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What is the average low, average, and high cost of a skating costume? And/all interesting things of mention that might pertain therein?

Skating costumes early in your career tend to be much less expensive, in the $200-$1000 range, depending on if they’re custom made, what fabric is used, how complicated the design is, and amount of beading. Younger skaters often buy gently used costumes at club-sponsored sales, because they grow so fast.

Olympic/World-class skater’s costumes range from $1000-$5000 each, depending on what designer, how complicated the construction of the costume is (fabric, mesh, weird design etc). and of course, how much beading. So, skaters are dropping about $10,000-$15,000 USD on costumes for every season (gotta have that exhibition outfit too!)

Designers often work with skaters to create a costume. After listening to the music, they sketch a few designs. Every skater has preferences (separate pieces, body suit, skirt fabric, sleeves, no sleeves, gloves etc). and costumes are constructed to fit exact proportions with seams that are reinforced to be flexible AND especially durable. 

Sometimes a designer is NOT the person/team that actually sews your costume, so if they have a team of stitches, your costume is going to be more expensive. 

Here’s an article from the last Olympics that talks about costumes and has an interview with one of the popular designers. 

Fun Costume Facts (A Lot are Ignored by Ficcers):

There are actually ISU regulations regarding costumes. And you can lose points for violating them. I wrote a post about them here. (Memo: Yuuri and Victor must be much more clothed than they often appear in some writers descriptions. Yurio couldn’t wear his exhibition outfit for a competition).

Almost all mesh is LINED to prevent it from warping and stretching when it is professionally cleaned. Men sometimes get away without it, but tend to have it anyway…it’s COLD out there. So, no, Yuuri probs doesn’t actually have his skin showing under that Eros mesh…but he might.

Men wear dance belts under their costumes to support/secure their junk. None of the male characters are going totally commando under their costumes, regardless of what you want to happen afterwards. Women are wearing tights, but often wear no underwear (or a thong), because the panty line would show and they have “bras” built into the costumes. 

Skating costumes can get wet (almost all bases are waterproof material due to those falls) but they aren’t machine washable because of the beading. Beading is applied BY HAND. And most of the money is going to the time spent by the designer/stitchers laying down your crystals. If they are Swarovski rhinestones, you are racking up a huge bill (i.e. probably Victor). 

The warm-up jackets are used to keep the skaters muscles warm, since it’s bad for you to warm up, skate and then let your muscles “get stiff” and “be cold” suddenly. But they jackets are ALSO used to protect their costumes. It’s why you rarely see a skater walking around without one at a competition before or after they leave the ice. Smelly sweat is easy to clean out…stains…not so much. Also: you really wanna have to have those rhinestones replaced?

Exhibition costume aren’t always made by designers and skaters often wear old costumes or put something together themselves that fits the routine, depending on what they are skating to. 

Gloves used to be frowned upon and considered ugly because they ruin the line of your hand (and they do and they are). They became more common with the advent of the CoP because elements with blade-grabbing earned more points. 

Hope that helps!

Yuuri does a quad lutz during the gala duetto version of Stammi Vicino. Actually he lands both a quad lutz and flip because what is chill he doesn’t know it. 

I once saw someone call this a plot hole, but it’s really not. Yuuri tells Victor way back in episode four to teach him all the jumps he knows, so it’s not at all unreasonable to assume he’s been practicing a quad lutz, and it’s not unusual for skaters to attempt new elements for the first time during an exhibition instead of a competition. 

His focus was likely primarily on the flip, but he’s probably been working on the lutz too (and maybe a bit on the loop, though that one doesn’t seem to be Victor’s specialty as he’s noted to have done it in exhibition instead of a program?). 

Three posters I did last year were selected for the Poster Competition exhibition in Glasgow. Thank you again for a great opportunity to be a small part of this festival which is growing every year. (140 posters of 6095 entries were selected for the show this year.) The Poster Competition will be held from the 20th October until the 25th November.

Lim youngmin Soulmate au

Requested by Anon so let’s roll!

