exercises in not processing moving out

Fitness is like gardening. If you sow a seed, you don’t come back the next day and don’t start digging in the soil to see if the plant has already begun to grow. The same applies to working out. You can’t do a work out and stand in front of the mirror the next day expecting to see your muscles already growing and fat melting. Trust the process. It is a slow one but it is happening. The change is already happening deep within but you have to wait a few weeks or months to finally see it. But once you do, you will feel proud and accomplished.

Trump’s tweets attacking the judiciary go well beyond conventional criticism of judicial opinions on the substance or of “unelected judges” who are said to be overstepping their power. The description of the judge who first blocked his ban as a “so-called judge” directly targeted the judiciary’s institutional legitimacy. And it’s not hard to imagine where Trump’s explicit claim that any terrorist attack should be blamed on the judiciary will take him next, if such an attack does occur.
Trump recently claimed that “any negative polls are fake news,” particularly those from major networks like CNN, NBC and ABC. He added: “Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.” In other words, any poll that finds that Trump or his policies are unpopular is suspect or invented by definition. Multiple polls have shown that majorities reject his travel ban and his border wall, and global protests have broken out against the ban in particular. In other words, the public backlash to the first two major efforts to translate Trumpism into policy reality has been severe. In response, Trump is explicitly telling his supporters that any empirical evidence of that backlash must be discounted as fake news — particularly if the polls in question come from major news organizations, who are thus being cast as deliberate deceivers of Real Americans.

You cannot divorce that last point from the larger context here: Trump and Sean Spicer spent days attacking the news media for accurately reporting on his shriveled inauguration crowds, and Stephen Bannon has claimed that Trump’s “populist nation-state policies are supported by the vast and overwhelming majority of Americans” — in other words, that a vast silent majority is rooting for Trumpism to succeed. But that’s just nonsense. The effort to falsely inflate impressions of popular support for Trump — and for policies that in reality are deeply controversial and divisive and are being rejected by majorities — is concerted and deliberate. And the unabashed use of obvious and demonstrable lies to carry out this deception campaign is remarkably brazen.

Trump is now claiming that the media is covering up terrorist attacks, saying that “ISIS is on a campaign of genocide, committing atrocities across the world,” and that “in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it.” The larger context here is crucial, too: The media has in fact been invaluable in rooting out the dangerously incompetent process that led to the creation of this ban, as well as the ugly, discriminatory ideological underpinnings of the idea. In response, Trump, once again, is moving to obliterate the very possibility of shared agreement on the legitimate institutional role of the news media in informing the citizenry — right when it is playing that role to great effect by shedding light on the truth about his latest and most visible exercise of executive power, thus demonstrating that it can function as a check on him.


Trump is now attacking all the institutions that could limit his power.

This is not what a president in a democracy (or, pedants, representative republic) does. This is what an autocrat who hopes to be a dictator does.

Congress is doing fuckall to stop this madman and his puppet master, Steve Bannon. We have to keep calling, keep marching, and when we have a chance, defeat these cowards in the next election. This means we start working now, and we don’t stop until they are gone. We will lose more battles than we win, but the ones we win will be fundamental to protecting our country.


The 7 Step Process To Manifesting Your Dreams

1. Intention - decide what you want. The first step is to look within and understand what we’re seeking and why. Once we know what we’re seeking we can make it the central focus of our lives - our intention. If peace of mind is our intention we will be able to discern what does & does not align with this and act accordingly.

2. Visualisation - build a clear picture of what it looks like. Adding details to the picture in our heads is a great way to aid the manifestation process. We can also use visualisation exercises to add finer details - what are the smells, tastes, sounds and sights associated with the life we seek to create? This will make it seem more realistic than just a far away dream that may never come to be.

3. Alignment - match your thoughts & beliefs to the goal. The first step to achieving anything is believing that it can be done - we need to become aware of any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that may be mentally or physically blocking that which we’re trying to manifest.

4. Actions - take action every single day. If the dream is to have a fit, healthy and functioning body we must make sure that our daily actions match the goal. We need to eat, sleep and exercise in a way that will help the manifestation process, when our actions and thoughts are aligned we become unstoppable.

5. Focus - block out the distractions. Anything that doesn’t exist in the dream life must be removed today and done so unapologetically. Whether that’s negative people, dysfunctional behaviour or negative ways of thinking - we need to prioritise our dreams if we want them to become reality.

6. Gratitude - be thankful for what you already have. When we become grateful for the good things in our lives we are moving into the abundance mindset, this is essential for manifestations because we attract what we are. If we start “wanting” instead of being thankful for having we begin to embody the scarcity mindset and this attracts more scarcity.

7. Manifestation - watch out for the signs. When we change our thoughts and actions to align with our dreams we will notice our environments changing. People, places and things we used to resonate with will naturally filter out to make room for what we are attracting. We cannot embrace the new whilst still holding on to the old.

