Georges Seurat

On display in the second room of our Degas to Picasso exhibition is this late drawing by Georges Seurat, who died on this day in 1891.

Seurat is best known as the creator of the so-called ‘pointillist’ painting technique, which emerged in the 1880s, based on scientific research on colour theory. 

Like Degas and Ingres before him, Seurat had received a traditional academic art education and strongly believed in the importance and power of drawing. Here, using Conté crayon, he observes the stooping gait of an elderly man, using the texture of the paper and varying degrees of pressure to create tonal effects of dark and light.

Degas to Picasso is open until 7 May and booking is strongly recommended.


1994 Roberto Sellitto, fotografo (My Analog Archive) / La Machine à Explorer le Temps da angelo aldo filippin


『展覧会のお知らせ(advertisement of Exhibition)』


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“Thirty years ago, viewers may have found the dramatic shifts in [Picabia’s] work bewildering; today it’s obvious that he was an artistic driving force of the 20th century.”

@hyperallergic​ visits Francis Picabia: Our Heads Are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change Direction, on view on our 6th floor. Read the review here

[Francis Picabia. Aello. 1930. Oil on canvas. Private collection. © 2016 Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris]