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Shoma Uno, Exhibition performance at the 4CC 2017

OKAY, THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO READ, so please take the time to read this.

After competitons, such as the Cup Of China, the NHK Trophy, and the Grand Prix Final, there is a special event called the gala, or an exhibition, where the top performers, or the medalists of the competition, perform a special program.

That being said, since 「Welcome To The Madness」 and the duet version of「Stay Close To Me」 are said to be Yuri and Yurio’s GALA songs

Ladies, gentlemen and fanciful nonbinaries, we just might already know two of our Grand Prix Final winners.


(However, if the songs are listed in order of appearance in the anime, and in the gala they go from last to first place, that could mean Yuri placed higher than Yurio!!)

Yuzuru’s exhibition performances (my favorite)

My previous post about his competitive performances: http://chibura.tumblr.com/post/154859420700/yuzurus-best-competitive-performances-my

Yuzuru is very versatile. He can perform to USUK pop, rock, lyrical, classical, jazz, Broadway, Japanese traditional music… and still makes it works. Below are some of his performances in ice shows and galas that I like.

1) Hana wa saku (Flowers Will Bloom):
NHK produced the song “Hana wa Saku” (Flowers Will Bloom) to build public support for the “March 11 2011 disaster” recovery efforts. The disaster happened in Yuzuru’s hometown and it affected him and so many people. Yuzuru performed to this song with so emotionally and got a standing ovation for it: https://youtu.be/sGdx9EaMXqA

2) Change
This performance shows the cool and energetic side of Yuzuru. The song was performed by his favorite rock band. Yuzuru is actually a young man who loves rock and fast/strong music. He loves dancing and making cool movements. This is the childlike and energetic side of Yuzuru: https://youtu.be/x_QJo3ItJFI

3) Hana ni nare (Become a Flower):
This amazing song also has a connection to the “March 11, 2011 disaster”. This performance shows the naturally delicate and elegant side of Yuzuru. He is like a fairy in this performance: https://youtu.be/QRqGb3zH9xU

4) Swan
It was the legendary coach Ms. Tatiana Tarasova who suggested Yuzuru the song “Notte Stellata (The Swan)” by Il Volo and sent a CD to him. She sent him a CD with this song as a present. Yuzuru accepted this request and had David Wilson to choreograph for him. For this performance, Yuzuru wants to express “the feeling of embracing everything gently and moving forward”: https://youtu.be/Hm_s-nBSORE

5) Hello I love you
This exhibition program was choreographed by Kurt Browning, 4 time World Champion, the legendary Canadian who adores Yuzuru a lot. He really loves the cool and manly side of Yuzuru. Kurt said he loved choreographing for Yuzuru as Yuzuru hit exactly the music notes and the choreographic movements he’d like Yuzuru to do. This is a very manly Yuzuru: https://youtu.be/zhFL_HBNDwE

6) Story
This was the exhibition Yuzuru did when he won his first GPF title in 2013. Everything bigger started from this competition. This was the beginning of the journey. The British commentators said “he was destined for great things”: https://youtu.be/27y8IgCcsBY

7) Time traveler
This song was originally written in Japanese. The singer later rewrote it in English so Yuzuru can skate to it in international galas. Please notice that Yuzuru never skates to Japanese lyrics outside of Japan. He looks really like a prince here in this performance. He did 4T and 3A in this ice show in a very small rink. Usually, skaters do not do such difficult jumps in ice shows. But Yuzuru is Yuzuru after all, he always likes showing off: https://youtu.be/E3th5CFvoOY

8) Requiem of Heaven and Earth
This exhibition performance Yuzuru did at the gala of World Championship 2016 at Boston. The music was also dedicated to the Earthquake victims. Yuzuru was badly injured at this point. His left foot was swollen badly and he was forced to rest from training for the whole summer. No ice show, no practice, no skating, no jump at all for several months. When he resumed his training again, it was incredibly hard as he had to relearn technique from the single jumps. This is a very emotional skate: https://youtu.be/9Fvzo6DkbMo

