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Solangelo goodnight kisses on the porch of the hades cabin 💕💕💕💕

When Nico had asked Jason, “how do you know if you’re dating someone?” the look he’d received had been one of incredulity.

“I mean,” he’d said, very slowly, adjusting his glasses. “It should be pretty obvious.”

“It’s me, though,” Nico had protested weakly. “I’m not exactly up to speed on the whole… dating thing these days.”

Jason had stopped then, and considered.

“You’re talking about Will, right?”

Pink flushed cheeks weren’t a common sight on the son of Hades, the ghost king. At least, they hadn’t been. Until Will Solace had come around.

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1/7 bf!monsta x!

this little series is going to be an extension from a previous post of mine where i briefly listed what monsta x would be like as boyfriends. i have a few requests in my inbox for a longer version so here ya go! turn on your notifications if you want to keep up with the rest of the series. nOTIF SQUAD WHERE U AT??

  • he’d be the shyest most awkward thing when he meets you for the first time
  • prolonged staring from a distance when you’re not looking but if you caught his eye boy would he look away so fast
  • if he liked you, he’d be the blushiest thing o h my god
  • the type to cough or drop a book loudly to catch your attention
  • immediately regrets it when you look over at him because he’ll feel so self conscious
  • “wait you like me too what”
  • he’d be the type of bf that every little girl dreams of
  • the actual definition of a gentleman
  • “there are three things that girls never touch on dates, the door knob, car door, and the bill”
  • he’d help you with anything and everything, literally he’s a call away
  • will change your tires, light bulbs, help you with around the house stuff
  • really awkward at first with skinship but will eventually ease into it
  • he’d keep his arms around you in public to protect you and show everyone that you’re his
  • would play with your hair nonstop
  • always down to cuddle with you 24/7
  • likes it when you rest your head on his toned chest
  • “i work out just for you, babe”
  • would do a 360 degree personality flip when it comes to exercise, like what happened to my boyfriend i did not ask for a personal instructor
  • sweaty gym dates [ insert creepy moon emoji ]
  • “your posture isn’t right”
  • proceeds to get really close to you and place his arms/hands around your waist/legs/arms etc. to fix your form
  • he’ll realize what he’s doing five minutes later and get really flustered
  • at dance practices he would show off his new choreo proudly
  • “well, i am monsta x’s best dancer”
  • if you pretend to not notice him or compliment another member he’d know you’re joking but would be lowkey jealous
  • he’d give you that bashful grin to show you that he’s okay but on the inside he’d be envious
  • if he’s real desperate he’d use the aegyo he has on reserve for dire circumstances
  • he’ll try to laugh it off but he’ll probably feel flustered for two weeks straight
  • constant texts asking if you’re okay and if you’ve eaten yet
  • he would be the best listener and would always be open for whatever rant you may need to get off your chest
  • late night jamming and dancing to your fav songs
  • the type to hold you tightly in his sleep
  • his heart would swell at literally everything you do because he loves you so much
  • you’d literally never see his eyes because he’d be so smiley
  • also would be so shy and bad at expressing his feelings
  • “isn’t it implied??”
  • he’d get so embarrassed but would love seeing you in his clothes
  • especially in his t shirts and sweatshirts
  • especially surprise ones, like while you’re cooking
  • if you’re shorter than him, he wouldn’t hesitate to rest his chin on your head 
  • “son hyunwoo you’re squeezing me i can’t breathe”
  • he’d never want to let you go but would eventually out of concern
  • gentle af unless some ass hurts his girl
  • he’s just like a big ol’ teddy bear, so cuddly and fluffy
  • who wouldn’t love this marshmallow 

Just over 2 weeks till my vacation with my boyfriend so hitting the gym hard to next few weeks 💪🏼
Smashed my cardio today!
32 minutes on the treadmill 🏃🏽‍♀️
30 minutes of the cross trainer 🚶🏽‍♀️
11 minutes on the rowing machine 🚣
Also did some leg workouts using a machine!
Was very hard today, was exhausted after the treadmill probably because I didn’t eat before the gym and also had a rubbish sleep lastnight!

