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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 8  A/B/O

A/N: HEY GUYS! It’s finally here! This is definitely one of my favorite chapters. Hopefully I’ll be posting part 9 later on tonight (I live in the us so it’ll be a bit later for y'all lol) but I’ve made it halfway at least!! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤

Warnings: minor character death. Swearing. 

Three Years Ago:

You stared down at the coffins as they lowered into the ground. Your cheeks were completely tear stained, your mascara running down your face in clumps. Your hair was extremely soaked, as the rest of you was. You couldn’t believe this was happening. They were just going on their anniversary date like they did every year, yet somehow they were hit head on by a drunk driver. Your father always used to scold Remy for drunk driving, yet ironically, it’s what ended up ending his life.

Remy took a puff from his cigarette, exhaling a large cloud of smoke that blew right into your face. Your eyes watered and you let out a cough.

“Where are we going now?” You asked, peering up at your older brother. Remy stared forward, completely ignoring your question. His eyes seemed completely glazed over, just like it always did when he used to drink.

“What do you mean we?” he murmured, throwing the bug onto the ground and stepping on it with his shoe.You reached forward, trying to place your hand in his, only for him to yank it back. Immediately, your heart shattered into a million pieces.

“W-Where are you gonna go?” You asked, watching with fearful eyes as he turned and began walking away. He ignored your question completely, walking past the graveyard.  You followed him quickly, stepping over the large headstones in the process.

“Remy!” You cried. “Please don’t leave me!”

He halted in his tracks, his head hung low, casting his gaze to the ground. Those few seconds felt like an eternity. He turned around, looking at you with a completely emotionless expression.

“Il est temps pour vous de grandir maintenant, gamin,” he spoke, a small frown danced across his lips as his eyes scanned over your tear stained face.

“Delta appartiennent sur leur dos, après tout.”

With that he turned around and began walking away once again.

“See you around, Y/N.” he called over his shoulder as he strolled.

That day, you lost your mother and father. They were gone from this earth, leaving you alone and afraid. But deep down, you felt as though you lost your brother as well.

*One Month After Chap. 7*

Seeing Remy was going to be extremely difficult.

Getting ahold of him, that would the hardest part.

The last time you saw each other wasn’t exactly a good experience. Words were exchanged, things were said that you regretted.

“Unfortunately, I’ve found zero men with the name Remy Y/L/N,” Vision informed, restacking the large papers in his hands. He took it upon himself to help Tony and Bucky with the search, as the latter wasn’t exactly tech savvy at the moment. That and Vision liked to be included in these things; it made him feel useful.

Bucky let out a sigh as he took a sip of his coffee. The third one this hour to be exact. As grateful as you were, you were starting to grow worried for him. He hadn’t exactly slept for more than three or so hours, only taking small naps here and there, also when you forced him. The last thing you wanted was to impose on the team, but what choice did you two have?

You absentmindedly rubbed your tummy.

Being at the one month mark, you were starting to show a bit. Children born in the alpha/beta/omega dynamics were born earlier, meaning instead of the usual nine months, you’d be ready to pop in five.

And it terrified you to no end.

In five short months you would be giving birth to Bucky’s baby. And you wouldn’t be bonded. At least, you didn’t know yet. You had no idea where you stood with Bucky. He cared about you, you figured that when you and he got intimate more and more often. You hadn’t exactly done the actual deed since your heat, but you could tell he wanted to.

When you two did get intimate, it usually ended with Bucky’s face between your thighs. Which you had no complaints about.

But you needed to find your brother first before you made any vast decisions.

Bucky rested his head on your shoulder, closing his eyes tiredly. You felt a pang of longing as you looked down at him. He was exhausted, but refused to actually rest until your brother was found and that document was signed. He jokingly mentioned that he’d force Remy to sign it, even if that mean he had to hold the man’s hand and do it himself.

The image of Bucky angrily scribbling on the document with your brother’s hand entangled in his made you chuckle a bit. You had no doubt he wouldn’t do it.

“I think I’ve got something!” Peter exclaimed, causing everyone to scurry around him.

“What did you find?” Pepper yawned from Tony’s lap. The two were seated on the leather sofa, her legs sprawled across his lap. She had fallen asleep a while ago, the exhaustion of three days without sleep finally caught up with her. Steve was on the other side of Tony, his head lulling onto the armrest of the sofa.

Tony, who was completely passed out at the moment, shot up as soon as Pepper elbowed him in the ribs. “What? What I miss?” he sputtered.

“Y/N,” Natasha called over to you. She turned the laptop around, revealing a picture of a man. “Is this the club he owns?”

With a subtle nod of your head, everyone let out sighs of relief.

Bucky’s eyes zeroed in on the website

“He calls himself Gambit?” he snorted, scrolling down the site’s page. Apparently, he owned a very high end casino in Baton Rouge, which was infamous for hosting illegal gambling nights. Your parents would probably be rolling over in their graves right now.

But then again, they would’ve been even more disappointed in your life choices.

