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BTS reaction when your idol group wins ‘Best Female Group’

Scenario: You are part of a girl group under BigHit Entertainment, and you have been nominated for several different awards at the MAMA awards 2016. The host announces your group as the winner of ‘Best Female Group’. (No disrespect to Twice or anything, well done to them!)

Rap Monster (Namjoon): 

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He’d be so proud of you. Holding back his tears, he’d applaud, a smile forming on his face, dimples and all. He’d know how hard you worked, how many hours you put into tirelessly practising over and over, until you came home an exhausted mess, retreating to bed almost immediately. He’d attempt to hold back his emotions, but a tear or two would roll down his face as he felt such immense pride for you and your group.

Jin (Seokjin):

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Jin would immediately stand up, his mouth stretching into a huge smile as he continued to applaud for you and your group. He’d want to climb up onto that stage there and then and pull you into a huge bear hug, but he’d restrain himself and instead stare up at you on the stage, his heart swelling with pride.

Suga (Yoongi):

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Suga wouldn’t show as much emotion on the outside, instead simply clapping and smiling his gummy smile, but don’t be fooled, on the inside, he’d feel so damn ecstatic and proud for you and your group. “That’s my jagiya,” he’d think to himself, his heart swelling with happiness and pride for you. Although Suga wouldn’t usually be one for public shows of affection, as soon as you walked down those steps and walked past, he’d pull you into a hug, not caring who saw. “I’m so proud of you, baby,” he’d whisper into your ear.

J-Hope (Hoseok):

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This cutie would jump up straight away in disbelief (see GIF cx). He would cheer so loudly for you as you walked up onto the stage, waving his arms around, attempting to get your attention. He’d nudge the other members, saying, “That’s my baby! They won!”. He’d continue to stand throughout your whole speech, clapping and applauding throughout the whole thing.


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This adorable ball of fluff would look up in disbelief when your group was announced as the winners. “Did they just say (Y/G/N)?” 

When he realises that you have in fact won, his face would light up, and he’d smile his adorable eye smile as he cheered on for your group.

“Ah… my jagiya is so talented.” He’d murmur under his breath as he watched you with pride and happiness.

V (Taehyung):

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Ah, this cutie would be so hyper when he heard you won. His mouth forming into that box smile of his, clapping rapidly, and cheering you on as you climbed up the steps onto the stage. He’d press his hands to his cheeks in sheer disbelief and pride throughout your whole speech, simply staring up at you, his heart fluttering.


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Jungkook probably wouldn’t be surprised, knowing how talented and hard working you and your group are. He’d simply applaud with that cocky smile on his face, nudging the other members saying, “I knew they’d win. I knew it.” On the inside though, he’d probably be freaking out, feeling so amazed, feeling inspired by you to work even harder on his own performances.

Empath Hangover:

The exhausted, ran-over-by-a-truck feeling that Sensitives get after a catastrophic event.
(Hurricane Matthew, Pulse Shooting, Tsunami’s, Mass Terror, etc)

Empaths feel the emotions and frequencies of others.  When large groups of people are going through an emotional trauma/catastrophe, it’s that much stronger. 


  • Be gentle with yourself.  You need to recharge your batteries and rest
  • Check in with friends/family to make sure their safe, but don’t relive events just now. 
  • Others may want to talk about the event at length, Don’t.  You need distance from all of those raging emotions. 
  • Get something to eat.  Food is grounding. Root Vegetables especially.
  • Drink Water.  A lot of it. 
  • Find Sacred Space.  A place where you can just Be, and feel safe.  Grab a blanket if you need to. 
  • Do a calming activity (knitting, art, cooking, reading, etc). 

As sensitives, if we don’t take this time to recharge and cope with the onslaught of emotions that we’ve just experienced, we can be exhausted for days or at worst spiral into anxiety. 

Hader: At SNL, we called it the Friday night crazies, because by Friday night, everyone’s exhausted. Kristen and I and Fred Armisen would really go bonkers.
Wiig: You’d just hear over the loudspeakers, “Okay guys! Please!”
Hader: And I’d be fitting Kristen into a refrigerator. Or we’d do a thing where one of us would mouth the words on camera, and we’d do each other’s voices.