Home Again | 1

We are thinking of making this a series. Please tell us if this is good or not. 

Two || Three 

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“GET YOUR ASS UP!” Stephanie shouted. “Steph! Give me another hour!” I shouted back. She ripped the blanket off of me. “Get up Y/N!” “Fine! Just get out!” She rolled her eyes and walked out of the room. To better learn the way of the Korean culture my parents sent me to Korea to live with my sister Stephanie. Mom said I need to get in touch with the culture. To get a better understanding she sent me to live with Steph. Okay, first off that was a terrible choice. I just got here and she’s already nagging me.Well I got here last week. I was born here but I wasn’t raised here. My parents had this thing going on. They loved to travel. All of my older siblings were born in Korea but raised in the foreign country. My older brother, Junki, raised in Japan, therefore we know the Japanese language and the culture. My other brother, Byungho, raised in China, therefore we know the Chinese language and the culture. And Steph, raised in France. Then there’s me. I was raised in the states. I feel left out compared to my other siblings. Korean was my second language while it was my siblings’ first language. And because of that growing up was harder for me when my family from Korea would come and visit. They would insult how I spoke it and my pronunciation. They would also insult my Hangul writing because at the time it was bad but they always said I was a disappointment to the family. 

I didn’t understand the whole deal with learning Korean and the culture. I’m not even fully Korean. My family isn’t either so I don’t see why Korean had to be superior to our other culture. When I would ask my mom would just sweep it under the rug and just hit me with the “Because we love you.” And I would just take it. When Steph moved back she got a job as an intern at this entertainment company. I believe it’s called JYP Entertainment. She’s an intern there and she’s giving me a tour of the building. She even asked her boss if she could and somehow he said yes. And that day was today, I didn’t want to go but she’s forcing me to. She even got mom on her side. I just don’t want people looking at me weird for being mixed. I heard that attracts a lot of attention here in Korea. In the states you could walk around being mixed and no one would even care. But here, you’re judged and that’s one reason I didn’t want to come back but I was forced to. 

I got up and walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and just put on some clothes without really thinking about it. I gathered my hair into a ponytail and brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom in some jeans and just a sweater. Steph walked in and her eyes widened. “You’re not going to JYP like that! Fix yourself!” “Fix your attitude.” I shot back. She has changed a lot since moving back. I don’t like it. She was my favorite sibling because we are the only girls out of 4 children, but I’m kinda rethinking my choice of having her in that position. Byungho isn’t too bad. “I don’t have time for your smart mouth! Let’s go.” She grabbed my wrist and pulled me. We walked out of her apartment and began to walk to where I believe the JYP building is. “So you walk to work everyday? Why don’t you have a car?” I asked probably annoying the hell out of her. “I don’t need a car to drive to work. JYP is just a few blocks away. And I need to exercise.” She answered letting go of my wrist. “Do you have a boyfriend you’re not telling mom and dad about?” “You sure do ask a lot of questions for a 14 year old.” “You sure do hide a lot of things for 20 year old.” She only rolled her eyes and continued to walk. 

When we got there I was amazed at all the people here. I hid behind Steph, I was too scared to speak. My pronunciation was still not the same. A man in a suit walked up to her. He bowed as did she. I just quietly stood behind her. The man looked at me with a smile. “This must be your little sister Y/N, right?” “Of course. She’s really shy when it comes to new people. Say hi.” It took a little bit because they were speaking Korean. “Hello. I’m Y/N. I’m sorry for my pronunciation if it’s bad.” “It’s fine. Your pronunciation is very good.” He said. I gave a shy smile. “You can give your sister that tour now. If you need anything, I’m in my office.” The man said before bowing and walking away. He must be her boss? Mr.Park I believe. “Come on. I’ll show you every spot I can go. But there are so rules. Well one. Don’t touch anything. Okay?” I only nodded. (A/N: Korean is in bold. English is not bold.) She took me on a long tour of the building. Though it was long there was a lot of places I couldn’t go. Or she couldn’t go. But one interested me the most. And that was the trainee rooms. There was a section dedicated to trainees and only trainees. It was weird that Steph couldn’t even take a step in there. Me? I don’t listen, well I do, but I don’t like to. Steph received a business call and she left me with a staff member who didn’t even care about me. I slowly walked to the trainee section of the building without attracting attention. I heard blaring music coming from one room. I looked through the window and saw a room full of people but there was one kid in the middle. Well I can’t call him a kid. I don’t know how old he is. 

