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cute wlw ask meme
  1. neon sign wlw or vintage poster wlw
  2. silk wlw or velvet wlw 
  3. rent a movie wlw or check out a book wlw
  4. dawn wlw or dusk wlw 
  5. see a play wlw or attend a concert wlw
  6. lipstick wlw or lip balm wlw 
  7. hike through a forest wlw or stroll along the beach wlw 
  8. glitter wlw or matte wlw 
  9. bask in the sun wlw or relax in the moonlight wlw 
  10. sweet candy wlw or sour candy wlw
  11. go to a cafe wlw or eat at a diner wlw 
  12. bath bomb wlw or bubble bath wlw
  13. take a picnic wlw or go to a museum wlw 
  14. iced coffee wlw or hot coffee wlw
  15. see an art exhibit wlw or visit an aquarium wlw 
  16. summer wlw or spring wlw
  17. ice cream cone wlw or snow cone wlw
  18. write her a love letter wlw or give her flowers wlw 
  19. dine out wlw or eat in wlw 
  20. tell her your feelings wlw or show her your feelings wlw
  21. cuddle on a rainy day wlw or go out on a sunny day wlw
  22. oversized sweater wlw or warm flannel wlw
  23. bold wlw or soft wlw
  24. make the first move wlw or wait on it wlw 
  25. poetry wlw or novel wlw 
  26. sleep under the stars wlw or snuggle in a cabin wlw
  27. sharp sophisticated wlw or casual comfy wlw 
  28. smoothie wlw or milkshake wlw
  29. candle wlw or incense wlw
  30. spontaneous wlw or by-the-book wlw
  31. stargaze wlw or pick flowers wlw 
  32. binge watch tv wlw or read for days wlw
  33. dreamer wlw or doer wlw
  34. express your opinions wlw or listen to theirs wlw
  35. explore space wlw or explore the ocean wlw
  36. mint wlw or cinnamon wlw
  37. fall asleep to music wlw or fall asleep to the sound of rain wlw
  38. cake wlw or pie wlw
  39. fall in love fast wlw or fall in love slow wlw
  40. chocolate wlw or vanilla wlw
  41. leave her a sappy voicemail wlw or send her a heartfelt text wlw
  42. iced water wlw or no ice wlw
  43. big party wlw or small gathering wlw
  44. fall wlw or winter wlw
  45. hard at work wlw or hardly working wlw
  46. pancake wlw or waffle wlw
  47. honest at all costs wlw or protect others feelings wlw
  48. classical art wlw or modern art wlw
  49. hug her to death wlw or kiss her til she can’t breathe wlw
  50. dance in the rain wlw or play in the snow wlw

“I actually sent him [Tim Burton] a note about six years ago. I was in Australia on tour there for the first time and visited an exhibition of all his work. I wanted to leave him a message and all I had on me was an x-ray of my hand, as I had just broken my finger. So I wrote on the x-ray and gave it to the gallery to pass on and never knew if he got it. When we met for the first time, he told me it’s been hanging up in his office ever since.”


My visit to Harry Potter: The Exhibition - The Netherlands with Oliver & James Phelps!

Art Exhibition 2016 - Vol. II: “Burgeoning Appetencies”

When I always got free time, I visit art exhibits.

This was my 4th time to attend art exhibit and it never fails to amaze me. I just visit exhibits near the city since I have work until Saturday.

I attended this event last year, in the 14th day of November at Iloilo Cinematheque. There are actually eight (8) artists who collaborated the said event and I am proud to tell that some of the artists were my college friends. They are really amazing! I was in awe when I was finally able to see each masterpiece closely.

To those who has no idea what was the art exhibit all about, here is a brief intro.

“Burgeoning Appetencies” brings in an eclectic mix of views, skills, style and medium. All eight artists held solo shows in the past several months and each had been a recipient of an exhibition grant from the artist-run cooperative gallery which is known today as Casa Real Gallery. Casa Real Gallery is a joint project by the Office of the Governor and VIVA ExCon Iloilo Org-IVAC. These solo shows held in different venues were highly successful that interest in the works have grown phenomenally. While others have done shows beyond Iloilo, others have been receiving commissions and grants to pursue their artistic progression. They have also ignited the rebirth of serious art appreciation and purchasing in Iloilo.

The artists of “Burgeoning Appetencies” who came from different schools (majority are from the Universitiy of San Agustine College of Fine Arts) were first discovered at the FDCP Cinematheque Art Gallery, the only of 5 cinematheques put up by FDCP around the Philippines that programs changing exhibitions for visual artists. It is just fitting that they all come together for this group show in the very same exhibition space that honed their talents and where they got exposed to all sorts of artistic nourishments: films, art exhibitions, workshops, art talks, performances and readings.

