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30 things that you can add to your habit tracker if you are a student

The end of the month is for many of us the perfect time to take out our planners and bullet journals to plan the upcoming month.

Today I want to provide you with ideas for every student’s habit tracker.

You don’t have a habit tracker yet? I highly recommend this productivity tool for you. It can help you to track your current habits and it will help you to establish new habits more easily. Just check Tumblr, Pinterest or Google for some inspiration.


  • Do homework
  • Go to library
  • Digital detox during study session and lecture
  • Successful Pomodoro study session
  • Write essay
  • Accomplish reading assignment
  • Do research
  • Go to class
  • Arrived in class on time
  • Number of questions asked in a lecture (easier: participation at class y/n)
  • Review notes after class
  • Rewrite notes
  • Prepare a presentation
  • Prepare presentation speech
  • Organize folders/binders
  • Write a paragraph for essay
  • Write a summary
  • Write flashcards
  • Save written assignments on external memory/USB/cloud
  • Meetings with study buddy or study group
  • Learn something new
  • Declutter desk space
  • Study to-do list accomplished
  • Do some exercises to test new study material
  • Prepare backpack/bag the night before
  • Number of study breaks taken
  • 8 hours of sleep
  • Go to bed by a certain time
  • Water intake
  • Exercise/sport

Happy planning everyone :)


Hey friends!

It’s Meg, back at our regularly scheduled TUTOR TUESDAYS! Today we dive into some useful exercises for environment/color studies! If you have any tutorials/exercises you’d like to see, lemme know here or my personal! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

Hello Studyblr Community ♡

My name is Laura and I’m 20 years old

I’m trying to get back into studyblr-ing as motivation for myself I really hope this works out

About me:

I’m from Germany and now in my 2nd semester at University.
I study Environmental engineering and Korean in my spare time.
At the moment I’m finding University very difficult because I guess the school I went to before wasn’t the best, so I failed my Maths and Chemics exam even though I studied a lot for that. I took 3 exams last semester and I hope I didn’t fail the other one as well :(

With this blog I plan on focusing on studying (obviously😊) but also mental health and such because that’s one thing I tend to struggle with from time to time due to my past.
I’ve gotten bullied for years and also harassed.
For the most part I’m over it, but sometimes it still gets to me (I watched 13 reasons why which made me realize a lot about all of that.)
Anyways other than that I’m happy :)

I listen to metalcore and kpop (boy groups and blackpink) and sometimes I also go out. I don’t really enjoy the music there but it’s fun regardless.

I may be asexual (not really sure yet) and panromantic.

Why I’m starting this studyblr:

I wanna make studying more enjoyable for myself and like I previously mentioned also deal with my ‘problems’
I want to do well (better) and at the moment doing well is not something that’s happening.

I’m sometimes shy and may suck at convos, but I’d love to make friends so please say hi!

Anyone, if you want to say hello please do I’d love to talk to people and make friends!❤

Hello studyblr community♡

My name is Laura, I’m from Germany and currently 20 years old.

I study Environmental engineering at a technical university.

I really need to get enough motivation on here, so i can study for the (probably) 7 exams I have to take (AND PASS) next semester, so I really hope this works out..

It will be really stressful and I’m already worried.. I have to retake some exams I didn’t pass and also take 2 classes I’d have now anyways. I have to get 80CP by the end of 4th semester and I’m in my 3rd now and I’m really far away from that… I tried my best, but somehow it just didn’t work out well enough

At the moment I’m finding University very difficult, because the schools I went to weren’t the best, so I guess I’m not used to actually sitting down and study. I got a lot better, but I still have a long way to go and it has to happen fast..

If anyone can help me with this, I’ll be very thankful!

With this blog I really I wanna make studying more enjoyable for myself, but also post about mental health and such because that’s one thing I tend to struggle with a lot from time to time. I didn’t have it easy at all growing up and I really don’t want to let my experiences ruin my future.

Anyways other than that I’m actually a pretty happy person

I want to do better and at the moment that’s just not something that’s happening.

I may be shy at first and also not be the best at holding conversations, but I’d love to make friends so please say hi! I hope we can be friends :)

Right now my goal is to have more non-zero days. Maybe I didn’t get to the gym, but did I eat well? Maybe I didn’t study, but did I clean my apartment? Did I do some self-care? Was I productive in some way?

