exercise songs

what they say: short 10 second kinetic type exercise with any song of our choosing

what i hear: excuse to listen to last surprise for an hour

🎶Incorporating Music into Witchcraft 🎶

Music is the strongest form magic.
- Marilyn Manson

Love him or hate him, the Antichrist Superstar is actually on to something with this well-known quote. What other artistic medium do you know of brings thousands of people together for one cause and a massive exchange of energy? Concerts are sometimes exhausting to go to because of that energy exchange. It doesn’t just happen between the audience and the artist, but amongst audience members as well.

Everyone has their favorite song or artist for when they’re feeling a certain way. Did you know that emotion you invoke while listening to music can be used in witchcraft and magick work? Of course it can! The purpose of this post is to give ideas as to how go about doing this rather beautiful practice.

Let’s begin, shall we? 🎵

There have been some posts floating around listing music genres and their correspondences for witchcraft and magick work. That’s all well and good, but these posts are essentially pigeonholing the many subgenres and songs one can use for any given intention in magick work and witchcraft. Why is it pigeonholing? Music, as an art form, is up to the listener to interpret. What one person feels while listening to a song may be completely different from what their neighbors or friends feel. No one genre or song is definitively assigned a correspondence. To pretend they are is rather misleading. Even love songs are not always exclusively about romantic love. They could be about friendship, protection, and self- love. Bottom line: The message of a song or piece is up for interpretation by the listener. No one has a right or wrong way of comprehending or corresponding the message of a song or piece.

What you’re about to read is my own technique I’ve developed through both personal and professional practice.

How do I even begin figuring out my emotional connection to a song?

It would seem as though this is a simplistic thing to do. Not necessarily. Think of every song you listen to as being personal and emotional journey. The way I recommend approaching this, even to work Clients, is to begin by listening to a classical instrumental piece. I usually have Clients start with Debussy’s Clair de Lune. Obviously, there are thousands of well-known classical instrumental pieces available. No matter which one you choose, the goal of the exercise is the same: Truly listening to the piece and connecting to it on some emotional level.

As with much of magick work, there is a great deal of visualization, meditation, and self-awareness that can go into listening to a piece of music.

*Begin by finding a quiet and calming place to listen to the piece.
*Get comfortable and relax your body.
*Start playing the piece.
*As you listen, let your mind wander and become lost in the piece. Let images form and memories be recalled.
*Try to notice where you feel the music within and throughout your body.
*If you don’t like the piece, do your best to identify why.

It’s usually best to document your experiences and the piece you listen to as you may listen to the same piece several months later and feel something completely different, which is perfectly fine!

REMINDER: Should anything traumatic or unpleasant come up while listening to a piece, make note of it and stop listening to the piece. Walk away, take deep breaths, get a drink of water and do what you feel is comfortable to ground yourself again. There is no competition or timer keeping track of how quickly you are able to connect with a piece. Move at your own pace and always stop what you’re doing if things suddenly feel uncomfortable or overwhelming.

Ok, I got that down…So how can I incorporate the actual pieces into my practice?

Once you get the hang of truly connecting with a piece, you can try connecting with songs that have vocals. Try the exercise discussed above with your favorite song. Do your best to identify why you enjoy the song. What emotions do you feel? Where do you feel the energy? During what part(s) of the song do you feel the most emotion and energy? What memories (if any) do you recall? No matter the artist, genre, era, and/or title, there is always a correspondence one can use for magick work. For example, I love using the song The Nameless by metal band Slipknot for curses. The raw anger and hatred this song invokes is perfect for giving me that extra dose of FUCK YOU to my target.

When wanting to conduct magick, playing the song/piece in the background is helpful. As you begin playing the piece, ground yourself and let the emotion(s) you feel grow. You can also use the lyrics from the chosen song as your incantation (they can be tweaked for any reason such as changing the tense or pronouns).

Creating a playlist (whether it’s on iTunes or YouTube) of songs that you know are effective in channeling energy for magick and spellwork is also a wonderful idea. Here is my sample playlist of songs I use all the time. I break it down according to correspondence. You can break your playlist down however you want. You can even have multiple playlists dedicated to each correspondence. Do whatever feels right for you.

Something else you can do to Incorporate music into your practice is to use song lyrics to create sigils. Try to find one sentence or phrase that captures the intention of the sigils and use your favorite sigils craft method. Here is an example of how I use lyrics to create a sigil. I also know @violetwitchcraft has this post explaining how to use lyrics to create sigils.