We attract what we are, not what we want.

Peace & positive vibes.

Programming Conclusion

Today marks the ending of a 6 week journey into basic programming and prototyping systems. I have learnt so, so much.  Borderlands style modular systems, Diablo point and click systems, turn based procedures even to simple RTS systems, was just the tip of the iceberg. The last 5 weeks have been a blur and a ride to say the least. Here is what played out……….

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Fitness is not about how many crunches you do or what number shows up on the scale. It is not even about fitting into smaller clothes sizes. It should be about gaining back your confidence and belief that you can do anything you set your mind to. Fitness should be about getting stronger, both physically and mentally. It is about learning to get back to work after setbacks, failures, and times of inactivity. Learn to accept and love obstacles on your way and you will find the true meaning of fitness.

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(fix-it au and mt!prompto here) I really don't have anything specific in mind, just... more <3 More of either promptis after the fix-it fic and their lifes in insomnia that is in the process of rebuilding, or anything really of mt!prompto. Stuff from before the fic, or way after, anything. Thank you <3

Author’s Notes: Thank you for this prompt! It was really fun to work with and gave me a lot of leeway, haha. I ended up doing a snippet of Running Behind!Prompto, set between the first and second chapters of the fic. I hope this works for you. <3


With the Dawn


NH-01987’s foot finds a rock, and he goes down on the scrub grass of the ground.

He doesn’t have time to rest, though – doesn’t have time to do anything but scramble back to his feet and lurch onward, as fast as his legs can carry him.

Since his frantic escape from Gralea ten months ago, every waking moment has been filled with new and painful challenges. His days are spent in dark overhangs and thickly wooded areas, attempting to snatch a few hours of sleep away from the burning embrace of the sun. His nights are spent moving, pushing ever east.

He has some vague idea that he’d like to find a place to stop, eventually. It will need to be secluded, and there will need to be food and water close enough for him to live off the land. There will have to be shelter from the daylight, which scorches him red and raw. He’ll have to find a weapon, before he gets there, so that he has something to defend himself, or even use to catch food. Gods, food would be nice.

But those are dreams for another time.

For now, NH-01987 will just be happy to live to see the dawn.

He staggers again, and reaches out just in time to catch himself on the trunk of a tree before he can fall face-first into the dirt. The nights in Lucis are an endless exercise in endurance. They offer protection from the sun above him, true – but the daemons that bubble up out of the ground dog his steps and keep him on the move. If he pushes on, exhaustion tears at him; if he tries to stop, the daemons do.

He thinks he’s lost the horde of goblins that were nipping at his heels. He hasn’t heard them in a while, crunching through the undergrowth.

Maybe he’s safe. Maybe he can rest a minute.

He’s barely had time to process the thought when the ground near him erupts into a creaking groan. From the puddle of inky black that splays out beneath his feet, something begins to emerge: an eerie shade of purple, amorphous and strange.

NH-01987 knows these things. They grow and they grow, and when they finally burst, too swollen to sustain their form, anything within the blast radius is left on the ground, electrocuted and writhing in pain. He’s done that once before. He doesn’t want to do it again.

So NH-01987 runs. He ducks his head and forces his exhausted body to put one foot in front of the other.

Just a little faster, he pleads with himself. Just a little farther.

It’s a lie, and he knows it; he’ll likely have to keep this up the whole night. But the more he repeats it, the more he believes it, and he needs something to believe, right now.

If he had a light of his own, he might have missed it. The glow is faint, but with only the moonlight to guide him, the bluish tinge stands out against the darkness of the night.

NH-01987 has never seen anything like it before. It’s not like the warm electric glow of the lights in towns. It’s not like the flickering of a campfire.

It’s something altogether different, but right now, NH-01987 doesn’t care what it is.

Some kinds of light keep the daemons away. That’s enough for him.

NH-01987 veers toward the blue glow. There’s something faint and smoke-like rising from the ground, but he can’t make it out – doesn’t have time to wonder what it could be. He only stumbles on, heart plunging the closer he gets. He can see the source of the light, now: some sort of writing carved into the stone on the ground.

It’s not bright enough, he thinks, as he crests the ridge to stand on top of the strange marks. This won’t be enough to keep him safe.

But to NH-01987’s wonder, the daemons come no closer. They hover around the edges of the stone, watching him with eyes of glowering purple flame.

He takes a breath in, and then another. He stands staring at them for a long moment, waiting for them to press in around him.

They never come.

They stay beyond the circle of stone, and after what feels like years but is probably only minutes, NH-01987 sinks to his knees, weak with relief.

The daemons stay. They watch, and they hover, and they come no nearer.

For perhaps half an hour, NH-01987 rests, overwhelmed with gratitude. His thoughts are muddy and indistinct from exhaustion; his legs ache, and his back aches, and he has a dozen minor unhealed injuries that pain him, but he’s safe for now, and that’s all that matters.

