Don’t forget to visit this magical place if you are ever in Exeter. And if you live too far from there, then listen: there is a place that looks like a haunted house. The old books there whisper their stories to each other. Whenever I enter the house and ascend the creaking stairs, I roam around a bit and let the book choose me. It is a simple rule of courtesy and respect. There always will be a gentle ghost willing to share its past with you. 


Exeter Cathedral: the Lady Chapel par David Nicholls

The Quest to Alex's Beard - YouTube

Hello there!

I’m in the process of getting T through The Laurels GIC and I’ve documented everything from my GP referral to my recent first doctors appointment on YouTube! 

This is a playlist of those videos in order, so please feel free to take a look if you’re feeling nervous about appointments, need some help getting a referral or just interested in how the process works! 

Also, if you have any GIC related questions my ask box is open and I’d be happy to respond.


Alex Bertie