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Some recent photos of Naoki!  He hung out with Zen’itsu recently, and they went to an exhibit of poisonous creatures (apparently it reeked of skunk).  


170410 | Zhang Yixing Studio Weibo: “#CHAUMET雅绅张艺兴# 今天带来的三次暴击群伤指数有多少呢 现在是【有奖】投票时间,是时候选出你心目中的NO.1啦,奖品是【老板着该造型时的自拍一张】快来!张艺兴CHAUMET法式珍宝赏鉴夜造型”

Translation [dailyixing]: “#ChaumetElegantGentlemanZhangYixing# How much collective damage has the triple-blow done today? It’s currently voting period with prizes to give, it’s time to choose your NO.1! The prize is "our boss’ selfie while dressed like this”, come quick!“


March 6, 2017

하… 전시회볼려고 겨우시간이나서 갔는데 오늘은 열지않는다네요 인생..


Ha… I made time today to go see the exhibition, but it was closed life..

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slut-for-flowers  asked:

How would the chocobros react to a curvy s/o having a difficult time comparing her body to the way the boys look? (Ps I love your headcanons so much, and I always look forward to your Ignis fics ; u ; !!!)

[ISEB Author’s Note: I’m skipping a couple of Asks in my inbox to answer this one because A) the others are taking me a bit longer to hash out (never fear—they’re still on my to-do list), and B) this was simply too cute to resist working on right away. I know you specifically mentioned ‘her’ in your prompt, my dearest slut-for-flowers, but I hope you don’t mind that I used a gender-neutral voice to be more inclusive; also, my apologies for making it a teensy bit NSFW—I simply couldn’t help myself! #ffxvtrashforever]

Noctis: The crown prince can scarcely run a quarter mile without wheezing like a Pink Jade Gar out of water, so he wouldn’t so much as bat a single one of his excessively long eyelashes at the notion that his paramour’s figure was anything but perfect. Smooth skin and captivating curves are right up his alley, since the only thing more blissful in his mind than the lure of his blankets is a soft and warm body underneath them ready and waiting to be snuggled. Should his paramour prove reticent to trust in his reassurances, Noct will resign himself to the one thing he loathes to do in front of his friends: take off his shirt and poke fun at his own less-than-washboard abdomen. When the sight of his pasty and pathetically undertoned musculature elicits a small grin from his lover, he’ll guide them mischievously toward his beloved bed and point out that it’s only fair of them to take off a few of their garments as well.

Prompto: Blondie knows firsthand what debilitating body insecurities feel like; he also knows that dropping weight doesn’t automatically equate to being comfortable in one’s own skin. So when his paramour expresses similar sentiments of inadequacy that he’s all too familiar with, he’ll stress the importance of embracing each and every delightful dimple their curvaceous figure has to offer; he’ll even go so far as to take them on a shopping spree even though he doesn’t have any real concept of the value of gil to help his lover find just the right outfit that will complement their voluptuous physique. After he’s politely requested a fashion show exhibiting their updated wardrobe—and newfound confidence—he’ll relish in the experience of unwrapping them like a personalized birthday present to himself.

Gladio: There’s a common misconception within the Citadel that Gladiolus looks the way he does out of vanity; in truth, the prince’s sword shield has cultivated an athletic physique solely for the purpose of being able to do his job effectively. He knows a healthy body presents itself in many ways, and that bulging biceps aren’t necessarily a sign of strength; luscious curves certainly never stopped his lover from joining him on his morning hikes near Lambath Haven, for instance, and he’ll happily point out that fact should they voice their concerns about measuring up to him. And just as his job requires him to be in peak physical condition, the job of turning Gladio on and igniting his ardor requires a set of strong thighs to properly wrap around his neck.

