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From the next chapter of Exfiltration:

Bond took a deep breath, closing his eyes. “Because it’s absolute freedom.” He slid his hands up Q’s arms, feeling the tension in his body. His fingers just barely closed around Q’s wrists. “You give yourself to me. You let me do anything to you — make you feel anything I choose — and you’re free to feel it. You can even say no, if you want, but I don’t have to stop. Not unless you safeword.”

“But that’s the same thing as saying no,” Q protested.

“It’s not.” Bond wanted to turn Q over, to look into his eyes, but he suspected Q needed to hide. “If you say ‘no’, that takes the responsibility off you. I can do things to you — things that you might not be ready to admit that you want or enjoy. It becomes my decision. My responsibility.” 

Fic preview: Exfiltration 7

Q’s eyes opened, wide and dark.

“Eyes closed,” Bond warned, crowding into Q’s space. He pushed down the anger that flared through him; despite what they’d done in Connecticut, Q was a novice. With a little flinch, Q closed his eyes tightly. He took a shaky breath, and Bond wondered if he’d pushed too far.

Then Q stepped back, and Bond braced against the disappointment of hearing his safeword before they’d even begun — 

From the Executive Summary:

“If there is one thing that can be said about the threat landscape, and Internet security as a whole, it is that the only constant is change. This can clearly be seen in 2014: a year with far- reaching vulnerabilities, faster attacks, files held for ransom, and far more malicious code than in previous years. While 2013 was seen as the Year of the Mega Breach, 2014 had high-profile vulnerabilities grabbing the headlines. Data breaches are still a significant issue, since the number of breaches increased 23 percent and attackers were responsible for the majority of these breaches. However, attention shifted during the year from what was being exfiltrated to the way attackers could gain access. Vulnerabilities have always been a big part of the security picture, where operating system and browser-related patches have been critical in keeping systems secure. However, the discovery of vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, ShellShock, and Poodle, and their wide-spread prevalence across a number of operating systems, brought the topic front and center. The conversation has shifted from discussing ‘threat X that exploits a vulnerability’ to detailing how “vulnerability Y is used by these threats and in these attacks.””

Nothing changed.

No unexpected commands. No scorn or derision. No taking charge and making decisions without consulting Q. Bond was friendly and considerate, charming and witty, and if he was a bit overprotective, not letting Q out of his sight, Q understood. No matter what they were to each other — friends with benefits, lovers, boyfriends, or master and…something — they were also an MI6 assassin and executive. That would never change.

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After all this time in Q Branch, Q knew precisely the effects of moisture on audio pickups. Unfortunately, it took more than running water to guarantee privacy for a conversation, but soft whispers were an acceptable risk.

Under the cover of soap and steam, bodies pressed close together in the spacious shower, Q whispered, “Exfil.”

Bond hummed once, rubbing his hands everywhere over Q’s body in sweeping strokes that would look possessive to the cameras, though Q hadn’t seen any openly mounted here. There might not be cameras, he thought — even human traffickers might want privacy on the toilet, after all — but he wasn’t going to take any risks.

“Plan?” Q dared to ask as he licked Bond’s ear and was rewarded with a shiver.

Two quiet grunts. No plan.

Not that the lack of a plan had ever stopped Bond, Q knew, and couldn’t quite hide a flinch at the thought of being caught up in the mayhem that was sure to follow.

Among all this high-dollar-value activity it’s easy to forget the small things, like the value of account data which can all too easily be accessed and exfiltrated from bank systems by just about anyone with the rights to wander around behind the counters, from clerks and cashiers to cleaners and maintenance crews.

When a few strings of numbers can be turned into hard cash by bringing the right buyer and seller together, it should be discouraging to the criminally inclined to learn that some of those buyers may well be in the pay of the authorities, and could get you into a whole heap of trouble.

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“Q!” The office door slammed open hard enough to rattle the glass wall despite the hydraulic hinges.

