exhibition gala practice


Here is Yuzu’s SC gala run-through of Notte Stellata.  I feel peace and tranquility watching this new EX.  The most impressive thing to me is his posture.  His hand movement is to die for!  I’d like to take this opportunity to share my 2 cents on his “seems like” popped 1A in this EX.  After watching it several times, I’ve realized something.  I believe it wasn’t a popped 1A afterall.  I think it’s a planned 1A and here is my reasoning.  After he finished his run-through, he did that jump 1 more time and it was clearly a planned choerography move.  I don’t know what is the actual name of this move, but for now I’m calling it as “Delayed Rotation Single Axel” and it is so so SOOO beautiful and creative!

2016 Skate Canada Fancam Videos Master List

Here’s a master list of all the fancam videos I took during Skate Canada. They are heavily Yuzuru focused, but I have a couple of videos of Satoko and Rika as well.

10/27/2016 Skate Canada Practice Fancam Videos

10/28/2016 Skate Canada Practice Fancam Videos

10/29/2016 Skate Canada Practice Fancam Videos

10/30/2016 Skate Canada Gala Practice Fancam Video