He was dancing! Like really good. I honestly can’t dance. I’ve just never tried to. I never saw the point of me trying to dance but I did enjoy watching other dance and perform. I used to love when mom would take me to local recitals. My favorites were ballet and hip hop. I know they are two different ones but I loved those the most. There was the one female dancer I loved more than anything. Her name was Gigi Madrid (A/N: Made up. This is not a real person.) She did both ballet and hip hop. She could make anyone want to learn how to dance. I was one of those people, but I just didn’t follow through. But this guy, he was really really good. I smiled without realizing it. When the music stopped he looked over the window and winked at me. My eyes widened and my cheeks got hot. He was really cute. I pointed to myself and he nodded without anyone noticing. Am I blushing? “Y/N!” I turned around and saw Steph rushing toward me. I just looked down. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You can’t be here! You’ll get in trouble!” “I asked her to watch me.” I heard an unfamiliar voice. An unfamiliar guy’s voice. I looked behind her and saw the guy who winked at me. I felt my cheeks heat up once again. 

Steph turned around. “Kid, get back in there. You’re a trainee. Don’t worry about my sister.” “Ms. L/N, do you know I could tell management of your behavior and get your internship cancelled. Let her stay with me or else.” He threatened. I don’t like when people threaten someone close to me but for some reason when he did it I didn’t say anything. It was kinda hot that he wanted to spend time with and would do anything to do just that. He was good looking after all. She scoffed and walked off. “Thanks for that.” “No problem. I didn’t like that she was yelling at you. Have you eaten?” He asked. I just shook my head no. “I’m free right now. Let’s get you something to eat.” “You don’t have to. I could eat later.” I said. “You need to eat. Trust me. Think of it as a gift. I’m Park Jaebeom by the way. You can call me Jay.” “Y/N.” I said before smiling. 

This is the first chapter of a series we are thinking of making. Please let us know if we should continue this. Sorry for any mistakes. 

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How long did it take you to lose weight and did you do exercises or?

3 months. The first month I didn’t really do any exercises only walking with my boyfriend most days. I lost 5 kg the first month and the second month I didn’t lose anything :(( But now I’m losing weight again!! I have lost 2kg in this month already and I hope to lose at least 4 kg. I started working out in the gym for about 3 weeks ago 2 times a week so yeah I do exercises 

the new balance

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For the last few weeks, I’ve been committed to do more things that have meaning to me and will enrich my life, like exercise, spending time with my boyfriend and friends, cooking my self a nice meal, and decluttering my home. At the same time, I’ve been trying to spend less time in social media (as you may have noticed) and watching Netflix. So far it’s working great. I can feel myself being less anxious about things.

I think I’ve realized that going to work, then eating a cafeteria meal, then coming home watching Netflix, then attempt to study, then sleeping is no way to live my life. At least it’s not the way I want to live mine. Sure, I still watch Netflix (especially the Netflix series “The Fall”, watch it, it’s great) but I’m trying to limit the time I spend doing it. 