I truly hope this post has been helpful in learning how to incorporate music into your practice. If anyone has any additional suggestions, feel free to reblog and add them!

- Marisol

Trans Enjolras and his supportive boyfriend Grantaire. 

Enjolras who wakes up every morning and cries because his face is too round and not sharp enough. Grantaire just wraps his arm around his boyfriend and lets him cry until he feels better. 

Enjolras who doesn’t want to speak because his voice is too high and it sounds wrong. Grantaire looks up vocal deepening exercises and finds songs to sing along to that are sung by male artists with higher voices. 

Enjolras who can’t bind because it draws too much attention, mentally, to his chest, so Grantaire always tells Enjolras how masculine he appears. 

Enjolras who has dysphoria attacks out of the blue because everything is not as it should be. Grantaire puts on Enjolras’ favourite music and assures him that things are not right now, but eventually everything will be better, and Grantaire will be by Enjolras’ side until the very end. 


September 1775

There were benefactors in St Croix, friends of Reverend Knox, that would be throwing their hands up in protest over the way that St George’s Chapel had become an arsenal of rifles, powder, and musket balls.  They’d be appalled to see a holy space used to promote violence against the King’s own countrymen, a community churchyard used for marching drills.

Hamilton really only cared about how he should report in to his superior.

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Don’t Push It - Mieczysław Stilinski Imagine (LACROSSE WEEK SPECIAL)

REQUESTED: Nope, but I didn’t want to miss out on Lacrosse Week!

WARNINGS: Angry Stiles is angry, sliiiight flirting/dirty talk (but not anything too heavy), like one mention of boobs, implied sex

SUMMARY: Stiles agrees to train you in lacrosse, but sometimes the sexual tension can turn out to be a bit too much.

NOTES: Okay, so this is my first time trying something like this (i.e. a submission to a dedicated subject). Fingers crossed it all goes well!

I genuinely made a playlist to write to for the purpose of this imagine (because I need upbeat songs to write to for an imagine like this…also the songs work as exercise songs which is a win-win situ tbh). So, if you want to listen to that playlist, you can find it here! (It was also an excuse for songs that were throwbacks so soz.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy! (tagged: @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski )

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The Cult “Rise” from Beyond Good and Evil (2001)

“It’s the way that you feel,

it’s the truth in your eyes,

you’ve got wings upon your back and you can fly.

It’s the way that you feel,

it’s the truth in your eyes, 

‘cause you’re up against the world and still you rise”

Absolutely one of my favorite songs to run to.

anonymous asked:

Everytime I look at MM, I can see a very cute and shy person who definitely loves to eat and has a squeaky voice. But damn, I sometimes forget that I'm actually looking at the strongest member and has the potential to be incredibly sexy from 0 to 100 real quick. P.S. what do you think other members feel everytime MM works out in front of them? (me? i feel gay)

Isn’t that all of us? XD I think the members must feel awed just like us. It’s really admirable. “You have to work hard, then you can eat yummy food!”

Highschool AU! Wonho

Highschool AU for the other members ;