He doesn’t know for certain when the feeling starts.

It begins in his stomach, low and churning, like the one memorable occasion when hunger drove him, in desperation, to gnaw hopefully at a long-dead creature scraped from the road. The sickness burned at the back of his mouth and twisted at his guts; it’s like that now, but a thousand times worse.

Before long, he feels so dizzy he has to lie down – shifts so that he’s curled up on the glowing stone beneath him.

He closes his eyes and drifts for a time. When he opens them again, the nausea is stronger, and he burns, all over, like he’s ventured out beneath the sun.

NH-01987 struggles to rise, but he can’t quite get his arms under him.

For the first time, it occurs to him that if daemons fear the light so badly, the scourge burning through his veins won’t take to it, either.

He drags himself toward the edge of the stone area – gets perhaps six inches before he doubles over. He shouldn’t have anything to vomit up, anymore. He hasn’t eaten in two days. But black bile comes up, thick and dark and viscous.

NH-01987 chokes and gags – bends his head and retches again.

There’s a lot of it. There hasn’t been this much since the last time the doctors in Niflheim strapped him to a table and stuck tubes in his arms. That day, he’d spent the better part of an afternoon bent over, choking up bitter sludge until tears streamed down his face and his trainers, in disgust, had dismissed him from the rest of the day’s drills.

He needs to go. He needs to get away.

The burning is worse, now; it’s thrumming through his veins and searing him beneath the skin.

But whatever it is, this strange blue light seems to have sapped what little strength he has left. He tries to drag himself forward, but finds that his arms shake and wobble and refuse to hold him.

Move, NH-01987 thinks. Move. You didn’t come all this way to die here.

But his body doesn’t listen, and there at the corners of his eyes, the world has gone grey and indistinct.

NH-01987 closes his eyes. He presses his forehead against the glowing blue writing beneath him.

And he sleeps, for what he’s sure will be the last time.


When NH-01987 wakes, he’s very warm.

The ground beneath him is hard and unforgiving, and there’s a terrible taste in his mouth, and he blinks his eyes open, bleary and uncertain.

The first things he sees is stone, traced with strange carvings.

The second thing he sees, when he rolls over onto his back, is the sun.

The sky is wide and blue above him, and there it is, in the height of its arc, beating down on the world.

NH-01987 yelps – flinches – scrambles to his feet.

He’s halfway to the cover of the surrounding trees when it hits him: the light on his skin doesn’t burn.

There is pain, still, but it’s the pain of old bruises, of the blisters on the soles of his feet, of the goblin clawmarks long since scabbed.

This pain doesn’t sear him from the inside out. It doesn’t catch at him until he’s a huddled ball beneath an outcropping of rock. This pain is not the sun’s pain, and NH-01987 stumbles to a stop, frozen with realization.

All below him, the rock of the haven is clean and clear, the black bile from the night before burned away with the dawn.

NH-01987 tips his head up toward the sky, squinting, and stares at the too-bright stretch of blue for a long, long time.

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a million makkachins

(send me a made-up fic title and i’ll tell you what i would write to go with it!)

My first thought was ‘101 Dalmatians AU’ but I couldn’t decide who would be Cruella. For some reason my first thought was Celestino because of his luxurious mane, but I can’t do that to Celestino.

SO: Victor orders a new Makkachin tissue box, but due to a clerical error, they process 1,000 instead of just 1. There is a long, cramped week where they can’t bear to throw out anything with Makkachin’s face on it, but also they can’t actually move through their apartment. There are several near-death experiences as they open pantry doors and are buried in literal hordes of fabric with eyes.

(In the end, the sports complex hosts an open house with free Makkachins for the first 999 visitors. It’s a great community-building exercise, and the Katsuki-Nikiforovs take the last Makkachin home and move freely throughout their apartment without fear of suffocation.)

DAY 3250

Goa                         Feb 20/21,  2017                  Mon/Tue 12:02 am

‘Port out and starboard home’ .. a description of the more expensive rooms on a ship liner, described so, because of its position in ship language .. the rooms being of greater value in rent, because of its positioning to the rays of the sun .. only the very rich could afford this room and that is how the word POSH was discovered ..

The acronym of Port Out Starboard Home  is .. P.O.S.H .. !!

NO .. this is not some great brilliance of yours truly and his informative best .. I just read about it on the very likeable medium that goes by the name of Twitter !!

And why would I want to initiate my conversation today with the possession of such knowledge .. ? I truly am not in possession of any idea or reason .. perhaps … perhaps .. put it out before I forget the details of the ship lingo of ‘port’ and ‘starboard’ .. 

Yes .. forgetting, is a more valid condition that invades age .. mine inclusive .. and before it gets embarrassingly putrid, efforts must be made to defeat it .. or at best delay its onslaught ..