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader for the New York Times | September 2014 (x)

can i just pls process my black mirror experience with you?

charles and i watched black mirror for the first time on thanksgiving night. we accidentally started with season three, which isn’t a problem, i guess, since none of the episodes are related, but we watched nosedive, and then shut up and dance. y’all. i’m still processing SUAD. i haven’t been able to watch another episode. i have never had such an intense visceral reaction to a film before. i mean, i am the type of person who stays very present throughout a film–i’m not thinking ahead, anticipating, or problem solving. i am in it, feeling it. but never has anything ever pulled me in so forcefully and kept my emotional/mental state heightened for such a long duration. it was exhausting. i felt like i’d been hit by a train once it was over. i felt psychologically traumatized, sick to my stomach.

i had no context for what this series was about, no frame of reference that there are no heroes, no villains–just utter hopelessness that forces you to wrestle with your morality. i had not been groomed by the first two seasons. i just got thrown into SUAD and i had a mental breakdown. i was sobbing at the end, unable to breathe, unable to get out of the despair it put me in. charles was just holding me and i could not get out of the trance it put me in. and i think that is what the creator of black mirror wants to evoke–that, sure it’s a fictional piece, but it revolves around real emotions, real experiences. and it’s within a realistic premise of a feasible, but horrific thing that could actually happen in our modern world unlike other episode’s futuristic plots.

i think the reason it bombarded me was the way it managed to stir such an overwhelming empathy in me towards the main character throughout the whole episode. my head was in two places–first, i could feel all the shame with him. i understood the terror of the lie we believe when shame runs our life–the horrible question we ask ourselves in that place… “if they found out, would they find me unlovable?” i was sitting in the terror with him, shaken by how much power it had over him. second, i was seeing him from the mindset of a therapist. i was thinking of how i would help him. i was thinking of all the ways i’d help him heal from this hell. i was thinking of how i could give him the hope and freedom he didn’t believe was possible. but then the end came and my empathy inverted into disgust and i realized i couldn’t help him. all of a sudden, i was sucked in deeper, no longer able to see a way out, but believing with him that there is no hope, there is no freedom, there is no way out. utter and complete despair. it shook me to my core. i’ve thought about it every day since. if you ever doubt the complete depravity of man, watch SUAD. i don’t know how i would cope with the aftermath of this mind f of a show if i didn’t know there was a savior. has black mirror affected any of you as intensely?

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62. “Please, don’t cry" with Gibbs please!

“Please, don’t cry,”

Everyone was quiet after the case was over. Partly because of exhaustion, but the case itself was just emotionally draining. Tony, of course, tried to smile it off and pretend he was fine. McGee just went home; maybe to write or do something else he enjoyed. And Gibbs was quiet. He was always quiet. There was no way in telling how he was dealing with it.

But it may have been hardest on you. Being new to the team, you weren’t quite used to the mental and emotional demands this job took on an agent. As the squadroom quickly began to empty, it was getting harder to keep your composure. Maybe you should just go home and hide under your blankets-

“Y/N, you okay?”

Gibbs’ voice had pulled you away from your thoughts. It was only then did you realize you were staring into space, and by the look on your boss’ face, you looked pretty damn fragile. But with a forced smile, you shrugged off his concerns. “I’m fine, Gibbs. I’m gonna go home. Goodnight.”

He watched as you slowly gathered your things. It felt like you were trying to move through water. And it wasn’t helping that your chest was starting to tighten. No, you will not cry at work. You will not cry. Not in front of Gibbs. Don’t cry. Don’t cry…

A pair of hands curled around your upper arms, and you knew who it was instantly. But you looked away, unwilling to let Gibbs see the tears in your eyes. “You’re okay, Y/N.” His low voice comforted. “Please, don’t cry.”

You didn’t respond, trying like all hell to keep the tears from falling down your cheeks. But then Gibbs gave a small sigh and pulled you closer. Once your cheek was pressed against his shoulder, you had no control over your tears. They fell freely, staining Gibbs’ suit jacket but he didn’t care. He held you carefully, occasionally muttering comfort words in your ear.

  • Zen: My parents were threatened by me and constantly undermined me as a kid to the point where I felt forced to leave to pursue my dreams.
  • Yoosung: Rikas death left me emotionally incapable of functioning and falling deeper into crippling depression and anxiety.
  • Jaehee: After losing my parents, I shut down internally and kept my head down, allowing people to walk all over me and working until the point of extreme exhaustion in order to distract myself from the pain of what I went through and never let emotions overtake me again.
  • Jumin: After living my whole life surrounded by shallow people motivated by greed, I'm emotionally stifled and constantly bottle up my feelings due to a constant fear of being manipulated by the ones I love.
  • Seven: After hiding my identity and pursuing life as a secret agent in order to escape the hell that was my home life, I feel utterly alone and completely incapable of deserving love in any capacity.

Me, after the 47 second long trailer of Sherlock series 4 aired:

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I´m not prepared for series 4, aka 270 minutes full of (more or less angsty) sherlock content distributed over three whole weeks. I´m not gonna survive this.

