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We broke the 2000 follower mark!!!

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Guys, gals, everyone in between oh my God that’s amazing! You’re amazing, I barely know what to say. Somewhere in between the last couple months and a few blinks there were suddenly more than a thousand of you and now there’s two thousand! It happened so, so fast. Wow.

Now, me and Mod Den have been thinking about what to do for our favourite little flower pots, and we decided it’s high time you got to see a floral exhibition! So here’s some photos that I took during my apprenticeship, from a local exhibition. There wasn’t exactly a theme from what I remember. I hope you enjoy the little tour!

- Mod Jana

The rest is under a cut just because it’s so many.

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The Fire Signs - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Split open by light

In the beginning, there was Fire. First we have Aries - the big bang. The eruption of light, emulsion and stardust into something beautiful, surging and gorgeously primitive. Then we had the Sun. We had Leo. The warmth of God’s unconditional love, the nourishment of soul and body, the protective force, and the bedazzling energy rays. And finally, Sagittarius bursts with conscious intuition, the broad spectrum of understanding and knowledge, the spindle of enlightenment, the pinnacle of free will and cosmic vision. The Fire signs are the beacons of flame throwing and extroverted creativity. They have the Earth knowledge of nature particles and the energy to manifest earthly magic. They have the Air mental power, fresh curiosity, and ability to float above the emotional bed of tears. And they have the Watery divine instincts, the action that follows intuitive impulse, the loss of body as the soul takes flight.

Aries is the brand new cosmic breath that replays the baby’s first giggle. This is the moment of first breath when the astrological imprints entangle in our psyche. Then we have the battle for individuality and self worth in Leo - and this process creates group consciousness. In Sagittarius, the ego has died, repeatedly in Scorpio and finally risen with his spiritual third eye spinning in imaginative and esoteric dance. In archetype, we have Cardinal Aries - a pioneering dragon who breathes heavenly fire to dissolve the boundaries and push the limits further. With the sunlight leaking from his bones, Fixed Leo emits the global solar power and navigates his way into the spotlight, encouraging focus into the creative talents of man, the supple beauty of the body and the artistic, theatrical exquisiteness that springs from the human hand. Mutable Sagittarius is the rainbow chameleon, the dream weaver that spends his days in the stars, dreaming and dreaming from today until tomorrow, quivering his bow and arrow into the clouds as he paves the way for the manifestation of fantasy in the Midheaven.

The Fire signs represent the moment of initiation, when we start breathing (Aries), when we start exhibiting and loving (Leo), and when we start understanding (Sagittarius). With Fire, we are specifically speaking of intuition, and the strokes of divine purpose. The Aries newborn still stitched in the protective arms of God. Leo, who thinks he is a God in human form. And Sagittarius, who aggressively seeks an intimacy with God that leads him on a trail through philosophy, psychology, astrology, and religious history. The Fire individual rarely looks for a deity or a spirit guide to dictate him purpose and direction. He expresses, explodes from his own, pure emanating source, the guru that sits and waits within

art: Vladimir Volegov *

Now he uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume. Our lives are a Christ like fragrance rising up to God.
2 Corinthians 2:14-15

Oh Jesus, help me to live my life exhibiting your character in everything I do and say. I want to smell good so that my life draw others to you.

What are your favorite fragrances? Freshly baked bread, honeysuckles, lilacs, brewing coffee, or crisp fall air? An aroma can catapult you back in years to a childhood memory or cause an emotion or mood to suddenly arise within you as it links you to a past experience. A woman wearing a lovely perfume shares the fragrance as it permeates the space around her, wafting gently through the air.

Christ wants us to live our lives so that no matter our location, we are disseminating the sweet smelling perfume of the gospel which then rises up to glorify God. Our gentle, quiet spirits, the peace and joy we exhibit, the kindness, love, and patience we show to others will cause people to turn their heads and say, “What smells so good? I want some of that! ”

Hallelujah! Good morning my family, say the name Jesus sounds so sweet, it admits joy and laugher among all. Amen. No matter what is going, sweet Jesus will fix it. Amen. With all going on in the world, we know Jesus will carry us through the strom. Amen. Let us join together for a morning prayer.

Eternal Father, we thank you for the blessing of this day, for our love one’s and friends, but most of all we give thanks to you for Lord Jesus, like the wind, Jesus enter our lives and clams the Strom. Amen. He removes the darkness and brings the light of joy. Amen.
On this morning we say a prayer for all in need, the sick and all who mourn and ask for blessings on this morning. Amen. Let our prayer leave this page and touch the hearts of those who maybe going through something on this morning, and let them know we are with them in prayer and that Jesus will fix what ever they are going through. Amen. In the name of Jesus this we pray. Amen.