Ignis: Initially, the strategist is perplexed by his partner’s anxiety about not meeting the minimum standards of physical beauty; reason would lead Ignis to believe that his commitment to them is a statement of his attraction in and of itself. But he also recognizes that the notion of self-worth does not always stem from a logical source, and that comparing oneself to others is a basic human instinct. To that end, he’ll approach their concerns from an objective standpoint; perhaps his own selfish desire to see them enjoy the fruits of his culinary labors has negatively impacted their body image. But his lover’s shapely figure has always held his wanton appeal, and life is simply too short to survive solely on a diet of Gysahl Greens for the sake of attaining an entirely subjective concept of perfection, so he proves his continuing adoration of their curves by serving up a new recipe—Wennath Salmon sashimi, complemented by a bottle of hot Lestallum sake—only this time, he offers to devour it directly off his paramour’s naked form.


Googly eyes make this shrimp a fearsome hunter

With claws that crack clam shells, the peacock mantis shrimp has a well-deserved reputation for muscling its way through coral reefs. But it’s the eyes that make this tiny beast an unbelievably effective hunter. Moving each eye independently, its vision is so sensitive that a mantis shrimp can see both infrared and ultraviolet light.

Watch a video of our mantis shrimp

AN: Y'all really seem to like sad Bucky, don’t you? What a poor baby ;-;. Also, this will be in third person, just FYI. Thank you anon for requesting! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: when you have the time, can you do something based on the song ‘little lion man’ by Mumford & sons with Bucky? your writing is amazing, by the way. :D

Warnings: Mentions of blood, death, murder.


“Little Lion Man”

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Summary of new Madoka☆Magica movie’s trailer at MADOGATARI exhibition. [Updated]


I’m not the one who watched this concept movie, which is showing off at MADOGATARI exhibition from today. I just tried to translate what he summaried:

- This longs about 4 minutes.
- In first minute, things happen just what we saw in Rebellion. Madoka and Homura talk together about something likes fairy-tales. The image is Madoka performing her ballet, and the Devil clapping her hands at the end of the show.
- Next is like a rush of angry waves.
- Kyouko is exhausting. She’s angry (at?) the cats are being revived by someone’s voice(?).
- Sayaka is able to read witch’s language (the runes), and got captured (as like she was in wraith arc). She (or her dead body?) turns into her witch-form and fights againt the Wraith. Before that, her soul-gem fully got dark.
- It seems Mami and cool-Homura will get another fight.
- This cool-Homura don’t have the earing like what the Devil does. She’s like the normal cool-Homura we’ve known.
- And Nagisa plays a detective game in magical-girl form.

Another information:
- Madoka gets a new magical-girl costume. It’s cute, but exposes her flesh a bit much…
- Super, very cool Mami. She’s like a boss!!

Title: Begin Again 


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A/N: I put a lot of personal references to my life.

December 16th, 2015 the day I received a text message from my boyfriend of three years. Telling me he was breaking up with me. December 16th, the day my world came crashing down. The day that started my emotional down spiral of my emotions. I went into a very dark place. He told me he loved me. He told me that I was the one he wanted to be with forever and always, that my heart was in good hands. I guess forever and always was shorter than I originally thought. 

I fell into a deep depression. I was not sleeping, eating, laughing, or smiling. My whole body was numb to everything. There were moments where it hurt to even breathe. I cried every moment I was alone. It was like a cheesy soap opera, reading the letters he wrote me. “I will never leave you! You make my world better. I love you so much! When we finish college, I plan on marrying you!” I was an idiot for believing him. My heart shattered more and more with each letter I read over. That stupid scrapbook I made just for us filled with pictures, movie tickets we seen together, and special dates written. The first “I love you” and our first kiss. I had it all written down. The written dates now smudged from my tear drops falling on the pages.

