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So people are negative already regarding S3. Sam and Cait have been ignoring each other on SM since the craziness over the mall photo? I always feel Sam is happy about the speculation. Maybe it will end at a forth season contract or no. I don't see either making it big in Hollywood but maybe some Netflix or Amazon Originals. Sam could become an exercise guru and Caitriona go off and just live her life with that man she answered about. I can't get past both stating "we are not together"

You are one fan among millions. If you think about what you’ve said, you are here for Sam and Cait mostly, as opposed to the show. If that is what you are in it for, then I see clearly why you are disappointed. And it’s ok. You don’t have to like the show. It’s not a package deal. You must admit though, your feelings about your primary interest in OL, the actors, do negatively bias your opinion of the show, right?

One of the many personal memories Jacqueline Kennedy lovingly shares is her husband’s frequent morning wake-ups in the White House.

“The television, gosh sometimes it was loud … there’d be cartoons, and there was this awful exercise man, Jack La…,” Jacqueline recalled, referring to 1960s exercise guru Jack LaLanne.

Caroline and John would be rolling on the floor doing exercises to Jack LaLanne with their father encouraging them.

“He’d have them tumbling around. He loved those children tumbling around him,” she said.

According to Caroline Kennedy, her father didn’t like to read to his children, preferring to make up stories instead. Many of them starred Caroline and a pony, and in his stories she frequently won the Grand National horse race, beating a Miss Shaw and Mrs. Throttlebottom. In his tales, there were also sharks, a girl named Maybelle who hid in the woods, and sometimes the kids would join him on a PT boat and sink a Japanese destroyer.