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FanExpo 2016: Day 1

(I do not know any of these cosplayers’ names, so if you are them or you know them, send me an ask or message so I can add credit)

Some Overwatches! This 76 had a really good costume, I kind of wish I’d taken pictures of him from more than just the one angle. There were also a couple of D.Vas around but I didn’t manage to get photos of them.

Wolverine and Kim Possible were there too! And Ms. Frizzle! And the Baudelaires!

idk why i took a picture of a random aisle in the exhibitors’ hall but whatev

yourbruiise  asked:

this probably sounds really stupid, but i'm unfamiliar with how conventions work. i'm hoping to get tickets to rtx london, and maybe the standard saturday one. will i be able to go to panels with that ticket? or do i have to get different ones?

As long as you have an attendee badge, you can go anywhere in the convention so long as it’s part of the con or open to normal passes. Panels, Exhibitor’s hall, etc. If you plan on going to a meet-up being held by a state group, then you don’t need an official con badge to go. There have been some cons that have VIP events only, like RTX’s after party, but it varies on the con.


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It was amazing you were just able to go to San Diego Comicon. There was no way you could afford any autographs, though, and you weren’t about to camp out to get into the big Marvel Studios panel. You put a ton of work into your Loki costume, so you were going to mingle and show off.

You did make it to the Marvel TV panel, though. You got to ask a question and Clark Gregg was clearly impressed with your costume.

You started into the exhibitors hall after a lunch break, but the badge checker stopped you.

“Wait, did you ask a question at the SHIELD panel yesterday?” he asked.

Confused, you nodded. “Yeah, why?”

“Do you have anything you need to get to?” he asked. That didn’t answer your question. You shook your head. “Come with me please.”

“Uh, okay,” you replied, before following the man. You hoped you weren’t in trouble.

He took you into a back area that was off-limits to regular con attendees. He opened the door to a lounge area where none other than Tom Hiddleston sat.

“Wait, wh-what?” you stammered.

“Did your escort not explain anything to you?” Tom Hiddleston asked, looking to the employee.

“Figured I’d keep it a surprise,” he responded.

Tom stood up and walked over. “Yesterday, Clark went on and on about someone wearing an awesome Loki costume,” he stated. “I got curious, but of course all I could find was fuzzy panel footage, so I was hoping someone could track you down for me.” He smirked, holding out his hand. “Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Loki.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, seriously,” you said, shaking Tom’s hand. “I came to this con resigned to not meeting any celebrities, and yet here you are.” You tried your best to remain composed, while in your head you were screaming. “Oh, uh, I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“Well, Y/N, how would you like special celebrity access? Of course, the Marvel Studios panel is the only one I can get you into, but the front row can always use some impressive cosplays,” Tom said.

Your jaw dropped. “Oh, wow, that would be amazing, thanks!” you said. “Thank you so much!”

“Oh, and before I forget, there’s something else I can give you,” he added. He reached into a bag, pulling out a promo picture for autograph signing. You couldn’t see him sign it, due to his back facing you, but after a moment he turned around.

“And there you go,” he said with a wink. “I have to get ready for the panel, but Ben there will get you seated.” Tom left, and as you moved to put the autographed picture in your bag, you noticed something on the back. Curious, you looked, shocked to see a phone number.


Went to Comic Con today. The exhibitor hall was really crowded but I got a chance to see the ChibiUsa and Helios Figuart Zero figurine. I also got the Small Lady Pullip doll for a really good price, as well as snagged a free Sailor Moon S poster from the Viz booth. :)

How to Approach Exhibitors in Their Natural Environment and Not Be Devoured, a Basic Guide

All right- while I’d originally posted this up over in the Facebook group for Emerald City Comic Con, it’s actually a pretty good general guide for Exhibitor Halls ANYWHERE, and with Con Season upon us…. 

“Ok, so I see a lot of first-time convention goers asking a bunch of basic questions about the Exhibitors Hall, and figured as one of the Exhibitors, someone should step up and post a few good tips on exploring the convention hall.

1: DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK. Vendors are, by and large, gregarious and friendly creatures, and tend to only turn feral when cornered. We also tend to not eat human faces when asked questions about our work. In short, if you don’t see a price tag on something, or you want to know the details of something, or you need help finding something at a booth, don’t be afraid to ask. That said, please remember that we’re not your tour guides- we don’t always know where everything is in the con, or even necessarily where ANYTHING is outside of the exhibition hall itself. And we generally won’t know details about any of the other events, celebrities, or anything else going on. Or we may have the wrong information, since we’re not staff. If you’ve got a question about stuff outside of the booth you’re currently standing in, best to take it to a green-shirted volunteer or the info desk. They’ll either have the answer, or know who to talk to.