My mom called asking me if I would take my nephews out for a day. I have not left the house unless needed, and it was starting to concern my parents. I was out of college, being a hermit, not leaving my room, and it was concerning them–rightfully so. I decided to make my nephews to see the Captain America exhibit, they have updated it ever since word got out that James Barns was alive. They also made an exhibit for him. Throwing on a t-shirt with my college’s logo plastered on the front, shorts, and some flip flops I went out the door to pick up my two nephews. One is ten and the youngest will be seven in a few days, I picked them up in my car and headed to the museum. Some Minecraft parody songs blaring through my speakers, which led to some raised eye brows when we stopped at red lights. I watched the boys singing and dancing in the back seat of my car from my rear view mirror, seeing them happy lifted my spirt somewhat. Their eyes were so full of joy without a care in the world, making me wish I was as joy filled as they were.

Walking through the museum was a bit more stress filled than I originally planned. Having to keep an eye on the youngest, Thomas, from touching things. The oldest, Alex, he would randomly stop and stare at an exhibit as I am trying to keep up with Thomas. “Thomas! Do not touch that! Alex, buddy, keep up please!” I felt some eyes watching me. I quickly looked around and seen a man in a white shirt with a jacket on, a navy blue hat, with a smile on his face. I took the boys’ hands as I felt a blush take over, quickly trying to get to the Captain America exhibit before he could see my red face. Finally arriving, I sat on a bench as I watched the boys look over everything, Alex was helping Thomas read over some information on the panels. They both had matching shirts on with the Cap’s shield on them. I was watching them closely as more people filled the exhibit. Jumping at a voice, “Your sons are adorable.” I turned to see the man that was watching me earlier was standing next to me, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” I just stared at him, his blue eyes that were hidden under his cap captured my attention. I was lost in them, his chuckle broke me from my gaze, “Sorry, um, no they aren’t my sons. They are my nephews.” He looked like he let out a breathe of relief at this information, as he looked at the empty spot next to me. I scooted over motioning for him to sit next to me, resulting in him happily obliging.

We sat in silence for a few moments, as I kept my eyes on the boys. They were now talking to some other boys, typical of Alex. He was a social butterfly, like I am–like I use to be, before the emotional downfall. Thomas was standing to the side listening, he acted all tough and brave, but he was a shy kid. It took him a little while before coming out of his shell. Once again, I felt eyes on me. I slowly looked over meeting those blue eyes of the man. He had a small smile on his face, I felt my face turning red again. “You blush easily.” He teased, I brushed my dark blonde hair behind my ear as I let out a small smile. I heard Thomas exclaimed, “Alex! Look! Aunt (y/n) is smiling!” I quickly looked up at the my nephews that were looking at me. Alex’s face lit up, “Yay! It’s been a while!” Both of them came running over to me leaving the boys they were talking to before. Alex froze as he spun back around toward the boys they were talking to, “We will be right back!” He then turned back around catching up to Thomas who was already in front me. 

Alex being first to speak, “What made you smile (y/n)?" 

I nervously slide my hands down from my thighs down to my knees, "Umm..” Unsure on how to respond to that. 

“I did.” The man next to me cut in, “I made her smile." 

Alex’s face lit up, "Well, thank you! She has been going through a really hard time. Her boyfriend broke up with her a few months ago. She has been really sad." 

"Alex!!” I harshly spoke. He always gave way too much information to people. My nerves shot up, it was as if I could hear my own heart pounding in my ears. I could see the man giving a sad smile as he scanned my body with his eyes in my peripheral vision. “Go back and talk to your friends! The show will be starting soon.” He nodded as he and Thomas took off back to their new friends. I slowly looked over at the man, “Sorry about that, Alex has not learned what to and what not to tell people.” I let out an awkward laugh. He shook his head, “Don’t worry about it. It’s nice to meet you (y/n). This is about to get more awkward, I’m Steve.” I looked over at him as he held out his hand as he lifted his cap some revealing his face more. I took his hand as I glanced at the picture of Steve Rogers behind him, darting my eyes back at the man in front of me, “As in Rogers?” I whispered to him. He nodded as he pulled his cap back down. I nodded slowly, to his surprise I was not screaming or throwing myself at him. “Well, it is nice to meet you Steve.” I noticed I was still shaking his hand, “Sorry..” I let it go slowly not really wanting to.

