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Robbie being unintentionally good at dealing with the children’s flaws.

Stingy claims everything as his? Robbie figures he’d never had something that was truly his and helps him make his own clothes. That are his only, have only ever been his and were made specifically for him.

Trixie causes trouble left and right? She needs attention, she is bored. So he entertains her and puts her in charge of something so she can feel important.

Ziggy is obsessed with sweets? Let him eat all the candy he wants. After a day of stomach pain and nausea he’ll never want so much candy again. Some things you have to experience to know they’re not good for you.

Pixel doesn’t like social interactions and sometimes spends hours playing video games right until the next morning? Robbie teaches him ways how to cope with being an introvert and feeling overwhelmed by sensations and explains things to the other children so they can be considerate. As for the gaming, the power goes out suspiciously often lately…

And what about Stephanie? Well, sometimes she can be a bit forceful and stubborn and can’t see other people’s side of the argument. So Robbie, simply by telling her no and annoyedly pointing out the things she missed/ignored, helps her be less narrow-minded.

And he does all of that unintentionally. He just does it without second thought, as if that’s normal and obvious while Sportacus stands flabbergasted and very much in love.

Like I know people don’t like to hear this on here, but,,, Exercise does temporarily relieve anxiety and/or depression and chronic exercise has even been known to reduce catecholamine and cortisol levels in the brain when a stressor is presented to an individual,,, Lots of research has been done specifically on exercise and anxiety and, like, aerobic exercise is best (running, walking, elliptical, etc.) whereas strength training and the like can actually increase anxiety momentarily. Meanwhile, in depression, any form of exercise helps.

I know y'all don’t like it when neurotypicals present exercise as a form of treatment but (especially w anxiety) it’s been clinically shown to work just as well as medications. Also, like, you can trust me,,,I study this ish and suffer from (diagnosed) anxiety and depression. I’ve been working out and exercising since January and I see an overt difference in my quality of life (ESPECIALLY where my anxiety is concerned).

If you don’t have time or the motivation, then fine, but all the posts I see on here about how exercise doesn’t help just aren’t,,,true. It does help. Even just walking for 20 minutes will help if you do it three-to-five days a week. (Eating well also helps. Couple exercise w smaller portions of foods and/or more veggies and fruits and you’ve got yourself a helpful anxiety and/or depression treatment!)


I became an actress by accident. I was doing a psychological exercise with myself, challenging myself, by going to auditions. I had no idea that it would connect to a job. I had no intention for it to connect to a job. I was doing it as an exercise. So when I got a job, I, in that moment, had to sit down and go, “Do I want to be an actor?

“Who watches over sleeping angels? I do, I do…”

Little Sister: Young girls who have been genetically altered and mentally conditioned to reclaim ADAM from corpses around Rapture. Little Sisters are almost always accompanied by a Big Daddy. Attacking them will incur the wrath of their Big Daddy protectors.

Once Big Daddies came into full production, the Little Sisters were also put through a course of Pavlovian psychological exercises,designed to force them into rejecting all positive feelings towards any mother-type figure, and instead place all of their affection upon a generic Big Daddy archetype. As a result, the little girls see every Big Daddy protecting them as the same person, and consider the mere mention of the word ‘Mommy’ to be taboo.

Track: How She Sees The World

From @shadowlion: “Greetings, I have a question, what’s Shadow Work? I’ve heard some things about it but it hasn’t stuck to my mind over the years of stress and such. Also, You’ve become a source of inspiration for me to continue on my own druid path. I’ve…been in doubt for a long while now, and fumbling to be quite honestly. I don’t know if this really constituted a message, but i just thought to reach out to you. Be well.”

OMG @shadowlion!!! I am so honored. I am so incredibly honored to have my open journal be a source of inspiration to other OBODies. At first I was like… wait a minute… this dude is a mutual… why is that name so familiar?! And the it donned on me that I super stalked your blog not too long ago because you are a Dom and an OBODer just like me and frankly I was so excited to see another! 

I’m sorry to hear about your stress, your doubt, and your fumbling but honestly we are human and I’d be shocked and a bit worried if you didn’t have those three things in your life at one point or another. Trials are messy and can break you down but it’s how you build yourself back together that determines your character. Shadow work is the biggest part of building yourself back together and, thru that experience, learning empathy, wisdom, and compassion. 