AND .. that brings me to the efforts prescribed for its defeat .. defeat of forgetfulness ..!!

An sms - and they come in droves to my number from known and unknown sources - suggests to me that in the morning hours after the night of relative sleep, while washing or after brushing your teeth, if you were to stick your tongue out of your mouth to its maximum and moved it left and then right, about 10 times, the exercise would assist you in your memory loss that may have percolated or is the process of doing so … !

I tried it twice this morning .. and forgot my password for the laptop ..!!  hehe

But sincerely though, the science is, that the human tongue is connected in some way through nerves etc., to the brain and its non use or limited use, hardens it, causing memory loss, or what is more dangerously described as Alzheimer’s .. !!

The above is not substantiated by any medical journal or professional report  .. its practice therefore is no guarantee of its worthiness, and is certainly beyond any purview of law .. 

The DISCLAIMER is to be paid attention to .. any loss or misuse is at your own risk .. sticking your tongue out at your mirror image, is at most times the innate honest opinion that we all have of ourselves, especially when it is the first sighting of the morning after !!

Alleluia .. !!!!

More general knowledge follows ..

The reference and mention of the film ‘2001, Space Odyssey’ has another interesting bit of information. The spacecraft in the film, on a journey, has a computer on board, that speaks and is called HAL .. HAL is acronym, and we are really obsessed with this term today, for ‘Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer’ .. so HAL .. and many believe that when Clarke, the scientist associated with the research on the film had visited the IBM company to study information, he discovered the IBM 704 computer singing a song titled ‘Daisy Bell’ .. this is the song that HAL also sings in the film, an inspiration from this visit of Clarke .. AND , many are of the opinion that HAL the name was chosen in the film not for its scientific technical naming, but because the letters of HAL, were one ahead of the letters of IBM .. you know … ghij…abcd…klm.. 

A subtle device to express that HAL was the superior or ahead of IBM ..???

The entire universe is laden with coincidences .. and here too the explanations are falling to many, within similar construct !!

Enough then of science and acronyms and the lot .. more on the day and the events and the expressive words that invite the BLOG for the DAY .. right ?

WRONG ..!!

There isn’t anything that deserves mention today. It has been an idle bundle of shivering body parts .. shivering because the air conditioning in the room is a replicant of the North Pole !!

BUT .. seriously, there has been time to read the pile of scripts brought, to think on probable projects and to invite some directors across to discuss subjects and frames and interpretations for characterisations .. and the exercise has been given some validity !! Thankfully ..

Solitude is a forbearer of silence .. silence is the harbinger of inner thought .. inner thought has the habit of defeating every thought that develops after a very short period of time - like a couple of seconds ! What is left, is the need to STOP.

So STOP it is ..

And back to the grind tomorrow and in familiar grounding ..

My love and attention .. undivided to all .. scientifically and affectionately too ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Positivity Post for People who Raised Themselves

There are a lot of positive messages reminding people that their parents didn’t raise them to be “weak” and they attribute their strength to their upbringing. That’s wonderful. I’m glad for them. But there is another kind of upbringing that makes you equally strong, and we should collectively acknowledge that.

So to the people who’s parents weren’t there, for the people who had to fight and figure out life on their own because they had no one to guide them, I fucking applaud you.

I spent most of my childhood taking care of myself, raising myself because my mother was a drug addict. We didn’t have money, so I never ate real nutritious food until late into my teen years. At 18, I was so malnourished that exercise was a very irregular activity pushed aside due to lack of time. I was always sick. Always depressed. I moved out of my childhood home and took control of my life. I got a real job, instead of the odd jobs I lived on as a child from the age of 7, figured out my bills and my life and truly looked around. I saw the truth about my past, the truth about my family, and though that’s an ongoing process, I can finally take all the credit for my own life. I raised myself. No one else.

Taking control and power back this way, acknowledging the hard work you’ve put in for yourself and acknowledging that the lack of guidance you received is truly why you’re you will help empower your new life. You’ve got this. You’ve always had it. You’ve HAD to.

Love yourself, be yourself and truly forgive yourself for how your upbringing affected you. I know I have a lot of work ahead, but I’m more than grateful for every lesson that has come to me this way and I’m more myself than ever before.

George Harrison in the gardens at Friar Park, screen capped from the Brainwashed EPK.

“Though he loved architecture, George [Harrison] told Olivia he was happy to live in one room of the mansion and take on what he needed when he needed it. Originally, he intended to go about the garden in the same way, but gardens have a way of snagging you and not letting you go. By the time Olivia arrived [at Friar Park] in 1974, he had already developed what was the beginning of a life-long passion. He started by fixing the fountain up by the house, the lawns were mown, the ivy cleared and, fittingly, he put two goats on the Matterhorn to clear the brambles. One day he lowered himself on a rope into one of the subterranean caverns under the lakes only to find the incredible remains of the waterways and grotto that [Sir Frank] Crisp had created there. The grand project had found a new custodian.

