Okay I need to get another workout in after watching this. If you issues with workout consistency WATCH THIS Realize you are privileged to even have the chance to workout. Some people are immobilized and would kill for the chance to better themselves so dont take that for granted.

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A little bit of a body update for y'all.
I weighed myself this morning at 187.8lbs
This is the heaviest I’ve been in four years (also I’m on lady time this week so I’m hoping I’ll drop a few lbs by the weekend) anywayyy even though this is the heaviest I’ve been, my attitude towards myself is a lot different than last time. I’m embracing the body I have while I try to make it better. I tried running last week and my hip was sore for a few days so I’m gonna have to cut that out. Right now I’m gonna stick with yoga as my primary form of exercise and upper body strength training. I’m just gonna have to pray those Brazilian booty genes pull through! 🍑😏

This was long but I just wanna say that even though my body isn’t currently where I would like it to be, it’s a body. And it’s gotten me through one of the toughest years of my life.

So, thank you body. You are lovely just the way you are. ❤

Extended Leg Squat

From Table position, tuck the toes under and walk the hands in towards the feet, keeping the knees bent and bringing the hips pressed down towards the heels in a squatting position.

Walk the feet a little further apart until the torso is not resting against the thighs and the feet are flat on the floor.

Keep your hands on the floor in front of you as you slowly extend and straighten the right leg, pressing out through the heel. Let the hips sink down towards the left heel.

Breathe and hold for 1-3 breaths


🌎YogaDay (at Key West, Florida)

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