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Hey! I've recently started doing yoga, so I'm a fairy new beginner, but I love it so much already!! I was just wondering to do all the different poses and headstands do you need to do any other form of exercise to build strength or does that just come naturally as you learn more and practise more?

practice and all is coming. 

Reasons to be Happy

1. You are unique. There’s no-one on the planet quite like you!

2. You are loved – probably much more than you realise.

3. You have the chance to give love to others.

4. You still have time to change your life.

5. You have the chance to be creative, and experiment with your gifts.

6. You can explore your interests and learn new things.

8. You have the chance to enjoy the gift of laughter.

9. You can experience and enjoy eating, sleeping, friendships, music, the beauty of nature, animals, the scent of flowers, etc.

10. Even when today has been a bad day, you get a new start tomorrow – and can turn a fresh page.

11. You can dance, sing, jog, ski, cycle, run a marathon – or participate in any sports or form of exercise that brings you pleasure.

12. You can travel, meet new people, and broaden your perspective on life.

13. You can hang out at a lake or you can walk along the beach – and enjoy skimming stones, and being a kid again.

14. You can splash in puddles in the rain, or skate on the ice, or throw snowballs at your friends.

15. You can choose to make a difference in someone else’s life, and brighten their day, and bring a smile to their face.

Sometimes being productive in the morning can be very difficult, so here are some tips on how to boost your productivity and stop procrastinating in the morning!

1. Get plenty of sleep-try to get at least 7-9 hours sleep at night so that you actually feel awake and willing to get up in the morning!

2. Change out of your pyjamas-although they are so comfy, keeping your PJ’s on is more likely to make you feel sleepy and want to go back to bed. You can still stay comfortable by putting on workout clothes or yoga pants.

3. Drink a glass of cold water-it’s honestly so refreshing in the morning. Keep a bottle or glass beside your bed.

4. Exercise-anything from 30 minutes of yoga to a walk to the park. You don’t need to go to the gym, but any form of exercise gets the blood pumping round your body, leaving you wide awake and ready to be productive.

5. Lay out everything you need the night before-this includes the clothes your going to wear, work you want to do and anything else you might need. Because it is already laid out you’ll feel less need to procrastinate.

6. Plan your time effectively-making a schedule for the day or using a planner/ bullet journal is great as you can allocate time slots for each task you have to do and it is extremely satisfying to tick things off. It also gives you a structure to stick to, meaning that you will know what you are doing at all times. Just remember to give yourself breaks!

7. Bye bye electronics-make sure to switch off all electronics you won’t be needing and put them in another room. You can even get someone to hide your phone from you if you think you’ll be tempted!

8. Download “Forest” app-I just downloaded this app recently and it’s amazing! It allows you to plant a tree and this tree will grow if you don’t use your phone. It’s super satisfying and really boosts my productivity, especially in the morning!

9. Eat a healthy breakfast-don’t skip breakfast, make sure that you eat something nutritious and filling, as this will make your brain more switched on and alert. I’m going to make a post soon about healthy breakfast ideas, so stay tuned for that. Some include: oatmeal, berries, bananas, smoothies, wholemeal pancakes, yoghurt.

10. Switch up your location-working/studying can be much more fun if you get out of the house sometimes. Try going to a coffee shop, library or a park if it’s a nice day. You’ll be more likely to want to wake up if you’re going out somewhere. ( I’m also going to be making a post soon about study locations, so stay tuned for that as well!)

hope this helps!

BTS Reaction: Asking for a piggy back ride

You ask for a piggyback because your feet hurt

Thank you for requesting! 

Jin: Jin and you had been at the club for 2 hours and he had been worried for your feet since you got there, so as soon as you started to utter the words, he was in position for you to piggy back. “Jin, how did you know my feet were hurting?” “Y/N, how could I not know?” He’d been paying attention, of course. As your best friend, he felt like it was his job to notice these things.

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Yoongi: Yoongi would be a little hesitant. He was having fun, but he saw lifting you as a form of exercise, so he was automatically thinking ‘No.’ He would just stare at you for a second, not really sure if he was willing to lift you/trying to find an excuse.

“Yoongi, get ready I’m jumping on your back in 3 seconds” “aw fine” he’d say, secretly pleased that you asked him and no else who else would you ask tho. He’d probably struggle a bit with holding your weight, because he seems kind of weak, but he’d manage and then be pretty smug about it. It would become one of his Stories™ (The Time I Gave Y/N a Piggyback Because I Am Super Strong)

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Hoseok: First of all this would be you and Hoseoks 7th club of the night Your heel actually broke from dancing so much with Hoseok, and you were relieved, because you could finally take the shoes off. You’d ask for a piggyback. He’d be so pumped you asked, he would scoop you up, bridal-style, and carry you off. “Seriously I love you, you’re the best person ever” you’d say, half joking, but not really. "I love you too" he’d say seriously and you’d both blush. Things would get real serious real quick.