Shadow work is, put simply, working on yourself using the psychologist Carl Jung’s definition of “shadow self”. Shadow work is recognizing the baser aspects of yourself that happen unconsciously and bringing them to your conscious mind for the purpose of acknowledging every aspect of yourself in order to form a cohesive whole. Your “shadow self” is the part of yourself you might not acknowledge or might even hate. Working on it involves a lot of psychological improvement and discussions with yourself that a counselor might ask you to answer. It basically cuts out the middle man for some good deep therapy and helps direct you into being a more whole person. I recommend for everyone who is interested in witchcraft to do their own shadow work because how do you expect to be able to allow good energy flow within your body if your mind is blocking certain parts of yourself? (… and to keep in mind that this is a process that can take years… I took 2 years doing shadow work before I even started my Bardic Grade with the OBOD but I had a rough childhood and needed to work on me before I … well.. started working on me from a different angle … and I’m still working on me now!). Shadow work is never ending, just like all good practices. 

Start here: Shadow Work Exercise Masterpost by @unmaskingthedivine. I wish I had found their blog back years ago when I was starting my own shadow work.

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In darkness and in light, where truth is still truth,

Selene Blackwell /|\

Let’s face it, 2016 was a shitty year for most of us.. HOWEVER, it’s almost 2017, which means we all get a new, fresh start! I’ve already made my plan, and thought I’d share it with you as it might help some people! 

Write down a list with your goals
You’ve probably heard this a lot, but it seriously works. By visualizing your goals, they become way more serious, and you’re much more likely to actually succeed! Most people tend to set goals that are too difficult, leaving them unmotivated. But to improve your life a lot, these goals really don’t have to be that big! Here are some examples of really good goals, that are totally doable:
- Drink 1 glass of water more each day
- Replace most of the white products with the brown version, such as whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread
- Get off the bus 1 stop earlier than normal, so you have to walk some extra kilometers! If you only travel by car, just go for a quick walk in your neighborhood after coming home. As they say, sitting is the new smoking!
- Start stretching 2 times a week, and build it up. It might suck at the beginning, but you improve incredibly fast! 

Make a new music playlist
Music is very important and has a big impact on your mood. Start with a new fresh playlist and make new memories with these songs! 

Do something new
Basically: get out of your comfortzone! I can’t even describe how important it is to get new experiences which you always thought were nothing you’d ever do. Join a new gym, become part of a club for something you enjoy doing, travel on your own, go to the cinema on your own, stuff like that. You will be incredibly proud of yourself after doing it, feel much more comfortable in any situation, and your self-esteem will improve like crazy.

Plan many things you like to do in January
It might just be for me, but January is probably the worst month of the year.. It’s still cold outside, but the nice Christmasy feeling is gone, and it’s so long until summer.. But you can change that EASILY! Hang out with your friends, go to many museums, bake a lot, and so on :)

Think about what went wrong in 2016
What is the first negative thing that pops in your mind? Would you like to work out more? Focus more on school? Write them down, and make a visual plan on how to do it better this year! Really do it and take some time to think about it, it’s worth it!

Muscle is created by repeatedly lifting things that have been designed to weigh us down. So when your shoulders feel heavy, stand up straight and lift your chin – call it exercise. When the world crumbles around you, you have to look at the wreckage and then build a new one out of all the pieces that are still here. Remember, you are still here.

The human heart beats approximately four thousand times per hour. Each pulse, each throb, each palpitation is a trophy engraved with the words ‘You are still alive.’

You are still alive.

Act like it.

—  Rudy Franciso via hustlingforhealth

Stepping up the self-care helps us boost our immunity to stress.

Stress happens—to everyone. There are many tricks to releasing stress that give us respite from feeling overwhelmed. Merely thinking about doing these things is not enough; in order to take care of our stress, we actually have to take some of these steps. Start small—try one or two of these suggestions.

10 Simple Things to Do When We’re In Over Our Heads.

1. Community. Hanging out with friends helps us feel better. Spending time with actual human beings boosts our mood. It energizes us, even if it’s people we don’t really know, at the local café. Sharing smiles with people gives us a lasting warm fuzzy.