We small talked until my nephews walked up, “(y/n), the show is about to start.” I nodded, “Then we best get our seats?” I smiled at them standing to my feet. I looked back at Steve, “Would you like to join us?” He smiled as he nodded, “I would love to.” The four of us watched the show about Captain America and the war. The boys had yet found out the hero himself was sitting with us. I planned on keeping it that way till we got home. After the show had ended, once again courage filled my body as I invited Steve to join us to get some frozen yogurt. To my surprise, he smiled as he happily accepted the offer. We sat at an outside table, and the way he interacted with my nephews made my heart smile. He would listen to their rambling about Minecraft and YouTubers they watched, asking about their school. They had a contest seeing who can scarf down the most frozen yogurt before getting a brain freeze. As I watched them all get wide eyed as the brain freeze hit each of them, I let out the first laugh I had in months. I covered my face with my hands. Resulting in Steve taking my hands in his, pulling my hands away from my face, and looking into my eyes, “I love your smile. I can see why your nephews missed it.” My face once again turned red as we just stared into each other’s eyes. His smile melted my heart. The gaze was broken when Thomas gasped, the two of quickly looked at him, “Are you Captain America!?” He THANKFULLY said it quietly with yogurt in his mouth. Steve chucked as he nodded and put his finger to his lips, 

The boys’ mouths were dropped as they slowly nodded. 

I took out my phone and took a group picture of us before we left, my body shivered at the feeling of Steve touching my waist for the picture. As I closed my back door of my car when Thomas climbed in, Steve was rubbing the back of his neck. I turned and seen him avoiding eye contact with me as he kept shifted on his feet. I tilted my head, “What’s wrong?” He shook his head, “Nothing, I just–I’m not good at this.” I raised an eye brow, “At what?” He took a deep breathe, as he locked eyes with mine, “May I have your number? I would really like to see you again.” My mouth dropped, “Really? Why?” He chuckled, “Are you really asking me that?” With a grin on his face, “You’re a wonderful girl. I would really love to spend time with you again..I mean, if you want to–if not I understand.” His confidence was slowly fading as a sheepish smile came across his face. I held out my hand, making him raise an eyebrow, “You’ll need my number in order to do that.” His face lit up as he pulled his phone from his pocket quickly. We swapped phones typing in our numbers. Steve looked behind me and began laughing as he pointed to my car, spinning around my eyes widened at the sight. The boys had my notebook and had drawn a heart with our names written in it, along with two stick figures kissing. I frantically stood in front of the window blocking the view, even though Steve had obviously seen it, “I am definitely leaving them with their parents when we hang out!” He threw his head back as he let out a laugh as I continued with a smile on my face, “I am being serious!” After he had stopped laughing Steve opened his arms, “Is it okay if I give you a hug?” My breathe got caught in my throat, “Uh–yeah!” As he wrapped me in his arms, a warmth shot through my body, a feeling of peace, happiness, basically every positive feeling all at once filled my body. I did not want to let go. I closed my eyes at the smell of his body filled my nostrils. I was lost in the moment. His hand slowly rubbed up and down my body, “(Y/n), get a grip! You just met this guy!” I thought to myself, but my body refused to let go. Finally I snapped out of it as I quickly stepped back, surprising Steve, “Sorry..” I moved my hair behind my ear, “It’s been a while since someone hugged me–like that.” Steve nodded, “I understand. Expect another like that next time I see you.” Giving me a wink. I went to say something, but some noises caught my attention. I turned to see my nephews making kiss faces at us through the window; looking back at Steve who was blushing as bad as I was, “I will call you tonight. I am so sorry about them!” I said quickly, hitting the window with my hand. He was holding back a laugh as he smiled, “I’ll be waiting.”