“I say we give it a shot,” Bucky whispered into your ear. His flesh hand rested on your stomach as he spoke. You could feel his chin rest on your shoulder.

“What do I even say to him?” You scoffed, peering down at the phone in your hand. You had no idea how you’d even start a conversation with him in the first place. Should you ask him how he’s doing? No, that was too suspicious. Should you bring up mom and dad? God, no. He would surely hang up on you instantly.

You stared down at the cellphone in your hand. Vision was really good, you’ll admit that. How did he even get ahold of his personal phone number? You wondered if Vision even got the right information. What if there was another Remy Y/L/N in the same area?

You typed in the numbers on the screen and paused. As much as you hated this, you had to give it a chance. You prayed that he’d understand your situation. Bucky pressed a small kiss to your cheek and whispered encouragements in your ear.

“Even if he doesn’t want to listen, my offer still stands.” You playfully elbowed him in the ribs.

You couldn’t fight the smile that grew on your face as you took him Bucky’s dorky grin. You’d love to see that happen.

With a deep breath, you pressed call.

“Hello?” That didn’t sound like your brother.

“Hi, is this Remy?” you asked politely. The man went silent for a few seconds.

“Oh…uh…you’ve got the wrong number,” He replied harshly before hanging up.  

You felt your insides drop.

What just happened?

“Y/N?” Pepper asked softly, placing a hand on your shoulder.

You yanked your shoulder away and stood from the couch, storming down the hallway.

You couldn’t be there anymore. You needed to breathe; it didn’t matter where you went, as long as you were alone. As you walked down the corridors, you could hear Bucky calling your name from afar. Picking up your pace, you made it to the elevator.

“Y/N, wait!” Bucky called out as he raced towards the elevator, only for the doors to close before he got a few feet away from you. He let out a string of curses as he raced towards the stairway.

You let out a sob as soon as the doors closed. Your heart was broken once again, not for yourself, but for the life growing inside you. You weren’t sure before, but you were now, especially since so much was at stake.

You wanted this baby and you wanted a life with Bucky.

The doors opened and you immediately exited the building, ignoring Friday’s warnings.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” she chimed. “I would advise you to stay inside. It’s not safe without the protection of Mr. Barnes.”

Ignoring her, you pushed open the doors and walked away, picking a random direction and for once, letting your instincts guide you. 

“Mr. Stark,” Friday chimed, causing the older man to jump. 

“What is it, Friday?” he asked, not looking up from his phone. He had sent you over thirty texts, yet you still weren’t replying. You didn’t leave your phone here, so what was the deal?

“I’m afraid we have a visitor, the head of the ABO Registration is in the lobby.”

Tony’s phone fell from his hand as the words rung throughout his brain. What the hell was he doing here?

It had been an entire month since the giant showdown at the hospital, and the fact that you weren’t sterilized yet probably raised some eyebrows. But for fuck’s sake, the head of the registry was here? Couldn’t he have sent a team or something?

“Friday, get my suit ready.” he stood, making his way towards his lab. 

“Everyone else, suit up.” 

Central Park was beautiful at night.

You were seated on a small bench beside one of the many giant oak trees surrounding the area. The only source of light was a tall, skinny lamp post a few feet away from you and even that barely gave you enough light to see properly. You shivered, rubbing your hands over your arms.

You really needed to plan things out better the next time you decided to run off.

With a sigh, you rested your head in your hands. What on earth were you going to do now? Should you leave? No, the government would probably track you down in seconds, way before you could actually go anywhere. Not to mention, Bucky would lose his mind if you took off. He was the father of your child, you weren’t going to take that away from him.

You couldn’t survive without him, as much as you didn’t want to admit it.

Suddenly, the sound of faint whistling pulled you from your thoughts.

You lifted your head, peering around the park. This was such a bad idea now that you finally thought about it. God knows how many alphas were just roaming around New York at night. And you, probably the only delta in New York, had to run off without any  kind of protection. You left your phone in the lobby when you exited the tower and now you were highly regretting that.

You stood from the bench, backing away from where you last heard the whistling. Your breathing began growing faster with each backward step you took. The whistling had stopped completely, but you were still highly paranoid. You hated that feeling.

You kept backing away from the noise until you were suddenly bombarded with the smell of vanilla and leather.

“Un petit oiseau me dit qu'un certain delta me poursuivait,” a voice muttered behind you.

A little birdy told me that a certain delta was looking for me.

Your eyes widened at the words. No way…that wasn’t possible. How did he…

You turned around, expecting to see the same young man from three years ago, but instead, you were met with the man leaning against the light pole as he stared down at you. The smoke from his cigarette surrounded him as he watched you intently.

Flicking the cigarette to the side, he pushed off the light pole, casually strolling towards you. He was at least a foot taller than you now and twice the size in muscles. But his face was still the same, not matter how much he tried to change.

“So tell me, sis,” he smirked, his eyes falling to your stomach. He placed his hands in his pockets.

"Who’s the lucky guy?”

