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Hey friends!

It’s Meg, back at our regularly scheduled TUTOR TUESDAYS! Today we dive into some useful exercises for environment/color studies! If you have any tutorials/exercises you’d like to see, lemme know here or my personal! Keep practicing, have fun, and I’ll see you next week!

The Gals in college.

 I’ve been asked this a 100 times so..

  1. Hope Solo –> School: Washington ; Major: Speech Communications
  2. Syd Leroux –> School: UCLA ; Major: History
  3. Cap America –> School: Monmouth ; Major: Special Education
  4. Becky Sauerbrunn –> School: UVA ; Major: English
  5. Kelley O’Hara –> School: Stanford ; Major: Science, Technology and Society
  6. Whitney Engen –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Political Science
  7. Shannon Boxx –> School: Notre Dame ; Major: Psychology/African-American Studies
  8. Amy Rodriguez –> School: USC ; Major: Psychology
  9. Heather O’Reilly –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Education
  10. Carli Lloyd –> School: Rutgers ; Major: Exercise Science and Sport Studies
  11. Ali Krieger –> School: Penn State ; Major: Advertisement/Public relations
  12. Lauren Holiday –> School: UCLA ; Major: Sociology
  13. Alex Morgan –> School: UC Berkeley ; Major: Political Economy
  14. Morgan Brian –> School: UVA ; Major: Kinesiology
  15. Megan Rapinoe –> School: Portland ; Major: Sociology
  16. Lori Chalupny –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  17. Tobin Heath –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  18. Ashlyn Harris –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Communications
  19. Julie Johnston –> School: Santa Clara ; Major: Communications
  20. Abby Wambach –> School: Florida ; Major: Leisure Service Management
  21. Alyssa Naeher –> School: Penn State ; Major: Kinesiology
  22. Meghan Klingenberg –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Business Administration
  23. Christen Press –> School: Stanford ; Major: Communications/Psychology
  24. Emily Sonnett –> School: UVA ; Major: Sociology
  25. Kealia Ohai –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Journalism and mass communication
  26. Crystal Dunn –> School: North Carolina ; Major: Sociology
  27. Sam Mewis –> School: UCLA ; Major: English
  28. Casey Short –> School: Florida State ; Major: Criminology
  29. Andi Sullivan –> School: Stanford ; Major: Management Science and Engineering
  30. Jane Campbell –> School: Stanford ; Major: Psychology
  31. Rose Lavelle –> School: UW ; Major: Sociology
  32. Lindsey Horan –> SKIPPED COLLEGE TO GO PRO

second attempt lmao.

SO, I noticed some people complaining about STUBBY ZORA LEGS, and how ridiculous they look / how hard they are to draw. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people saying this, in general, are doing so because there’s an artistic habit of trying to stick them onto normal human proportions.

…Which of course, would look ridiculous. Here’s a rough breakdown of why! This was a character study exercise to figure out “Sidon’s Leg Problem” for my own needs, but I’m posting it just in case anyone else finds it useful! Nearly all the Zora models in-game follow this, more or less. They’re just smaller.

This isn’t meant to be ASS-CHEWINGLY exact, but it’s close enough?

I did it! Fanart of Guang Hong Ji. I wanted to try something new and new brushes. In the end I don’t like so much how it turned out. It is a 50%50 fail - but I had also fun and understood things so it’s okay. If you see your error you can become better :D!!

hey so it’s been a hot minute since i’ve rly been on here but i’m just checking in to let u all know i’m doing a lot better than i have been for the past several months and finally i consistently feel good getting up everyday which is like…. seriously awesome??? i’ve made some lifestyle changes (eating MUCH healthier, exercising, trying not to sleep so much, and trying to get out more especially) and it’s really helped a lot and made my anxiety/depression a lot more manageable. 

all that being said cutting my time on social media has helped tremendously too. i think i’ll still be on here but just not as much as i used to bc i don’t want to fall into my old habits. 

anyway i just wanted to say thank you all for the kind messages and being patient with me on my bad days. it means a lot to me and i hope good days are coming for all of you too and i wish you all the best!


With first year uni orientation well underway, it finally seemed fit to go and buy my stationery for the semester! I’ve opted for binders, notebooks, plastic pockets and loose leaf for my first semester of uni everrrrrrr, hopefully it all works out well!!! I also bought a few Muji highlighters and pens to test out what all the hype is!!!

Quick fact. Ready?
After having half of the motor nerves removed from a muscle, the remaining motor nerves have been seen to respond by ‘sprouting’ larger, and innervating a larger portion of that muscle’s fibres.

Meditation Diary

If you saw my post about my summer goals, you might have seen that one of my goals was to create a meditation plan. I wanted to share it with you.

I started with a title page that I decorated. The second page is my checklist for things I need to bring to my personal spot in the forest where I meditate. I also wrote a small index for myself for specifically this portion of my journal. 

I research many efficient breathing exercises for mediation and condensed it into a list of five techniques.  

I couldn’t find as many mind exercises for mediation, but I came across these which I am excited to try out. Let me know if you have any techniques you use. 

I also gave myself space for notes for each day that I meditate. I left space for up to thirty days. I plan on writing phrases or pictures or anything that comes to mind as I relax. 

Let me know what you think. 

Quick fact. Ready?
Vitamin K is naturally produced by the bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract. This nutrient is what helps to clot blood and prevent uncontrollable bleeding.

Vorkosigan Saga Characters As Onion Headlines, Part Three


  • Boss Able To Seamlessly Blend Constructive Criticism With Personal Attacks
  • Night Of Uninterrupted Deep Sleep Really Throws Man’s Day Off


  • Right Guy To Fuck With Identified
  • Busy Mom Wishes She Had Enough Spare Time To Fuck CIA Director


  • Humanity Surprised It Still Hasn’t Figured Out Better Alternatives To Having Power-Hungry Assholes Decide Everything
  • Wrongly Imprisoned Man Won’t Shut Up About It


  • Kidnapping Going Pretty Smoothly
  • Panic Attack Counted As Exercise
  • Study: 80% Of Waking Hours Spent Plotting Revenge
  • How To Find The Right Therapist


  • Man Needs Emotional Support Only A Woman Can Feign


  • Amazon.com Recommendations Understand Area Woman Better Than Husband
  • Woman Launches Into 4-Minute Self-Deprecating Preamble Before Speaking Mind
  • Sudden Burst Of Confidence Not Sure Where The Hell It Came From Either
  • Area Woman Not Listened To Again


  • Man Suspected Of Being Bumbling Spy

Kareen Koudelka

  • Area Daughter Belittled Out Of Concern


  • Relationship At Point Where Woman Has To Learn Boyfriend’s Family’s Weird Card Games