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve being half-Jewish ethnically and being pissed that they erased that part of his history

It started when Steve went around to all the Avengers asking for their forgiveness. He didn’t give an explanation, just asked, “Do you forgive me for anything I’ve said or done this past year knowingly or unknowingly that might have hurt, annoyed, or angered you?”

The reactions were all the same. Slight confusion replaced quickly with “Of course, Steve, don’t be ridiculous.”

One morning, Natasha sat in the kitchen, sipping her coffee.

“Has anyone seen Steve?” Tony asked, opening the refrigerator. “Usually I see him working out on my way up.”

“No, I haven’t heard from him,” Natasha replied. They settled into a comfortable silence. Steve was a big boy. He cold handle himself. He’d call if anything serious came up.


Around 2pm, Steve entered the common room, looking pale and slightly sweaty.

“Steve are you okay?” Natasha asked, getting up quickly.

“M’fine. Just gonna nap for a few hours.” Steve stumbled to the couch and was asleep in minutes. Natasha cast a worried glance at Tony, who shrugged. Neither wanted to wake him.


Steve woke up exactly one hour and thirty-six minutes later. He gained some color back, but still looked worse for wear. He said a quick good-bye and left before Natasha or Tony could get a word out. They watched as his gait was slower than usual.


By 7pm, Steve entered the tower to find Natasha and Tony waiting for him.

“What the hell’s up with you today?” Tony demanded. They noticed that Steve looked much better, though he still went straight for the kitchen.

“Don’t you know?” Steve asked, drinking a large glass of orange juice.

“Know what?”

Steve looked at both of their blank faces. “Does no one know?” he asked weakly. “Tony, I thought at least you would know. Didn’t your father tell you? It was a source of pride for him.”

Tony’s eyes narrowed. “Steve what the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m half Jewish!” Steve said loudly. He looked frustrated. “Today was Yom Kippur. I was at synagogue all day! That’s why I was asking for your forgiveness this past week. I was fasting today.”

“Steve, I had no idea,” Natasha said quietly. “No one told us.”

“I’m so fucking tired of everyone erasing that from my history. I may have only been ethnically Jewish in the 40s, but since getting back, I’ve been seeing if being religious makes it any easier. God, why can’t anyone tell the important things about me? It was such a huge part of my life. Me and Buck, always celebrating Hanukkah together, and snickering in synagogue over the High Holidays. I’m so fed up with people erasing my religion.” He ended his rant with a deep breath out. “Sorry, I need to eat more. Those tea biscuits did nothing for me.”

Tony and Natasha just nodded. Over the next few months, they make conscious efforts to reach out to Steve about his religious journey. Tony single handedly funds the redo of the Smithsonian exhibit to include updated information about Steve’s past.


When Yom Kippur came around the next year, Tony and Natasha were sure to ask Steve’s forgiveness for their incredible insensitivity. Steve would deny it to the day he died, but he might have teared up a bit.


Coral reef combat! In an epic battle between mantis shrimp and disco clam, the outcome may surprise you. 

The peacock mantis shrimp is well known as a tiny but deadly predator lurking in coral reef crevices. Its fist-like claws pack a punch like a .22-caliber bullet and are made of material so strong, the military wants to replicate it as body armor. Moving fast enough to generate light, these claws easily crack clam shells–so why would a mantis shrimp retreat from a mere mollusc? 

Superior dance moves aside, the disco clam’s flashy light show warns a hungry shrimp of an impending attack. Poked and provoked, the clam shoots out an acidic mucus, repelling the mantis shrimp and sending it into a temporary stupor. Researchers think the clam may be spewing sulfuric acid–a major component of drain cleaners and car batteries. Yikes!

See these archenemies as they live side by side–but apart–in our Splash Zone exhibit!

Learn more about the mantis shrimp

Learn more about the disco clam

(Thanks to Charlene Boarts for the disco clam video)