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(Remy is such a drama king lol) (;

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Let It Be Known: Part 1

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Mob Boss Hux x Bakery Shop Owner!Reader

Summary: Next to the restaurant that well-known Mob Boss, Armitage Hux, frequents and owns, is your bakery shop. After a rather unfortunate occurence, Hux begins to frequent to your bakery more often.

A/N: FINALLY adding my contribution to the Mob Party. And yes. ANOTHER series. LEAVE ME ALONE. I NEEDED TO GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD, OKAY?!

Originally posted by fairlyasthmatic

Hux inhaled the cigarette smoke then exhaled. The smoke clouding his vision then floating up into the air, “So, Thanisson, you’re telling me that this little Resistance gang held you and the rest of my men at gunpoint as they took my money to then climb to the top of the buildings and throw it into the air for measly civilians to get a hold of it?”

The young man gulped, “Yes, sir. There were too many of them. We were surrounded. We couldn’t fight them off.”

“Couldn’t? Or wouldn’t?” Thanisson gulped again, but gave no answer. Hux sighed and set his cigarette onto the ash tray on the table, “Thanisson, you’re a young boy. I see myself in you. You’re very determined to rise up in the ranks.” Hux stood up and buttoned his suit jacket and leaned over the table, “But you have no spine.” Mitaka came up behind Hux and slipped on his black greatcoat. He then handed him black leather gloves, which Hux slipped on. “However, because I see myself in you, I’ll give you another chance.” Thanisson exhaled a breath of relief, “But fail me again, I will not hesitate to have you killed. Understand?”

Thanisson nodded, “Y-Yes, sir.”

“Good.” Hux nodded and then left the restaurant leaving the young boy shaking in his knock-off Louis Vuitton shoes. 

Hux’s right hand and body guard, Kylo Ren, followed Hux out the door and towards the waiting car, “I think you’re going soft. You usually would kill right off the bat.”

Hux rolled his eyes as he buttoned his coat, “Don’t give me that, Ren. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the number of men I have is diminishing. I have to be careful or else this Resistance will overrule me.” Before Hux stepped into the black SUV, he caught a whiff of something sweet. It reminded him of the muffins his childhood nanny used to make him. His eyes glanced to the bakery next door. He felt a pull. Hux glanced at Kylo and said, “Wait, here. I’ll be back.” 

“A bakery? Really, Hux?”

“It’ll only be a moment.” Hux sneered. He made his way to the warm yellow building. A sign in cursive read: Made with Love Bakery. Hux opened the door and stepped in. He was greeted to warmth and the smell of sugar.

“I’ll be out in a second!” He heard a young woman’s voice come from, what he assumed, the kitchen. Seconds later, you came out wearing a sky blue apron holding a tray of fresh blueberry muffins wearing matching sky blue oven mittens. You set the tray on the counter and gave an exhausted sigh, “Sorry for the wait! I’m Y/N! How may I help you?”

Hux couldn’t help but softly smile. Your smile was contatious, “I couldn’t help, but catch a whiff of something that I believe are blueberry muffins.”

“Well, you have a mighty nose there, Mister Hux. Just took them out of the oven.”

Hux’s smile faltered, “You know who I am?”

You chuckled, “How could I not? You’re Armitage Hux, Mob Boss as well as owner of the First Order restaurant next door.”

“And you’re not scared of me?”

You shook your head, “You haven’t done anything to me that could make me scare of you…yet.” The last part you said with a chuckle, “But anyway, did you want some muffins? While they’re still fresh?” 

Hux nodded, “If you’d be so kind.”

You nodded. You picked up two muffins and set them in a small warm yellow box that matched the outside of your building. You also poured some fresh hot chocolate into a to go cup. You slid them over the desk, “Here you go, sir.”

“How much do I owe you?”

You shook your head, “Free of charge, sir.”

“No, I can’t. Surely I could-”

“I always give newcomers their order free. I also provided the hot chocolate since it looks pretty cold out. Figured you’d want to keep warm.”

“Thank you, Y/N. I appreciate it.” Hux opened the box and took a small piece from a muffin and popped it into his mouth. He hummed at the warmth and the familiar taste, “I feel like a child again.”

You laughed, “Oh really? And why is that?”

“My childhood nanny, that I was incredibly fond of,  would always make blueberry muffins. They were heavenly. Yours taste just like them.”

“Well thank you for your high praises, sir.”

“Please, no need for formalities. Just call me Hux.”

You nodded, “Thank you, Hux.”

Hux closed the box, “I’ll leave you to continue your work. Enjoy the rest of your day, Y/N.”

“You as well, Hux!”

Hux walked back to the waiting SUV with hot chocolate and muffins in hand. When he slipped into the car, Kylo gave him a questionable look. Hux glared at him, “Don’t question me, Ren.”

“She was attractive, the shop girl. Will you see her again?”

Hux wanted to say yes, but he didn’t want to give Kylo the satisfaction of knowing he’s gone soft. Therefore, he simply muttered, “We’ll see.”


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This is my first request, yay! I will try to fill requests within a week of their posting (school and work schedules permitting).