9) Somebody to love
This is Yuzuru at age 16 when he won his first GP title - Rostelecom Cup in Russia 2011. This Yuzuru was an energetic kid and the pressure did not get to him at this point: https://youtu.be/NhXJkoXiBp4

10) Sometimes skaters reuse their competitive programs as exhibition programs. For example, Yuzuru reused a part of his Romeo and Juliet 1.0 free skate at World Championship 2014 gala. This performance did not a supernova like what happened in Nice in 2012 but it was nostalgic and beautiful nevertheless: https://youtu.be/DEHbk60QzjM

11) Yuzuru skated to White Legend short program at Sochi Olympic Gala after winning the gold. This music is actually an arrangement of Swan Lake, maybe that’s why he thought Russian audience would appreciate it. It was also the first program Yuzuru performed after the big earthquake so it has much meaning to him: https://youtu.be/_8TLD10Rzug

12) Parisienne Walkway at World Team Trophy 2015 gala. This was the ending of a crazy season in which Yuzuru had to suffer a back injury before Finlandia which resulted in a withdrawal, a collision at CoC 2014, surgery right after National, bad ankle injury right before World Championship. It was like a promise that he would reborn and become stronger: https://youtu.be/hZFROWbQyIY

Photos were collected over the years so I do not know the source, sorry.

Ps: some videos run on desktop interface only. If you’re using mobile, please switch to laptop or desktop. 

New costumes for the exhibition gala in Yoi Ep. 12???:

Idk if anyone has talked about the costumes but as lots of us know by now, this is the cover of the Yuri on Ice Soundtrack CD.

And here we see Yuuri, Victor and Yurio with different costumes.

On one hand, we see Victor in his FS costume, Yurio in his SP costume (Agape) and Yuuri’s FS suit.

On the other hand, we can see other costumes that weren’t shown in the anime yet which means they could be shown in the final episode. The most familiar new costume we see is obviously Yuuri’s, since there’s already a leak version of his suit. So a lot of us speculate that this clothing is designed for the exhibition gala where he performs with Victor the duet version of ‘Stay Close to Me’ :)

So does it imply that the new costumes that Victor and Yurio are wearing here are meant for the exhibition gala?? So is Victor going to wear this new suit to perform Stay Close to Me with Yuuri?? Those are the only logical things I can think of.

Also, talking about the costumes, since there are two OST tracks going around on tumblr rn and Yurio’s song for the gala is ‘Welcome to the Madness’(which btw is absolutely terrific(!!!), reminds me a bit of Welcome to the Jungle lol), I was surprised to see him in these kind of clothes if these are for his gala performance because they do look more elegant than glamorous and rock n’ roll-ish XD.

And damn it, props to the creator/s of this cover design for leaving out the colors. So we have to wait until tomorrow what colors the new costumes have OTL.

First demonstration of brain-inspired device to power artificial systems

New research, led by the University of Southampton, has demonstrated that a nanoscale device, called a memristor, could be used to power artificial systems that can mimic the human brain.

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) exhibit learning abilities and can perform tasks which are difficult for conventional computing systems, such as pattern recognition, on-line learning and classification. Practical ANN implementations are currently hampered by the lack of efficient hardware synapses; a key component that every ANN requires in large numbers.

In the study, published in Nature Communications, the Southampton research team experimentally demonstrated an ANN that used memristor synapses supporting sophisticated learning rules in order to carry out reversible learning of noisy input data.

Memristors are electrical components that limit or regulate the flow of electrical current in a circuit and can remember the amount of charge that was flowing through it and retain the data, even when the power is turned off.

Lead author Dr Alex Serb, from Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, said: “If we want to build artificial systems that can mimic the brain in function and power we need to use hundreds of billions, perhaps even trillions of artificial synapses, many of which must be able to implement learning rules of varying degrees of complexity. Whilst currently available electronic components can certainly be pieced together to create such synapses, the required power and area efficiency benchmarks will be extremely difficult to meet -if even possible at all- without designing new and bespoke ‘synapse components’.

