The Swiss - Double or Nothing

Two giants for the music, and two more for the video.

Australian duo SuperPeople created this amazing video for this amazing song so you could have an amazing time dancing the fuck out of your chair!

Photo via theyhaveseenmyscarsnotmystory


Gesaffelstein — Viol

Pink Skull - Bee Nose (Put Yr Face On)

The song above is the lead single off Pink Skull’s new record “Psychic Welfare”. Yes, the name is cheesy but we’re expecting amazing music to be found on that record.

Now, back to Bee Nose, it’s been touched by people we’re not familiar with: Brassica and Riley Ace of Spies -we found no link whatsoever-. Listen to the outcome below.

Pink Skull - Bee Nose (Put Yr Face On) EP by RVNG Intl.

Photo via thechildwithnocreativity