The poster requested a fic in which the Reader and Tommy are married. Tatiana crashes the Reader’s birthday party and flirts with Tommy pushing the Reader and Thomas into a fight.

I enjoyed writing this and depending on the response I might continue it.

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Daddy! (The Joker x Reader SMUT!)

Originally posted by ronniesnark

Requested by anons <3
Prompts:  Can you do one where the reader jokingly calls Joker “daddy” and he ends up getting really turned on and it leads to some serious smut? Your writing is awesome by the way aaaahhh

Imagine the Joker (Jared Leto) spanking you for misbehaving!!! I’m sorry for my sinful nature XD
A/N: guys smut is not my forte i have no idea what im doing
WARNINGS: smut duh, a bit rough???


The tension in the crowded VIP lounge spiked as you cast your gaze down from the Joker that was staring at you with a mixture of anger and excitement. With a wave of his hand the room was left completely empty, besides the two of you. You could still faintly hear the loud music as the door shut. You licked your dry lips. He stood up, wordless, circling you like a wolf it’s prey before he stopped right in front of you.

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Title: Let Him Hear

Character: Henry Delarue

Movie: The Salvation

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Birthday gift for @magikat409

Ashley Collins was the woman Henry Delarue was destined to be with, but some just didn’t seem to understand that.

He wasn’t one to get overly jealous, but when another man couldn’t take the hint; well, that just fried his eggs and bacon.

Jotting down a quick note, he whistled at one of the kids that was playing outside.

The little boy ran up to him, “Mr. Delarue!”

“Shhh,” Henry handed the boy the note, “Now, I want you to take this to Miss Ashley, but don’t tell her it was from me, okay?”

The little boy nodded, taking the paper and running off. Delarue slowly walked to the barn that was across the way from the school.
“Miss Ashley! Miss Ashley!” The little boy shouted.

Ashley needed the distraction, ready to get away from the young Mr. Jansen.

“Mr. Jansen-”

“Kyle,” he interupted, a smile on his face.

Ohhh boy, this man must’ve had a death wish.

“Kyle- I need to get back to my students, please excuse me,”

He bowed his head, “Yes. See you around Miss Collins.”

Ashley sighed when he left, shuddering at the thought of him.

The Jansen’s were well known trouble makers in town. So much trouble, that even Henry, Ashley’s fiancée, had problems keeping them in line.

“Clancy, what’s the matter?” Ashley asked the child.

“This is for you! Bye!”

“Um, alright then.” Ashley opened the letter, scanning over it.

She giggled, folding the paper back up, “Delarue, you Ox.”

With only an hour left class, Ashley found herself anxious, continuously looking out the window while trying to catch a glimpse of her fiancée.

The kids wrote their ABC’s and drew in relative silence. Finally, it was time to send the children on their way.

Everyone hugged Miss Ashley and ran to their homes. Once everything was cleaned up, Ashley went out to the barn.

“Henry?” She called out, letting the door shut behind her.

The hissing strike of a match made her jump. Spinning around, she watched as Henry lit his cigar, the tip of it burning as he took a long drag from it.

“Why are you hiding in the dark Henry?” Ashley asked, laughter in her voice.

Delarue stayed in the shadows, knowing that making her wait and listen to his voice was bound to soak her knickers.

He exhaled, sending a cloud of smoke from his lungs, “Kyle Jansen called on you,” he stated.

Ashley crossed her arms underneath her breasts.

‘Well played’, Delarue thought. She knew that her bosom was a turn on for him.

“Yes, and I sent him on his way.”

Henry took another pull of his cigar.

“Are you jealous because there’s no need to be, Henry.”

He crept from the shadows, stubbing out his cigar and lighting a lantern. The soft amber glow from the flame added just enough light.

“I’ve been watching him; the way he looks at you.” Henry circled Ashley, running the pads of his fingers across the back of her neck.

The stray curls that fell from her loose bun tickled, making her gasp, “Henry, honestly.”

“Who do you belong to, baby girl?” He whispered in her ear.

Ashley gasped, biting her lip, “You, Henry.”

“I believe you, Darlin’, but I think we need to explore some diffrent methods. When another man comes callin’, despite knowin’ that you’re mine,”

Henry paused, unbuttoning the back of Ashley’s dress, “I want you to think about how well I take care of you,”

Ashley stood still, too in the moment to even bat an eye, “Because I take damn good care of you, don’t I baby girl?”

The feel of his mustache and lips against her ear made her gulp.

Taking his fingers, he ran them down her spine, stopping at the waist of her dress, “You can speak, Darlin’. No need to be afraid.”

A shiver ran through her, “N-not afraid. I just…”

Henry kissed the base of her neck, “Just what Ashley?”

“I just don’t want you to stop,”

He chuckled, the puff of air smelling like the sweet scented cigar, “No intentions of that happening, baby girl… None at all.”

Henry gently pushed the top of Ashley’s dress down, her bare breasts freed from the confinement of the suffocating cloth.

