witch being unable to use fire or burn objects due to their situation such as apartment or dorm living, lung sensitivity to smoke or having their own doubts about being able to work safely with fire due to one reason or another. Below are some suggested reworking actions for common things that some people are unable to do for one reason or another.

  • Substitutes for Burning: tearing/shredding, soaking in water (if safe), burying (if safe), pouring ink onto, scribbling out, erasing, crumpling or crushing, painting over, pouring wax over, cutting up via scissors, taping up
  • Substitutes for Ingestion: water soaking, meditation with item nearby, energy work via harnessing the item’s energy, burning (if safe), touch/holding (if safe)
  • Substitutes for Speaking/Chanting: thought/mental chanting, written word, gesture/sign language, listening to music with lyrics that correspond with spell/intent, air writing with finger

Reworking for Spoonies

Often spells can be too draining for those with “limited spoons” to use. In these cases, reworking a spell may often become necessary to make it easier on the witch casting it. In cases of this, certain gestures or steps may be too draining or difficult for the witch to perform due to physical or mental health. First off, this is nothing to be ashamed of, it’s okay if some things make you too uncomfortable or are just too difficult for you to do. There’s no reason to feel like you can’t do spellwork because of it. You can still do the spell by reworking the areas that you have difficulty in.

An example of this could be that a spell requires a lot of movement, gestures and chanting to do. As someone with limited energy you may not be able to exhaust so much of it by moving around like that. Instead you could examine the spell and see why that part may be required, if it is a spell to bring energy or motivation it may be added as a step to help encourage and invigorate the caster but making it difficult for you. Instead you can in this case find something that you find gives you a bit of a “pep in your step” that won’t exhaust you as much. An example may be music, listening to exhilarating and upbeat music can get the energy flowing instead so removing the chanting and dancing with loud energy filled music playing as you cast the spell is an excellent solution.

Another example may be that a witch has some lung and breathing difficulties making it very difficult for them to burn things or use incense due to it affecting their airways. In this case, the witch can examine what the spell is having them burn such as a spell for money having them burn basil and chamomile. Instead this witch can choose to soak the herbs into water or place them in a bowl near an open window to let the breeze spread their energy. Or even simply turning the spell into a sachet or jar spell instead of a burning one.

Personalization of Spells

To personalize a spell is to put your own personal touch onto it. This may include adding an additional step, adding ingredients or substituting ingredients not out of necessity but out of personal preference.

Examples of personalizing spells:

  • Adding the extra ingredient of rice to a money spell because you see rice as very closely related to money in your own personal practice
  • Adding a chant to a silent spell because you prefer chanting to get into the “witchy spirit” of the spell
  • Changing the spell’s written language because it is not your native one/you prefer using a different language for witchcraft
  • Changing the sigil in the spell to one of your personal sigils that you have a better association to the intent with
  • Replacing clear quartz with citrine for an energy spell because you prefer the energy of citrine over clear quartz

There are many ways to customize and personalize a spell to make it so it works better for you on a personal level. It is something that you will find easier to do with time once you have discovered the ingredients and methods of witchcraft that you prefer doing.

*note: reworking/personalizing a spell does not make it fully yours. If you wish to post this reworked/personalized spell please link it to the original or source the original seeing it was someone else’s work that you modified here and there for your own needs. It’s just polite to credit people for their work.

MBTI and F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes

- There are all types of love in this world but never the same love twice
- Her philosophy is carpe diem for herself and laissez-faire for others

- Personality is an unbroken series of sucessful gestures
- It was only a sunny smile, and little it costs in the giving, but like morning light scattered the night and made the day worth living

- The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want
- So we’ll just let things take their course, and never be sorry

- I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go
- It was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life

- It’s not a slam at you when people are rude. It’s a slam at the people they’ve met before
- I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I want you to remember. Somewhere inside of me there will always be the person I am tonight

- I wish I have done everything on earth with you
- Things are sweeter when they’re lost, I know because I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted, and when I got it, it turned to dust in my hand

- Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss
- I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you find the strength to start all over again

- There are only the pursued, pursuing, the busy and the tired
- The loniest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly

- A woman should be able to kiss a man beautifully and romantically without any desire to be either his wife or his mistress
- And in the end, we were only humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness

- For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be
- Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

- Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness
- The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function

- It’s funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you
- Live the full life of mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of unusual

- Life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat: the redeeming things are not happiness and pleasure, but the deep satisfactions that come out of struggle
- I’m a romantic: a sentimental person thinks things will last, a romantic person hopes against hope that they won’t

- You are the finest, loveliest, tanderest and most beautiful person I have ever known - and even that is an understandment
- There’s something between us; a sort of pull. Something you always do to me and I to you

- Living your life is a task so difficult, it has never been attempted before
- Why don’t you tell me that “if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?” No, sir. The girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody

- Genious is the ability to put into effect what is in your mind
- Nothing is beneath you if it is in the direction of your life

Happy National Book Day

You are poetry in a person,“ she spoke softly.

Her eyes glistened up toward him, “you make me, a writer, lose all sense of words to describe you. And that both terrifies and exhilarates me in the most comforting way.”

Then, after a pause, “But I want you to know that I’m ready, I’m ready for all of it.

Aries: Makes impulsive decisions based on the need for immediate gratification 
Libra: Struggles to reach a conclusion, can make a decision based off everyone else’s needs

Taurus: Traditional love and material support. Seeks to create a life of comfort 
Scorpio: Exhilarating chaotic love and healing. Dangerously pushes the limits of consciousness as far as possible  

Gemini: It could be this way… and it could be that way… it could be both, or it could be neither
Sagittarius: Hurry up, it’s easy. There is one universal truth 

Cancer: Upholds the intense domestic demands while remaining emotionally supportive to family and providing a safe place for their children
Capricorn: Upholds the structures of society and supports the education, health, and prosperity of future generations as if they were their children

Leo: Receiver of love. Ruler of the monarchy and autocracy. The creative solar father 
Aquarius: Giver of love. Shakes the reigns of power, patriarchy, and plutocracy. The justice seeking mother of humanity 

Virgo: Supports and heals physical and mental bodies by unconsciously activating ancient medicinal rituals with the earth, minerals, and the great mother 
Pisces: Supports and heals the soul, astral body, and the secrets people keep inside by rising the curative salt water inside and calling upon their personal angels for assistance 

#sister signs 

in 24 hours, we’ll be plugging our earphones in, with adrenaline coursing through our veins. we’ll all be deeply immersed in lyrics penned by taylor swift that we don’t already know. it will make our darkest of times as golden as sunlit honey, and we’ll feel grateful to be alive as the wind kisses our cheeks on long car rides, with the song blasting on loop unapologetically. this single will mark the moment we’ll finally be able to embrace and fall in love with a new era, the reputation era, after three years, and that will truly be the most magical, exhilarating feeling.

How Each Sign Makes Me Feel

Aries: exhilarated - fast moving, thrilling stories, childlike impulsiveness

Taurus: secured - reliable loyalty, steadfast will power, resilient presence

Gemini: stimulated - quick wittiness, endless stories, constant transformation

Cancer: nurtured - mothering worrier, emotionally soothing, enveloping kindness

Leo: dominated - blazing brashness, outgoing soul, attention grabbing

Virgo: improved - helpful criticism, practical advice, prioritizes well-being

Libra: accepted - diverse company, equal devotion, charming inclusion

Scorpio: challenged - turbulently secretive, acute perception, reserved intimacy

Sagittarius: stupefied - outrageous tales, pronounced independence, unashamedly wild

Capricorn: intimidated - daunting ambition, unparalleled diligence, prominent authority 

Aquarius: fascinated - intriguing conspiracies, prideful eccentricities, detached isolation

Pisces: mollified -  tempering peacefulness, gentle love, soulful imagination

11 US road trips you should add to your bucket list

With such vast and varied landscapes in the US, the only way to cover a variety of them is by car. Enjoy the stunning scenery of the iconic Route 66, marvel at the Tail of the Dragon Highway and cruise through the great US of A.

Route 66

Known as the Mother Road of America, Route 66 journeys for more than 2,000 miles of pure Americana. This historic route, built in the 1920s, travels from Chicago Illinois to Los Angeles California and crosses the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. See the heart and soul of the country from your car window and explore beautiful beaches in Santa Monica, the expansive Grand Canyon and the delicious restaurants that are all situated along this route.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway

The twisting, cliff-hugging route of the Pacific Coast Highway runs 458 miles along the central California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles and is one of the most exhilarating road trips in the US. It takes around six hours to drive from start to finish. While a portion of the Big Sur Highway is currently closed, you can still get a taste by driving down the coastal road as far as Point Lobos Natural Reserve, where adorable wild sea otters sometimes frolic. Doubling back and take Highway 101 inland for sensational winetasting in the Salinas Valley before rejoining the ocean road at Cambria.

Overseas Highway

Get ready for beautiful scenery overload on the Overseas Highway. The Highway 1 route from mainland Florida to Key West travels for 113 miles past expansive turquoise waters dotted with distant sandy islands. The concrete stretches of this magnificent route are punctuated by classic American gift shops and burger stands serving up cholesterol-bursting milkshakes to break up the long journey.

