Skincare: acne, and how you can get it to fuk off - part 1

So I’m doing a skincare post since some of you seemed to be into that idea! I’m gonna talk about acne because it’s something I have spent many years angsting over and most everyone has had it at some point, if not I’m mad at u 🌚

So most people know that acne comes from clogged pores: your pore is made up of a single hair and a sebaceous gland that releases sebum (oil) and sometimes the oil blocks the opening of the pore, then if dead skin cells get trapped in there, bacteria multiply and you get all kinds of nasty gunk. 👍

Lots of acne products are aimed at drying up the oil on your face so that your pores are clear, which is all well and good but a lot of the time, unless you have super oily skin, you’re gonna end up with a crusty dry face, so you gotta get be super gentle with it. Ur skin is a fragile bby and a smol bean and it just wants to be loved and all that. ALSO, if you use too many drying products your pores will start overcompensating with a whole bunch more sebum leavin you worse than where you started.

What you do want to do is gently clear out the shit in your pores and prevent more blockages from occurring, which means exfoliation (getting rid of the dead skin on your face) but NOT ALL EXFOLIATION IS MADE EQUAL. more on that later. When treated properly, mild/moderate acne goes away pretty quickly, most of the problem is that it’s made worse by irritation (herein lies most of my don'ts list)

So here is some stuff you should definitely NOT do to deal with your acne (many of these I have done, learn from my mistakes):

-Use a cleanser/toner/any skincare with a bunch of alcohol in it. You will know that it has a bunch of alcohol in it because it will be near the top of the ingredients list. You are looking for SD alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or alcohol denat. That shit will dry up and damage your skin, it’s gonna be stressing out and making your acne worse. (There are other kinds of alcohols which are ok but I’ll leave that for another post) If you can, get something that says alcohol free, but otherwise something with alcohol low on the ingredients.

-Exfoliate your face with a physical scrub/harsh cloth/face brush - this is not only a less effective form of exfoliation than chemical exfoliation (more later) but it will irritate your acne, spread bacteria around and sometimes leave little cuts in your skin (eg. St Ives apricot scrub) because the grains are too sharp. Also those little plastic bead scrubs are bad for the environment so don’t use those.

-Pick your spots. Hahahaha….haha.ha… If you know me you know that I probably pick my spots more than anyone in the world, but for real, if you can, try not to touch em. It just pushes the dirt deeper in and things get infected and scar and it’s just a bad time for everyone.

- Put really alkaline/acidic stuff on your skin because Pinterest told you to. IM LOOKIN AT U TOOTHPASTE. Also: lemon & baking soda. Anything that looks like it should be a cleaning product. Your skin has a nice little barrier at about pH 5.5 that protects you from bacteria and irritants and if you fuck with it too much you’re just playing yourself. And getting a crusty, UV-vulnerable face.

-Put really hot water on your face to ‘open’ your pores. I mean I could go into how pores don’t open and close but I’m not gonna be that bitch today. A gentle steam can sometimes be good to loosen the dirt in your pores before a facemask, but if you go splashing hot water or holding hot washcloths on your face you can scald your face and dry out your skin, as well as running the risk of bursting capillaries under the skin which can’t be undone.

I’m gonna wrap it up here cause this post is getting super long but if this all seems a lot to take in don’t panic!! I will make a post soon about what you CAN do to deal with your evil acne.

Wishing u all happiness and good skin ❤️

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sara, do u have any tips for shaving your legs? i get little irritations/pimples and ingrown hairs sometimes and ur legs look so smooooth!

you know those stridex pads in the red box? they chemically exfoliate and it helps a lot. use them after you shower. I also use oil to shave instead of soap

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Is salt just as bad as using sugar for exfoliating? If so, what are other natural exfoliators like them, but that are more gentle for the skin?

salt is worse than sugar, try activated green tea and cornstarch (you activate it by just putting a regular green tea bag inside of hot water for two minutes, let it cool then use it)

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Do you know of any way to get rid of dark underarms? It's my biggest insecurity and now that summer time is coming around I would like to wear tank tops without feeling self conscious. I've tried lemons and exfoliating, but nothing is working :(.. If you don't have any suggestions, can you ask your followers please? Thank you so much

Hm.. I hate that I can’t be of much help with this but if somebody has any input could ya’ll help 💓

if ur taking an AP exam or any test soon that you’re nervous for, just remember that you’ll be thankful for those all nighters you had to do and the tedious essays you had to write. all your hard work will not go to waste and even if you get a poor score, it will not define you as a person. also remember to treat yo self! take a bath, clear your mind, hangout with friends, exfoliate your face, etc. don’t stress or burn yourself out before the exam. I believe in you as much as you should believe in yourself. ily so much and good luck on your exams ❤️❤️


Your personal care products could be contributing to an increase of plastic pollution in the environment.