A Good Friend and a Glass of Wine

Post 5x09 “fix it” fic

Title from Leann Rimes’ song of the same name.

Felicity needs some comfort. Thea steps up.

She’s sitting in stillness, her legs tucked under her, a few tears escaping every minute or so. She can’t feel the warmth from the fire burning across the room, but she’s staring at it all the same, her eyes glazing over…just like her heart. 

Minutes pass, maybe hours…and Felicity feels herself close to shutting down, pushing everything deep, deep down once again. She’s used to the process by now, and she’s ready to not feel anything again.

It’s exhausting, forcing down emotions, but she sits there in the silence and allows the flames to entrance her.

There’s a knock becoming increasingly loud until it finally breaks her from her trance. 

She shouldn’t be surprised to see Thea standing on her balcony, she is Oliver’s sister after all, but she wonders still how she parkour’ed her way up here while holding a bottle of wine. 

Felicity’s appreciative that she’s here, but right now she just wants to be alone. That’s what she told everyone in the bunker. Rene was surprisingly hard to convince, but she had the tingling suspicion that she was followed home earlier. 

She opens the door and allows Thea through.

“I brought wine,” she says, holding it up as an offer, or for permission to be there.

Taking the bottle, Felicity smiles a little despite herself.

“It’s the good stuff I see. Are you trying to take advantage of me Ms. Queen?” she asks as she turns to take the bottle to the kitchen island.

She sets it down and goes about getting glasses and a cork screw.

“Felicity,” Thea implores.

“Yes…” she responds, all the while refusing to make eye contact. She’s halfway through pouring the first glass when Thea all but yells at her. 

“Look at me, Felicity.”

She sets the bottle down and grips the edge of the island. Taking a deep breath she looks up.

Thea’s standing a foot away from her, her eyes wide and sympathetic, so much like her brother’s. 

The question is in her eyes. “Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it? How can I help you?” But Thea doesn’t utter a word. 

Felicity’s own eyes start to lose the haze from earlier as the cork on her emotions pop. They bubble up to the surface like a geyser. Her chest tightens as if she can literally feel everything inside of her breaking.

Thea must see the panic and pain wash across her face, because she takes a quick step forward and pulls Felicity to her.

A gut wrenched sob echoes throughout the loft, and Felicity is startled to realize it came from her. The two of them fall to the floor as she unleashes a torrent of tears and cries. Thea holds her close and rubs soothing circles on her back.

And Felicity clings to her like a lifeboat, her hands clenching at Thea’s hoodie, as she allows herself to sink into her embrace. 

After some time, she realizes it’s quiet again, but her throat is hoarse and her eyes hurt. And she’s shaking every so often, either from the chill of the cold tile on the kitchen floor, or the rush of adrenaline her body is pumping through her system. 

Silently, Thea pulls her up and leads her over to the couch. She drapes a blanket around her shoulders and returns a few moments later with two full wine glasses. 

She takes hers gratefully, finding herself extremely thirsty. Half of it is gone in one fell swoop by the time Thea settles into the other corner of the couch. 

When she finally makes eye contact with Thea for a second time, she’s able to find words. 

“Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Felicity. After all you’ve done for Oliver and me, after you being there for me when Roy faked his death…you don’t have to thank me.”

Felicity can see the ghosts of Thea’s demons flash across her eyes, and she immediately extends a hand to her across the sofa. Thea takes it on instinct, their fingers wrapping around one another’s.

“You’re a good friend,” Felicity says, squeezing her hand a bit tighter. 

Thea tilts her head with a small smile. 

“You’re an even better one.” 

Felicity knows that the pain will come roaring back. It always does. 

But for a little while, she chats the night away with a good friend and a glass of wine.

And she’s not alone.

Whew. I just had to write something (yikes, it’s been a while). It’s not much, but it’s my own headcannon for the end of 5x09. I know so many of us wanted some more love for Felicity tonight. I hope this helps.

It’s midnight, and I’m emotionally drained from writing, so I’m just gonna tag a few for right now.

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Also, here’s Leann’s song.