•Before I get into this y'all may be wondering how everyone knows their soulmate sign if they’re not obvious,
• My answer is I don’t know either yET (maybe the parents get a certificate with the sign written on it when the stalk delivers the baby),
• ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
• Okay so ever since you were able to understand soulmates your soulmate sign terrified you,
• When you found your soulmate, you’d lose the ability to see colours,
• And man were you terrified,
• Yeah and curious because who is the mysterious human you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with????
• More importantly, do they pour their milk before their cereal?
• Because you’re not sure if you can live with someone like that,
• And you always looked at colours as if it was the last time you were going to see them,
• That turquoise?
• Printing the exact shade to memory,
• You weren’t exactly mad at your soulmate, they had the exact same problem as you, but you were a whole hearted believer that fate was a bitch,
• Like a full bitch, one of the people that screenshot the ugly selfies on Snapchat,
• Yeah, THAT bad,
• smh fate did u dirty,
• And you had a mini crisis when you were 8,
• Would an orange still be an orange if you couldn’t see it’s colour? Would it be a grey?
• And you hated black and white and grey with all of your little might when you were young,
• And you had full matching outfits colour coded,
• One day you where all bright orange, aka a traffic cone™
• The next day you where a pastel purple blur aka cute af,
• But yeah, you probably spent more than the normal amount of time colouring and painting and drawing and creating art bursting with vibrant colours,
• Because as a kid you got anxious about it,
• And your parents where like HmmMMmmM,
• So you started drawing and creating art so you could MAKE colour,
• What a cOnCEpT,
• You took to it like a duck to water,
• And by the time you reach your teens you were low key very good? Mid teens? You were winning competitions,
• Because you had a deep set passion for making sure beautiful pictures where captured on paper with the most delicate colours,
• Because one day you’d loose the ability to do that,
• So if you weren’t going to put everything into  it now then stRiKe yoU DoWn,
• You’d been working on a few pieces especially for a competition/exhibition you’d been invited to,
• The countries top amateur artists,
• Because you’re just THAT good,
• And boy had you been threating over what to paint because this is big,
• But you won’t let creative block beat you,
• (Stronger than me, rip)
• And you take up a damn challenge,
• Sunset paintings aren’t exactly original but they’re extremely hard,
• Because that sun sets quickly, like he’s running after the ice cream truck,
• Or chasing the moon,
• But you’re determined to capture it in a new light, in a way you’re confidant is uniquely yours,
• And you work your butt off every night for over 2 months until you’re happy you’ve captured it,
• The sun sinks into the bottom of the page in a lazy manner, the sky above it turning a darker blue while the patches around it are shaded with purples and pinks and reds,
• The clouds’ bellies are painted a pastel pink, while the tops are still pure in the dusk you always watch from the fields behind your house,
• But you’ve caught the colour and pinned it to the page, the colours accurate but magic, intense and blending and vibrant and unique,
• But then you’re like damn I still have to find another thing to paint,
• Because 2 pictures is the required amount for the competition because apparently one just isn’t good enough,
• So you chose the humble crow as your subject,
• Because those birds are incredibly and intelligent,
• You paint it in blues, purples and the rare colour black edges into your usual colour obsessed painting,
• Mid flight and totally free, the edges of the wings leak into a background of delicate greens, shamrock, emerald, seafoam and sky, lapis, azure,
• An omniscient vibe mixes with the feeling of peace and freedom, making the two paintings your best yet,
• And boy are you hype for the competition
• So you arrive to the exhibition hall bright and early to hang your paintings and to check out the competition,
• What an art nerd, honestly,
• And when the public come in and the judges stalk the hall you wonder around as well,
• As much as you’re threatened™ by the competition, you can’t help but love all the styles and variations of scenes,
• A kid in a sweet shop really, you’re the ultimate hype man for all the artists,
• As you circle back round to your little corner, you spot a boy stood in front of your paintings,
• You are, once again, shook™,
• Not only is this boy around the same age as you, which is already unusual in the sea of middle-aged people, he’s Hella handsome,
• Like boy what a cutie damn, your heart skips a beat,
• What an innocent looking pure bean,
• And you smile widely because he’s staring at your crow and the soFtESt smile is spread across his face he looks at peace,
• So you take your chance and slide along next to him,
• Cus you brave af apparently,
• “You don’t think it’s a little too bright?”
• You often worry that your use of colours could seem a little too aggressive for someone who doesn’t cherish them like you,
• So yanno, get some use out of this cutie while you can,
• “I’ll lose my colours one day, and if I could only remember one paintings colours, it’d be this one,”
• ShOoK™
• Like damn so many emotions,
• First of all, highest compliment of all you got a huge mega blush right there,
• Second of all, hoe god damn sweet,
• Third, shit this dude understands your struggles,
• “Ah, thank you. That’s why I paint so vividly, I-”
• But to your absolute horror,
• You watch as your paintings, some of the most vibrant in the hall, leak slowly of colour, the bright colours turning greyer as the whole thing changes into your nightmare,
• Once everything has changed, your head snaps to the boy by your side,
• “You painted it?” You can see from the look in his eyes that His world has also drained of colour, that he’s your soulmate,
• His eyes turn and hover on yours, and while there’s a certain sadness, mourning, there’s also a small light, a soft smile painted on his cute face, a hope,
• “Yeah, they’re mine,”
• “They’re beautiful,”
• While the compliment heats your cheeks, you turn your head to your new, dull painting with a sigh,
• “Was beautiful,”
• “Is beautiful. You know, the new shades give it a whole new meaning,”
• The way the boy speaks, a way that warms your heart and makes everything, even the blacks, seem a little more colourful makes you realise, that you’ve found your soulmate,
• And while your gut dropped just a minute ago, you can already feel it returning, and thinking it may not be so bad after all,
• Because at least you have someone to help you along the way,

