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Leg Lift with Tricep Dip

3 sets of 15 reps

Anna Carrieri

Come to sitting. Bend the knees and bring soles of feet to the floor. Walk the hands a few inches behind the body, fingertips pointing in. Press through the soles of the feet and the palms, lifting the hips and pelvis up into a reverse tabletop position. Straighten one leg out in front of you. Bend through the elbows, to do a tricep dip, make sure elbows are squeezing in towards eachother. At the same time lower the leg while dipping the butt down towards the floor. Then straighten through the elbows and pulse the straight leg towards the face. That is one rep. Go for 12-15 reps on one side, then switch sides and repeat.

Good for strengthening the full body.

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