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The past month has been a busy time for me, with the exhibition coming up mid July and numerous commissions, along with working an evening job that I have to unfortunately take time away from in order for me to complete deadlines in time, I have had to leave my tumblr in the hands of my instagram account, this is not the best way to convey what has been happening, but overall treats you to sneak peeks of my doings and ways. Once the work load subsides I will be making master posts showing my doings and ways for you all in hope to ignite the pace of my blog again. 

This also means that my website has been left untouched too, however, like with tumblr, this will be resolved once the exhibition work has been completed and installed.

On another note…

In other news I have had to install Tumblr Savior due to the influx of irritable and irrationally biased posts relating to world and cultural events; political, social, cultural etc.

Although I am very much left and a lover not a hater for ALL, seeing political, racial, gender, sex, etc in all manor of stereotypes, on my dash are disheartening and offensive (please make no comment on my colour, I know who and what I am thank you, a human, I bleed red and my non-oxygenated blood is blue believe it or not), all of these racist comments, coming from ALL races and sides frustrate and upset me. Coining one person of one colour into a category is not the way forward for equality, point scoring gets you nowhere. The way forward is to highlight our differences, yet embrace them and accept each other, we cannot do this with the “well their race did this therefore we can do that to them and be okay” mentality, it is almost as though equality has now come to mean getting even, which is NOT how it works…that is just a vicious and pointless circle showing humanity at its worst (which I feel tumblr is the breeding ground for at the moment)

My apologies for the rant, but I wanted to make myself clear to all who follow me that this is my stance on the subject: You are all as bad as each other, stop segregating yourselves and start to work, love and live together in unity.

The family hamster, Acer, passed away at the ripe old age of 2 from suspected ovarian cancer. She has been planted with an Acer tree, which are my personal favourite small trees.

Just. So much to do, so little tiny time.

please be safe and well, go outside and enjoy the sun (wind and the rain as it is today in the middle north north of the UK. 

tatty bye bye

For now enjoy the sneak peeks via instagram and in all the other places.


So there is a Dreamworks Exhibition happening and they decided to make Singapore their first stop. So like the crazed fanatic I was, I decided to go there! I attended a special talk spoken by the Visual Effects Supervisor of Dreamworks, Doug Cooper. He was a really nice guy, very bubbly and friendly and after the talk he even wrote something on my book to encourage my dream of working at their studio, which I thought was really sweet. After that we went on a guided tour by him and his partner around the exhibition.

The exhibition was beautiful, they had all their sculptures and storyboards and sets all exhibited amazingly on the walls and there were so many cool interactions for me and kids to play with. Even after the guided tour, we talked more together, and even found out that they are planning to create a theme park, I’m not kidding, A THEME PARK!

It was absolutely amazing and so insightful on my goals to work with them.

I very, very happy that Mr Cooper said that Dreamworks believes on making their films perfect, even if it means redoing it all over again, because that’s what I believe in as well.

This exhibition will be travelling for 5 years around the world so when it comes to your country go check it out, you won’t be disappointed :D

Thrilled to announce my participation in this wonderful group show! 💖 #Repost @beautifulbizarremagazine with @repostapp.
Another fabulous artist confirmed for the ‪#‎beautifulbizarre‬ & @friendsofleongallery international group exhibition: ‘Les Petite Fours’ ~ US painter, @tracylewisart 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
‘Les Petite Fours’ | Surry Hills, Sydney | 22 Oct - 4 Nov 2015
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New Behind the Scene Exhibition Photo of Maxine Peake


New Behind the Scene Exhibition Photo of Maxine Peake

Check out this lovely photo taken by Laura Marie Linck for her ‘Behind the Scene’ Exhibition that’ll open tomorrow:


Gallery Link:
Photocalls & Portraits > 2015 > Behind the Scene Exhibition

Hoo boy. I’m only posting this picture so I can have it as a background for my ipod.

Anyway, this is one of the projects I was talking about the last post. A dmmd au, but told in a different story. New characters, old faces, and lots of allmates. I’m calling it:

DRAMAtical Murder RE:told

The girl is Hoseki and the dog she’s holding up is her allmate Minori.

The reason it says thank you is because it was for my final slide for my exhibition. I’ll update more of the au in the future.

‘Jurassic World’ Lifts Most Exhibition Stocks Despite Market Jitters – Update

UPDATED: Exhibition industry investors are finally looking past their early morning fears about the state of the economy and focusing on the weekend’s startling $204.6 million domestic box office results from Jurassic World. Sales stomped the Street’s consensus forecast for $125 million. The film generated an additional $307 million overseas.

Stock prices for the leading theater chains have moved up after opening mixed amid reports suggesting that Greece might default on its debt, and one showing an unexpected drop in industrial production last month.