• Fate has not done you dirty,
• So you spin to face him, and feel nothing but relief as you wrap your arms around him without warning, his warmth comforting you as he returns the gesture, everything comes naturally, like you’d always done it,
• At least now you won’t be worrying the rest of your life about losing your colours,
• And you win the competition,  by a long shot,
• And the connection you have to Youngmin is really quite beautiful,
• Because you realise that the sacrifice of colour is nothing compared to what you’ve gained,
• And it makes your relationship even more special because like???
• You sacrificed for eachother???
• And you go through a total art lull at first,
• Because you started to paint to make colour and now what’s the point?
• But Youngmin nags and persuades and nearly forces you to start again,
• He literally refused to make any sort of contact until you started painting again,
• (Because he knows you miss the paint),
• And boy do u get a long ass snuggle when you start again, after staring blankly at your paints for hours,
• And then your style changes, and you become low key famous for this dramatic style change,
• Why you used to paint things to the exact detail of colour,
• Now you have 2 modes,
• You paint things exactly as you see them in black and white, to show the world how you see things,
• Or you paint things in blind colour, no idea what shades you’re using and you’re told that your mix of abstract colour into ordinary things is eye-catching,
• But no matter what you paint, Youngmin loves it, and you theorize for hours what  colour that grey could be from wisps of memories you’ve held onto,
• And dates to galleries or art classes (you’re shook by how well Youngmin is with clay like damn),
• Or to beaches or parks or restaurants or theme parks because really why would you put a limit on it?
• And skinship is key but like, soft,
• Gently holding each others hands or lent against each other or quick pecks honestly whatever you feel comfortable doing,
• And you spend hours and hours studying Youngmin’s delicate and slight features,
• You manage to captures his gentleness and optimism and energy and kindness into his portraits, some of your most praised works,
• But you keep every single one of them, because you want to keep everything about Youngmin,
• And the two of you fumble through a black and white world together,
• The two of you mainly dress in black and white and it’s honestly iconic™
• Fierce,
• The cuddle couple honestly who is softer?
• No one, that’s who.



It was an incredible experience! Not my best performance if I’m going to be honest here, but considering this is my first public exhibition, first competition in figure skating and I was really nervous it was fun! 

For those wondering, I’ve been skating for nine months, having rehearsed this solo for roughly three months. I hope to come back to it some day and perform it even better! 