[my goals: lose weight/be healthier/learn some basic spanish before med school/stay focused/be calmer]

Baby steps, y'all! :)

What are your goals?

rivals to lovers starters

as requested. feel free to change pronouns or anything else !

  • “I’m going to kis–kick your ass!”
  • “You can’t sleep with him/her/them! You’ll get your heart broken–and then I’ll automatically win, and that’s no fun.”
  • “I’m considering letting you win…”
  • “If you lose, you have to do anything I want.”
  • “Stop squirming! You can’t beat me if you have a cut like that.”
  • “I’d do anything to……win.”
  • “How did you trip over thin air, dumbass?! Be quiet, I’ll carry you somewhere.”
  • “I challenge you to a duel! With my tongue/mouth.”
  • “I bet I can kiss better than you can!”
  • “Wow, you’re really dumb…PFFT…bet you won’t take off your shirt…chicken.”
  • “I can’t believe I have to share a room with you before our competition.”
  • “Try to beat MY handholding skills.”
  • “Contest: whoever comes up with the most ways to say ‘I love you’ wins.”
  • “Ha! You’re definitely the fastest.”
  • “Scared, ___?”
  • “I was joking…why would you actually try to jump over that fence?”
  • “Don’t do anything stupid!”
  • “FINE. If you win, I’ll go out/sleep/make out with you.”
  • “You have about as much of a chance at winning as you do of getting a kiss from me.”
  • “I don’t want to lose to anyone else but you!”
  • “If you get it right, I’ll let you take a break.”
  • “Are you too scared to skinny dip?!”
  • “Think you can handle my thoughtful love notes?! You’re in for a shocker.”
  • “I’ve always spent so much time practicing/studying/exercising/etc. that I’ve never had a real boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other before.”
  • “For a newbie, you’re kinda cute.”
  • “Hey, stop with the puppy eyes! I won fair and square.”
  • “No, YOU’RE the cutest.”
  • “Time for a staring contest! I’m totally the king/queen/ruler of them.”
  • “Can we end practice? It’s really hot in here.”
  • “Oh you wanna trash talk huh? Well-uh–your lips–a-are really soft-looking–”
  • “If I win, you get to be my prize.”


I got myself out of a week of slumping around by meditating and exercise.

I annotated the French version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and made a vocabulary sheet for every word I don’t know. The thing with passé simple is that we were just told “this is what it looks like, go with it”.

Maybe I’ll write a simpler version of the first chapter for the kid in 7th grade i’m tutoring.

Exercise and exams

I didn’t really get how important exercise is during exam time until this year. Like, I knew, but I didn’t know.

I used to go on 10 minute walks in the middle of an 8 hour study day and wonder why it didn’t do anything to help. Then I remembered something my dance teacher loves to say: If you can talk right now, you’re not improving.

Now, this statement might be a little much for a study walk (she was talking about competitive dance so the bar was a little higher). But it made me realise that a 10 minute casual stroll wasn’t going to do anything much to my physiology. I’m quite fit, so that wasn’t altering my heart or respiratory rate much at all.

This year, I’ve been making sure there’s time in my day to go for a walk that’s 45-60 minutes long. I would have balked at that much time just 6 months ago, but here’s the thing: if I walk quickly, for that long, around the prettiest streets I can find, I come back feeling ready to work. I get home breathing deeply and evenly, with a slightly elevated heart rate from the hill that makes up the last 5 minutes of my walk, and glowing with just a little sweat. And then I can sit down and get shit done. It doesn’t matter how unenthusiastic I was feeling before I left, I go for that walk and come back feeling like I can achieve anything with the rest of my day.

(And a kick-ass playlist doesn’t hurt either… my current song for crushing it is “I Did Something Bad” from Taylor Swift’s new album)

So, it’s that time of the year again, back to school. And right now, some of you are probably panicking a little because, let’s face it, school starts soon and you have not glanced at your to-do list since June. But don’t be afraid, lots of us are in the same boat. I myself ambitiously drafted out a long list of things to do this summer, including studying C++, studying Chinese, preparing for new course work, studying quiz bowl, and exercising. However, I was abroad for five weeks, spent lots of weekends at the beach, slept in, and generally slacked off. Now, it’s not too late to pick up the pace and get into the study grind to get a good start this school year. Below are some useful tips!

