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For those who are able to go back to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition after May 10th, they’ve added new exhibits now featuring the props and sets from Winners and Losers, which has just finished touring!  

Welcome to the madness oficial vídeo!!
Esta grabado desde un teléfono pero es por que aun no lo suben oficialmente, gracias a la persona que lo subió primero:D disfrutenlo

I don’t care on what side of the ship/no ship argument you fall on, Welcome to the Madness is IMPORTANT, and here’s why:

Yurio is 15/16 years old. He has been called a fairy, a prima ballerina, and kitten. His identity is being forced down his throat from every angle. And you know what he isn’t doing? He isn’t accepting it, AT ALL. He is taking his Exhibition Skate and announcing to the world “this is ME! HERE I AM! DEAL WITH IT!” 

You know who didn’t do this? VICTOR. He let himself fall into his role as Russia’s Living Legend, and kept fulfilling that role until it dragged him down to unfathomable depths. I bet Victor watched this skate and was cheering Yurio on, because Yurio was doing something Victor didn’t do. Yurio was fighting back. 

I remember being 15/16. I wore vinyl pants to school (with flames on them) because I was tired of being the smart AP student that had all the right answers. That was the work I performed, not who I was, and I was PISSED. Yurio is PISSED and he has had enough, and instead of sulking over it or accepting it, HE GOT ON THE ICE AND TORE THAT IMAGE APART. 

And Otabek… Otabek is right there, buying into the madness because that’s what friends do. Friends see you for who you are, and accept/support you, even when you spontaneously shove your finger in their mouth. Otabek supported his friend’s right to express himself and that’s AWESOME. 

So before anyone on either side loses their mind, please stop and think about what this program meant for Yurio’s character development. Because Yurio is not going down without a fight, and that raw determination is, quite frankly, inspiring. 

Welcome to the Madness. 


Ruki: good morning!

Ruki: in Harajuku to select a location for the NIL exhibition!

Ruki: I’m on a break from work and scouting some places for the NIL exhibition. 
we will announce details for the exhibition soon but it’s gonna be a saturday at the end of the month so please keep your schedule open 👼 (image 1)
#nilduenilun #thegazette #ruki #nilduenilun_tokyo #harajuku
Ruki: please spread the word 😎!

Ruki: I’ve been using them, too and I’m loving it, they’ve really turned out nice so I totally recommend them 👼
 (image 2-7)
Ruki: now, the meeting for the FujiQ stage set! I have some ideas and I’m daydreaming how extremely awesome it would be if we could actually do it the way I’m imagining it, so I’m off, bye 🙉

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So what exactly is this JoJo Festival thing about? I've heard around this website that some people are expecting a VA announcement from there, but from my understanding, isn't it like a sort of art exhibit? A VA announcement from there doesn't seem likely to me.

Yeah basically it’s an exhibit and city-wide festival based in Araki’s hometown, Sendai.  2017 marks 30 years of Jojo.  The highlight’s an exhibit of Araki’s original work but there’s events tied into it throughout the city.  On a larger scale, they’ve been doing stuff like special figures and Jump magazine features, etc, for the 30 Years event. 

So they could easily get a Pt.5 announcement to tie in with one of the JojoFes live events but like you’re saying, it’s not really integral to the festival which stands on its own.

The Turtle Show

A/N: To make up for my lack of internet yesterday, I wrote a thing for everyone’s fav turtle lover, Mister John Laurens. 

Word Count: 1478

TW: None I think

AU: Modern

Pairing: J. Laurens x Reader

You loved your job.

You worked at the local zoo as a showrunner and self-proclaimed turtle efficianoto. Your exhibit was the turtle show: a 30 minute program that discussed turtles, followed by an interactive petting zoo. It was extremely popular, and it almost always was packed to the brim with people of ages and all sizes. You had many repeat attendees, but a particular one always came back.

And boy, was he cute.

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Watch Wanna One, BLACKPINK, GOT7, And More Perform At Busan One Asia Festival Live On MTV Asia

Watch Wanna One, BLACKPINK, GOT7, And More Perform At Busan One Asia Festival Live On MTV Asia

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Tonight, all of your favorite K-pop idol groups are coming together for one of 2017’s most highly anticipated festivals, the Busan One Asia Festival!

