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i know you said you were saving taz requests for a later time, so im sorry if this just adds more to your pile! but youre just in general one of my fav artists, esp re: TAZ, and i dont know if you keep up with fandom things, but lately there was a blog hating on taakos just because they were chubby or fat or overweight and it really hurt as someone who sees themself in chub taakos. i guess the point of this is, have you ever considered drawing a chubby taako? itd make my whole month, i think!

Hello friend. I’m sorry that this sort of hullabaloo is happening in the fandom. I hope I can make your whole month ( and then some ) by offering you a cute, soft Taako.

1. What is draining my energy?
2. What can make me move?
3. What should I do in order to be more energized?
4. What is holding me back?
5. How can I beat that?
6. Mistakes I shouldn’t make (anymore)
7. What is the lesson I should learn out of this “energyless” period?
8. Ultimate goal (What should I go for)


So I’ve been feelin a drastic loss of energy lately , so i decided to check it with my cards and made a spread asking what I want to know. The spread was successful and answered my questions (the cards were bashing me ofc and giving me a lecture), so i wanted to share with you guys. Now I know that there may be thousands of arrow-like spreads, but I felt this is the best way to line them up cause…arrows pointing up……..why not


exercise 03272017

bike ride to the gym

  • 6 x 5 pec machine @ 135#
  • 4 x 5 dips
  • 6 x 5 row machine @ 160#
  • 6 x 5 low row machine @ 145#
  • 3 x 10 tricep press machine @ 125#
  • 6 x 5 seated press machine @ 210#
  • skipped the cardio

bike ride home

  • the gym workers received mini Reeses..
  • bottom pic = gym is installing a concrete place for the bicycles to park.  yay!!!
It's almost time

I have 18 more days until my family drives down to see me. Six months ago my fiancee and I moved about 5 hours away from my family, to another state. They are finally coming to visit us!

Not only does our place have to be in order but so does my health routine.

I haven’t been doing the greatest at sticking to eating all healthy things. I am still going to the gym though. I also have been trying to force myself to drink more water on weekends.

I have 18 days to shape up and lose what I can. It’ll be interesting to see exactly what I can do given a small time crunch. Next measurements are scheduled for the 15th of April.

My phone went completely wonky while I was on the cruise and reset itself to the point that I couldn’t even turn it on!😳 It honestly felt so nice to completely disconnect from my phone and technology for 5 days💆🏻🏝🛳 But this was the last picture I got on the cruise and it was when I went to the gym to do Day 2 of my next challenge!💪🏼 It was a GREAT workout!😍

Physical therapy is going really well so far. After sessions my leg feels loose and limber and pain-free, and doing the daily morning and night exercises has resulted in significantly less stiffness when I wake up. My leg’s background ache level has gone down and that’s nice after almost three months of it constantly hurting.

Also PT isn’t nearly as embarrassing as I worried it would be because everyone there is doing similarly awkward and goofy exercises while trying to count seconds and reps so nobody has time to stare at anybody else. All in all way better than I thought it’d be, hurray.