@ people who suffer from chronic fatigue

youre not lazy, youve got an illness that constantly exhausts you and makes it feel as if you never sleep enough.

youre not lazy, youve got an illness that makes doing alot of normal and daily tasks difficult and tiring

youre not lazy, youve got an illness that causes you to tire out quickly, dont be ashamed to take your time doing things because having no energy makes doing anything and everything harder

youre not lazy, youve got an illness that makes it feel like your batteries are always running on empty, to the point where getting up can feel like you ran a mile. do not be ashamed of your limits or illness.


because you are not lazy, youve got an illness.

Spoonie Problems: The sudden onset of overwhelming exhaustion. Like one minute you’re fine and the next you can’t even keep your eyes open. It literally takes too much effort to keep your eyes open.

safestsephiroth  asked:

I'm writing a novel about a character with debilitating sleep problems (I haven't decided on a disorder yet) who consistently ends up unable to sleep before the point of absolute exhaustion. What is a feasible length of time for this to be on a consistent basis while not being completely life-threatening in the short term? (I'm accepting that it'll knock years off her life in the long term.) Also - I've found conflicting answers, do you know a good resource to use to research sleep disorders?

Hey there! Thanks for the question, and sorry for the (extreme) delay. This is currently the oldest ask in my inbox.

Sleep disorders are common, and are problematic, but it sounds like what you’re describing is some pretty gnarly insomnia.  

Your character will have a number of effects to keep in mind. First, decreased performance at whatever task is at hand. Their thinking may become muddled or clouded. They’ll likely “space out”, or may even have bursts of micro-sleep during other parts of the day. (This can be fatal while driving, and exhaustion is as much or more of an impairment to drivers as alcohol is.)

They’ll also have lower LONGER (thank you to @scriptautistic for the correction) reaction time, which contributes to driving injuries or deaths, and may come into play if your character is the actiony type (gunplay, for example, will be impaired, as will their tumbling / climbing abilities).

Sleep is a critical part of a character’s life and livelihood. They may be very tired during the day, make bad decisions, or fall asleep when they shouldn’t. Irritability is also a huge thing. They may gain, or lose, weight. DOverall they’re likely to have some significant issues.

The good news is that, outside of driving fatalities, insomnia is rarely fatal (with the exception of the helpfully-named Fatal Familial Insomnia, which is a genetic (familial) disease in which the victims stop sleeping (insomnia) until they die (fatal). Hooray!

Mayo Clinic has a pretty good overview of regular ol’ insomnia here: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/insomnia/symptoms-causes/dxc-20256961

In terms of your actual question, when it comes to duration, “months” is an extreme but accurate example. I probably averaged three to four hours a night during the weeks in high school, for most of the time; I slept in on weekends and during holidays, so it wasn’t necessarily true insomnia so much as the whole “teenagers stay up late and SHOULD be able to get up late” thing.

I hope this was useful, even a month or two later :)

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I am mean to myself and to people I am close to. And sometimes to anonymous strangers. I’m just super defensive.
My therapist told me I am hypervigilant toward injustice because my parents constantly hurt me and my siblings and I always played the advocate and protector role. And now when I feel accused or I feel like somebody is being unjustly targeted, I lash out.

I need more consistent therapy. Because I have a lot of trauma to unpack and work through and a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and way of relating to people that I need to update.

I’ve never been able to change internally. I need external help that I don’t have real access to. I hate seeing the shit my parents did to each other my whole life come up and repeat itself.

I was interviewing this poet and she said that people who come from homes where the parents were abusive need counseling if they want their relationship to survive. And it seems true. But she said she knows a lot of couples who were able to work through a lot of awful shit by seeking help. But again, access. Being poor and uninsured is not helpful for anybody’s relationship or personal well being.

I don’t want to be my dad. But I don’t want to be my mom, either. I don’t want to embody either of their negative styles of interpersonal bullshit. But I don’t have other role models. I haven’t seen a healthy relationship up close. I don’t know how to function.

I know what I want is to just be honest. And to be accepted where I am. But at the same time, there are things I should probably change. But wha parts of me are fundamentally me and what parts are malleable? How do people even figure this shit out?

It’s weird coming home after a looong ass day on top of a looong week at work (like 10 consecutive days)

and seeing all the med students posting about studying. 

I hated studying and being a student, while I was a student.
(less so by final year, where I’d mastered the art of minimal studying and maximal relaxation if possible as a student). 

But right now, I really wouldn’t mind long hours or a full day at the library. Just chilling with the books

Residency is not what I thought it would be.
Everyone says it’s hard. 
It’s hard in ways I never would have imagined.

Some days or weeks I’m so exhausted I can’t remember how to feel anything. 

the floor just seems really nice to sleep on

Tales of Zestiria missing scene

Filling in some of the missing time between Sorey passing out with a fever in the cathedral and Sorey waking up three days later… including some exhausted!Mikleo. Quite a lot of exhausted!Mikleo in this, actually.

For the unfamiliar, Mikleo and Lailah are ‘seraphs’, so they’re invisible to legit every normal human in the world - some people don’t even believe seraphs really exist any more since no one can see them. (I do believe in fairies! *claps hands* XD )

Mikleo could do nothing but hover uselessly as an unconscious, feverish Sorey was taken to the inn under Alisha’s direction. He kept pace with Sorey’s stretcher for the short trip, and sighed in relief when Sorey was finally laid into bed and only Alisha was left. It was much easier to avoid one human than many, and Mikleo had an inkling that Alisha had begun to realise he was there; he’d noticed her watching when he and Sorey had strategised during the incident in the shrine, and now she was looking around the room with a peculiar intensity.

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