I put together these plans to be accessible for all levels of runners. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been running for years, I hope these plans will help you set and attain your goals. After that you should pick EITHER speed or distance depending on what your goals are (for example do you want to run your fastest 5k or are you shooting for a half marathon?).

Cross training days should be something non strenuous that helps with aerobic endurance. I highly suggest biking or yoga which will help you build strength and stamina without overtaxing the muscles you rely on for running. Remember to listen to your body and take the rest days you need!

I also highly recommend making charts for your progress! No matter what your goal is- time, distance, minutes run v. walked- find a way to visualize your progress! One of my favorite daily rewards is being able to input my mile times (I’m working on speed) and see how they’re improving run to run! :)


These workouts use combinations of strength and cardio to really make the most of your time! They all work on the idea of HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) by using shorter periods of more intense cardio with longer periods of medium intensity. This helps get your heart rate up and keep it up! If the weather’s nice you can even go outside and soak up some sun while getting your workout in! (If it’s rainy I love to put on my favorite show on Netflix and do these right from home). You can add these into your existing cardio plan (they’re great for cross training!) or cycle through them for a weekly total body plan!

For more at home workout plans go here! :)


As much as I love the holidays, my fitness plans usually don’t. The festivities, the celebration, the gathering, they all do great things for my soul-batteries but not so great things for my work out consistency. So that’s why, building off last month’s No Excuses November, I bring you Dedicated December! It’s a plan built to help you stick to your fitness plans this month and here’s why:

  • It’s only 20 minutes 5 days a week so whether it’s finals or travels taking over your schedule, this workout has you covered in minimal time.
  • Equipment free bodyweight based training means all you need is yourself and some floorspace so no matter where you are your workout can come with you!
  • There are 3 distinct workout so you never get bored and your body keeps being challenged.

BONUS! I made a complete glossary explaining how to do every single exercise in this plan, check it out along with the original plan post here!! :)


Here is part 2 of my new years healthy living handbook! I set out to make a comprehensive guide to creating a healthy lifestyle for 2014 but realized there was so much I wanted to share that I broke it down into 3 parts! Last night was the healthy eating guide and tomorrow will be a healthy lifestyle guide but tonight is the fitness handbook!

In this post you’ll find guides for creating your own custom at home workouts and HIIT style workouts, ways to spend your rest days (no skipping rest days!), a few sample workouts & challenges to get you started and more! I hope it helps you find the way that works FOR YOU to be active and love what you do every day! :)


The holidays are one of the hardest times of the year to stay healthy. Between the parties and the travel, maintaining your regular fitness plans is at least challenging and at most actually impossible. That’s exactly why I made these plans. This series will go where you go, all you need is yourself and some floorspace and you have a great workout guaranteed.  It’s only twenty minutes so if you’re busy with family, friends, shopping, and cheer, that’s fine! Just squeeze this in first thing in the morning, before bed, whenever. Have time for a igger workout? Great! Double the plan, combine the plans, go for a run then do a plan- really just use this in the way that serves you best! Plus with 5 workouts to choose  from ranging from targeted major body segments to a little bit of everything, no matter what you’re looking to work, this plan will be there for you.

Get more info on the series and each individual (printable/downloadable) plan here!


This month’s workout challenge! I designed these workouts to have an easy to follow, super effective layout. You start with 5 minutes of light cardio to get warmed up and ready. Then you do 3 cycles of 5 focused strength moves to target that day’s muscle groups. I chose and ordered them to alternate between higher and lower heart-rate-boosting exercises to get your best workout (and give you a rest when you’ll need it!) all the while building strength, increasing endurance, and toning muscles.

I consider the stretch day to be a rest day but you can choose to add a true resting day as well as to add whatever cardio you want! Remember cardio is what burns fat so if that’s your goal do about 20 minutes of additional cardio 3-4 days per week. Finally I highly recommend taking your workout outside whenever possible! The weather is finally getting gorgeous so enjoy it! :)

I hope this plan helps you get motivated, strong, & on track to whatever your fitness goals are this month!

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I designed this workout to be printable so you can save it and fill it out every day! It’s a quick jump start meant to get you into a regular strength training routine. While this is a fantastic and challenging addition to your workout, remember that it is just an addition and to have visible results you need to do cardio and eat a healthy diet. Need some ideas for what to eat? Go here!

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