This was at the district exhibition yesterday, and I hope you all will enjoy watchingC:  I’m very proud of this team, we came a long way and overcame a lot together. BTW I’m the senior announced at the beginning Samantha Juarez(:  I’m the really short, main rifle line Mexican ahaha


Eva Gajda(from Hungary) lives and works near Cambridge. She likes to show her art on different forms of “canvas”. She studied art, teaching and agricultural engineering in Budapest. She has used the usual mediums to paint on but has found a particular liking to painting on reclaimed wood, keeping to her belief in giving “life” to old discarded wood. Currently she is using old sheets of music as a new form of canvas for her painting. She paints what makes her happy, or sad and hopes that her work brings out emotions in others.

“Creating is always on my mind. My passion is creating interesting and unique art especially on wood. I find wood stimulates my senses as it is very tactile and I encourage people to touch as well as look”

Eva Gajda is exhibiting in ART IN MIND; INEVITABLE at The Brick Lane Gallery - The Annexe from 27th November - 7th December 2014. To find out more about ART IN MIND or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email info@thebricklanegallery.com 


Lily Frydman(from Switzerland) graduated from Emerson College in 2011 with a BA in visual and media arts. The focus of her undergraduate work was 3D animation. Although she studied in a film school she consistently used her paintings and drawings as a source of inspiration for her experimental videos. After graduation she felt strongly about pursuing her artistic career and spending time developing her skills as a fine artist. Ever since, she has been experimenting with all kinds of 2D mediums. She tends to gravitate towards un-primed linen and paper. In 2012 she completed several short courses at Central St Martins in drawing, photography, and entrepreneurship. Over the last two years she has been working on commissioned paintings and developing her portfolio. One of her paintings was short listed for the Threadneedle prize 2013 and she has had the opportunity to feature one of her films on the Tate Collectives website.

Travel Journals, are black ink on paper. They sometimes include words but are mostly abstract shapes. The size she chose is a square shaped paper because it creates a perfect balance. In a way her journal drawings are close to mandalas, spiritual and meditative. She believes there is something spiritually enriching about traveling and discovering new cultures. It is like being reminded of the grandeur of this planet and remembering the reality of being united as one race while appreciating the sometimes radically different ideologies, beliefs and traditions that come with each one of them.

 Lily Frydman is currently exhibiting in WORKS ON PAPER at The Brick Lane Gallery from 29th October - 9th November 2014. To find out more about WORKS ON PAPER or to exhibit in a future exhibition please email info@thebricklanegallery.com 

M&TC: Next week SALÓN ACME NO. 4 opens in Mexico City

We’re excited for the fourth edition of SALÓN ACME !

This year’s exhibition will be held February 4-7 at the Archipiélago space in colonia San Miguel Chapultepec in Mexico City. The show promises a visionary intermix of art, from performances and site interventions to works with robots and pieces that are charged with solar energy.

The exhibit will also feature pieces by Adidas sponsored artists, a concept bar created by artist Mario Navarro for Absolut, and a Brooks Brothers “Barber Shop” pop-up designed by Grupo Axo.

SALÓN ACME is a temporary curated exhibition space taking inspiration from the ancient “Art Salons” which used to take place regularly in different cities of the world giving an up to date overview of the art zeitgeist.


Thursday- Saturday: 1PM - 12AM
Sunday: 1PM - 8PM

Rafael Rebollar 95, colonia San Miguel Chapultepec, México D.F.