‘We never set out to make the garden a restoration, we were just doing it for the joy of it,’ Olivia said of the process of unveiling the grounds. 'You don’t have to know anything or everything to make a garden and George set out quite independently to do it his own way. “It’s amateur hour” was a mantra and clearing away the dark Victorian palette of laurel and yew and overgrown box was key to being able to move the garden forward.’

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1. I felt like garbage this morning and still managed to crank out a strong five miles. I think it’s probably time to start slowing it down and extending my runs a little more. I injured my ankle last September and didn’t start running again until this April, so I’m excited to see what kind of progress I can make with a winter of exercise.

2. I still live at my parents’ house. I moved back in to get sober and I’m still here and it kinda sucks. I’m in the process of looking for an apartment, and am taking my time to find a really great one, but I’m starting to get impatient. I threw up some Halloween decorations inside and outside my room because even if I’m not in my own place, I’m still going to decorate because Halloween is awesome.

3. This is the beardiest I’ve ever been and I have no intention of shaving anytime soon. My beard *may* have been this long back in December of 2015, but I was 75 pounds heavier and perpetually drunk, so we won’t count that. Also, it was 90 degrees outside today, which is way too hot for September in New Hampshire.

4. I’m watching WWE No Mercy (Roman Reigns v. John Cena is currently happening). Cesaro knocked out his front teeth on the ring post earlier tonight and went on to put on one of the best tag team matches of the year in WWE. The New Day v. The Usos was probably better, but still a damn good showing after eating steel.

5. I’ve decided I’m going to reread The Walking Dead this October. I am very much looking forward to it. I’ve only read through issue 101, so I’ll actually get to read a ton of new (to me) material as well. It’s going to be great.

6. I finished River Tam. Now I just have to cross stitch Malcolm, Inara, Wash, and Zoe and I’ll be finished. I think I’m going to do Final Fantasy VII characters next.

7. My fantasy team is absolute trash. I run a dynasty league, which means we carry a majority of our roster over from year to year. My team finished third last year. Now they can’t even make a competitive showing. I hate fantasy football.

Bonus: I am 21 months sober today. I’ve been so damn unhappy (depressed?) all day, but today is a heck of a lot better than two years ago, so I’ll just keep going.

Title: The Messenger
Characters: Raphael, Gabriel
Pairing: none
Word count: 1353

Summary: (Not ship-centric.) In which Raphael is visited by Gabriel to drop off a message, but he finds more between the lines than he cares to read into.  This is mainly just an exercise of my own right. I may continue on with this under the premise of Raphael interacting with others. If it does wind up being more ship centric, I’ll change that later.

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By now you’re probably aware of the extraordinary works produced by art collective Poetic Kinetics. The giant astronaut? That’s them. The huge snail with a foam party machine in the tail? That’s them. This years caterpillar -> butterfly installation at Coachella? That’s them too! 

We caught up with Patrick Shearn, the President and Co-Founder of the LA-based collective, last month to learn more about the process of bringing these amazing concepts to life at festivals around the world year after year.

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Twisted fairy tales: Aurora, dawn of a new age

Aurora signed up for the Sleep Personality Improvement and Developing Longevity Existence (SPINDLE) cryogenics program when she was 16 in 2018. Sleeping for years had seemed perfect back then; her parents were dead, the world was falling to shit, and the smoggy atmosphere made it difficult to breathe without costly oxygen masks. Plus she’d be given a set of active mind programs that meant learning cool shit without actually needing to do anything. It had seemed too good to be true when the technicians promised she’d only be woken when the world had repaired itself.

A hundred years later, Aurora saw for herself that the world had done exactly that. Instead of waking to buildings and freeways (and at least one flying car; seriously it was 2018 and there wasn’t a single flying car?!), Aurora woke to forests and streams, no flying cars in sight. It wasn’t all bad, though. While she’d slept, SPINDLE had kept her body free from disease and, as promised, her mind active. She missed the bubonic plague of 2025 (the result of anti-vaxxers who’d preferred that their child died rather than care for a child with mental disabilities; if they were going down, so was the rest of the world), and narrowly avoided a nuclear war thanks to the eradication of politicians in 2020.

As for the programs SPINDLE had added in her brain, well, Aurora didn’t really know what to do with all of the new information. She’d initially chosen only a few programs that seemed interesting, but since she’d slept for so long, the technicians had decided to just keep adding new programs when her brain waves stopped fluctuating for more than a few days. Now her mind was overflowing with information and she could barely keep up, her mind desperately trying to process the information while she was awake. She had to work through a series of exercises to improve her muscle tone - cryogenics could only do so much, after all - and while Aurora instinctively knew all of the moves, her body didn’t. Her trainer within the SPINDLE organisation was a man named Charming who was anything but charming. Aurora found that training with Charming was a bitch, mostly because she always seemed to end up flat on her back. Besides, Charming only ever called her sleeping beauty, which wasn’t as cutesy as it sounded when coming out of his sarcastic mouth.