State Route 12

Also known as Scenic Byway 12, it’s frequently regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world. State Route 12 winds from west to east for 122 miles, located in the Garfield and Wayne Counties of Utah. The highway starts south of Panguitch, passing through part of the Dixie National Forest, and going over the Escalante River. With its limestone network of turrets and spires, the natural cathedral that is the Red Canyon is also along Route 12, which eventually ends in Torrey, just five miles from Capitol Reef National Park. Driving past retro, rusty signs and baron lands, this route is the perfect trip through time back to old America.

Kancamagus Highway

Now designated as an American Scenic Byway, the 34.5 mile long Kancamagus Highway in Northern New Hampshire will not disappoint. Venture through the epic White Mountain National Forest, with views of the Swift River, Sabbaday Falls and Rocky George. Drive Kancumagus in Autumn time and see New England Fall in all its orange and red glory – the highway passes some of the best views of New Hampshire’s famous Fall foliage.

Beartooth Highway

Positioned 10,947 feet above sea level, near to the magnificent Yellowstone National Park, it’s unsurprising Beartooth Highway is frequently described as the most beautiful drive in America. Located on a section of U.S. Route 212 in Montana and Wyoming, Beartooth cuts through the Custer and Shoshone national forests, and it’s the stunning greenery of these woodlands that makes this route so special. The pass is usually only open from mid-May to mid-October due to the heavy snowfall in the winter months.

Delaware Water Gap Road Trip

Take a road trip along the Delaware River. The surrounding 67,000-acre forest at the National Recreation Centre is full of flowing waterfalls that deliver the ultimate scenic route. But it’s the Delaware Water Gap, a deep cleft carved by the river into the solid surrounding rock, which is undisputedly the most beautiful sight of this drive. The route round this beauty spot stretches for 35-miles south on the I-84 freeway in Oregon, Utah.

Route 6

Based in the heart of the magnificent Massachusetts state, Route 6 connects Rhode Island to Fall River, New Bedford and Cape Cod. Also known as the Mid-Cape Highway, Route 6 takes you all the way to California and runs 3,652 miles long and is the longest contiguous transcontinental route in the USA jutting across fourteen states.

Tail of the Dragon

Bordered by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, the Tail of the Dragon route has no intersecting roads or driveways to distract your travel. It’s just you and the open road. With 318 curving roads, totaling 11 miles, the Tail of the Dragon is America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road. Hire the sports car of your dreams and cruise down the famous open roads for as long as your heart desires.

Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway

Journeying through Utah and Colorado for 512 miles, the Dinosaur Diamond Scenic Byway forms a diamond shape with the four highest points at Moab, Helper, Vernal and Grand Junction, which include some of the best National Parks in the country. With the Dinosaur National Monument, the Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado National Monument all on this route, this trip offers a stunning prehistoric adventure through time.  

The Blues Highway

Starting in ‘Music City’ Nashville, traversing through birthplace of rock and roll, Memphis, blues haven Mississippi and the cradle of jazz, New Orleans, this 630-mile journey traverses rural, romantic roads straight through the heart of the Deep South. As well as classic vinyl shops and stellar Southern cuisine you’ll find the funkiest soundtrack in the States; from jazz in NOLA’s hip Bywater area to the harmonica-strains of up-and-coming talent in Memphis’ juke joints.

With low online deposits and a 24-hour helpline it’s now easier than ever to book your Avis car hire with your BA flights: book in and out of the same, or different, airports and choose from multiple hotels.

Plan your next US road trip

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msdistress said: I saw that civilized werewolves being super competitive when it comes to other packs, and now I can only imagine an AU where (adult) Stiles and Scott are renting a house together, and Derek moves in the same area. And while the McCall pack and the entire Hale pack (Talia, Laura, etc.) are on civilized terms, Scott and Derek just can’t help themselves. And maybe a part of the showing off is actually a way to impress (court) Stiles, as in “My lawn ornaments are much nicer than his!”

So this is kind of that, but kind of not? This is pretty silly :) Happy Halloween!

“You’re not dead,” Stiles says as Scott bangs open the door and shucks off his shoes in the next movement. They hit the wall and then bounce into an ungainly pile in the middle of the hallway that Liam will no doubt trip over when he gets home.

“Nope,” Scott says. He looks confused by that part.

“So… That’s good?” Stiles has pumpkin guts all over his hands, but offers Scott a fist bump anyway.

Scott follows Stiles back into the kitchen and then plops down across from Stiles’s half-finished jack-o-lanterns at the counter. He’s a couple weeks early, but Halloween has to be taken seriously. These are practice pumpkins.

Scott says, “It was weird. I think they’re all models. They force-fed me pie.”

Stiles arches a skeptical eyebrow.

“I mean, the pie was great,” Scott says, face screwed up. “I think they were happy I ate the whole thing?”