I can feel myself slowly settling into a more balanced life. Not the famed “work life balance” that sounds like heaven, where I go to work and do a great job, work out everyday, I study everyday, my home is always clean, and I always eat healthy. Honestly, that is bullshit. There just aren’t enough hours everyday to do that. To me, balance is trying to live everyday with meaning. Balance is doing some of the things you have to do and some of the things you want to do and have meaning to you, almost everyday. If I go to work, do a little bit of studying, then have some tea and work on a scrapbook page I’m very content and I call that a good day. Sure, I didn’t exercise, didn’t work on my research paper that day, didn’t go grocery shopping, but maybe today was not the day for that.

I realize that I won’t always get to the bottom of my to-do list and I’ve made peace with that. I do my best, starting with the most important items, then that way if I don’t get to the last few, presumably they aren’t very important. I let them go and try again the next day. 

It may sound like I’m setting the bar low for myself. Like maybe I should be pushing myself to do all these things everyday. But actually, it has required some effort so far. For example, one day I somehow had a little longer lunch break than usual. It was cold and a little bit windy and I was tempted to just browse Facebook for the remaining 30 minutes, but instead I bundled up, left the clinic and took a walk around the neighborhood. I ended up seeing beautiful views of the Boston harbor and the skyline. It was a nice break before the second half of my day and I felt more relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of the day. 

i did turkish get ups yesterday with a 16 pound kettlebell, and i was like “i’ve never gotten mad at you for making me do an exercise  before you made me do this” to my boyfriend

I really hate when I don’t wake up in the night to do exercise. It just sets me up for a day of feeling like my steps are rubbish and feeling like I’m a fat lazy shit. I hate myself for it. I can’t get anything else done or keep on top of anything because I just end up feeling horribly behind on my exercise and I can’t really put anything else above exercise. It’s my boyfriends birthday celebrations today and I really want to try to fast until I walk down to town to meet him but that’s not for another seven and a half hours. Once I get to one it’ll be okay because I can start to get showered and make myself look nice but ugh I’m going to get hungry I think and then struggle. I’m not good at fasting. I can restrict to about 800 calories fairly well but having nothing is hard regardless of what anyone says! I’m going to have to eat something but I need to wait so it’s right before drinking alcohol and so I don’t end up getting horribly drunk and ruining his birthday by being a liability. I hate what this disorder makes me do. It’ll have to be a day of coffee and cigarettes. I’ve told myself if I fast all day I can have a small something of my choice at about 15:30. It’s just getting there though!

Step 1 Reflection

With third year orientation (almost) done, I thought now would be the perfect time to think back on Step 1. So, without further ado: 

Things I did that I would do again: 

1. U World: People were not lying when they said this was your best resource for Step 1. It saved my butt on multiple occasions and is truly the best tool overall. Buy it early and use it well. 

2. Pathoma: I re-did pathoma during dedicated time and I really feel like it helped me. There were a few questions that I would have missed without it. It also helped because it was familiar to me…I did pathoma throughout the year, so it was kind of a “refresher” during dedicated. 

3. Giving myself 6 weeks: I could not imagine myself possibly spending more time to study for Step. I was already losing my sanity about 4 weeks in. If anything, I would have moved it up a couple of days (I took it on a Monday, but I wish I had taken it on the previous Friday). If you do decide to move it back, you need to commit to it…push it back weeks, not days. About 80% of the members of my class who paid to push it back 2-3 days inevitably ended up paying again to move it back 6 more weeks. 

Things I did that I would unquestionably do differently: 

1. Studying at the library: Holy. Moly. This. Was. A. Horrible. Idea. With my whole heart, I wish I would have studied at home with my momma. If you live with someone who is also a second year med student and is taking Step at the same time that you are, I would highly recommend separating yourselves. Seriously. I was constantly comparing myself to my roommate or my other classmates and it was so incredibly stressful. Escape that. Learn from my mistake. Please. 

2. First Aid: In the end, I hated First Aid. 99.9% of people love it. Students will defend their First Aids to the death. But, to me, First Aid was literally just a book of charts and tables. I did not benefit from learning that way. Initially, I was spending about 5 hours on reading/taking notes on First Aid during dedicated. After a bad NBME score, I spoke with an advisor and was told to reduce that time to 1-2 hours/day. The next week, my NBME went up by 30 points. So, that’s what worked for me. 