Reasons Why Jack Kelly is Not a “Cocky Little Sonofa”

  • He genuinely loves his newsies family. He loves them. They are his brothers, some of them his children
  • Again, big brother jack, little brother crutchie 
  • Takes in Davey and Les immediately
  • He’s actually crying during Santa Fe (he feels useless, at fault, exhausted)
  • He’s nearly always feeling guilty over SOMETHING that happened to a newsie (crutchie!)
  • He’s Ready To Cry ™ 24/7
  • He fears Katherine is just toying with his emotions and forces himself to ask if she is because he has been played with before
  • Refuses to take Medda’s money for his backdrops
  • Runs for his life upon seeing Snyder in Pulitzer’s office because he fears that man and the Refuge so much
  • Almost stops working towards better pay because Crutchie got hurt and It’s All His Fault
  • Is not happy-go-lucky and charismatic all the time, more often he is worried about his friends and their health and futures. Also, he does not always like himself.
  • Keeps his drawings private because he a) doesn’t think they’re great and b)has nothing else to keep private
…what they don’t always talk about in nursing school is the two kinds of exhaustion you’ll have as a nurse; the physical kind from lifting and turning patients, marathon walking that would tip you over the fitbit edge in one day…and the emotional kind; the one that causes headaches, aches, and sleepless nights from stress,  preventing you from surfacing from your bed on your day off - and interfering with your will to overcome and rediscover innate strength
"Like the Moon Pulls the Tides"...A Spell to Bring Someone Back Into Your Life

For whatever reason, you guys just…kinda…drifted apart. Sadly, it happens. Try this! And tell me what you think. Remember that the element of water deals heavily with emotions and dreams.
🔮a bowl of water
🔮a bay leaf
Carefully write out on the bay leaf, “_____ (person’s name), drift my way.” Hold it over the bowl of water and set it alight, letting the ashes fall into the bowl. Hold your moonstone close and meditate on the target contacting you again. Once you have exhausted your visualization, put the stone in the water as well, and leave it in the light of the waxing moon. In the morning, pour it out into a stream, or, if this is not feasible, into the sink. Good luck. ✨

BoB emotional trauma on a scale of 1-10

Currahee: some heart strings pulled but mostly fun times and adorable shenanigans and cute lil badasses running around the screen. Emotional Trauma: 1

Day of Days: lot’s of character feels, a few distressing moments, but over all not too hard on the soul. Emotional Trauma: 2

Carentan: humor and pain mixed into one hour of distraught cries and hysterical laughter. Emotional Trauma: 3 

Replacements: new lil cuties for you to worry about, male-bonding to give you all the feels, and the feeling of absolute defeat and loss in case you thought this was gonna be easy. Emotional Trauma: 5 

Crossroads: hard to pin down, emotional trauma may vary, but just hard to watch things change for the men, and you know shit is coming. Emotional Trauma: 4

Bastogne: pure exhaustion. you are forced to feel the bone-weary resignation of the men, and see lots of soldiers wounded and in pain, not to mention the toll it takes on the medics. I CRY. Emotional Trauma: 10

The Breaking Point: I don’t want to talk about this episode. IT’S CALLED THE BREAKING POINT Y’ALL I THINK THE TRAUMA IS PRETTY HIGH. two words. Convent Scene. Emotional Trauma: 11

The Last Patrol: not as blatantly painful, but subtly kills you. the men are beyond caring (but not really) or expecting good things and it breaks your heart. Emotional Trauma: 10

Why We Fight: this is the episode that breaks everyone and everything. worth every minute but will drain you and make you feel things you didn’t want to feel. Emotional Trauma: 10 

Points: gets better but the feels are too much and there’s a few things that make you cry and scream. Emotional Trauma: 10


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Ron knew she was doing her best to keep her composure in front of his family as she assisted with the wedding preparations. Every so often they’d lock eyes, and Hermione would flash him a sad, exhausted smile.

It wasn’t until the evening, when they were up in his room, that she finally broke down—quietly sobbing in the crook of his neck. Wiping her parents’ memories had been an emotional blow.

He held her tightly, whispering words of support. He, Ron Weasley, was finally learning how to comfort her the way he’d always wanted to.

Gradually, as dusk fell, they slipped lower and lower until they were laying together on his bed. She’d fallen asleep on his pillow as he watched over her, taking in her loveliness. Her body was pressed against him, closer than she’d ever been.

Reluctantly, he nudged Hermione awake and helped her to Ginny’s room, her thanks a kiss on his cheek.


Ron’s eyes fluttered open, the sound of soft steps rousing him. Hermione approached, looking ethereal in her wandlight.

Assuming she’d had a nightmare, he pulled aside the blanket, inviting her into his bed.

Instead of settling within his strong arms as he expected, she shocked him by straddling him.

