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Please excuse the general bad quality of these photos, they are the only ones I took on today’s 16km hike. It took us 4 hours which isn’t too shabby given the type of terrain we covered in this national park.

It’s a lesser known place in the midst of more popular and picturesque national parks, and it’s largely made up of old farms that the state has bought to turn into national park - so there’s a ton of old ruins and abandoned farmhouses, wild horses and feral cattle.
The whole place just has a very eerie vibe but I went with two good friends and it was definitely more enjoyable than going to some of the more popular destinations.

Have you ever listened to a recording of your voice and cringed at how high/nasally your voice sounds? (Even though others seem to think it sounds just fine?)

In this video I share two quick and simple tips I use for webinars and recordings to like my own voice a little better.

I hope this might be helpful for some of you out there!

Andrew + cats headcanons

Andrew Minyard and cats will never not mean everything to me. Consider these concepts:

  • Consider: Andrew silently assigning the cats percentage points when he’s annoyed not that he’ll ever admit it out loud
  • Andrew Minyard telling the cats “I hate you” as often as he tells Neil.
  • Andrew Minyard then proceeding to feed them and allows the cats to gently headbutt his hands in appreciation
  • King Fluffkins coughing up a hairball and Andrew freezing up and cautiously staring at the cat because? what is he supposed to do??
  • Andrew keeps his reaction impassive, but he cleans up the hairball diligently anyways and make sure to keep the cat in his sight for the rest of the day
  • (If Neil catches on that he’s being nicer that day than he usually is, well, Neil knows when to keep his mouth shut)
  • Consider: one of the cats getting food poisoning and really sick 
  • Andrew literally dropping everything he’s doing to rush to the vet
  • Andrew Minyard walking in and dumping the poor cat on the alarmed receptionist’s desk
  • Andrew keeping his face neutral as always but for once he really is concerned. 
  • The vet asking for the cat’s name. 
  • Andrew deadpanning “Sir Fat Cat McCatterson” 
  • Andrew upping the cat’s percentage points to 275%
  • He’s also upping Neil’s percentage points for getting him into this damn mess
  • Consider: Andrew confiding Renee about what happened 
  • Renee knowing a surprising amount of knowledge about cats (she volunteered at an animal shelter a while back) and telling Andrew if he ever has any questions he could come to her. Andrew wishing he could glare at Renee over the phone
  • Renee being Helpful™ and gifting him a book the next time he sees her
  • Andrew Minyard browsing the Internet and library to find books like “The Cat Owner’s Manuel” in case anything happens again
  • Consider: Andrew lounging around his apartment reading the books 
  • Andrew bringing the books with him to practice or to out-of-state games
  • Andrew glaring at anyone who comments on them
  • Andrew does not murder Neil for smiling when he sees him with the books for the first time, but he does add +1% to his hate meter
  • Andrew Minyard reading the cat food ingredients carefully the next time he goes grocery shopping
  • Consider: Andrew and Neil finally coming home at last after a really tiring flight. Them curling up on the couch & the cats jumping up to greet them
  • Neil tiredly and softly whispering greetings and praises in Russian 
  • (Neil’s and Andrew’s Russian are very good by now. They use it a lot at home)
  • Consider: The cats learning to understand basic Russian commands
  • Consider: The cats being part of Andrew and Neil
  • Consider: Andrew growing to love hate them as fiercely as he loves hates Neil
  • Consider: The cats growing to be part of why Andrew lives through each day
  • …..
  • Now consider: One of the cats dying. 
  • Should we bury him?”  “I thought you were more in the habit of burning bodies.”  “Can you not be an asshole right now?
  • rip

But because I don’t want to end on a sad note, here’s a bonus:

  • Imagine Kevin Day meeting the cats for the first time. 
  • Imagine Sir Fat Cat hating him. 
  • Sir hisses at him. Sir tries to scratch him. Sir snarls whenever Kevin gets too close
  • Kevin catches on pretty quickly he’s unwanted and takes great pains to avoid Sir Fat Cat whenever he goes to Andrew and Neil’s apartment 
  • Kevin tries to pet King Fluffkins next, but King Fluff just turns his head and walk away whenever Kevin approaches 
  • “I’m a dog person anyways,” Kevin moodily tries to justify to himself. This is a strike to his ego.
  • Andrew doesn’t comment on it, but the next time Sir tries to jump into Andrew’s lap he doesn’t push Sir Fat Cat off. 
  • In fact, he gives him a rare scratch behind his ear.
  • When Neil finds out he gives Sir Fat Cat and King Fluffkins a treat
  • They’re all Instigators at Heart
  • I love them

Anyways, I just want to say that Andrew + cats is a gift from the heavens and we should all treasure it for all of eternity

(Psst, feel free to add your headcanons too!!)

I’d like you to imagine: Aaron exercising in the park, running in the evening after work when all of a sudden this dog comes out of no where and starts running along side him, its leash trailing along behind him. So of course Aaron stops and looks around, but he doesn’t see anyone who might be this dog’s owner. But Aaron’s a softy for animals so he pets the dog for a bit then grabs the leash and starts walking back the way he came, hoping to find the owner.

Queue Alexander running around, his hair a mess because he can’t believe Bella just ran off like that. Well he can. She’s kind of flighty, especially if she sees squirrels. Or birds. Or bicycles… honestly Alexander needs to glue her leash to his hand. Finally he spots a man walking a dog who looks just like Bella in the distance across the park and he runs over–no way he’s gonna let someone take off with his dog.

So he probably runs up shouting at Aaron and Aaron is probably like holy hell hold UP, I didn’t steal your dog okay, they just ran up to me while I was running and Alex is like oh shit yeah sounds about right.

And Aaron is probably a lil sweaty from the run and Alex is likes oh hey *eyes emoji* because he just noticed how attractive the guy is when he’s not stealing his dog.

And Bella totally agrees because she’s like drawn to Aaron and the next time they’re at the park she escapes again and finds Aaron. This time Aaron recognizes her and gets her back to Alexander quickly and Alexander uses that as an excuse to get Aaron’s number. Aaron is totally catching the hint though and they end up texting all the time under the pretense that its about Bella and then that slowly fades away and they’re texting into the night about everything and nothing. Soon enough they get together and definitely attribute their relationship to Alexander’s dog.

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