Shownu / Wonho / Minhyuk / Kihyun / Hyungwon / Jooheon / I.M

  • “Super Ultra Bad Boy Shin Hoseok” is a very common misconception
  • The cool way he dresses with his muscle tanks, ripped jeans, tinted shades and occasional leather jacket makes most people fear him at first glance
  • Plus his calm and suave nature, especially when he walks down the halls
  • But he’s actually super soft
  • Usually the first to initiate conversations with people
  • Often advertises his mother’s café (where he also occasionally works at!)
  • Will invite people to casual and friendly dates (to his mother’s café lol)
  • An actual momma’s boy, the type of guy who would love it if his mother dropped him off or picked him up
  • If there were parent-teacher interviews he’d make sure to give his mom a tour and introduce him to his teachers and friends
  • Loves when people talk to him, will basically flirt casually with anyone but uses it as a form of flattery because he likes making people smile too
  • Super healthy and athletic, basically used his gym bag as his actual school bag and forgets his backpack exists
  • He’ll seriously leave his backpack everywhere and ends up interrupting classes as he sheepishly approaches the teacher and admits to leaving it in their room
  • There was one incident where he left his backpack and people went through it and accused him for having drugs
  • But they were really just his vitamins and other supplements
  • Going to the school’s Weight Room (exercise room with all the equipment) with Shownu and occasionally his other friends if he manages to drag them along is his daily routine
  • Encourages people to stay fit and even offers to personally train people
  • The type of person to use all those health apps on his phone, keeps track of his exercises, calories, sleep time etc
  • Also the type of person to send snapchats of himself in the Weight Room (occasionally featuring Shownu!)
  • Seems pretty proud and smug, especially just around his friends like “Yeah, I work out alot ;)” but when he’s left alone with others he may get flustered
  • Likes to sing whenever but will get embarassed when people hear him
  • Aside from eating instant noodles often, only unhealthy thing he does is barely getting sleep, he often stays up late composing songs, exercising, or rehearsing dance choreo or songs
  • Occasionally dozes off on breaks or even in class, sometimes you can catch him slowly slouching as his head just dips downwards before eventually landing on the surface of a desk
  • Lowkey forgets about homework  so when teachers ask for it he’ll be all “hahah sorry I lost it!” “Oh sorry, I left it at home!” “Can I give it to you tomorrow?”
  • Sometimes he’ll even ask if he can go get it in his locker and will skip the rest of his class
  • Feels guilty about skipping classes though so he’ll either tell his mother or ask for permission beforehand
  • One time tried to be a #rebel and skip class without telling, but 15 minutes into the block the guilt consumed him and he called his mom to apologize
  • Has secret sweet stashes for his “cheat days”
  • It anyone catches him cheating his diet he gets super flustered and will be like “NO it’s not what it seems??”
  • When he doesn’t work at his mother’s café he takes on a variety of other part time jobs to help his mother pay bills and such
  • When he works at Starbucks customers literally ask for him specifically because he’s so charming and he makes great frappes
  • Always so polite and friendly, he’ll definitely be the one who manages to sneak customers extra whipped cream or extra cookies or donuts free of charge
  • His school supplies are super cute, the type of person who uses notepads and pencils with designs on them and scented erasers in the shape of food or animals
  • Either works on assignments and projects non-stop and finishes them super early, or will put them off until the last minute
  • “Shin Hoseok… your last project was utterly flawless, professionally well done and perfect… so why does this one look like you just copied it all from a Wikipedia page?”
  • (It’s because he was working on a cool song he didn’t want to lose inspiration to)
  • Most people refer to him as Wonho because he really does protect people
  • Will defend anyone from bullies without hesitation, either if it happens right in front of him or if he finds out he’ll literally confront the bully
  • Covers for people and will even take the blame for them
  • Sacrifices his lunch, always lends money if people ask for it, and always treats his friends to free food
  • Always tries to cross roads first, even if the light doesn’t indicate the crossing yet because he wants to make sure it’s safe for the other people crossing
  • Cries during emotional / important speeches, as well as Anti-Bullying / Memorial / End-of-Year assemblies
Embarrassing Boner ▾ Peter Parker

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A/N: Picture kind of doesn’t make sense to the imagine, but that was the closest thing I could find related to this imagine. Enjoy <3

words: 2.0k
characters: 11.3k

“(Y/N), time to wake up,” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice echoes throughout your dark bedroom, “Your 6:00 alarm clock for the training room, just went off.”

“Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You thanked with a small groan, pulling the pillow from beneath you and covering your head with the cushion.

“Are you not going to go, (Y/N)?” The female A.I questioned with a small tone of concern.

“I’m going, I’m going, I’m going.” You said with a tired tone, slowly getting up from the bed before yawning out, “Where are the rest of the Avengers, F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

“The rest of the Avengers are on a small mission,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. answers, you lifting yourself out from your bed before walking into the connected bathroom to your room, “They will be arriving in just a few hours from now.”

“Who isn’t on the mission?” You questioned as you pulled your hair into a high, tight ponytail.

“Mr. Peter Parker,” F.R.I.D.A.Y. responds after you finished brushing your teeth and drying your face, returning back into your bedroom.

“Where is Peter?” You asked, changing out of your pajamas and changing into your workout clothes. Your workout clothes consisting of black Nike training tights, a neon pink short-sleeve crop top with matching colored Nike gym shoes. 

“Mr. Parker is still sleeping. Do you want me to wake him up?”

“No, no, no. That’s all, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You say as you exit out of your bedroom and walked down the long corridor to only enter the elevator at the end of the hallway, adjusting the water bottle in your hand, “Thank you, F.R.I.D.A.Y.”