2. Take breaks. No one can thrive when we’re sitting at the computer for hours on end, all day long. Take a five minute break every hour. Walk to the water cooler and rehydrate, do 10 jumping jacks, do a deep forward bend, walk to the break room and refill your coffee cup, have a quick phone chat with a friend or step outside and take a peek at the sky.

3. Get enough fresh air and sunshine. This is important, especially in the wintertime. Spending time outside breaks up the monotony and reconnects us to nature. An easy way to “cheat” is to walk or bike to work. If we have to bus or car commute, park a few blocks away from the office. If we work at home, a quick walk around the block will suffice. If it’s cold, bundle up. There are really no excuses when it comes to being outside and enjoying the day at least a little bit.

4. Eat food cooked with love. Make sure to eat enough veggies. Eat real food and avoid processed and packaged food. Have a snack—if you’re experiencing mood-failure, get your blood sugar up.

5. Meditate. Practice sitting meditation every day for at least 10 minutes. If you’re too busy, meditate for one hour. Our minds are made for thinking. Consciously taking a break from our thoughts heals stress on many levels. I meditate every day for 10 minutes, first thing in the morning. It makes me feel like I’m cloaked in a protective blanket all day long.

6. Exercise. Our bodies are made to move. People have a lot of energy and sitting still for too long can drive us stir crazy. Exercise, even a little bit, is important everyday. It releases negativity and makes us feel good. It gets our heart pumping and our lungs breathing. My favorite ways to exercise are walking the dog, biking, hiking, yoga, dancing, skiing, snow shoveling, gardening and sex.

7. House Plants. It’s nice to share space with other living things. House plants are natural air filters. They live on water and sunlight. That’s affordable! They bring relaxing and cheerful energy to a room. They are quiet. If you have to vent, houseplants are good listeners.

8. Stretch. Practicing yoga, even a little bit, breaks up the” fuzz” between our muscles and fascial tissue. A good stretch can give us the “space” we need to buckle down and take care of our responsibilities.

9. Get enough sleep. Our bodies are rejuvenated with a good night’s sleep. Enjoy a relaxing ritual before bed, to ensure a restful night. Have a cup of chamomile tea, meditate, take a hot epsom salt bath, or read for 15 minutes.

10. Laugh. Read something funny. Talk to someone funny. Watch a funny video. Amuse yourself. Laughter really is the best medicine.

In today’s busy world, it’s easy for anyone to feel overwhelmed; using creative solutions to deal with stress can help us prevent burnout.

Watch on henry-wales.tumblr.com

In this two-part series, a group of ten unlikely runners living with or affected by different mental health issues train for the ultimate test of mind over matter. They’ll compete in one of the world’s most famous endurance races - the 2017 London Marathon. Mental and physical health is closely linked, and taking up sport or exercise can benefit our psychological wellbeing, but this is no easy ride.

Nick Knowles is on a personal mission to get the runners across the finishing line and leads a team of running experts, nutritionists and psychologists. The runners are running in the London Marathon for Heads Together, a campaign set up by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry to tackle the stigma around mental health.

Watch Episode 2 HERE

EMP - Just Might Be

NOTE: I’m saving this as my main EMP meta page, so I’ll be editing it to add content.

Since TAB aired there have been discussions about what was real and what was not real. And then I saw mentions of another meta theory that possibly more than TAB might be a dream state. (EMP = Extended Mind Palace or extended dream state)

My initial reaction to this was ‘nah’. Mainly because I felt like you can get away with the ‘just kidding, it was only a dream’ thing only so long before it just becomes a joke. I thought the some of the plane scenes and the final plane-leaving scene in TAB were real. Clearly, there is one scene in there (the scene where suddenly Sherlock wakes up in a bed and then later is attacked by a skeleton in a grave) which can’t be real, but I though probably the other ‘current day’ scenes were.

However, I’ve just been sort of blow away by the John’s Choice meta by tjlcisthenewsexy. Definitely go read the whole thing, but basically the idea is that everything in HLV from the scene in 221B where John and Sherlock confront Mary, and Sherlock collapses and the ambulance comes, is a dream or a series of dreams.

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