She couldn’t help the sigh of relief that left her, “Thank you,”

He chuckled, pulling her back against his chest, “You’re welcome Darlin’.”

Carefully, Henry ran the palm of his hands over her sensitive nipples, the firm peeks hot to the touch.

Ashley always frowned upon her breasts, claiming that they were too small, but they were more than enough for him.

His fingers kneeded the soft flesh, making her back arch and an arm reach back and around his neck as she moaned softly.

As she played with the fine hairs at the nape of Henry’s neck, he laid soft, wet kisses to her pulse.

Giving her a firm nip, he turned her around to face him.

As usual, she bit her lip, wanting to hide her breasts.

“Don’t Darlin’. You know better.” His voice was low and deep.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her to him, kissing her so sensually that she could have came right then. Henry walked her backwards, the bottom of her voluptuous ass hitting a table.

With the aid of her fiancée’s skilled hands, he hoisted her up, her body still flush with his. Henry pecked her lips, giving little licks between his words, “I’m goin’ to taste you, Sweetheart.”

Ashley froze for a moment. They’d had sex before, yes, but oral sex was not something they’d had time for.

“Oh, okay.” She stuttered.

Henry started leaving a wet, kissing trail down her chest, lifting a breast and twirling his tounge around her nipple.

She moaned, holding his head and watching him as he looked up at her.

He switched between firm, slow licks to fast, hard sucks.

“Oh my god,” Ashley gasped.

He felt her rub her thighs together and was more than willing to remedy her.

Switching to her unattended breast, he gave sharp nips and soothing licks while running a hand up her smooth leg.

Carefully, he spread her legs, opening her up to him. Immediately the fresh scent of her womanhood filled his senses as her dress was dragged up to her thighs.

Henry’s eyes rolled, his fingers quickly dipping in between her swollen lower lips.

Ashley slammed her hands against the table, her mouth agape with a gasp.

Henry growled, her nipple slipping from his lips.

“Henry,” Ashley moaned, the need clear in her voice.

She leaned back as he bent at the waist, spreading her with his index and middle finger.

Her thighs quivered with anticipation; her eyes wild as she watched his tounge sneak out from mustache covered mouth.

Ashley found herself completely enthralled as Henry lapped at her wetness. With each pass of his tounge over her budded clit, her tummy spasmed, her moans almost to the point of whining.

Henry pulled her bottom closer to the edge and took off his hat. He wanted her to watch and he wanted to see the look of bliss on her face.

He knelt before her, his grin knowing.

“What are you- Ohmygod!” Ashley’s eyes rolled into the back of her head when Henry’s tounge entered her entrance.

He curved his tounge inside of her, then licked up her slit, lightly sucking on her clit.

With her legs over his shoulders, he held her ass in a firm grip as he went back to her entrance.

Straightening his tounge to tighten the muscle, he bobbed his head slowly between her legs, imitating what he planned on doing to her with his hard length.

He felt her toes curl against her back as she rolled her hips against his mouth.

“Hen- Henry, please!” She begged, needing him deep inside of her.

Slowly, he left wet, tounge-filled kisses on her wetness, giving her clit one last suck before moving up her body.

Her chest was heaving, a slight sheen from sweat coating her. Ashley’s bottom was placed back on the table, though Henry made sure to leave her legs spread.

“Touch yourself,” he growled, starting to undo the buttons of his britches.

With hesitant fingers, Ashley dipped them into herself, putting her head back as she drew them out of her entrance and over her slit, making sure that she was primed for her fiancée.

Finally, Henry’s hardness sprang from his long John underwear. He stroked himself, watching Ashley’s fingers circle her clit.

Not able to take it anymore, he approached her, coating the head of his shaft with her slickness.

She removed her hand, holding on to the table.

Henry teased her entrance, the head of him enveloped in her wet heat before he slowly pulled out and repeated the action over and over.

Ashley licked her lips, watching his shaft as he finally sunk into her, “God, yes.” She moaned.

“Yes Ma'am,” Henry growled.

He held her hips, moving in and out of her at a steady pace.

It wasn’t taking them long to come, Henry’s teasing having them at the brink already.

“Ashley! Miss Collins!” It was Kyle Jansen.

Henry’s growl was low and one of warning.

Ashley brought his ear to her mouth, her moans and gasping out of control, “Don’t you fucking stop Delarue.”

Henry thrusted, his own moan loud.

Ashley continued, “You make me scream your name,” she whimpered at the firm stroke of his hardness, “You make sure he hears me come for you,”

At that, Henry lost all sense of control. Gripping her breast firmly, he held on, his hips snapping against hers as he fucked her with near brute force.

She wanted to scream? Oh she was going to. That mother fucker would know who she belonged to.

He spoke dirty, his mouth so filthy that Ashley didn’t know what to make of it.

“This pussy is mine, baby girl, you hear me?”

She bit her lip, loving this side of him.

“I want to hear you say it. Who’s pussy is this baby girl?”


Ashley was too quiet for his liking. He pulled out, pushing in and hitting her spot, “Who’s?”