“You’re welcome, (Y/N),” F.R.I.D.A.Y. says as you pressed the button for the first floor. You listening to the terrible elevator music for what felt like forever and before you know it, you were entering into the empty training room with a filled water bottle. You quickly drank from your water bottle before setting the bottle to the side and started to wrap your hands and knuckles with Tape and Gauze Wraps.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y, can you play some music?” You asked as you started to warm up for your exercise for today. A smile escaping your lips when hearing How Deep Is Your Love start to play, you making your way over to the punching bag before starting to throw slow, soft punches. Then the punches started to get harder and faster as the song that was sung by Disciples started to play faster and the beat was picking up. 

You sent one last blow to the punching bag a few seconds before the song ended and then started to take the wraps off of your hands and knuckles. You pulled a strand of your hair that fell out from your ponytail, behind your ear as you made your way towards the jump ropes. 

Grabbing a random jump rope before starting out slow to jump over the rope every time it would hit the floor. An unfamiliar song coming on that almost threw you off but you regained your exercise.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y, is this song a remix?” You questioned with a huff.

“Yes it is, Ms. (Y/N),” F.R.I.D.A.Y. answers before asking out, “Do you want me to change the song?”

“No, no, no.” You shook your head side to side before hissing out when the rope swung against your leg, sending small bits of pain throughout your leg.

“Are you okay, Ms. (Y/N)?” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice worried, “Do you need medical attention?”

“No, no, no.” You stopped for a few seconds to sooth your pain before starting to jump rope again, starting out slow then picking up speed later on, “Can you just turn the music up to max?”

“Yes, Ms. (Y/N),” F.R.I.D.A.Y says before the music started to get louder, so loud that you could feel the vibrations of the beat from the song bouncing off of the walls of the training room, but you didn’t pay attention to it as you continued exercising.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y.” Peter Parker’s voice sounds for the A.I in his bedroom at the Avengers Tower.

“Yes, Mr. Peter,” The A.I robotic voices questions.

“Where is the noise coming from?” Peter asked with a groan, getting up and sitting up in a sitting position, wiping the sleep away with his knuckles.

“The noise is coming from Ms. (Y/N) in the the training room,” The robotic voice answers, “Do you want me to notify her?”

“NO-” Peter shouts, but then clears his throat before stuttering out, “It’s-it’s okay. I’ll just tell her myself.

"Yes, Mr. Peter,” F.R.I.D.A.Y says before Peter was left alone in the darkness of his bedroom at the tower. Peter stayed in bed for a few minutes, debating if he should confront you -his crush- to turn the music down or not, but wanting to sleep a little bit longer, he got out of bed and started to make his way down to the training room.

When Peter stopped on the same floor that the training room was on, he didn’t have to be close to the training room entrance when feeling the vibrations of the music bouncing off the walls. Stepping off of the elevator to enter the hallway that the training room was on the same floor, he stood outside of the training room doors and stopped for a minute, thinking of the ways he was gonna approach you.

Hey, can you turn the music down? I was just up all night studying. Nah sounds too nerdy.

Hey, can you turn the music down?! I’m trying to sleep! No way, that sounds rude especially towards the person at his age and his crush ever since he started to attend the new Stark Tower in New York because of his Spiderman duties.

(Y/N), can you please turn down the music? I was trying to sleep. Yeah, that sounds good. Nodding his head to agree with the saying, he pushed the training room doors open and entered. Peter winced when the loud music blasted his eardrums before opening his mouth to speak, but the words were swallowed back down his throat when seeing your back facing him, stretching in the middle of the boxing ring that was placed in the middle of the training room. 

Peter shook his head with a small blush before calling out your name, but to no prevail when the music was overpowering his voice by a long shot. Walking up and entering the ring and stopped so you were a couple feet away from him, he reaching his arm out and lightly tapped your shoulder.

Peter Parker who was still half asleep from being woken up by the loud music, didn’t expect the right hook coming towards his face. But with his spidey senses, he was able to prevent the flying elbow from connecting his jawline by grabbing your bicep and twirling you around so your back was against his chest.

You didn’t really think about, it was just an instant reflex. You can never be too careful when being an Avenger. When feeling a tap on your shoulder, you instantly threw your elbow back to hit the person in the jaw but the intruder was quick enough to catch your elbow. The intruder spun you around and pulled you into their broad chest, now holding both of your hands together so your arms formed an X.