You know how to do this, it’s all there in your pretty little head, sleeping beauty. Now stop thinking and do it already!

She usually went to bed sore and aching, and wishing she’d spent another hundred years sleeping just to avoid Charming.

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One of the problems with clip studio paint is that, when you set the canvas to “animation”, you basically can’t copy/paste anything, also the move/modify tool and the selection tool simply doesn’t work. so when you animate in clip studio paint you basically have to do and re draw everything from scratch. It’s an amazing exercise, but it slows down the process. A lot.

I just found out why it’s actually important to draw every 1 frame instead of 2 if you are animating at 24fps(Im trying to make the chameleon rotate it’s head a bit while it’s head up how do I make him LAUGH this is tricky af, also why it is really important to have a refference sheet of all your characters and not jump straight to animating them .__.

One of the main feedback I got from the walkcycle was that he had no follow through, resulting in a very mechanic movement, basically, foxy lacks more life. So I spent all day pretty much watching studying follow through and character animation. Watching atlantis because every character has a very specific personality and a lot of it is based on the movement, Also Mignola’s style is everywhere in this movie why is atlantis so underrated.

So far this has been like, a day’s work. I really recomend this guy’s youtube channel btw. If someone else is planning on doing something for personal purposes and stuff. It’s really good!! You should check his other videos as well.

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My boyfriend has just dumped me and said that he doesn't love me anymore. I don't know what to do.

Oh, hun. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this. Breakups suck, and the sadness stays with you for a long time. *hugs you tight*

First of all, I want to tell you five things:

  • This breakup does not diminish your worth.
  • You are still just as beautiful as ever.
  • It’s okay to feel sad and cry your eyes out.
  • As cliche as it sounds, it really is true when they say “Only time will heal the pain.”
  • You will find love again, and it will be wonderful.

That being said, here are a few tips on how to move forward after this breakup:

1. Give yourself time and patience as you learn to live without your ex. Don’t rush it - healing will only happen when you are ready.

2. Let yourself cry all of the grief out, but then make a conscious choice to move forward. Get rid of reminders. Throw out any mementos you still have from him/her - don’t wear the old hoodie to bed anymore, don’t save your old couple pictures, don’t hold onto old love notes or handwritten letters. Toss it all out. Let yourself mourn and then start over fresh, with no lingering reminders or memory triggers of what once was.

3. Journal. Pour out your thoughts and feelings onto paper, and give your troubled mind an outlet. Instead of revisiting old feelings, write out all of the emotions to help you process them. Reread your words and try to identify what is really bothering you - what underlying themes are occurring here? What have you learned from this experience? What would you like to do differently next time? You could even try writing your ex a letter, and then burning it.

When you look back on your relationship, don’t romanticize it. Don’t forget to remind yourself why it wouldn’t have worked out; it ended for a reason. 

4. Stop analyzing and regretting. After you’ve talked and journaled about your frustrations, stop analyzing the relationship. Rather than getting stuck in the “would haves” and “should haves”, stop looking for reasons and explanations and learn to accept the finality of the breakup.

5. Stay active. Exercise is good for both the body and the soul. Whether it be running, sports, an intramural team, the gym, or even just walking your dog, physical activity will help. A little exercise and fresh air can go a long way when your mind is numb and your heart hurting.

6. Keep busy. Don’t isolate yourself. You don’t have to go out all the time, but try to find a healthy balance so that you don’t end up staying in your room all day ruminating over what happened. 

6. Don’t try to bury the pain of the breakup by rushing into a new relationship. Make sure you’ve fully processed your feelings and moved on before getting involved with someone new - otherwise it won’t be fair to you or your new interest.

7. Focus on YOU. You’re single, so take advantage of that extra time and freedom. What are your passions? What activities make you happy? Reading, writing, journaling, scrapbooking, swimming, dancing, photography? Or, how about something about more domestic like cooking or sewing? Whatever those things are that bring you joy, go do them. Pamper yourself with a spa day every now and then, enjoy a few more girls’/guys’ nights out, volunteer at an animal shelter, take a class, or indulge in a few guilty pleasures. Focus on doing things that make you smile again. Learn to pursue happiness in areas other than relationships.

8. And finally, be gentle with yourself. Even after doing everything on this list, understand that moving forward from a relationship can take a lot of time and hard work. There is no timeline for getting through this. Let yourself take it one day at a time, and don’t beat yourself up over feeling sad and missing your ex - not only are those feelings valid, but they are also essential as you move forward. Don’t criticize yourself for having them. They are normal. Give yourself permission to heal slowly, and at your own pace - one day at a time.

This is a new chapter in your life, a clean slate, a fresh start. Embrace it.