We’ve all seen the advertisements for facial washes and body scrubs that have “gentle microbeads that smooth away roughness without over-drying or irritating your skin” (*cough* Neutrogena *cough*). It sounds great and all, but those face-smoothing microbeads are anything but gentle.

The beads are made of polyethylene and polypropylene micro-plastic particles. With a diameter of approximately .5mm, the beads can easily travel through sink drains and filtration systems, quickly working their way into local waterways. Once in a body of water, the plastics soak up pollutants such as pesticides, hydrocarbons, and other industrial chemicals from the surrounding air and water. While that may sound great, the now chemically-soaked micro-plastics (whose rounded shape resembles tasty fish eggs) are consumed by fish and aquatic reptiles. These beads have also been discovered in the digestive and circulatory systems of mussels and worms. The beads continue on their journey through food webs, impacting every species along the way–including humans.

In 2012, 5 Gyres–an organization who aims to reduce plastic pollution–took water and sediment samples from the Great Lakes. They discovered that these microbeads could be found in numbers of more than 107,500 particles per square mile. Add that number to the amount of particles found in aquatic organisms and you’re looking at a minefield of toxins. Brief note: One tube of Neutrogena’s “Deep Clean” contains an estimated 360,000 microbeads. Let that sink in for a second.

Recently, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill that would call for a ban of microbead-containing products. By 2018, companies will have to stop producing these products, and any product containing beads can no longer be sold by the end of 2019. A similar bill is currently being reviewed in California, showing proof of progress in the ban of microbeads. Though progress is occurring, it is important to note that plenty of damage can be done in Illinois alone before the products are banned. More and more companies are adding microbeads to their face cleansers, body scrubs, and even toothpastes as a result of a consumer’s desire for “icy blue microbeads” that “exfoliate and clean deep down to pores!”

The best way to reduce the amount of microplastics in waterways is to simply cease purchasing products that contain microbeads. BeattheMicroBead.org has provided a frequently updated list of products containing microbeads. For those of you who cannot give up your beady exfoliants, there are products out there that use sands and organic materials (such as plant wax) for the same deep-cleansing and face-smoothing purpose. This is the simplest way to help the environment without even having to change your personal care routines! Please help, and visit the links below for more information.

Photograph and information from: The Atlantic

Information from: 5Gyres

Skincare Basics: Why You Should Exfoliate

Cleansing and moisturising on a day to day basis is great for your skin, but you should also be doing a few things weekly to keep your skin in tip top shape for example: exfoliating.

Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin and it’s super simple. There are hundreds of different exfoliating products out there, but generally speaking the most gentlest and effective forms are chemical exfoliants which are enriched with AHA’s and BHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids) they sound scary, but they’re not and the right ones can be incredibly gentle on the skin. 

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Some people say the coffee (or rather, the caffeine in the coffee) could make this work as an anti-cellulite scrub when used at least twice weekly for 10 minutes at a time.

Stop throwing away used Coffee Grounds! It is a cheap, natural, and excellent exfoliant! There may also be potential to get rid of cellulite if applied regularly (as mentioned above)! Learn how to Use Coffee Grounds as a Body Scrub.

Drink your coffee, and have it too.

                              Build Your Own Face Scrub

Build a face scrub that best fits your skin type from the comfort of your home. The best part of DIYs is knowing exactly what is going onto your skin—avoid dealing with hidden fragrance and/or chemicals. Face Scrubs is a versatile skin exfoliant that can improve dry, oily, acne prone and uneven skin tones. In other words, its damn near for everyone! Exfoliating your face can slough away dead skin cells to help you achieve a more even complexion, and can help revive dry, dull skin. Learn below how to build your own face scrub and customize it for YOUR skin!

(Top 4: Exfoliants)
Oatmeal- Scrubs and removes surface dirt and impurities while hydrating and softening your skin. Effective for oily skin, acne, blemishes, dry and sensitive skin (Grind in coffee grinder for easier use)

Baking Soda- Gently buffs away dead skin cells while absorbing excess oils. (Please use with caution. Some research shows it can be damaging to the skin. Yet, a lot of do-it-yourselfers seems to have a good experience with it).