Werewolf metabolism, Stiles thinks sourly. He’s getting to that age where he has to watch his beer and pizza intake. It sucks. He says, “I’ll make them brownies,” and then apparently it becomes a thing.


Stiles doesn’t know if the Hale pack are actually all models, but they’re definitely taking the supernaturally hot thing to a whole other level.

Scott’s betas are reasonably attractive, sure, but Liam’s the size of a cave troll and Mason’s on this whole hippie-chic kick that makes him look like a train hobo.

Stiles holds out the plate of brownies and tries not to stare at Erica’s boobs. Boyd has the bulging chest of a roman gladiator and Stiles could cut his hands on Isaac’s cheekbones, it’s insane.

Stiles says, “Nice to meet you guys,” and Erica’s lip curls up and her hands hover around the plastic-wrapped plate like it’s made of poison and-or possibly oatmeal. He waggles the plate back and forth. “Promise they’re wolfsbane free.”

And then Jackson fucking Whittmore comes swanning down the staircase and Stiles says, “You’ve got to be shitting me. Jackson?”

“Stilinski,” Jackson says with a scowl.

“Lydia told us you got eaten by a giant lizard.”

Jackson scowls harder. “Fuck off.”

Stiles would like to say that the addition of Jackson makes the pack less appealing, but despite having the personality of a canned ham, Jackson still looks like he was carved out of marble. Balls.

And then someone says, “Do I smell chocolate?” from behind Stiles and he definitely does not jump three feet into the air, but it’s a close call.

He flinches and spins around and says, “Fuck my life.”

The hottest mountain man Stiles has ever seen is frowning at him and Stiles wants to bury his entire body in his beard. He wants to weasel his way under that soft-looking Henley and lick his collarbones. Stiles is ninety-nine percent sure this is Alpha Derek Hale, even though Scott had failed to prepare him for the way Derek’s eyes are eating Stiles’s soul.

Stiles wordlessly holds out the plate of brownies.

Derek takes them with a resigned silence. No one else is saying anything either, and the back of Stiles’s neck is starting to prickle with unease. Are they going to eat him now? They’d moved into town so Liam and Mason could go to the local college, expecting some kind of resistance, territorial posturing, possible brawl for dominance, but Scott had been tirelessly optimistic—even more so since the pie eating thing.

Stiles slinks around Derek, hands up. He says, “I’ll just, uh… leave now,” and backs down the sidewalk so he can see any kind of attack coming. He’s got a taser in his back pocket and he’s not afraid to use it.

The Hale pack all watch him with narrow, calculating eyes and Jackson gives him the finger.

Stiles thinks that if this is the way they react to brownies, he’s going to bake them a motherfucking cake.

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anonymous asked:

hi can i ask for some broganes headcanons if it isn’t too much


  • keith is lying down on the trampoline and shiro jumps on it so he can’t get up. keith is screaming the whole time
  • keith: “look at this shiro” shiro: “whipped cream on anchovies? gross, you’re not gonna” -keith inhaling the whole thing in one bite- shiro: “…well you didn’t get it from my side of the family” 
  • they play mario kart and it ends with keith sitting on shiro’s shoulders yelling and pulling his hair while shiro screeches 
  • keith: “shiro i love you do you know that?” shiro: “lmao new phone who dis” 
  • keith: “shiro i love you you’re my favourite brother” shiro: “i’m your only brother you snake” 
  • shiro ran a minecraft gaming channel when he was 11, and in all his videos you see 3 year old keith waddling around in the background and biting the heads off barbies 
  • shiro: “keith if you don’t stop jumping on my bed i’m going to commit fratricide” 
  • keith is lactose intolerant and tries to drink 3L of chocolate milk in one go while shiro cries and tries to wrestle the bottle away from him 
  • they both tie their hair into little floofs at the front and laugh until they cry because it keeps bounces around
  • 16 year old shiro lets 8 year old keith sit at the front of his motorbike while they drive down the highway, and keith shrieks from laughter because he’s never been so happy 
  • when he gets in the flight simulator for the first time it feels exactly the same, a rush of exhilaration that makes his head spin and his nerves light up like they’re on fire 
  • shiro takes him up on their roof to show him stars and teach him about constellations, and keith falls asleep with shiro stroking his hair 
  • he looks up at those same stars when he’s alone in the desert, and cries because he lost his best friend 
  • when keith first started kindergarten, shiro walked him to his class and wiped away his tears, kissing his head and saying ‘i’ll always be with you, ok buddy?’ 
  • when keith first started at the garrison, shiro walked him to class and ruffled his hair (much to keith’s embarrassment), saying again ‘i’ll always be with you, ok buddy?’ 
  • he didn’t mean to lie