“Ahhh, your’s!” She cried out.

He repeated the same action, his strokes long and hard, “Again!”

“Fu- your’s Henry, your’s!”

His hand snaked over her thigh, rubbing her clit as he made his thrusts fast but gentle.

“Ohhh, god… don- don’t stop!” She mewled, her back arching.


Her scream sent him over the edge, spilling his seed as his thrusts lost rhythm.

He groaned, looking up at Kyle Jansen who stared wide eyed at the scene.

With a quickness that Kyle didn’t know that Henry had, he watched as Henry still fucked his fiancée. It was the cocking of the gun that he didn’t register.

“What are you lookin’ at boy?” Delarue asked, his hips stilling.

Ashley lay in heap, her arm covering her breasts as she continued to orgasm around Henry, voyeurs be damned.

“You best get boy and never say a word!” Henry warned.

Kyle held his hands up as Henry resumed thrusting in and out of Ashley.

“Now get the hell out!”

Kyle spun around, running off into the night.

The sounds of Ashley and Henry coming again echoed throughout the barn and even over the fields.

It was one hell of a night.


Urgent Assistance.

72 - “We’re in public, stop that!” 

11 - “Cuddle me, you weirdo” 

78 - “I need you to be my girlfriend for five minutes” 

48 - “Did you just slap my ass?” “Actually, I firmly grasped it” “Did you just quote Spongebob?”   

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“We’re in public, stop that!” You scolded, whipping round to face Tig who had spent the past ten minutes trying to scare you, disappearing off into the supermarket then jumping out on you when you were least expecting it.

“Shouldn’t have let on that you’re such a scaredy cat then, doll,” he smirked, chasing after you when you walked away with the cart filled with snacks and booze, all necessities for Bobby’s homecoming party that night. “Y/N, wait up!” 

“Just go wait by the car, you man-child” You rolled your eyes at him, removing the car keys from your trouser pocket and dropping them into his outstretched hand. He grumbled something unintelligible under his breath and walked off, his dark curls bouncing with every step he took. 

By the time the party had kicked off later that night you were at your wits end, the result of Tig spending the whole day annoying you as much as he could. You suppose you should have been used to it by now, having been best friends with him since you were both young, yet he had this way of getting under your skin like nobody’s business. You stepped outside of the heaving clubhouse for some fresh air, lighting up a cigarette and sitting down one of the benches when Tig came out, his eyes frantic as he scanned the lot and made his way towards you when he saw you resting on the picnic table. 

 “Y/N, you gotta help me,” he begged, crouching down in front of you and clasping his hands together in a praying motion. “I promise I’ll never annoy you again if you do this for me right now” 

 “I told you a million times, Tiggy,” You exhaled tiredly, a cloud of smoke escaping your lips as you ruffled his tangled hair fondly. “The only way to get Happy to stop growling at you is by accepting that he’s a ruthless killer, not constantly referring to him as being about as scary as a pomeranian” 

“I still stand by that, but that’s not the problem right now,” he replied, standing up and perching himself on the edge of the table behind you. “I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for five minutes” 

A smile spread across your face from ear to ear. It had been years since either of you had needed the other to fake a relationship, having been a go-to tactic on nights out when you were younger. You raised your eyebrow at your best friend, tapping ash from your cigarette onto the floor before replying. 

“Why? What have you gone and done now?” 

“This croweater keeps trying it on with me but I’m not interested,” he frowned, the lines on his forehead becoming prominent when you scoffed at his statement. Tig not interested? That was a lie if you’d ever heard one. “I’m not kidding, Y/N. This girl is crazy, she even followed me to the bathroom when I went to take a piss” 

“You’re saying you want me to pretend to be your girlfriend so that she stops stalking you?” You confirmed, watching him nod eagerly in the hope that you’d agree with his plan. “You owe me big time for this, Trager. I mean huge, like you’re gonna have to sit through so many horror movies with dolls in to make up for this” 

“Seriously?” He groaned, his eyes following you as you discarded your finished cigarette and stood up from your seat. “Fine, but we aren’t watching Dolls again. I didn’t sleep for a week after seeing that shit” 

“Shouldn’t have bet that you could finish a bottle faster than me then, should you?” You winked, lacing your fingers with his and pulling him towards the front door of the clubhouse.

Upon entering the crowded room you felt Tig stiffen beside you, following his gaze to where he was focused on a drunken blonde deep in conversation with a dark haired croweater. You couldn’t fight the giggle that escaped you, clamping your lips together when Tig glared at you and choosing to sidle up to him instead. A look of fury appeared on the croweater’s face when she saw the pair of you together, causing you to bite your bottom lip in order to fight the laugh that you were holding in. For some reason the whole situation was amusing to you, from Tig having a crazy girl after him right down to his fearful expression as she made her away across the room towards you. 

“Who are you?” she spat when she reached you, her eyes trailing over your body to take in your appearance. You didn’t feel self conscious, you were wearing your favourite outfit that consisted of a pair of jeans, a low cut top and your favourite fold down boots. In fact, you’d never felt hotter in your entire life, except for the time you’d dressed up as Frank from Rocky Horror Picture Show for Halloween one year. 