Experiences like these are hard, but they aren’t the end of the world. Right now, it probably feels like everything is falling to pieces around you; you can feel that chunk missing from your heart, that empty space in your soul. That feeling won’t go away for awhile; it might never go away. But, you’ll learn to live with it. You’ll learn to keep surviving, to keep on pushing through each day even when you don’t want to. You’ll continue to keep on waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, getting dressed, and going throughout your day. And eventually, slowly, surely, and almost unnoticeably, this immense pain you’re bearing will start to subside. You might not recognize it at first. But, as time passes, you’re going to find that the good days start coming more often, and the sadness is more manageable, and your heart once again feels whole.

It’s heavy now, but one day it won’t be. Keep on going for that.

In the meantime, take time to refocus and pursue the things you enjoy doing. Go out to the movies, spend an afternoon at the mall with friends, write, pick up some new books from the library, volunteer somewhere to help make a difference. (Etc.) You’ll be great. It’s perfectly okay, normal, and necessary to feel sad. But then, choose to learn from this painful experience and use it to build you into a stronger, wiser, better person.

Some links to check out:

I can’t promise you that it will get better any time soon - but I CAN tell you that it will, eventually. And in time, you’ll come to realize that this breakup was only a bump in your journey… not the end of it. 

Hugs to you, though. I know it hurts. :( Take care of yourself, okay? You know right where to find me if you need somebody to talk to/vent to/cry to. You don’t have to do this on your own. 

‘’You’re not afraid of me’’ Ch. 3

A/N: I hope you like how this story is going! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes 

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Bucky doesn’t get afraid without having a reason to be.. To him, you don’t seem to be a reason enough. Fluff


Word count:

Part 1 / Part 2

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You stepped out on the paving slabs, feeling a small discomfort against your bare feet. You drew a heavy breath, letting the fresh air fill you up. You took another step, reaching the lawn. A shy smile made it’s way to your face as you enjoyed the feeling against your skin. You took a few steps further before siting down. You closed your eyes, taking a moment to enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass and flowers around you. A cloud moved, letting the sun hit you in the face and you hummed at the pleasant feeling. You sat there in silence, enjoying the moment. 

You were overwhelmed by your own feelings, not hearing the man that had approached behind you. He watched you in silence, leaning against the doorframe, a shy smile playing on his lips. You drew long breaths as if you were trying to gather air, your hair swaying in the breeze. You never wanted to leave this place, you had been longing to get outside for so long. 

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anonymous asked:

I saw that you don't clip your birb wings. If I were to take that route with my future birds, what is the best way to make sure they don't hurt themselves in transit to their destination, or hit a window or something like that?

Okay so technically there’s two ways to do this, the bare minimum way or the full on training way. But first off I would like to state that clipped birds are more likely to hit objects than flighted birds. Flighted birds have the strength and resistance to stop on front of an object and change direction and have faster response times due to neurone development gained through flight while a clipped bird lacks these things.

With the bare minimum way you’re basically just bird proofing everything you can and teaching your bird a few basic commands so if they get out there’s a better chance of them coming back.  The full on way is you bird proofing everything, teaching a variety of concepts to exercise flight muscles, putting in a sort of minor training course so the bird learns to fly at certain angles, through things, and sudden change of direction as well as stimulating the brain to sort of jumpstart the process of them developing certain symbiotic neuropathways (basically exercising reactions, I see a tree I know I need to move out of the way, exercising this makes reaction times faster and allows them to avoid flying in to things)

The absolute BARE MINIMUM things you need to teach a bird regardless of their feathers is recall.  Whether it’s getting them to walk along the floor to you on command or flying they NEED to understand how to come back in case anything ever does happen. You also need to do everything you can to keep the room a bird-safe zone, this is especially important when they’re just learning to fly or are just recovering from a clip.


Cover windows, cover mirrors, keep the area spacious so they can’t fly in to anything, removing any toxic woods from the environment, etc.  When birds are just learning to fly or recovering from a clip they have not developed essential neuropathways which are required for flight so we have to make the environment as easy for them to fly in as possible.  At this time they will not have the reaction time necessary to see an oncoming danger and have the power to move out of the way so we need to eliminate those dangers and work on strengthening their reactions.


Getting a bird to come to you on command is a complete necessity.  If that bird ends up in danger, gets outside, lands up high, goes missing in the house it needs to understand how to follow the sound of your voice and be focused on getting back to you regardless of the circumstances. While teaching flight recall the birds are just starting to develop some of those symbiotic neuropathways, in order for them to land on you properly they’re learning how to judge distance, when to prep for landing, and all the little neurones that process that information develop.  So through teaching recall your bird is already starting to get a stronger mind, also, they learn to better control their flight, start building some muscle and their respiratory systems start getting much needed exercise.