- VIVA EXCON 2016 Iloilo (FB Page)

Here are there masterpieces:

The Simplicity of Forgiveness by Bryan Liao (2x3 ft / wood and concrete)

Salamin ng Kahapon (Mirror of the Past) by Kat Malazarte (2x3 ft / acrylic on canvas)

(a closer look of what was written in a paper below Kat’s piece)

The Reflection of Confusion by Jeanroll Ejar (4x6 ft / reflector and aluminum sticker on autofinished plywood)

Tranquility by Jonn Laserna (4x6 ft / oil in canvas)

All Hope is Lost by Kinno Florentino (4x6 ft / oil on canvas)

Free the Animal (Self-Portrait) by Ronn Bulahan (5x4 ft / acrylic on canvas)

Ka-anyag by Cheska May Sarmon (4x4 ft / acrylic on canvas)

In a Haze by Claudine Dignadice (4x6 ft / oil and acrylic on canvas)

I also got the chance to take photos of my friends-slash-artists during the exhibit.

(L-R: Kinno Florentino, me & Kat Malazarte)

Ughhh! What an honor to be in between these talented artists! *insert heart emoji here*

Indeed, it was a successful event! A lot of art-enthusiast people went and it was a one-of-a-kind experience not just to me but to each of us who were part of the said exhibit.

Me at the right corner snapchatting the event, haha! (this last photo was grabbed at ATMOS.PH Facebook page)


Hey Taylor, it’s Gabby(left) and Sarah(right). We just wanted to let you know that we’ll be visiting your exhibit in New York on the 18th(NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!) and we’re so excited to be going! We got tickets to the 12:30 time at the exhibit but we’ll honestly be there all day dancing and having a good time! It would be amazing if you just happened to be there as well haha. We can’t wait to see all the tour outfits and everything else soon!!!

Also you haven’t followed Sarah yet and you should! You met her at Gillette night 1, she was one of the swan goals girls, you remember! Well anyway, please follow her, here’s her at @baeby-iknowplaces


koh-i-noor shop in prague.

[9/21] 21/100

prague is beautiful. we went there with school for an exhibition. i visited a huge bookshop and i bought a book about korean grammar. i’m so happy! also, haagen dasz ice cream is just magic! i’m reviewing biology notes now for an upcoming test on friday an doing a presentation about koreas for geography.

i believe you are all doing well too. fighting guys!


Some detailed shots of the BEAUTIFUL handmade costumes of Outlander season 2. I can’t believe how much work went into these costumes that weren’t seen this up close on screen. If you can make it to the Paley Center in Beverly Hills before August, please go visit this exhibit! There are also several pieces of set design to view as well!


Take a mini-tour through the Museum at FIT exhibition Exposed: A History of Lingerie with curator Colleen Hill. On view June 3 – November 15, 2014 (Description Via Youtube)

Videos like this make me so happy


The Philippine Gold Exhibit: Treasures of Forgotten Kingdoms

A few photos I took back in September during opening weekend. I do have a post that has been sitting in my drafts since then that I still haven’t finished writing up on information on 10 artifacts that caught my interest. I will finish writing it, eventually, however I thought I would just leave this here for all of you for now. The exhibit is now closed, unfortunately, but I do have a video up of the exhibit here for those you who want to see it and didn’t get a chance to visit the exhibit in NYC.

(part of) The Skulls Exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences last summer. Mostly California sea lion skulls, although part of the exhibit is to get visitors to notice which ones “don’t belong” so, y'know. The one in the middle is fairly obvious.

murmaider  asked:

10 15 22 31 37 48

10: sweet candy wlw or sour candy wlw

no fucking sour candy in my house!!! sweet ofc lmao

15: see an art exhibit wlw or visit an aquarium wlw 

art exibit, definitely [insert pin you against the wall bc you’re a masterpiece joke here]

22: oversized sweater wlw or warm flannel wlw

this one is hard…. can’t live without flannels tho

31: stargaze wlw or pick flowers wlw

stargaze. i don’t like picking flowers in general #letthemgrowinpeace

37: fall asleep to music wlw or fall asleep to the sound of rain wlw

can’t sleep with the music on so there’s only one option left)

48: classical art wlw or modern art wlw

all art used to be modern okay, i’ll go with modern art

ask me cute questions!

David Hockney: 60 Years of Work

Yesterday, I visited the exhibition of David Hockney at Tate Britain. From beginning to end, running through all the different types and periods of work is Hockney’s principal obsession with the challenge of representation: how do we see the world, and how can that world of time and space be captured in two dimensions? I really love the works in the rooms of Experiences of Places, The Wolds and Yorkshire and Hollywood in this exhibition.