“His old lady,” You lied with ease, moving one of your hands to run over Tig’s kutte whilst staring up at him lovingly. “We finally decided it was time for me to meet his friends, isn’t that right, baby?” 

“Yeah,” Tig agreed, moving his hand down to squeeze your backside with a cocky grin. “We’ve been together for years. She’s just been away with work for a while” 

“You’re lying! I’ve seen you around the clubhouse before, you slept with Happy like a week ago!” The blonde exclaimed, a smile creeping across your face over how annoyed she was getting. 

“You must be mistaking me for my twin sister. I’ve not been here for ages… Must be at least a year or two” You improvised, feigning confusion as Tig draped his arm around your shoulders. 

The croweater let out a growl of frustration and stormed off, leaving you to whip round so you were standing in front of your best friend. He shot you a confused grin, his head tilting to the side in an adorable fashion until you hit him with the back of your hand, making him groan and rub the sore spot at the back of his head. 

“Did you just slap my ass?” You questioned, shaking your head in disbelief and reaching forwards to take a beer from one of the prospects. 

“Actually, I firmly grasped it” he retorted, leading you towards where Happy and Bobby were sat at the bar, taking shots and discussing Bobby’s infamous banana bread. 

“Did you just quote Spongebob?” You sat yourself down on one of the stools and raised your bottle to your lips, an involuntary moan slipping out after you swallowed some of the delicious drink. 

“Blame Ellie and Kenny, they watch that shit all the time” Opie interjected from your left side, greeting you with a kiss on the cheek after having not seen you in a while. 

You spent the next couple of hours with Tig, Happy, Bobby and Opie, talking about everything from how Opie’s kids were to the time you and Tig broke into a liquor store aged fifteen to get some booze for the school dance. During this time you both completely abandoned your pretend relationship, Tig checking out different girls in the most obvious of ways and you flirting with Happy without a care in the world. It wasn’t until the blonde returned that either of you remembered you were supposed to be faking your undying love for each other. 

“Tiggy, do you want to take me to your room?” she simpered, twirling a lock of hair around her finger as Tig leaned close to your ear and quietly asked what to do. 

“Cuddle me, you weirdo” You hissed back, loud enough for the Sergeant-At-Arms to hear but quiet enough that nobody else around you could understand what you said. 

Tig proceeded to wrench you out of your seat and pull you into his lap, ignoring the croweater as he met your lips eagerly. The whole world appeared to blur around you, the both of you focusing on nothing but your lips against each others in a fiery kiss. His stalker huffed and stormed off like she had done earlier in the night, leaving you and Tig to continue making out as though your lives depended on it. You hadn’t even realised she’d gone until you pulled apart fifteen minutes later, noticing the gobsmacked expressions on the other boys faces as you struggled to regulate your breathing once more. 

“Well… That’s the first time I’ve been cuddled like that” You mused, attempting to escape Tig’s hold but failing miserably, a small whimper leaving your lips when he began to pepper open-mouthed kisses along your bare neck. 

“Let’s move this to my room” he whispered against your skin, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and Tig’s evident arousal digging into your hip through his jeans. 

“Nice try, Tigger,” You laughed, eventually managing to prise his arms from your waist and climbing off of him, patting his shoulder in a patronising manner as you did so. “But you ain’t getting out of movie night. No offence but the only ever time I want to hear you scream is from seeing a doll, preferably with us both wearing clothes as well” 

“I hate you”

“Love you too, Tigger, love you too.”

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If People Were Colors, He Was Red and I Was Blue

Genre: Fluff, Angst

T/W: Smoking, Selective Mutism, Anxiety, Drugs, Alcohol, Depressing Themes, Emotional Abuse

Word Count: 3.3k

“Colors” by Halsey

In which Dan and Phil’s relationship hits a hard patch when Phil has troubles. Dan associates his difficult love with different “colors” like blue and grey. Feat. mute!Dan and depressed!Phil.

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friday dinner - c.h.

summary: every friday night, you and your best friend with benefits get together and cook dinner.

warning: things get mildly smutty.

Calum let himself in through the front door just like always, ridding himself of his heavy overcoat and hanging it on the coatrack beside him. He placed his keys, phone, and pack of cigarettes down on the table and kicked off his shoes, following the faint hum of music down the hallway and into the kitchen. As he entered, he found you bent over the countertop, elbows propping your head up as your eyes skimmed a cookbook. Looking around, Calum saw a variety of pots and pans resting on the cooktop, and an unopened box of pasta sitting on the granite beside it.

“Hey,” You greeted without lifting your eyes from the pages, slowly standing upright again. A smile twitched on your lips as Calum rested his head on your shoulder, the comforting scent of expensive cologne and cigarette smoke filling your senses as his arms snaked around your waist. “Does pasta sound good tonight? I wanted to make something simple, I wasn’t feeling going all out tonight.”

