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She knew she’d regret not kissing him, but she would also regret it if she did. Either way she wants him, and things will never be the same.
—  B. E. Barnes

what they say: short 10 second kinetic type exercise with any song of our choosing

what i hear: excuse to listen to last surprise for an hour

Trans Enjolras and his supportive boyfriend Grantaire. 

Enjolras who wakes up every morning and cries because his face is too round and not sharp enough. Grantaire just wraps his arm around his boyfriend and lets him cry until he feels better. 

Enjolras who doesn’t want to speak because his voice is too high and it sounds wrong. Grantaire looks up vocal deepening exercises and finds songs to sing along to that are sung by male artists with higher voices. 

Enjolras who can’t bind because it draws too much attention, mentally, to his chest, so Grantaire always tells Enjolras how masculine he appears. 

Enjolras who has dysphoria attacks out of the blue because everything is not as it should be. Grantaire puts on Enjolras’ favourite music and assures him that things are not right now, but eventually everything will be better, and Grantaire will be by Enjolras’ side until the very end. 

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Prinxiety Roman teaches ballet and virgil has started up a hip hop class in the same buildingThe owner tells them they need to work together if they want to save the company Virgil starts to get pissed off at Roman who keeps making remarks about how hip hop ain't hard and it's just shaking your money maker(while secretly looking at virgils)decides to put on a show for Roman when the kids leave all his dance moves and teasing is making Roman hot It ends with an apology and a confession from both

Bars and Bops

Fandom: Sanders Sides (human!au)
Pairings: Prinxiety
Warnings: None

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“It isn’t even really dancing,” Roman complained, stretching his leg on the ballet bar.  Virgil rolled his eyes, making sure the other saw his annoyed gesture in the mirror.

“If you’re moving rhythmically to music, then it’s dancing.”  He defended, setting his bag next to the insufferable ballet instructor.  It had been roughly a week since their landlord had told them that the business would sink if they weren’t able to work their schedules out together.  Before the time cuts, Virgil had mainly taught his class at night when he was most energized and his students were most available, but now he was forced to cut into Roman’s time-slot in the afternoon and neither of them were too happy about it.

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i am in awe

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September 1775

There were benefactors in St Croix, friends of Reverend Knox, that would be throwing their hands up in protest over the way that St George’s Chapel had become an arsenal of rifles, powder, and musket balls.  They’d be appalled to see a holy space used to promote violence against the King’s own countrymen, a community churchyard used for marching drills.

Hamilton really only cared about how he should report in to his superior.

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Don’t Push It - Mieczysław Stilinski Imagine (LACROSSE WEEK SPECIAL)

REQUESTED: Nope, but I didn’t want to miss out on Lacrosse Week!

WARNINGS: Angry Stiles is angry, sliiiight flirting/dirty talk (but not anything too heavy), like one mention of boobs, implied sex

SUMMARY: Stiles agrees to train you in lacrosse, but sometimes the sexual tension can turn out to be a bit too much.

NOTES: Okay, so this is my first time trying something like this (i.e. a submission to a dedicated subject). Fingers crossed it all goes well!

I genuinely made a playlist to write to for the purpose of this imagine (because I need upbeat songs to write to for an imagine like this…also the songs work as exercise songs which is a win-win situ tbh). So, if you want to listen to that playlist, you can find it here! (It was also an excuse for songs that were throwbacks so soz.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy! (tagged: @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski )

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The Cult “Rise” from Beyond Good and Evil (2001)

“It’s the way that you feel,

it’s the truth in your eyes,

you’ve got wings upon your back and you can fly.

It’s the way that you feel,

it’s the truth in your eyes, 

‘cause you’re up against the world and still you rise”

Absolutely one of my favorite songs to run to.

Here’s a fun little writing exercise for those of you with writers block. I enjoy doing this.

Listen to your favorite song with lyrics. Read up on the lyrics if you don’t have them memorized. Once you know the lyrics to the song, start writing the story behind the lyrics. I’ll reblog some of the stories I’ve written in this way to give you some examples.