3. Me time: I spent 13-14 hours/day studying for 6 weeks straight. I stopped at 6pm on one day each week (my “half day off”). It all but killed me. I literally sat in a chair for 42 days straight. 0/10 would not recommend. I should have exercised and spent some more time with my family and boyfriend. They were the only people who kept me sane, and I should have listened to them more. 

Those are my thoughts at this moment, but if you have any other questions, drop by and send me an ask! Currently gearing up for my peds rotation and I’m starting to get pretty excited. Finally–the clinical years are beginning!!!!

Though the first week was tough to get used to things my summer job has been really enjoyable. I’m learning a lot, getting paid, have fun while coding and can ask anytime I have questions. However there’s so much free food there… ALL the time… and sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours is of no help. 

I did gain some weight, a bit, and of course I noticed. At first I wasn’t sure what to do because I was kind of in denial? Like I got back home and had 4 hours left to relax and do whatever I want and didn’t really want to spend some of that time exercising. But then my boyfriend told me he was going to get in shape and started a routine with his brother, and I felt so awful because there he was working hard to get results while I sat all day in the office eating. So I managed to gather some courage and asked my mom if I could join her on her walks to the park.

That was three days ago and I’ve been going to the park everyday, and it feels so satisfying. Like I’m actually doing something that will do me good! And I’m in this routine where I go to work to be productive, chill for a bit at home, then go walk outside and go to sleep early. It feels like I’m actually doing something good in my life, and though it’s not easy to sacrifice free time I’m really happy with what I’m doing.

I hope I recover my weight sometime soon, and I’m feeling positive that I will make it.

I feel very insecure sometimes. VERY insecure. Especially lately since I cut my hair and I feel less feminine. I wish my body was more curvy like all of the pictures of black girls I see on the internet. I used to exercise to try to get wider hips. My boyfriend tells me he loves my body when I tell him I’m insecure but still, I worry that he might be attracted to another girl because of her body. I don’t even show him pictures of other pretty girls like I do with my friends because I don’t want him to think they’re prettier than me. Even though I know he loves me and he tells me I’m the only girl he sees. I know everything shouldn’t be all about looks and our bodies but that’s how I feel and I can’t help it. I just want to feel as beautiful as he tells me I am, even when I see other beautiful girls.

Post-Workout- An Omaha Squad Imagine (Requested)


“And 1 and 2 and 3.” I muttered as I did crunches on the living room floor.

I had the house to myself for the afternoon so I felt it was the perfect time to get a quick workout in. I had done some dance exercise video prior to the crunches so I was already hot and sweaty. I could feel the sweat on parts of my body I didn’t know sweat.

After doing another rep, I decided to switch gears and do some squats. They were one of my favorite exercises, as well as my boyfriend Nate’s too. He loved having a little extra something to squeeze on to.

As I did my squats, I heard the front door open. It had to be Nate, I ran to the door in my tiny sports bra and spandex shorts with sweat dripping down my body.

To my dismay it wasn’t Nate, but his three friends, Jack Johnson, Sam Wilkinson, and Jack Gilinsky. They all eyed me up and down and before any of them could speak I held up my hand.

“Where’s Nate?” I asked.

“I’m here, I’m - Y/N what the fuck?” Nate said as he hurried in the house, noticing my appearance.

“Sorry I was working out! Let me go change really quick.” I suggested.

“Damn, Y/N you look good, don’t put on clothes.” Johnson said.

“Yeah Y/N, it’s nice seeing you all hot and sweaty.” Sammy added as Gilinsky whistled.

“Guys, come on.” Nate said shaking his head.

“I know you’ve never seen a girl who’s just worked out, let me change so you don’t die.” I joked as I turned around.

“Wow, Someone’s been doing their squats.” Gilinsky teased, causing me to turn back around.

“Control your friends!” I said to Nate.