Academic Tips:

  • Print off your new school schedule immediately and build your personal schedule around that. (Figure out which time blocks are for studying, exercise, sleep, mealtime, extracurriculars, and chill time.)
  • Buy a planner and start using it. It doesn’t have to be personalized or fancy, just make sure it suits your taste and is usable. Even though you may not have classwork right now, start using it to complete tasks and get in the habit of writing in it.
  • Search up your teachers/professors on RateMyProfessor to (kinda) know what you’re in for. Obviously, those reviews are a little skewed so read them with a grain of salt, but know which professors are lecture heavy and which classes rely on the textbook. This really helped me last year.
  • Get in the habit of reading and writing a bit everyday. That way, your first assignment won’t be nearly as painful. Just write a little in a journal or read some NYT articles to critically engage your brain. 
  • Look over the first chapter of your textbooks. The first chapter and introduction in books really explain what the course is about, so if you’re afraid of feeling stranded in class, read them.
  • If you have questions or concerns about your courses, email your professors or teachers. They want to help their students.
  • Map out where you have to go for each class. Whether it’s changing floor in the same building or booking it across campus, make sure you know where you’re going the first week of class. Highlight your routes on a map of the school if you need.

Lifestyle Tips:

  • It’s nice to sleep in over summer break, but start waking yourself up earlier. Figure out what time you need to wake up, factor in the 7-8 hours of sleep you need, and determine the ideal bedtime. Set an alarm and start slowly winding back your wake up time. For example, if I need to get up at 7:00 AM for school, I’ll sleep until 8:30 for one week. Then I’ll wake up at 8:00 the next week, and 7:30 the week after that so my body can slowly adjust to the earlier mornings.
  • On a similar note, start going to bed at the appropriate time. It may be frustrating to do so when it’s still bright out at night, but this really helps your body adjust. The lights from devices keep you up, so get accustomed to ditching the electronics before you get in bed.
  • Make sure your outfits are school ready. I know my math lecture is in a really chilly old building, so I’m pulling out a few sweaters to bring with me to class. If your school has a dress code (which can be annoying) or uniform, make sure your outfits comply.
  • Get your bag and supplies ready. This is fun for me, because I usually end up shopping and getting some new cute accessories and stationery.
  • Start a new healthy habit with the school year. This is a good time to try to stick in something new. Get a reusable water bottle and try to drink 8 cups a day, or add meditation to your night routine. You won’t regret it!

Now, most of these tips are applicable to both high school and college, but if you want high school or college specific tips, let me know in my messages or ask box and I’ll make another post. Have an amazing school year!

– studyboba (Janet)

Hi, sorry for disturbing you,” Izuku begins.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Suneater says, and he raises a baseball bat that Izuku didn’t notice before. Oh no.

another illustration for another @simkjrs​ fanfiction because it’s amazing and i have no self control

Like I know people don’t like to hear this on here, but,,, Exercise does temporarily relieve anxiety and/or depression and chronic exercise has even been known to reduce catecholamine and cortisol levels in the brain when a stressor is presented to an individual,,, Lots of research has been done specifically on exercise and anxiety and, like, aerobic exercise is best (running, walking, elliptical, etc.) whereas strength training and the like can actually increase anxiety momentarily. Meanwhile, in depression, any form of exercise helps.

I know y'all don’t like it when neurotypicals present exercise as a form of treatment but (especially w anxiety) it’s been clinically shown to work just as well as medications. Also, like, you can trust me,,,I study this ish and suffer from (diagnosed) anxiety and depression. I’ve been working out and exercising since January and I see an overt difference in my quality of life (ESPECIALLY where my anxiety is concerned).

If you don’t have time or the motivation, then fine, but all the posts I see on here about how exercise doesn’t help just aren’t,,,true. It does help. Even just walking for 20 minutes will help if you do it three-to-five days a week. (Eating well also helps. Couple exercise w smaller portions of foods and/or more veggies and fruits and you’ve got yourself a helpful anxiety and/or depression treatment!)

don’t compare yourself to professional athletes. i found myself recently obsessed with “why don’t i look like that” or “why can’t i run that far or lift that much”. and then i realized. i’m just a normal girl who does her best to eat healthy and exercise while also studying, socializing, and participating in a million other things and still get 8 hours of sleep. professional athletes make their livelihoods by fitness. they literally get paid to run, perform, etc. 

while you’re sitting in class or studying or at your job, these athletes are exercising and getting professional advice about nutrition, work outs, etc. so no, you shouldn’t feel like you have to look like a professional athlete because you’re not one. you’re you.