Peter’s sleeping figure was then replaced with an adrenaline rushing figure, sleep was out of his system and was replaced with adrenaline running thru his veins. The beat that Mia Martina was playing in her song Beast was helping with Peter’s adrenaline rush.

The two of you struggled, you struggling to get out of the intruder’s grasp as Peter struggled to hold you so you wouldn’t bust his lip or give him a black eye. An oomph passed Peter’s lips when feeling a blow to his stomach with the back of your elbow that you were able to free yourself from his grasp, the blow loosening Peter’s grip of your hands.  

You quickly spun around and hip tossed the intruder who then landed on the floor of the boxing ring with a thud but you didn’t hear as the music was still playing to the max. You quickly leaping onto the body so you were straddling the intruder’s waist and lifted your fist to strike a punch to the invader’s face, but went still when seeing a pink-faced Peter Parker.

“Peter?” You said, but nothing came out as the music overpowered your voice. You looked up at the camera and motioned for F.R.I.D.A.Y. to turn down the music, to which the A.I. did. You looked down towards Peter before asking again, “Peter, what are you doing?! You know I could hurt you really badly!”

“Yeah, but you didn’t,” Peter says a little breathless.

“Yeah, but I could have.” You answered, lowering your fist and placing both of your hands on either side of Peter’s face, “Why are you down here?”

“Y-Your music was too loud,” Peter stutters at the position the two of you were in and the only thing he could think of and the thing that was rushing thru his mind; was to not get a boner right at this moment, “It woke me up.”

“Crap, sorry.” You huffed as Peter snapped his eyes shut. Him trying to imagine something morbid or something gruesome to try and make his boner go away, but the only thing that he could imagine was you; on top of him, sweating and huffing, “You okay?”

“Huh?” Peter snapped his eyes open to see your eyes boring into his, “Uh, y-yeah. Yeah, I’m good.”

“Good.” You smiled, giving a side of Peter’s chest a small pat or two before getting up. Lending a hand out to help him up, “Up, up, up.”

“Right,” Peter gave you a small nervous smile, grasping your hand with his. Peter placing a hand behind himself to help himself up so he wouldn’t have you pull such a big weight, but he didn’t know that you would tug so hard. Tugging so hard that Peter stumbled onto his two feet and his body was pressed against yours.

“Uh, hi,” Peter gave you a nervous smile, his ears turning a bit pink at how close the two of you were.

“Hey.” You smiled, giving his hand a small squeeze that was pressed between the two of you.

“Hi,” Peter repeats again to which sent a wave of giggles to erupt from you, making his face get warmer and warmer.

“You already said that.”

“Right,” Peter trailed off before he was interrupted by the multiple sounds of clapping. The two teenagers snapping their heads to the noise and quickly stepped away from each other when noticing Tony Stark watching the two of you like hawks.

“Mr. Stark,” Peter squeaked out.

“Hey.” You greeted the billionaire with a small wave of your hand.

“Hey, yourself,” Tony says with a side smirk before motioning his pointer finger between the two of you, “Something you two want to tell me?”

“Uh, no.” You pursed your lips together with a shake of your head.

“Really?” Tony questions, asking one last time as if that was gonna convince you to pour out everything on what the two of you were just doing.

“Really.” You deadpanned, helping yourself out of the boxing ring.

“Tell that to Peter’s embarrassing boner,” Tony points out, pointing towards the male teenager.

“Tony.” You exclaimed with disbelief that Tony would throw Peter under the bus.

“I-I should get going,” Peter stutters, covering the front part of his pajamas as he rushed off of the boxing ring and towards the entrance of the training room.

“Peter, if that boner is saying something about your attraction towards me then you can take me out after you handle your situation.” You called out after Peter who stopped rushing and turned around to face you.

“Really?” Peter asked with a smile.

“Really.” You laughed at the situation that the two of you were in, well Peter was in.

“How about you handle that first,” Tony points towards Peter’s situation.

“Right,” Peter blushes saying a quick sorry to Mr. Stark and gave you one last embarrassing smile before practically running out of the training room.

“What?” You questioned when Tony gave you a look that you couldn’t put your hand on what the expression was.

Instead of answering you, he gave you a scoff with a shake of his head, “Teenagers.”