“We can’t help that you’re so hot when you workout.” Sammy chuckled.

“Okay that’s it, Y/N go change. Nate said.

As I headed up the stairs I heard Gilinsky call out. "If you need to cool down and take a shower, you know I’m here to join you!”

“The only one who gets to shower with me is Nate. Sorry G!” I called downstairs, smirking.

“You better be fast, we want a workout tutorial when you’re done.” I heard Johnson snicker.

“Yeah show us the squats!” Sammy added.

“Enough, let’s just have some beers and watch the game.” I heard Nate say, trying to change the subject. As much as he tried to hide it, he was annoyed. I knew it ticked him off that his friends were checking me out, and if it were some random guy he would knock them out.

As I stepped into the shower letting the cool water wash over me, the shower curtain was abruptly pulled back. My first instinct was that it was one of the guys, instead it was Nate.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!” I said catching my breath.

“Sorry babe, but you know I had to get a glimpse of you. You don’t understand how sexy you looked.” Nate said as he gave me a quick kiss.

“Too bad you brought them with you, we could be having some really awesome shower sex right now.” I said turning back towards the water.

“Yeah, I’m really regretting bringing them over here right about now.” Nate laughed.

Before he left the bathroom, he squeezed my ass. “Damn baby, those squats are really paying off.”

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Did you gain any weight when you first went vegan?

When I first went vegan I lost a good bit of weight very quickly. I was very disciplined, eating clean and exercising every day. In the last few months my focus has been on other things: my family, friends, boyfriend, job, school… I stopped exercising as much and ate more “junk” (all vegan but donuts, pizza, etc.) I have definitely gained a bit of weight probably also due to growing more into a woman but I havent let that stop me from being happy :) I am now motivated to get back into eating healthy and regular exercise and I just feel excited to sculpt my body again. The point of this post is to let you know that your weight doesn’t define you, it doesn’t have to effect your happiness or life at all (this is your own choice). I am assuming you might be asking this because you are thinking about going vegan but are scared of gaining weight at first. In my opinion when going vegan the prime focus should not be the way you look but doing good for the earth, animals and yourself. Being skinny but feeling weak,tired,moody and hungry + knowing you are supporting the killing of innocent beings doesn’t feel nearly as good as having a bit of fat here and there but feeling energised,happy and being able to eat a lot of food + knowing you are helping countless animals and the planet. Even if you gain weight at first on a vegan diet this is usually due to not eating enough calories before hand and you will lose it again. And even if you gain weight it wont be 30kg but really just “a bit of fat here and there” which is perfectly normal and beautiful in my opinion. But every body is different and I am no expert, this is just from doing research, personal experience and what other vegans have told me about their journeys. x

I just wanted to share with you all my progress, I know I suck at updating. To my earliest followers you know I started BBG 1.0 back in August. I completed it November and took a month off of exercising from late December to January because of the holidays and my boyfriend was visiting from England. I’ve since restarted BBG 1.0 but with school I’ve been stuck repeating weeks 3 and 4 because I haven’t been able to complete the full week. The reason why I’m sharing this is to show progress takes time and you can always start again. I am nowhere near where I want to be and I personally see little progress, my eating habits get wrecked every time I go home to my mom’s cooking (which is like every 2 weeks) and sometimes life just gets in the way and you have to prioritize what is most important. But at the end of the day I’m stronger than I was. I can now do chin ups, push ups, run longer and faster. If I flex I can see my baby abs coming in (COME ON ABS!! COME OUT ALREADY ;___;). To all of you out there we all may have different goals of where we want to end up but we are all on this journey together. I’m not giving up, so neither should you!

P.S- sorry I haven’t replied to all of your questions D: There’s just so many and it takes time to get through them! I will try and respond even if it is privately as fast as I can!

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My boyfriend won't stop complaining that I don't exercise enough and that I need to lose weight. What do I do or say.

You flip him the bird and say, “go fuck yourself, Harold.”
And skip off into the sunset just the way you are