2: THIS IS NOT THE OLD MARKET IN ISTANBUL. While some vendors may find it entertaining, most of us do not haggle over our prices, and in fact, put a lot of work into making sure they’re as fair as they can be, while we’re still getting compensated decently for the work we put in on stuff. As a rule of thumb, unless the vendor you’re talking to invites you to do so, don’t dicker or haggle or try to get a discount on whatever it is you’re after. Don’t assume there’ll be a price break for paying in cash over credit, or a drop in prices on Sunday. If there is, AWESOME, take advantage and enjoy it, but for the most part, the numbers on a price tag are firm. Assuming otherwise is just plain bad form.

3: NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, PLEASE. Some vendors (like me) will be totally cool with you taking pics or video of their stuff to send to friends or post online. Others won’t be. Respect both by asking before you shoot the contents of anyone’s table, just like you would with any of the cosplayers at the con.

4. SCHROEDINGER’S BOTTLENECK. You just ran into that friend that you haven’t seen in YEARS right in the middle of the vendor’s hall! THAT’S AWESOME! You guys should totally take time as soon as you can to catch up. Just do the booth a favor and either do it while walking through the Hall and checking stuff out, or by moving to one of the spots where the walkways widen out more, so your group of eight that’s standing and sharing recollections with each other is completely blocking the booth you were in front of and most of the smaller walkways around the booth. That’s no fun for anyone. Cosplayers with GINORMOUS costumes, the same goes for you- we love seeing you (seriously, I’m always amazed by the cosplays I see at ECCC each year, and they keep getting better!) but if you’re not looking at the stuff in a booth, please, keep moving so that everyone else can, too. And if someone wants to stop you for photos, just suggest that you head over to one of the designated photo op spaces. We’ll still be here when you get back. (And if you absolutely HAVE to get photos taken at a certain booth of your cosplay, please, make sure to ask the vendor if it’s cool first- everyone’ll be better off, and you won’t have a vendor doing some kind of horrible photobomb in the background.)

5. CASH IS KING. And credit’s a close second. But no matter how you’re paying, have it on you when you’re shopping- not every vendor will be willing to hold stuff for you on a promise that you’ll be back in an hour or tomorrow after you hit the ATM. Nor should we be expected to- we’ve all been burned on that kind of deal before.

6. AT THE END OF THE DAY. You’re tired. You’ve been walking through EVERYTHING. Trust me, we know- We’ve been on our feet for 12+hours as well, and most of us are in dire need of a real meal, a chance to actually it down and relax, and possibly a drink. None of which can be had until you’ve all left the exhibitor’s hall so we can safely lock up for the night. So please, when they announce closing time, pay attention, finish the transaction you’re in the middle of, and take off for the night. Don’t stop at any other booths on the way, and don’t keep browsing. It’ll all still be there the next morning.”

In case you wanna find me...

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These are the panels I’ll be attending all throughout the weekend. 


  • 1:00 PM - RWBY
  • 3:00 PM - RTAA
  • 5:00 PM On the Spot w/ Game Grumps!


  • 10:00 AM - RVB
  • 2:00 PM - X-Ray & Vav
  • 5:30 PM - Sweet Sweet RT Animation Panel Extravaganza (FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK DO NOT MISS THIS ONE)
  • 7:00 PM - Dude Soup LIVE! 


  • 12:30 PM - Quick Draw w/ the Grumps!
  • 2:30 PM - The Art of RT Animation

There’s a good chance you might find me all over the exhibitor’s hall looking disoriented and overwhelmed by everything. But don’t be afraid to say hi, I won’t bite! 

Unless asked nicely.


I made it safely to New York!! Very nervous but excited for @newyorkcomiccon tomorrow with @boardinker! Who will be attending this weekend? Ps. I am in the exhibitors hall booth 969

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Please help me find this person!

Someone name Nick commissioned me at Sakura-Con on Saturday but they never picked it up. I understand if you had to leave early but I don’t want your money to go to waste. 

You were with a group of friends and one of them commissioned me named Hannah, they were wearing a striped blue collared shirt. You were tall, thin, had short brown-blond hair, wore glasses, a black collared jacket, a Minecraft shirt parodying the three wolf moon replacing them with creepers, and you wore blue jeans. You bought a sword prop of some kind. I have a photo but I won’t release it online so please ask if this sounds like someone you know.

You commissioned Fey Xiang at Small Press Booth #09 in the Exhibitor Hall, so please contact me as soon as possible so I can mail you your commission.