“Peace.” Slovenia / BIG BERRY

Photo credit - Tomislav Urh

[World Building June 2017: Luxson Cluster] Day 3: People & Races

[Day 3 Prompt] 🌐 [Full Prompt List]

There are many sapient species to be found in the Luxson Cluster, native to the islands or otherwise! 

Here we will focus primarily on the species that are indigenous to the islands, which includes: beatfoxes, de’moneres, centinels, combers, fungi constructs, masques, corvice, and the OBJ.

(Note: though the various species are drawn in grayscale, this is simply an artistic convention. Most species can come in virtually any colour combination .)

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Yuri on Ice observations/my new headcanons

So yesterday I binge watched yoi for the second time (it takes ~5 hours for anyone interested), but this time I focused on how Viktor’s and Yuuri’s relationship changed during the episodes and I decided to share my notes (some of these have probably been said, but I haven’t seen them as it’s literally impossible to look at every post made about yoi :D )

1. The summer. Episode 4 to 5 transitions directly from spring to autumn and the show shows zero time of what happens during summer besides a few scenes of Yuuri training and a few panels in the ED where we can see Yuuri and Viktor playing around in the beach and in their swim trunks. Knowing this happened after 4th and before 5th ep we can see that their interactions are much more free. 

Yuuri touches Viktor more freely, and they seem to have a really great time. I believe that it’s this time that brings them closer together to the edge of being in love. I don’t think they’re together yet, judging by ep 5 and the Japanese skating competition interactions, if they have been together already there’s no way Viktor would have jumped away from the hug, blood or no blood.

2. Between September and October. Japanese skating competition (it has a really long name which I’m not going to write every time I refer to it) shows Viktor and Yuuri becoming closer, besides, I’m pretty sure it was the first time Yuuri finished his FS pointing towards Viktor (we’ve never seen him finish it before so it’s not confirmed).

I think this was what drew the final point home and the next month the two of them are even more touchy-feely than before

[and look at this loving face before the SP in China]

During his SP Yuuri also thinks that ‘I’m the only one who can satisfy Viktor. I’m the only one in the whole world who knows Viktor’s love.’ And yes, these aren’t directly meant words, he means that he finally accepted that Viktor became his coach and no one else’s, that even if Viktor used Yuuri to get away from skating he chose him and no one else. But I still think Yuuri chose those specific words for a reason. They were thought during Eros, his sexual love performance, so I think there’s the double meaning here that he stole Viktor not only from skating, but from the dating world too.

[look at these loving faces after Yuuri’s FS, tell me they haven’t been adults, told each other they had feeling for one another and started dating before they kissed (a bare touch of lips knowing it took a second for them to fall on the ground) on national competition]

3. The exhibition program. I’m not a skating knowledge pro or anything, but I’m pretty sure (+ I read about it on someone’s post, or it may have been a repost of Kubo’s tweet, I don’t even know…) that there was an exhibition after every competition in the Grand Prix series and those who place on podium do an exhibition afterwards (I did some research and it’s not for certain it was like this in the anime, but knowing how realistic it made the show this was probably how it went). So that would mean Yuuri did an exhibition in China, where he skated Viktor’s winning FS program, everyone understood why (it brought Viktor to him, besides he did it really well and it was tribute for his coach). So here comes the GPF, Yuuri comes second, so of course he does the exhibition (and the exhibition wasn’t held a month after the competition as I have seen some assumer) Yuuri and Viktor had to choreograph it way before the competition (well, maybe not that long ago, Yuuri learned Eros routine in about a week, it wasn’t perfect, but he did). So here comes my headcanon - Viktor and Yuuri decided this program after Rostelecom Cup.