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i have a friend who is like on the EDGE of biasing minhyuk can u list reasons why he is the Best

Hello first of all i apologize for pushing this message off but it was because i wanted to fully dedicate my thoughts to it… anyway here’s a list that’s a big combination of reasons why he’s the best and why i love him and just good moments

  • good vocalist dancer and probably rapper? (i dont have a good link for dance just. stare at him during the dance practices) also a visual extraordinaire? he has it all
  • his stage presence?? is so hot?? he looks so fierce and serious but then he also has cute lil moments like this at 1:40 and also here at 2:37 :(( a whole cutie
  • this whole stage.. the duality of man.. the sexiest stage he’s ever done but also he smiles like a Babie every 5 seconds
  • he loves his family SO much oh my god.. when he talked about them in no mercy and also mon happy radio and also his liev and also in montories on stage where he couldn’t stop crying but he really wanted to get out how much he loved his family i’m….. he’s such a good son and also brother when he talked in mon happy radio about how much he looks after his brother and he wants to be a good older brother
  • he works so so hard? at everything? as it relates Right Here though remember during no mercy when his mom talked about how she talked to his vocal teacher and they told her how minhyuk always showed up earlier than any of the other students and how he was one who worked the hardest :((
  • on the topic of working hard…. he puts so much effort into every little thing!! and he’s ALWAYS thinking of monbebe :( three big examples are the handwriting vid for his stage (he went through 30 pieces of practice paper in one day?), the vids of him drawing for the art exhibition (we love an artsy man and also he kept talking about how much he loves mbb :( ), and the whole director lee series that he personally thought of because he wanted mbb to have something to enjoy? 
  • and speaking of him loving monbebe what the Fuck he literally takes us out on dates that’s how much he loves us i literally can’t believe this he really.. takes us out on vlive dates… he dresses up for us and plans out a whole date night im really in tears
  • he literally has the best everything let me elaborate
    • the best smile!! i know they all have great smiles but minhyuk is really The Sun and when he smiles/laughs he really just completely glows and it makes you feel so warm inside
    • his lil dimples right above his mouth when he makes that one face!
    • the way his eyes/blinks are a little uneven :( and that he said he likes that about himself because it makes him unique and monbebes like it :(
    • his abs.. or his tummy… i love them both boy was really going around with an 8pack during hero era and he says he has a tummy now and i bet it’s really really cute :(
    • his forehead is probably the best too probably sexy but we never get to see it anyway he looks h*ttest out of everyone in snapbacks 
  • he’s said one thing he likes about himself is how he’s very honest and straightforward and i really admire that about him 
  • his thought process is also just fascinating? won’t get into it here but if you watch mon happy radio or anything else where he’s asked for his advice on things the way he thinks of things is so unique :O
  • pretty sure he’s a genius in some way like. im pretty sure its in this video where he’s like fake reading his calligraphy book and they take it away and ask him what’s on a random page and he pretty much recites the paragraph and everyone (himself included) is like how the hell did that just happen
  • also he knows his members so well he literally knew changkyun was the mafia after 5 seconds because of the way his mouth was shaped what the fuck
  • onto this topic. HE HAS SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIS MEMBERS i talk about this a lot so i wont too much but he’s really one of the most supportive members imo.. you can really see it the most with like shownu? he’s always encouraging him to speak up and show his talents and to tell jokes (beautiful comeback week where shownu started to tell a joke but gave up but minhyuk told him to have confidence :( ) like.. he really just loves and supports everyone so much

honestly i have more things that i could talk about but i really think im gonna stop here because im not sure you wanted this much.. not sure if this really helps or if this is just me crying about how much i love him… hello friend please love minhyuk ♡

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@Zacariah and Nora.Do you even like Harrison?Cause the way you speak of him,it doesn't really sound like it.

We didn’t always fear him. Before he exhibited his gifts, we loved our baby very much….I loved him, more than words can possibly say. Then he started to do all these things, and we tried to protect him from others who despised him because of his powers. Then he made his brother disappear…and we feared him. Because he has no qualms of hurting his family. - Nora (Harrison’s mom)

Our son is….we love him, that’s why we want him to be normal and less of a….monster. - Zachariah (Harrison’s dad)

Ok, y’know what? That’s bullshit. I don’t pay attention to my kid, I’m a terrible mother and I’m going to have to make it up to my son for ten years of negligence. But I would never, ever call my a child a monster. You don’t deserve to be parents, because real parents love their children and want what’s best for them. You clearly have your heads so far up your own asses you can’t even see how much you’re hurting him. - Priyanka ( Max’s mom)

You don’t even pay attention to your son! And weren’t you the one who was getting offended over people telling you how to raise your son? - Nora (Harrison’s mom)

Yes I did, I let my own pride get in the way and pushed away advice that was meant to help. I love Max, and I’m at least willing to try to fix my mistake. He will probably never forgive me…and that hurts but it’s understandable. Maybe, instead of treating your son like the monster you think he is? You start treating him, like how he’s meant to be treated. If you don’t you will have a big, fat, lawsuit on your hands. And I’ll make sure he goes to a family who loves him. - Priyanka (Max’s mom)

The Fire signs represent the moment of initiation, when we start breathing (Aries), when we start exhibiting and loving (Leo), and when we start understanding (Sagittarius).
With Fire, we are specifically focused on intuitive forces and the strokes of divine purpose that crackle through the body and spirit. The Aries newborn still stitched in the protective arms of God. Leo, who thinks he is a God in human form. And Sagittarius, who aggressively seeks an intimacy with God that leads him on a trail through philosophy, psychology, astrology, and religious history. The Fire individual rarely looks for a deity or a spirit guide to dictate purpose and direction.
They express and explode from their own, pure emanating source, the guru that sits and waits within

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Killian Donnelly in the spring sleeper hit You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

Killian has one hell of a grin, whether it’s a mugging sort or something just-right when he knows it’s being captured. Not all of these are good pictures, really, but they show what I would call genuine smiles, genuine joy, and it’s near impossible to not smile back. And who couldn’t use a smile?