It’s still early and the numbers likely will change, possibly a lot, over the course of the trading day. But at 11:30 ET Regal Entertainment was up 2.4% followed by Cinemark +2.3%, Carmike +0.9%,  and Imax +0.2% (after touching a 52-week high of $42.98). But AMC Entertainment is flat and RealD slipped 1.4%.  The Standard and Poors’ 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average are both down a little under 1%.

Analysts are breathing sigh of relief today as Jurassic lifts what many considered to be a disappointing quarter at box offices.

“Taking the domestic and international results together, Jurassic World had the #1 worldwide opening of all time with $512 million,” Wells Fargo Securities’ Marci Ryvicker says. “And to think, last year there was talk of the film industry’s demise, yet halfway through 2015 we have two releases in the top 5 of all time global gross receipts (Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron), with Jurassic World likely making a run at the top as well.”

Wunderlich Securities’ Matthew Harrigan says the weekend shows that “exhibitors remain in the catbird’s seat in maximizing global film economics for the studios, with huge weekly and quarterly volatility masking relatively predictable annual results that depend more on film quality than on the global economy,”

The movie “could reach the $450-$500 million range and become the #1 2015 grossing release,” he says.

Jurassic lifted  overall domestic box office sales for Q2 to +4.6% vs the same period last year; last week the quarter-to-date tally was just up 1.2%. The Jurassic jolt suggests the quarter will end up +5% to +7%. “This outlook would be below our 10% forecast but in line to slightly below the consensus forecast of 7% growth,” MKM Partners’ Eric Handler says.

Several analysts were especially impressed by the sales at Imax and RealD 3D venues. Imax accounted for $20.6 million of Jurassic’s domestic opening weekend. That’s a new high, topping the $19 million from The Dark Knight Rises in 2012.  AMC, which has a high concentration of Imax venues, “is on-track to over-index compared to the industry’s growth this quarter,” B. Riley’s Eric Wold says.

RealD screens also stood out. They contributed $71 million — beating the $70 million record from The Avengers in 2012. That’s “another strong indication that moviegoers want excellent 3D experiences and the studios are providing the best 3D offerings in years…maybe ever,” says RealD Worldwide Cinema President Anthony Marcoly.

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ChinaPlas 2015 Lives up to Reputation as Must-attend Show for Plastic-processing Machinery and Technologies--Key event hosts 3,200-plus exhibitors from 39 nations

Compiled by STEVE CHUANG Just as the plastics industry gave birth to one of the pioneering industrial giants in Taiwan, the sector is proving to be a driving force in China, with advanced plastic technologies and mach… (Full Story)

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My Fashion Collection

Multifunctional, Monochrome, Unisex Hey Ya’ll Yesterday I said that I would share with you the rest of the things that I will be exhibiting on the release day of my single. Well, here it is. I will be launching my fashion collection called Multifunctional, Monochrome, Unisex which will also be walked down the catwalk at 7;00PM. (I’ll be modelling a few from my collection too!) Another cool thing…

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this and that – news update

it is all a bit of this and that at the moment; however I am hoping to get down to some real work soon.  In the meantime – I have had to make a banner for the Taunton Live Festival as I will be showing work at Shakspeare Glass throughout the festival; I have made one side a homarge to them 

Shakspeare Glass side

the other side is a representation of my work

my side of the banner

my work will also be on show at Tacchi-Morris throughout July 2015

star for – stand against violence

I have also been working on a star for a project regards Stand Against Violence

birthday present

I have finally managed to finish a very belated birthday gift for Tm my lovely niece

birthday present

this is the last time I will endeavour to make such representational work; it nearly drove me made!  but for the love of Tm it would have ended up in the bin

Bath and Open Exhibitions

Over the last few weeks I have been backwards and forwards to Bath as I have had two paintings accepted in juried opens

BSA have hung my ‘out there somewhere’ at The Victoria Art Gallery in bath

FaB had ‘magical mystery tour’ at the ad44 Gallery in Bath

click on above links for details

news update

work for Taunton Live – Shakspeare Galleries

I have decided to spend the rest of the summer with Mr Turner. He has been my muse and inspiration for as long as I can remember.  I am hoping that by trying to work on his sunrises I will learn from the master – please wish me luck – I am going to need it!

should anything worthwhile come from it I will show them at Shakspeare Galleries throughout Taunton Live

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this and that – news update this and that - news update it is all a bit of this and that at the moment; however I am hoping to get down to some real work soon.  
Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Fair 2015 Remained Leading Marketplace for Printing and Packaging Industries

The 10th edition Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Fair 2015 was concluded with huge success. The fair presented 420 international exhibitors. Visitor attendance was equally encouraging - a total of 14,367 b… (Full Story)

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