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Mental Break

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Featuring: Namjoon/Rap Monster (BTS)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin L

A/N: This took almost my entire life to write lol I apologize. Warnings for smoking, so if you’re not about that, don’t click!

‘You know what you need?’ you began. ‘You just need something to take your mind off of everything.’

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The first time Fry takes off his jacket in front of Bender and is wearing only a white sleeveless undershirt Bender almost falls out of his seat. (Its mid-summer and the heat is blistering, they’re skipping their shift, hanging out on the deck of the Planet Express building and trying to stay cool under loftily made sheet-umbrellas.) He manages play it cool, though, with some completely unecessary coughing (Bender has no lungs) and making some offhand comment about being temporarily blinded by the paleness of Fry’s arms , casually hiding behind lighting up a cigar.

The real story, though, is that he never realized that Fry would actually have arms underneath all that fabric, not to mention some pretty hefty biceps (“underdeveloped” or not, Bender still likes them more then is probably reasonable), and he definitely didn’t expect them to be littered with a smattering of freckles, either.

Fry doesn’t take note of Bender’s comment, only continues complaining about the too-hot heat, thoughtlessly throwing his jacket behind him. It’ll probably be eaten by Zoidberg later.

Bender abruptly stands up, announcing his departure by grinning and exhaling a cloud of smoke into Fry’s face. Fry grimaces and is in the middle of trying to somehow blow the smoke away without inhaling any of it when Bender wordlessly heads toward the cooler.

Bender thinks to himself that maybe he should try and get Fry to take off his jacket more often. He opens the cooler and pulls out a couple of beers - It could be fun. Bender silently walks back, pausing behind Fry’s chair to drop a half-melted ice cube down his tank top, laughing when Fry jumps away with a yelp.

Bender sits down and watches Fry over the head of the beer he’s got set against his mouth, grinning to himself as Fry scrambles to get the ice cube out of his shirt. When Fry finally settles Bender gives him a moment, smirking in the face of his glare. He shrugs in response,

“Just trying to help ya cool off, meatbag.“

He tosses a freezing bottle of beer into Fry’s lap, making it look accidental, and stifles another smile when Fry shrieks again and desperately tries to get it away from his crotch. Fry’s arms are funny and pink in the harsh summer sunlight, looking like they’d acquired more freckles in the past two minutes then they’d had before.

Bender dutifully opens the bottle for Fry after the redhead manages to get a hold of it and shoves it in Bender’s face, scowling. Bender lightly grabs Fry’s wrist, knowing his fingers are as cold as the beer, if not colder, and smiles when Fry flinches reflexively from the cold but doesn’t pull away. Bender guides the bottle to Fry’s lips and gently pours, smirking at the way Fry’s face quickly becomes as flushed red as his sunburnt shoulders and at the way Fry swallows thickly, like his throat has suddenly filled with cotton.

Bender gently let’s go of Fry’s wrist, leans back into his lawn chair, looks Fry in his no-longer-scowling eyes and winks. Bender hums idly to himself and lowers his sunhat over his face. Yeah, messing with Fry when he doesn’t have his jacket on is definitely fun.

And cute.

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Congratulations! You deserve those followers 😉. Can you write something with "I wish I know how to quit you"?

Thanks, dear anon.

Harry zipped up his pants and fastened his belt, looking down at the pavement. “I’m not your whore, Potter,” said Draco, his voice harsh. Harry glanced up, finding him standing with his back on the door, one foot propped against it, already re-dressed. “This thing has to stop,” he added, diving one hand in his left pocket in search of something. “What do you mean?” asked Harry, his chest clenching painfully. “I don’t consider you a whore,” he said, as Draco extracted a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and pulled out one, bringing it to his mouth. He snapped his fingers, lighting it with a quick wandless spell. “You might as well,” he said, exhaling a grey cloud of smoke. “I thought you had quit smoking,” commented Harry, a little bit dumbstruck. “I wish I knew how to quit you,” replied Draco, casting him a venomous glare. “You don’t mean that,” uttered Harry, more to himself than Draco. “Yes, I do,” stated Draco, looking away. “I’m tired of hiding, of feeling like your inappropriate affair.”
“I broke up with Ginny a long time ago,” said Harry, blinking in confusion. “And yet here were are, in a broom closet,” spat Draco with a bitter laugh. “I don’t know what you’re more ashamed of, fucking a guy or a death eater.”
“I don’t have a problem with you being a guy.”
“Then it’s death eater, good to know.”
“I don’t have a problem with you being an ex death eater. You were never truly one, anyway.”
“Then why are we here and not out in the open?”
“You want to fuck in public?” smirked Harry, taking a step towards Draco. “Oh, sod it, you know what I mean,” said Draco, glancing at him as if afraid that he’d come too close. “I thought you didn’t want to,” murmured Harry, averting his gaze. “So you’re telling me that you’d be okay with us being a couple?” demanded Draco, disbelief clear in his voice. “Yes,” breathed Harry. There was a moment of silence; then Draco’s lips covered Harry’s.

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