Taking place over the course of 10 days, the Busan One Asia Festival celebrates Korean pop culture and showcases the best of Hallyu for fans all around the world through concerts, events, and exhibitions.

Previously, it was announced that Wanna One,…

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Hey guys! I’m happy to announce that I’ll be exhibiting at CTNX 2015! This is my first time ever exhibiting in a exhibition/network, and I’m super stoked to be sharing a table with the talented Manddy Wyckens! (http://mwycked.tumblr.com/) Check out her work!

I’ll be showing and selling prints, booklets of sketches, and probably show some animation work that I’ve never posted/showed online! Keep posted!



SANTA MONICA, Calif. , May 30, 2014 /CNW/ - As part of its initiative to extend its global brands and franchises into new lines of business, Lionsgate (LGF), the premier next generation global content leader, will launch a U.S. tour of “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition” in summer 2015, it was announced today by Lionsgate Chief Marketing Officer Tim Palen . The state-of-the-art exhibition, which will include interactive displays of authentic costumes, props and other elements of the world of The Hunger Games, will be designed in conjunction with Thinkwell Group, one of the world’s leading theme park and location-based entertainment companies.

The first two Hunger Games films have grossed more than $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire became the highest-grossing domestic release of 2013 and the 10th highest-grossing domestic release of all time. “The Hunger Games: The Exhibition” will launch several months ahead of the November 20, 2015 worldwide release of the fourth Hunger Games film, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, and will incorporate artifacts featured in the first three films from locations within the Capitol and the various Districts of Panem. The exhibition will be featured in major museums and institutions across the country and will be supported by a multimedia promotional effort and nationwide advance ticket sales.

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I got the microfilm of Charles Willson Peale’s diary, hoping to find confirmation of my belief that Hamilton and Laurens got their portraits done together in 1780.  Unfortunately, this was the only reference I could find to either of them.  It reads as follows (from the 1780 section of Peale’s diary):

Oct 2 - delivered Col Laurens his Miniature for which he is Dr 8 Guineas

From Charles Willson Peale Diaries and Exhibition Announcement

The Color Of Your Smile

For Sterekweek Friday

It was the week before senior year, and Stiles was getting a bit antsy. It was this feeling of slight panic that accompanied a regular work schedule and that gripped him every year right before school, even though he should be used to it by now.

Internally bemoaning the inevitable lack of freedom soon to befall him as well as those summer-bound lazy mornings spent sleeping in or dicking around on his X-Box, he slowly, almost reluctantly, strolled toward the meeting point they had agreed on—that new fancy café that had opened downtown two weeks ago that everyone and their grandmother was so jazzed about it was utterly ridiculous.

Maybe they put drugs into their coffee to make people crave their sweet, dark, ‘n piping hot ambrosia.

Whatever it was, Lydia had insisted, so naturally everybody else had eventually agreed in fear of retribution that would surely be dished out if they didn’t do what the strawberry-blonde goddess wanted.

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Poetry collection “gasou no shi” release and one-man exhibition “gasou“ announcement!

DIR EN GREYおよびsukekiyoの全楽曲の作詩をおこなう京が、約18年間にわたって書き上げてきた詩を厳選し、新たなデザインとともに編んだ最新詩集「我葬の詩」を発表致します。その上巻を8月に発表することが決定致しました。

Kyo, who is in charge of writing all the lyrics for DIR EN GREY and sukekiyo, has made a careful selection out of all the poems he wrote over the past 18 years, that will be compiled in a new design and announced his newest poetry collection “gasou no shi**” (我葬の詩). This first volume will be published in August.

In addition to the compilation of 75 poems in total, including 13 poems that have been written for this work “gasou no shi“, photos and a special interview were taken and completed into a volume for you to conceive the world of Kyo’s poetry at an even deeper level.

Also, an exhibiton called “gasou” (我葬) will be held to commemorate the announcement of this new poetry collection “gasou no shi“. This exhibiton won’t be limited to the [mere] display of the work from the poetry collection, the space will be created and production executed under Kyo’s complete supervision and it has been reported to become an experience that you cannot savour in everyday life, “a moment in the otherworld“.

**songs/poems of my funeral