“Memristors offer a possible route towards that end by supporting many fundamental features of learning synapses (memory storage, on-line learning, computationally powerful learning rule implementation, two-terminal structure) in extremely compact volumes and at exceptionally low energy costs. If artificial brains are ever going to become reality, therefore, memristive synapses have to succeed.”

Acting like synapses in the brain, the metal-oxide memristor array was capable of learning and re-learning input patterns in an unsupervised manner within a probabilistic winner-take-all (WTA) network. This is extremely useful for enabling low-power embedded processors (needed for the Internet of Things) that can process in real-time big data without any prior knowledge of the data.

Co-author Dr Themis Prodromakis, Reader in Nanoelectronics and EPSRC Fellow in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, said: “The uptake of any new technology is typically hampered by the lack of practical demonstrators that showcase the technology’s benefits in practical applications. Our work establishes such a technological paradigm shift, proving that nanoscale memristors can indeed be used to formulate in-silico neural circuits for processing big-data in real-time; a key challenge of modern society.

“We have shown that such hardware platforms can independently adapt to its environment without any human intervention and are very resilient in processing even noisy data in real-time reliably. This new type of hardware could find a diverse range of applications in pervasive sensing technologies to fuel real-time monitoring in harsh or inaccessible environments; a highly desirable capability for enabling the Internet of Things vision.”

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i hope so too petal!! that would be so so lovely!! eventho i doubt he would do vlive celebrating his bday since they are busy preparing for the concert i really am positive they would at least do vlive right before concert as they usually do so!! skdahk i am so excite and nervous and so so sooo wonderfully happy i feel like bursting :(

An Artist Who Possessed a Third Eye

“He embraced – and at times seemed to revel in – the darkest understanding of what it meant to be mortal.” Hyperallergic reviews BRUCE CONNER: IT’S ALL TRUE, on view through October 2.

[Bruce Conner. BURNING BRIGHT. 1996. Ink on paper mounted on ragboard; 27 5/8 x 36 in. (70.17 x 91.44 cm) Collection SFMOMA, Accessions Committee Fund: gift of the Gerson and Barbara Bakar Philanthropic Fund, Collectors Forum, Diane and Scott Heldfond, Patricia and Raoul Kennedy, Phyllis and Stuart G. Moldaw, Byron R. Meyer, Madeleine H. Russell, Chara Schreyer, Elle Stephens, Norah and Norman Stone, and Phyllis Wattis © Estate of Bruce Conner / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York; photo: Ben Blackwell]

(via An Artist Who Possessed a Third Eye)

Yuri!!! On ICE Episode 12 Predictions

• Duet exhibition performance of “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite” for Gala feat. Viktor and Yuuri
(edit: saw the “leak” and it seems more likely that Yuuri will skate it alone because of how these work irl, but I still think there will be some form of two-person thing with him and Viktor for this dance) 
• Wedding ceremony (AT THE BANQUET MAYBE???)
• Phicit’s excited face with Ciao-Ciao at Banquet
• A perfect “Yuri on Ice” Free Skate 
• Viktor and Yuuri will finally HAVE A FUCKING CONVERSATION, GOD
• They ain’t breakin’ up
• Yuuri and Viktor will stay in Hasetsu to do their own thing together, like a skating school or something (how cute would this be!)*
• Viktor will also announce his retirement to the world 
• Viktor potentially has a performance lined up for Yuuri in secret in addition to their duet
• We’re finally going to find out what Yuuri was writing so many episodes ago (lyrics??) from when he was messaging the girl to rewrite the Yuri on Ice song???
• Viktor will explain that he’s happy, finally, to Yuuri, who ironically thinks he’s depriving him of it
• Season 2 announcement
• Some form of confirmation from either Viktor or Yuuri to end this ring debate (I believe Viktor will talk about how he came to get his for Yuuri)
• Yuuri will finally tell him about last year and what happened to his dog to make him spiral into depression, FUCK

*Regarding their return and staying in Hasetsu:
Hasetsu is presented from the get-go as a tourist town that loss its tourists and drastically needs more tourism money (note that Yutopia is the LAST onsen alive in Hasetsu). I think Yuuri is self-aware and will want to do his best to come back home and bring attention to the town once again with Viktor.