White sugar- What can I say about this exfoliant? Besides the fact that sugar is the first choice for all scrubs! Sugar gives a healthy glow to your skin and gets rid of toxins and impurities. Frequent use of sugar makes skin smoother and helps the hydration process (Recommended for Normal skin types)

Brown Sugar- Contains alpha-hydroxyl acid which increases blood flow, so it minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and aims to achieve smoother younger looking skin. Brown sugar also conditions the skin and helps keep moisture locked in (great for sensitive skin types).

(Bottom 4: Moisturizers)
Honey- The natural antibacterial, probiotic, and humectant properties prevents acne and effectively reduces breakouts. It moisturizes dry skin and balances oily skin (recommended for all skin types).

Plain Yogurt-The zinc and lactic acid helps smooth out fines lines, hydrate dry patches and brighten complexion.

Egg Whites- Its astringent properties draws out blackheads while tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of pores. Also works in reducing oily skin.

Coconut Oil- Extremely hydrating and can soften skin. Not recommended for acne prone skin (May clog pores).

Find out more about the essential oils and bonuses to add into your face scrub AND which ingredients are best for oily, dry, and sensitive skin types. This site will give you the recommended measurements for a small jar.

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“Whenever I apply foundation on my dry skin it always looks dry and flaky. What’s the trick to preventing that? ”

Having dry skin I know the struggle of flaky, dry, unnatural looking foundation all to well and it’s something I used to constantly suffer from on a day to day basis. Luckily over time I’ve found a few cures to fixing flaky skin and making makeup look great.

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hey I'm looking into PC products but I'm confused as to whether AHA or BHA exfoliant is better for me. I have red, sensitive and dry skin. I get random zits but I've never had a big problem with acne. also what daily cleaners would be good for me as well?

BHA/Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that AHAs (glycolic, lactic acids) do not. So BHA is great for redness reduction. It also penetrates deeper into your skin, and can cut through oil which AHA cannot. BHA also refines the pore wall and makes pores appear smaller, which again AHA does not. The advantage of using an AHA is that it improves your skin’s moisture barrier, making it ideal for dehydrated-dry skin (but it MUST be applied directly onto cleaned skin - it can’t cut through a moisturizer). I also recommend AHA exfoliants to people who have sensitivities/allergies to BHA.

I like the Hydralight cleanser because it’s a great price for a huge bottle, but the Redness Relief cleanser is cuter if you need something that cleanses a bit more deeply. I have oily skin but I prefer the one for dry skin.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 12.18.15

bath and body finds by mulleinandsparrow

this etsy shop has awesome product photography — it entices me to want to try their beauty products!! this rose hydrosol spray hydrates, tones, and freshens. the mint coffee-and-shea butter body exfoliant looks like a great way to relax. i’d love to try both!

teasydoesit asked:

What products/techniques would you recommend for exfoliating skin with acne/acne prone skin?

Acne can be frustrating and exfoliating can be great, as long as it’s done right. Exfoliate the wrong way and you may have a recipe for disaster, AKA even more acne.

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This is definitely not the glamorous, great-smelling lotion we all want to have. This guy is the utilitarian, yet almost magically effective, skin care necessity for those of us with dry, rough, or uneven skin. It’s a necessity for those of us with keratosis pilaris

AmLactin Alpha Hydroxy lotion doesn’t smell nice, doesn’t really moisturize, and doesn’t come as cheap as most drug store lotions (at $18). However, it exfoliates. Unlike physical exfoliation methods, it doesn’t irritate already angry skin (plus it’s easier. who has time to scrub their whole body everyday?). I use it all over my body after I shower and follow with a moisturizing lotion (ginger souffle if I’m lucky). A regimen of this stuff transformed the bumpy chicken skin I’ve had since childhood into the smooth, touchable skin I’m no longer ashamed to show off. In short: life improving.


               Pina Colada Coconut and Lemon Scrub

  • 1 cup Desiccated Coconut 
  • 1 cup Epsom Salts 
  • 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil (available at Heath Food Shops)
  • 4 drops Vitamin E Oil (optional)
  • 1 Lemon (peel finely grated)
  • Air tight container

(CLICK HERE for instructions on how to combine the ingredients & benefits)