Startled, Q held up a hand, saying, “Calm —”

“Bond’s been compromised.” TJ didn’t stop running until he hit Q’s desk.

Q looked back down at his computer, pulling up Bond’s current mission file. “Elaborate, please,” he said calmly, looking over the summary.

Human trafficking ring, male and female victims, primarily well-educated Europeans and Americans in their twenties. The victims were sold not to brothels nor as labourers but to private buyers, with a guarantee that they’d never talk. Never try to escape.

TJ took a deep breath. “His contact’s body was just recovered. Tortured. Tongue cut out.”

Sadly, that was nothing extraordinary in Q’s experience since joining government service. “It could have been unrelated to the mission,” Q said, playing devil’s advocate, even though he knew that wasn’t the case. They were never that fortunate. Most of his mind was already focused on damage control or extraction, though he knew Bond would resist abandoning the mission unless there was no other choice.

“The tongue…” TJ shuddered. “He talked, Q. They know it.”

“Did you send word — Oh,” Q said, frowning. Full comms blackout. Bond, idiot that he was, had notified HQ that he’d be going in dark. They were back to 1980s spycraft, with message notifications delivered not via email or secure radio but by dead drop.

“I’ve got the Americans on hold,” TJ offered.

Q huffed, clicking through the mission file to skim each document. “If you recall, two FBI agents were on the CIA’s list of involved suspects. We’ll have to… to contact…” His finger froze as he stared at his own photo, and he vaguely recalled signing off permission for MI6 to use his likeness in background paperwork for missions.

Staring at the monitor, Q didn’t hear whatever TJ said next. The background document for the photo explained that ‘Ethan Davies’ had been taken a year short of graduating Cambridge, sold, and trained to obedience as a sexual companion by ‘Rhys Sterling’. Bond’s cover identity.

“Shit,” Q whispered, realising there was only one way to guarantee that Bond received the exfiltration order.

Note: There is no non-con/dub-con involving major characters, and none explicitly shown. However, the first part of this fic (and only the first part) involves a human trafficking ring…


“Gareth.” Q closed his eyes and took a breath, feeling unsteady at hearing the familiar voice. The last twenty-four hours slipped back into a surreal fog, but reality — MI6, Q Branch, London itself — couldn’t quite pull Q into focus. He felt trapped on a knife’s edge; he’d bleed to death if he stayed here, but he was too scared to jump to either side, forward or back.

“Are you all right? What’s going on?” Gareth’s voice was tense and sharp with worry.

“We’re secure.” Q swallowed and leaned over the hot radiator, resting one hand on the icy window. “I have 007.”

Gareth let out a sigh. “Thank god. Do you need backup? I can have —”

“No,” Q interrupted. He wasn’t ready to face any of his colleagues, either from MI6 or the CIA. He wasn’t ready to face himself. He pulled the cheap plastic windcheater tighter around his body. “TJ and Danielle have handled everything. 007 and I are secure. We’ll be on a plane in seven hours.”

Another sigh. “The Americans are taking the lead on the investigation. They’ve asked for any information you and 007 can provide.”

For a moment, Q’s old life took hold, and he wondered what the hell he could offer to their occasional allies. Then he realised he wasin the field. He’d need to write up an after action report. Be debriefed. Go over every last excruciating detail of the mission.

No wonder why the bloody field agents avoided Psych.

After Silva had brutally murdered Bond’s beloved Aston Martin, Bond had grudgingly settled on the new Vanquish. The convertible had tempted him, but he spent too much time out of the country, and the odds were slim that he’d be in London for enough sunny days to enjoy it. Better to have the solidity of an actual roof than sulk over not putting the top down even once.

The engine came to life with the snarl of a half-tame dragon. Bond opened his mouth to give a gentle warning — the Vanquish was powerful and responsive, and the tunnels leading up from the underground garage were narrow — but the sight of Q’s fingers gliding over the glass control buttons made Bond’s thoughts unravel like a thread caught on a nail.

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