Frazzled brain

Sorry we haven’t been around today, it’s been a long one! An hour talking to the lady who drives us to therapy, then an hour and 20 minutes in therapy, then an hour talking to the lady who drives us again. 

Since we got home I’ve been trying to piece together our complaint stuff that we’re going to put forward to the health ombudsman about how much the NHS has messed things up for us. Very confusing trying to get the right dates and names, dating back to 2011! Lots of sorting through emails and letters to try and make something coherent.. 

Watching nonsense TV now but our brain is officially frazzled..

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Tired vs. Spoonie Tired

Spoonie tired = not wanting your boyfriend to snuggle you if you’re standing up because it takes too much energy to keep from falling over.

Spoonie tired = sleeping 8 hours, napping for two more, and still being just as tired as when you went to bed the night before.

Spoonie tired = not having the energy to simply watch a movie on Netflix.

Spoonie tired = going weeks and weeks in between spending time on a beloved hobby because you just can’t do it (even if it’s not something physically demanding).

Spoonie tired = being too tired to take a shower.

Spoonie tired = reblog and add your own