A lot of people (I’m among them) see the exhibition as the two doing pair skating and it basically is it with how the program is done, but exhibition 

[here’s the info about what an exhibition is]

[this info may also not be 100% correct, but I think it’s gives us the needed information]

can be performed by 2 people, it’s allowed and unlike pair skating no one says it has to be male and a female (or I think I doesn’t?) so after the award ceremony, Viktor goes to the organisers, announces he’s coming back, says he will do his first official skating in exhibition with his student. Everyone knows about that, they probably imagine that the two will do the same FS program side by side or something, what they don’t expect is it suddenly becoming basically pair skating

[everybody cheers when Viktor comes in]

after Viktor comes in there’s a brief loudness in cheer, then they hold hands start doing their own thing and everyone is shocked, for what we see of the rest of the exhibition no one cheers any more while before while Yurri was still alone they cheered during every jump (and I think the lifts would have definitely deserved a cheer if everyone hadn’t just had their minds blown). So yea, everyone knew Viktor was going to be there, but no one expected him to do that. Bravo Viktor, you surprised them all once again.

P.S. I know some probably think ep 4 was during the summer, but guys, look at this scenery:

I’d say at most this is beginning of June, summer has 3 months that we can do whatever we want with because we have no info on what happened during them…

P.P.S. I’m so proud of this show I just can’t, this was fist and foremost a sports anime and it stayed true to itself through all of it, the sport wasn’t just some sunscreen, it was the main focus of the anime with a side note of romance, not even yaoi, but romance. That’s why this anime isn’t under any other tag than sports anime in official pages, because it wasn’t yaoi, but because it’s not the ‘traditional’ romance it couldn’t have been put under that tag either. it was so mature with itself I’m considering re-watching it for a 3rd time in a week or two and I never re-watch anything. :D

A Solution for Jealousy (Chapter 2)

I know a lot of people have been looking forward to the next chapter, and I’ve finally gotten around to finishing it! Here’s the second chapter of the novel adaption of HoneyWorks’ “Yakimochi no Kotae (A Solution for Jealousy)“!

Masterpost with links to all the translated chapters can be found here.
You can find the masterpost with all the Confession Rehearsal/Sound of Confession Project-related translations here.

←Chapter 1 | Chapter 3→

*If you can, I highly encourage supporting the creators by buying the book for yourself at Amazon!

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(via 151229 EXフル&YUZU×SHOMA - Dailymotion動画)

Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno’s friendly talk 

(from the 4.15 minute mark of the video)

Nakamura Mitsuhiro: From Uno-senshu’s perspective, what is Hanyu-senshu like?

Shoma: He is really someone who is always very nice to me. During competitions and exhibitions, through talking with me about random topics, he always builds up the mood and makes it enjoyable. 

Yuzuru: We often talk about video games too, don’t we?

Shoma: Yes. Because we are gamers.(laughs)

Yuzuru: He really likes video games. Though its not my place to say this about others, but he really likes video games very much. 

Nakamura: Although I think any periods of rest will be short for you, do you have time off from practice?

Yuzuru: I think I have, but I don’t think Shoma has any. (laughs)

Shoma: I think I probably will have this year.

Yuzuru: Ah, you will have.

Shoma: Until last year, I didn’t.

Nakamura: What do you do during your time off?

Shoma: Sleep…play games… that’s about it.(laughs)

Yuzuru: It’s probably the same for me. Sleep and play games.

Nakamura: Both of you together! (laughs)

Voiceover: Both of them like to play video games in their private time. We ask them to share their ambitions for the World Championships.

Shoma: There is still some time until the World Championships. I want to show up in my best condition, and work hard so as to be able to return with a smile.

Yuzuru: As for me, in any case I want to keep on challenging myself, to create the best I am capable of for the World Championships.

Interview with New Visions Featured Artist: Chris Kindred

Last Friday Chris took over our Instagram as we celebrated the Student Scholarship Competition exhibition opening and his Scholarship win. Today learn more about Chris in the interview below. 

1. When and how did you decide to become an illustrator?

At VCUarts Portfolio Day in 2009. It was my senior year of high school and I spent the day shopping for art programs that I thought I wanted to go to. VCU was the last one I went to for the day, and Sterling Hundley just happened to be running that table. When I met him and told him I was maybe thinking about pursuing illustration, he gave me the most thorough portfolio review I’d ever had, and told me exactly what I needed to know to become an illustration student. Took 3 years after that day, but it paid off big time.

