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Hello everyone, my Yoga Stretching Routine video is up on my YouTube channel! 💗 A lot of you guys have asked me what kind of stretching I do in combination with my One Month Makeover, so I thought I’d make this free video for you guys showing you :) This is my first ever follow-along workout with me video, so I hope you guys enjoy it 💪🏻 I do 2+ videos a week and I always take requests so if you have any, just send them my way. :) Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP, and COMMENT on the video on YouTube because it really helps me know which videos of mine you guys like best ❤️ Namaste ☺️

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5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Meals

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or build muscle, you’ll need to carefully choose your diet. Consuming processed foods that offer little-to-no nutrition will only slow down your efforts, making it harder to achieve your goal. But the right nutrition will prove invaluable in helping you reach these personal goals. Here are some things to consider when planning your meals.


How much sodium does the meal contain? Reports indicate that the average American consumes a whopping 3,400 milligrams of sodium per day, increasing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and other health problems. In comparison, federal guidelines recommend no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily.


Of course, you should also consider the protein content in your meals. Everyone needs protein, but this nutrient is particularly important for bodybuilders and athletes. You see, protein is used by the body to repair damaged muscle and tissue. It speeds up the recovery process so you can spend more time in the gym and less time waiting for your muscles to recover.


One of the most common reasons why people choose fast food over preparing and cooking their own meals from scratch is because it’s more convenient. When you’re juggling a job/school, relationships, friends, and personal life, it’s hard to make time to prepare your own meals. As such, many people choose fast food. But there are still quick and easy ways to make your own healthy meals without resorting to fast food. Baked or broiled chicken breast with a side of fresh vegetables, for instance, takes less time to cook than driving to a nearby fast food establishment.


Who says carbohydrates are bad and should be avoided? Sure, when consumed in excess, carbs can lead to weight gain. But they are an excellent, readily available source of energy that gives you the fuel to push through those otherwise tough workout sessions.


Don’t overlook the importance of consuming vitamin-rich food. Some people assume that taking a multivitamin offers the same benefits. However, studies have shown that vitamin supplements are not properly absorbed by the body, meaning they are less effective than actual food sources. Vitamin-rich foods typically include fruits like apples, oranges, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, avocados, etc.

Tonight, […],
In the froth of the summer rain,
I was misfortunate enough to think of you.

I thought:
If you’re gone, if you desert,
If you want to be dead to me,
If you want to cower in the brothel of forgetfulness
With your arms over your head,
If you want to walk off unnoticed from one day into the next,
If you want to play with memory’s pearls,
Tying memory around your neck like a wreath.

I thought:
Where will be the grace in life’s bird cry,
Where will be the grace in day after day of
Swollen sickening time?

Hugo Claus, from “Exercises,”  Even Now (Archipelago, 2013)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Do u know any fitness blogs that could help me/give advice 4 training + whatnot…I'm not sure when 2 stretch, some say jog 2 warm-up. Is it a good idea 2 stretch every day? How much is 2 much? How long should I stretch? How do I warm-up + down? I'm going to start off slow, walk daily, exercise with no equipment, then make progress. Also what r some good healthy snacks 2 help with overeating ig, I usually don't eat much but when I do, I just can't stop, then I regret it and feel awful. Thanks!

Hi there!  Alright this is a big loaded question so let’s break it down. Sorry it’s so long as well… what can I say, #jenisawindbag :)

1) Warm-Up 
You MUST warm up and cool down before/after your work outs. If you don’t, you’re much more prone to injury!  That’s bad.
What I usually do is if I’m running, walk for 5-10 minutes to get my muscles going. You can also do dynamic stretching as part of your warm up - you stretch but it’s moving. You DO NOT want to do static stretching as part of your warm up - you’ll be prone to injury this way, and the stretch won’t be effective since your muscles aren’t warmed up. Instead, do light exercises like jumping jacks, body weight squats, dynamic stretching, and yes, even jogging, just to get your heart rate up and to literally “warm up” your body before your workout. If you’re lifting, and it’s shoulder day, do some shoulder shrugs to warm up your shoulders. Whatever you’re doing, your warm up should warm up the muscles you’re going to be using for your workout. 
In terms of length, 5-15 min should be good for your warm up. Whatever is enough time for you to be warmed up and ready to kick ass during your workout.

2) Cool-Down / Stretching
When you say “stretching” I am assuming you mean static stretching. Do that as part of your cool down, when your muscles are warmed from after working out. For your cool down, yoga is a great tool here (I love Ester Ekhart’s yoga cool down - check it out on YT!  In fact I just love Ester Ekhart all the way around so check her out for all her yoga videos! Her voice is so soothing and she is so knowledgeable. Love her yoga videos! She even has beginner videos if you’re a beginner.) for cool down, where yoga incorporates stretching, balance, strength to your cool down. 

3) Stretching every day
Part of your question asks if stretching every day is a good idea. Sure!  If you’re looking to increase your flexibility, then definitely. Even 5 min a day is sufficient. A good time to do some light stretching is immediately when you get up in the morning, when your muscles are still warm from being in bed. And if you are exercising, include some in your cool down, and some dynamic stretching as part of your warm up. You can also start practicing yoga (youtube videos, a class, or on your own) which does include stretches as part of the yoga workout. How much is too much? Your body will tell you. If you are aching and feel miserable, then it’s too much. But if you start slow and build up your flexibility, you should be just fine. Even 5 min a day is beneficial :)

4) “I’m going to start off slow, walk daily, exercise with no equipment, then make progress”
Very good. Walking is the best place to start. Easy, everyone can do it, and you can build up from there. Yay!  Progress is always good. Congrats on starting on your journey!!

5) Diet / good snack ideas
Oh yes, the real challenge has presented itself. Exercising, while difficult, is not the hardest challenge. Eating is. Your #1 priority is to stop overeating. I found what works for me is to have many planned small meals and snacks throughout the day, and this prevents you from getting overhungry and then overeating later. I plan my small meals/snacks roughly every 3-4 hours apart, and that works for me. This might be worth trying for you too.
Healthy snack ideas… oh there are thousands!!  I love rice cakes with PB, apples (and all fruits), Greek yogurt, carrots+humus, raisins (I have those really small boxes for my “dessert” at meals), frozen fruit bars, oatmeal… the list goes on! Generally a good formula for snacks is lean protein + carbs. The carbs give energy and the protein keeps you full until your next snack/meal. Healthy fats are also a way to keep you full and satisfied. Find what works for you and your tastes!  In general, remember to eat from all food groups, focusing heavily on fruits and veggies :)