Highschool AU! Wonho

Highschool AU for the other members ;

Shownu / Wonho / Minhyuk / Kihyun / Hyungwon / Jooheon / I.M

  • “Super Ultra Bad Boy Shin Hoseok” is a very common misconception
  • The cool way he dresses with his muscle tanks, ripped jeans, tinted shades and occasional leather jacket makes most people fear him at first glance
  • Plus his calm and suave nature, especially when he walks down the halls
  • But he’s actually super soft
  • Usually the first to initiate conversations with people
  • Often advertises his mother’s café (where he also occasionally works at!)
  • Will invite people to casual and friendly dates (to his mother’s café lol)
  • An actual momma’s boy, the type of guy who would love it if his mother dropped him off or picked him up
  • If there were parent-teacher interviews he’d make sure to give his mom a tour and introduce him to his teachers and friends
  • Loves when people talk to him, will basically flirt casually with anyone but uses it as a form of flattery because he likes making people smile too
  • Super healthy and athletic, basically used his gym bag as his actual school bag and forgets his backpack exists
  • He’ll seriously leave his backpack everywhere and ends up interrupting classes as he sheepishly approaches the teacher and admits to leaving it in their room
  • There was one incident where he left his backpack and people went through it and accused him for having drugs
  • But they were really just his vitamins and other supplements
  • Going to the school’s Weight Room (exercise room with all the equipment) with Shownu and occasionally his other friends if he manages to drag them along is his daily routine
  • Encourages people to stay fit and even offers to personally train people
  • The type of person to use all those health apps on his phone, keeps track of his exercises, calories, sleep time etc
  • Also the type of person to send snapchats of himself in the Weight Room (occasionally featuring Shownu!)
  • Seems pretty proud and smug, especially just around his friends like “Yeah, I work out alot ;)” but when he’s left alone with others he may get flustered
  • Likes to sing whenever but will get embarassed when people hear him
  • Aside from eating instant noodles often, only unhealthy thing he does is barely getting sleep, he often stays up late composing songs, exercising, or rehearsing dance choreo or songs
  • Occasionally dozes off on breaks or even in class, sometimes you can catch him slowly slouching as his head just dips downwards before eventually landing on the surface of a desk
  • Lowkey forgets about homework  so when teachers ask for it he’ll be all “hahah sorry I lost it!” “Oh sorry, I left it at home!” “Can I give it to you tomorrow?”
  • Sometimes he’ll even ask if he can go get it in his locker and will skip the rest of his class
  • Feels guilty about skipping classes though so he’ll either tell his mother or ask for permission beforehand
  • One time tried to be a #rebel and skip class without telling, but 15 minutes into the block the guilt consumed him and he called his mom to apologize
  • Has secret sweet stashes for his “cheat days”
  • It anyone catches him cheating his diet he gets super flustered and will be like “NO it’s not what it seems??”
  • When he doesn’t work at his mother’s café he takes on a variety of other part time jobs to help his mother pay bills and such
  • When he works at Starbucks customers literally ask for him specifically because he’s so charming and he makes great frappes
  • Always so polite and friendly, he’ll definitely be the one who manages to sneak customers extra whipped cream or extra cookies or donuts free of charge
  • His school supplies are super cute, the type of person who uses notepads and pencils with designs on them and scented erasers in the shape of food or animals
  • Either works on assignments and projects non-stop and finishes them super early, or will put them off until the last minute
  • “Shin Hoseok… your last project was utterly flawless, professionally well done and perfect… so why does this one look like you just copied it all from a Wikipedia page?”
  • (It’s because he was working on a cool song he didn’t want to lose inspiration to)
  • Most people refer to him as Wonho because he really does protect people
  • Will defend anyone from bullies without hesitation, either if it happens right in front of him or if he finds out he’ll literally confront the bully
  • Covers for people and will even take the blame for them
  • Sacrifices his lunch, always lends money if people ask for it, and always treats his friends to free food
  • Always tries to cross roads first, even if the light doesn’t indicate the crossing yet because he wants to make sure it’s safe for the other people crossing
  • Cries during emotional / important speeches, as well as Anti-Bullying / Memorial / End-of-Year assemblies