2. Who are the biggest inspirations for your career?

My friends. A lot of them I used to follow on Blogspot back before I moved to Richmond. They were (and still are!) a ragtag group of creatives who focused on the work and being as dope as possible. That energy is what inspired me the most. Even now I’m glad to be surrounded by folks who are always grinding, not only to be the best at what they do, but to be the best selves they can be.

3. Name one non-illustration inspiration in your career.


                                                                                                                 All Black 

4. What is the best advice you have been given as an artist?

Know when not to take advice—When you get advice that steers you from where you want to end up, you’re by no means obligated to follow it.

5. What is your creative habit? What do you have to do to get into your creative zone?

I have to start in the morning, or else it’s exponentially harder to get into the zone. I need quiet or ambient jams to contrast my surging thoughts before calming down to focus.  

                                                                                 Boxing Taught Me to Survive 

6. What music and books inspire you to create?

I’ve been reading a bunch of Octavia Butler lately. The contrast between intimacy and brutality are themes I want to explore in my work soon. Also recently finished Sorcerer of the Wildeeps, by Kai Ashante Wilson. His attention to detail and matter-of-fact style of world-building is really up my alley.

For music though, I’ve been playing Lil Yachty’s Lil Boat a lot. It’s really playful, well refined Atlanta trap that’s easy to rope you in. Also Chance’s Coloring Book is flames. 2016 is a good year for music. Lemonade, James Blake’s The Colour in Anything, and Kaytranada’s 99.9% were instant downloads for me.

7. As it relates to illustration what advice have you never forgotten?

“Be loose without being messy.” It was recent advice, but hearing it when I did made things click for me—I’ve had the most fun drawing loose figures in motion, or anything in motion for that matter.


8. Do you see illustration as a group of individuals or a community?

That’s a tough one. Illustration to me is me and my friends I’ve met from all around. The wider that net of friends, the larger the community. However, I do wish illustration at-large could be as tight-knit as comics can be.

9. What sort of things keep you involved in the world of illustration?

Knowing that social discourse can be important within the image-making profession and as an image-maker. Illustration is the most impactful tool I use to communicate.

10. What is your dream project?

I want to run an animated show or direct a feature. Along the way, I want to work on a graphic novel.  A dream project for me is one where I can have total creative freedom without struggling to eat.

11. If you could time travel what year would you go to?

2100. When people talk about the future, they talk about the state of the environment and technology. I want to see how far society has progressed. I want to know if someone like me can walk around without people locking their hovercar doors, haha.

                                                                                        Benefits of Collaboration

12. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing that my work has touched someone’s life in a very real way. Alternatively, when I go grocery shopping with money I got for drawing pictures. That’s so surreal to me.

12. What’s the most terrifying part of your job?

That moment when you send up your final draft and you wait to see whether or not there are revisions.

13. Love the Internet or hate the Internet?

Who would hate the internet?

                                                                                                           Hood Knight 

The view of the black speech community which we obtain from our work in the ghetto areas is precisely the opposite from that reported by Deutsch, Engelmann. and Bereiter. We see a child bathed in verbal stimulation from morning to night. We see many speech events which depend upon the competitive exhibitions of verbal skills: singing, sounding, toasts, rifting, Iouding–a whole range of activities in which the individual gains status through his use of language. We see the younger child trying to acquire these skills from older children–hanging around on the outskirts of the older peer groups, and imitating this behavior. We see, however, no connection between verbal skill at the speech events characteristic of the street culture and success in the schoolroom; which says something about classrooms rather than about a child’s language.

There are undoubtedly many verbal skills which children from ghetto areas must learn in order to do well in school, and some of these are indeed characteristic of middle-class verbal behavior. Precision in spelling, practice in handling abstract symbols, the ability to state explicitly the meaning of words, and a richer knowledge of the Latinate vocabulary may all be useful acquisitions. But is it true that all of the middle-class verbal habits are functional and desirable in school? Before we impose middle-class verbal style upon children from other cultural groups, we should find out how much of it is useful for the main work of analyzing and generalizing, and how much is merely stylistic–or even dysfunctional. In high school and college, middle-class children spontaneously complicate their syntax to the point that instructors despair of getting them to make their language simpler and clearer.

