The Signs as Types of Exercise

*Can apply to both sun and/or Mars sign.

Aries: Jogging- Requires a vast amount of energy and is an independent activity. Aries seeks out adventure so jogging can be the perfect outlet to explore. 

Taurus: Rock Climbing- Requires patience and determination. Without these two skills rock climbing can be hard and dangerous, but it is no match for a Taurus. 

Gemini: Biking- The constant change of terrain is no challenge for the adaptable Gemini. Biking is also the perfect opportunity to socialize among peers which would satisfy the chatty Gemini. 

Cancer: Swimming- An activity that can be inclusive, but yet peaceful is what would catch a Cancer’s eye. Swimming is perfect for their adaptability skills as well.  

Leo: Horseback Riding- Their caring attitude is put up for the task when having to work with a live animal. A courageous exercise and very showy making it perfect for a Leo. 

Virgo: Cycling- This exercise is not for the weak so a Virgo would not be intimated by this at all. Their determined mind-set will for sure help them burn calories. 

Libra: Yoga- Sums up what a Libra stands for: balance and tranquility. In a chaotic world, yoga can really help bring Libra back into their peace of mind. It also emphasis a lot on inner strength which is something Libras possess. 

Scorpio: Boxing- Dynamic and intimidating yet oddly magnetic just like a Scorpio. Needs to be able to think before they act which is what Scorpio mastered.  

Sagittarius: Dancing- Carefree fun that has anything but a boring atmosphere. Their jovial personalities will match up perfectly with dancing because it is one the best ways to express yourself. 

Capricorn: Martial Arts- Dedication and ambition is two skills a Capricorn can use to master martial arts. Their determine nature is a force to be reckoned with!

Aquarius: Weight Training- This exercise will not only build muscles, but it will also build character which is something Aquarius’s always look forward to. 

Pisces: Hiking- Spiritual and wondrous, a Pisces will be pleased with hiking as an alternative method of exercising. They can build up strength while taking in the beauties of the world. 


be good to your tools, including the tools physically attached to you

One Song Workout - Kanye West ‘Power’

Think you don’t have time to exercise? Think again. All you need is a little musical motivation. 

Turn on Kanye West’ ‘Power’ and do the exercises below for the prescribed number of reps. 

Click on each exercise for a video demo.

Jumping Jacks x 30 reps
Standing Calf Raises x 10 reps
Crunches x 15 reps
Incline Push-ups x 10 reps
Bicycles x 50 reps

Squats x 10 reps
Sit-ups x 5 reps
Jumping Jacks x 30 reps
Burpees x 5 reps

It’s less than 5 minutes and you DON’T need any equipment.

So it’s Team No Excuses!

Now go get it in for Workout Wednesday!

Repeat 3-5x if you have more time for a full body workout.

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Drama (Acting) Exercises

1.  this thing where the group goes in pairs and stands in lines, line two in front of line one, facing eachother, and the teacher says a word (ex. train) and one half of the pair on line one has to act it out so the other half of the pair on line two can guess it. when its guessed the other half needs to act out. after a while you mix the pairs! 

2. this thing where the teacher puts on music and you have to imagine you’re an animal (sometimes a person or mythical being!), and then need to act out how the animal (person/mythical being) feels on that music. (ex. a unicorn hears dubstep, and starts robbing a bank)

3. this thing where the teacher (again) puts on music and you have to act out how you feel about the music. (ex. i hear justin bieber and get a bit nausiated.)

4. this thing where you stand in a circle and the teacher says a word, then the person next to him (mostly clockwise) says the first word that comes in mind, the person next to him does that too and so on and on. (ex. teacher says ‘pear’, you say ‘apple’, person next to you says ‘banana’)

5. this thing where you stand in a circle and the teacher does a weird movement (ex. a robot dance) and the person next to him (again mostly clockwise) has to re-enact the movement as best as possible. after a while this movement becomes so weird and changes completely (warning: you laugh a lot with this exercise!). (ex. the teacher starts with a robot dance and after a few rounds the robot dance changed into a monkey)

6. this thing where you lay on the ground and the teacher puts on soft music, and you have to wake up and slowly start moving, and then walk around, and then start dancing.

7. this thing where you have to imagine a character, and then the teacher + the group interviews you, not knowing what kind of character you are. (ex. a werewolf)

8. this thing where everyone in the group writes down some info about them (ex. hobbies, dreams, dislikes, likes…) and then the paper gets handed to someone else and you have to act out the person 20 years later. (ex. a person really likes musicals at a young age, and when at 20 has starred in a musical, but hated it so much she stopped liking them)

9. this thing where everyone in the group writes down 4 names and then put them in a box/hat/container, and then everyone, minus one person (!), picks a name. the excluded person is the dead person and sits dead on a chair. the others have to come to him, and act out the character that best fits the name, whilest talking to the dead body. (ex. I pick Lucy out of the hat. I think of a devil worshipping killer. I talk to the dead person as if I killed him. Now the other people who may know me, have to play with me and act he’s killed.)

i probably have so much more there may be a part 2! to be honest, i could be a teacher at this point haha! 

I formulated a new workout routine. Still, stretching first, dance after that, and then cardio, then abs, then legs and arms, then flexibilty. I’m going to add ten to the quantity of each exercise written above though, and plus ten seconds for wall sit and elbow plank. Yay to a more systematic workout routine!

howtoevenyt asked:

So the start of my book (after the prologue) starts with a girl running back to a village that has been raided by a single man. I simply cannot put in words why the girl was outside, I tried hunting but when I read it it doesn't sound right. The second is that the man has a scythe for a hand (which is really important and not just something added to make the character look cool) and I can't put that in words either it always sounds a bit weird and out of place. I know it sounds weird but help?

First, as strange as it may seem, some people enjoy being outdoors. Maybe your character likes going for long walks? Perchance, she found a butterfly and decided to follow it through the meadow that was in bloom? Maybe she loves the way the wind bites her skin in the winter? Ultimately, put your imagination cap on and develop your character some more.

Second, we’re gonna do a little exercise. You’re gonna grab a piece of paper and a writing instrument of your choice. Set your phone or another time for 30 minutes. As soon as you press start, list out all the reasons why this scythe-for-a-hand thing is important. When the time is up, take a long hard look at the list. Are these good answers? Do they satisfy you? If you’re staring at an empty page or a page with a few BS answer, you scrap it. Back to the drawing board.

tl;dr: If you cannot explain why something is important, you are not going to be able to convince a reader that it’s important without a whole lot of BS.

Last, methinks you need to rethink the prologue.


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