☆ Top 3 Predictions ☆
I’m on the fence about whether or not Yuuri will win because on one hand, the show has done its best not to give in to tropes, but on the other hand, none of the fandom seems to believe he’ll win even IF he has a perfect FS, which makes me think that Kubo planned for this all along and might have planned to make him win after all to fuck with us since she knows we won’t expect him to

My thoughts on the skaters:

Phichit: Will not win. His narrative from ep 11 was giving us an insight into his mentality. He is aware he won’t win and he is okay with that because he still made it this far. He has already proven himself to the world that he can make it this far, and has already made history as the first Thai skater, and can only go up from here on out. He will have many more opportunities to refine his skill over the years (SEASON 2????). It is clear to me that he views this year as his chance to make a good first impression to the skating world and to show everyone what he has planned from here on out. It is less about winning, and more about having made it at all. He doesn’t have a high enough base score to win even if he has a perfect free skate, unless he drastically changes his program technical components, or adds in a new quad. Maybe makes it to 4, but I believe he will stay at 5, not too far behind 4th place points-wise.

JJ: Even though the FS counts for most of the score, I believe he is too far behind to catch up. I don’t see him leaving 6th place. If he gets his act together, he might surpass Phichit. (Edit: Looks like some serious shit is gonna go down based on those previews!! Maybe he might push it to 4th after all? I still believe that Chris and Otabek are too strong, though)

Yurio: This one is tough. Originally, I didn’t see him going any lower than second place, if at all. He needs to continue providing for himself and Gramps, after all. Part of me believes he might mess up a jump, or that Gramps might not show up due to health-reasons and there might be a Granps scare but will ultimately turn out to be alright. I think the entire world expects him to be first because of how good he looked in his SP, but it’s important to remember that he has a relatively weaker stamina than Yuuri, and that Otabek was only 6 points behind him even with Yuuri’s arm-in-the-air-for-added-difficulty spins, so I think he might end in third. Yurio is still young and will have more opportunities to be at the top of the world, but I think he might not be there yet. He doesn’t have enough quads which he will make up for by placing the majority of them in the second half for points, but his stamina is not good enough for him to do what he did for his SP. He might still try, but his exhaustion might catch up at the tail end of his performance, costing him some points.

Chris: I believe his determination will shine through to push him forward to surpass Yurio in the FS. I’m tied on Chris and Otabek for 2nd place. (MAYBE even first, but I’m kinda pushing it here.)

Otabek: See above (Edit: to add to why I am fixed on Chris or Otabek for Top 3– They’re the only two so far that have been in previous competitions with Viktor and have placed in Top 3 so they both have an equal enough chance.

Yuuri: I believe he will take gold. Originally I believed he could only make it to second, because the SP gap was too much, but this happens in real figure skating too. I think on a technical level, he’s already so good and just needs to BELIEVE and he’s definitely there on a performance level. Even though he’s 4th, him and Chris had only a small margin between them. I believe Yuuri will place all his jumps in the second half, will perform a perfect quad flip, and will score a personal best. It is not uncommon for skaters who are in third (see: Yuzuru Hanyu) or fourth to make up for their scores in the FS. I think Yuuri will surpass a score of 200 for his FS. If he does a perfect performance, he would’ve had a score that would’ve beat even JJ, so this is nothing to ignore. (Edit: He may change his program components yet again, who knows! We know there’s likely a quad flip at the VERY end, but he might need a little more)

▪ Final Rankings for Top 3▪
1. Yuuri
2. Chris/Otabek
3. Yurio

Or I could be completely wrong and it could just be
1. Yurio
2. Yuuri
3. Chris/Otabek 
Like the fandom thinks… but that seems too predictable.