Our work in the speech community makes it painfully obvious that in many ways working-class speakers are more effective narrators, reasoners, and debaters than many middle-class speakers, who temporize, qualify, and lose their argument in a mass of irrelevant detail. Many academic writers try to rid themselves of the part of middle-class style that is empty pretension, and keep the part necessary for precision. But the average middle-class speaker that we encounter makes no such effort; he is enmeshed in verbiage, the victim of sociolinguistic factors beyond his control.


William Labov, Academic Ignorance and Black Intelligence, June 1972

The whole article is also very much worth it. 

Rhythmic Gymnasts (currently competing) || Pros and Cons [requested by anonymous]

Some of the points below are generally known and obvious advantages and disadvantages of these gymnasts, but some represent only my personal opinion. I don’t claim to be 100 % right about it. If you’re new, I recommend you to watch their routines yourself and make conclusions on your own. Obviously, everyone has different preferences. And they don’t always fit the judges’ criteria of a perfect gymnast. Which is okay. Sad. But okay. And common.

I’ll start with gymnasts from Ukraine, as I think I have more knowledge about them and, obviously, I pay more attention to them than to gymnasts from other countries. I’ll try to analyze others too, but I can’t promise you to make the post soon.

Team Ukraine

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Do you think Javi will be in the Olympics? I know he didn’t do great in the GPF, but I really love seeing him skate, and I would love to see him in these upcoming Olympics.

Barring injuries, Javi will definitely skate at the next Olympics. He’s the only top male skater in Spain and will have no problem making the Olympic team. He had a couple of rough days at GPF, but he’s a very strong skater and will definitely bounce back. Sometimes skaters have bad performances; not all competitions can go well. But it doesn’t mean it’s the end of their career at all. :)

idk why but even though zagitova is great I much prefer watching pogorilaya? is it experience or differences in artistry or?x you can ignore this if you’re busy lol hope you enjoyed the rus and jap nationals xxxx

It’s up to personal preference, really. But many skating fans will probably say that Anna is a better skater than Alina when it comes down to basic skating, regardless of their skating styles.

Do you speak Russian or Japanese? Do you watch translated versions of Japanese Nationals and Russian Nationals?

Neither of the admins of this blog can speak Japanese or Russian (but some people in our live chat can). We haven’t seen any translated commentary for Russian or Japanese Nationals, but you can keep an eye out for it. Sometimes subtitled videos show up on Youtube.

one of the ask made me curious: what’s the Plushenko Sex Bomb? thanks~

This #iconic program.

hi could you please elaborate on the topic of skaters turning pro?(im not sure if i used the right phrase) i only got into fs recently but im already so obsessed amd i really wish i could attend a live event. i have a focus on a single skater though (namely yuzuru) but none of the events up to the olympics really works for my uni schedule and ive heard that its possible he might retire after pyeongchang? thanks in advance

“Turning pro” back in the day when skating was very popular in the US (like during the ‘90s and early ‘00s) meant competing on the “pro” circuit - events that were a mixture of exhibitions and actual competitions, and didn’t follow ISU guidelines. The “amateur” circuit were the regular ISU competitions. Successful skaters could “turn pro” and make money at pro events, but most of those events are no longer held. Nowadays, “turning pro” basically just means retiring and skating in shows. There are still a lot of skating shows around, especially in Japan, where skating is very popular and in high demand. Some well-known ones in Japan include Fantasy on Ice, Dreams on Ice, The Ice, Friends on Ice, etc. If Yuzuru retires, he will definitely be offered invitations to many shows, not only in Japan, but it’s up to him to decide if he wishes to continue as a show skater. Some skaters continue to skate in shows for many years after retiring, but some want to move on to different parts of their life. Yuzuru hasn’t yet decided when he will retire and what exactly he will do afterwards. He might not retire after Pyeongchang at all. In any case, I hope you’ll be able to see him live someday!

thanks for teaching me the word suplex

Always happy to oblige~