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been experiencing a lot of White Miscommunication lately that, by the nature of whiteness, situated me as an aggressor and after days of being misunderstood and getting nowhere i just felt more alienated and exhausted and distraught that people i care for do not understand the nuances involved with Black Emoting and Black Problem Solving and the power white feelings have over black survival (therefore are ill-equipped to provide safety) even after years spent together

all but haven given up on trying to make them understand me, i became the sort of whole-body-shaking livid because they were missing key points that are crucial to my survival and refocusing the ordeal on hurt feelings (theirs obv), so i did the thing i do when talking doesn’t work: wrote a bitchy ass song

lyrics under the jump
(u get a gold star if u can identify the not-jazz sample i used)

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I wish I could find any joy in this turn of events but I really don't. I can't believe Killian killed Emma's grandfather. I don't think I'll be able to get over it. I'm never be over this. How could the writers do this to us??

Hey! I’m sorry you feel that way. But I don’t agree that the writers have wronged us. (Good and serious) writers don’t write shows for fandoms, they write shows for the general audience. Fandoms get overly attached to characters, they analyze every detail to exhaustion, they live these characters and the stories in ways not even the writers themselves do. They take things personally. So of course, to us, this is a much bigger blow, because our emotional investment is way up there. For the general audience? It’s super entertaining and juicy. I am certain that those who watch the show just as a way to pass the time loved last night’s twist and are curious to see how this will be resolved.

Just to give you an example: I watch OUAT live and then on the next day I rewatch it, but this time with my sister (who is watching for the first time). She isn’t in the fandom, she’s part of the general audience. She likes CS but doesn’t think about them except for those minutes they’re on her screen every week. Over the last couple of months, she’s told me the show is super boring now and the only reason she keeps watching it is because it sort of became part of our sisterly bonding. Today, when she was watching the episode, she was THRILLED with the twist. She told me something along the lines of “finally this gets interesting again!”. And for the first time in a long time, she genuinely seemed excited for next week. This reaction is the reaction the writers were looking for, the one that made them take this route. They’re not concerned with what overly invested fangirls think (it’s sad but it’s also the truth). And for that I say they achieved exactly what they were going for. Kudos to them.

  • Temperament: Sensing
  • Mood: The Capricorn aura is geared more toward melancholy than any other sign. Although they may have a stoic and calm expression; the inner Capricorn is often racked with nerves, anxiety and an impending sense of doom. Pronounced 'over thinkers'; Capricorn can literally 'think' themselves into a lethargy
  • Works From: Left Brain
  • Compulsions: Capricorn have a control compulsion. They must be in control, without it, they become agitated, irritable, despondent and nervous. Their need for control dominates their professional and family life
  • Signs of Distress: Demotivation, lethargy, hopelessness, over thinking, they seem tense and 'overly alert', hyper vigilant, force themselves to 'go through the motions', nothing impresses them
  • Signs of Rage: Clear expression of frustration, shaking, verbal outbursts and aggression, compulsive behaviour (cleaning, organising belongings), exhaustion, isolation, loss of emotional control
  • Signs of Nerves: Tension, overwhelming feelings of butterflies and nerves inside especially in their stomachs although they remain composed externally. Over thinking and inability to distract themselves from worst case scenario, hostility, isolation, tendency to take on more work shifts or responsibilities
  • Signs of Happiness: Ability to let others take control, reduced anxieties, affectionate, warm, humorous, equal work and personal life balance, positive thinking and internal monologue, less closed off and self isolated
  • Fear: Because everyone puts so much faith in them, they are secretly worried they will just destroy everything and don't know who to ask for help
  • Cherry.

All 3 boys seem to be in some kind of developmental leap. M’s social awareness and emotional intelligence is noticeably improving, J is beginning to attempt to sound out words, and A has been in underpants for over a week, dry at night and nap, and attempting to vocalize more.

All 3 are responding by being extra attached and affectionate with me. Which is great because I’m exhausted, and if hugs are what they need, I can definitely deliver.

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often after i have a conversation with my parents that is emotional, stressful, frustrating, etc (even if it's "not that bad"), i have to go up to my room and i get the urge to throw things, hit my desk/myself, stomp, pull my hair, &/or scream (into pillows etc). this is really hard to stop myself from doing, even when i know there are much healthier alternatives. then usually i start sobbing and curl up and then feel exhausted after it's over. does that sound like a meltdown?

Yes, that sounds like meltdown. 


On the impossibility of reality 23/? by defractum
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The casing is broken, one of the hinges fallen apart, and there’s a fist-sized dent in the side of it. The window’s also been shattered, and blood laces the jagged edges still lingering in the frame.

“What’s this?”

Andrew drums his fingers against his thigh, betraying a flash of emotion before answering. “Floor -5.”

An Inception AU. Kevin is the best extractor in the game, Neil spends too much time pretending to be other people, and Andrew? Well, Andrew knows all about inception.