Teaching a bird to fly to where you point allows for a lot of extra exercise, flying straight at you doesn’t exercise all the muscles necessary to truly have control of their flight.  By teaching them to fly where you point they can exercise ascending and descending from various heights.  This also strengthens their ability to judge distance, how high they need to fly in order to reach the end goal, when to slow down and again, all those little neurons are getting stronger, faster, and more precise.

Now, I’ve been talking a lot about symbiotic neuropathways and you might now know what that has to do with your question: strengthening those neuropathways is the only way to ensure your bird won’t fly in to anything!  Those little pathways are what causes the body to see something and have an instant reaction to get out of the way, if a bird doesn’t exercise that they will take off, not see the window until they’re close to it, not realize the window is a hazard until they’re even closer and then won’t be able to fly away from it because they’re too close.  A bird which has had the training to strengthen the neuropathways will see the window right away and in that same moment change their direction so they avoid the hazard.  All this training will help strengthen their eyesight since, like all of their internal structures, it’s built to work with flight.  Once they start exercising flight more frequently their systems can properly exercise and develop.

To really exercise those neuropathways there’s a couple things I do to work on different reactions.  These things should only be done if you know what you’re doing as moving a step too quickly could very easily result in your bird flying in to something.   You need to be able to tell when your bird is strong enough to avoid these structures and move on to the next step, moving too fast is hazardous.

Object Avoidance

Sounds just like it is, put a pole in the middle of the room, a lamp, ladder, something that’s sturdy and place it right in the middle of an empty room, you stand on one side, your bird the other then recall them.  The bird has to learn to fly around the object to get to you, this helps them strengthen their flight muscles that are required for quick turns, teaches the brain to see oncoming objects and avoid them faster and really helps them learn to control their flight.  Over time you can change how many objects there are, make narrower spaces and so on so the bird better strengthens their flight and response to various situations. You can also introduce moving objects, get someone to gently sway something soft (pillow, blanket, rope) to begin with so the bird has to better develop those reactions.

Narrow Flight

Flying through something big and gradually making it smaller, you can teach a bird to fly through a hula hoop and gradually make it smaller or you can use a system of interior double doors.  Have the doors wide open and recall through the door and then gradually close the door so the bird starts to understand how to time their strokes.  This teaches the bird how to gain even more control of their flying abilities, strengthens different muscles, makes them use a lot more of their brain to focus on HOW they are flying and teaches them to pace themselves given different situations.  Again, this strengthens neuropathways between not only their vision and reaction but now between their vision, reaction, and physical change.

Ascending/ Descending

Birds really need to strengthen these the most, in a captive environment they don’t do a whole lot of vertical flying straight from the ground up to a tree top like they do in the wild, these muscles are among the weakest in captive birds but just may be the most important.  The action of flying upwards exercises the same muscle that is required to pull up to slow down or stop, when a bird see’s an oncoming object they tend to pull up and then turn, if these muscles are weak they will not be able to slow down as fast and ultimately hit something.  It’s also important to exercise this in case of an emergency, if your bird flies outside and lands high in a tree they will not have the strength to fly back down, against wind, in a scary environment without exercising these muscles!


This is something I’m actually refusing to teach anyone since it can be used for outdoor purposes but unless you have one on one with a professional trainer you shouldn’t EVER take a bird outside unrestrained.  But your bird needs to strengthen their respiratory system through how long they fly, I do this through indoor free flight I increase the amount of air time they have each session and gradually their lungs have gotten a LOT stronger.  You could also do this through long distance recall.

If all of this sounds like a whole lot of work I urge you to read why I keep my birds flighted.  Yeah training is a heck of a lot of work and it can be hard some days but seeing just how happy, healthy, strong, confident, and powerful they’ve become is really worth it, not to mention seeing how they’ve developed over this past year it’s very clear to me just how much safer they are after all this training than they were before we started. You can check out my free flight tag to watch in on some of our flight training sessions, goof ups, bad days, and some text posts where I explain the progress each of them have made.

TL;DR:  If you just want a bird to be flighted and remove SOME of the risk of hitting things, cover up objects, put nets in front of windows, teach them basic recall and try to keep the area as vacant as possible while they learn to develop symbiotic neuropathways and muscle on their own.

If you want them to CONTROL their flight and fly with power and precision you need to teach them a few concepts and set up a training schedule to help develop muscles and work on certain things to keep them safe.

It’s completely possible for almost every bird out there to be happy and flighted, whether or not you’re willing to put in the effort for their happiness and safety is another thing.

What I do is hard work but it’s only 15 minutes out of my day, every day, which is making their lives a thousand times better.  Once you get in to a rhythm it gets easier, seeing the way they get stronger with every session is really worth the effort you put in to it. Not to mention, look how pretty those wings are!

If all of that sounds like too much to you then a bird might not be the right choice!  Even the simplest of tasks take that much effort, something like getting them to eat veggies can take MONTHS.