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Namjoon: He’d probably be ready to go like, 20 minutes after you got there, but he totally stayed because seeing you in heels and a tight dress was the highlight of his day.

 “Namjoon, my feet hurt so bad.” You’d say, hinting that you want to be carried. He’d brush it off and say “We’ll be there soon" 

“Namjoon seriously they hurt so bad” “ok” “no, really” “yeah I bet they do” he laughed, knowing you were getting a little frustrated “So will you carry me?” He would laugh at you, “Finally you asked!” Namjoon loved to tease you, it was his way of trying to hide his feelings for you.

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Jimin: *Activate mom mode* When you suddenly took your shoes off in the middle of the street, Jimin looked at you with a shocked expression. Instantly, he was worried about your feet and getting them dirty or getting cuts. “They hurt” you’d say, while Jimin looked at you with big brown eyes filled with concern. “quick get on my back.” His smile would be so big he wouldn’t be able to focus, and he’d probably trip on the edge of the sidewalk or something.

“Oops sorry, Y/N”


“Sorry, sorry, I’m really sorry, sorry”

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Taehyung: Taehyung and you were wasted (was he? you couldn’t really tell, he’s crazy either way), and running wildly down some alley. You laughed as you both stumbled, hands linked together tightly (you’d be like wait-how did that happen). "I have an idea, piggyback!” “Yes! I love your ideas!” He planted a sloppy kiss on your cheek. Both of you laughed as he continued to run down the alley with you on his back. (you and Tae would have so much fun tbh). You Wouldn’t last long on his back though because he’d bounce you around so much you would briefly consider punching him. 

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Jungkook: Jungkook felt a little awkward with you. He offered to walk you home, and although you were best friends, he felt a little uncomfortable, because your dress was tight, and he wasn’t sure what to make of it. You asked for a piggyback, and he’d have a deer-in-the-headlights look. “Um, kook, so can I?” You said, because he’d been silent for like 10 seconds and you were a little worried. “Um sure yes, yeah, ok” you’d climb on, saying “holy shit jungkook you’re super muscular” he’d blush and simultaneously smirk, feeling torn about how to react to the situation. Internally, he’d be freaking out

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(I love this gif so much ugh)

If you read all this (or even if you read one member) i love u and greatly appreciate u and also i hope you liked it :) Also, feel free to request stuff!!! 

today in french we were doing an exercise on adjective forms and some of the sentences said things like “boys prefer pretty girls,” “girls prefer muscular boys,” etc. and my 40 yr old straight married professor makes an awkward face and says “ok, wow these just got weirdly heteronormative. how about you fill in the blank with whatever noun-adjective combination you want, as long as it follows correct grammar”

and the answers that we came up with were amazing.

  • girls don’t prefer boys, girls prefer (fast) cars and money 
  • boys prefer beautiful barbecues
  • girls prefer annoying cats
  • boys prefer 75 large plastic dinosaurs
  • and of course: pretty girls prefer pretty girls 

so remember kids, heteronormativity doesn’t belong in the classroom but 75 large plastic dinosaurs do.

Tip #25

Save Cardio for last - Although it will be harder and more exhausting Cardio is the best and basically the only fat burning exercise. And your body doesn’t start burning fat until after 20 minutes of being active. So if you do all your other exercises first then a form of Cardio you’ll be burning fat at your best.

Ask Me!!!

• my least favorite fragrance
• my favorite actor
• my favorite actress
• an embarrassing story
• favorite time of day
• when my reality feels altered
• favorite artist
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• have you ever ____
• favorite form of exercise
• my most recent dream
• this or that
• scariest moment of my life
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• advice
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• celebrity interaction
• worst crush story

i feel like exercise addiction does not get enough attention because exercise can be masked as “healthy.” but it is real. very real. and it can become detrimental in many ways.  i think there is this close minded view that you can only have an exercise addiction if you OVER-exercise. but there are so many factors and different forms of exercise addiction that go beyond overdoing it. you can have an addiction to exercise without overdoing it. it’s about the mindset. if you feel you have to do xyz and if you don’t you get moody, depressed, agitated, etc … then chances are there is a problem.

sometimes exercise addiction looks like taking a picture of yourself/your body at the gym EVERY time you go because you HAVE to track progress and/or need validation. you feel if you don’t then you will somehow lose it or won’t be able to track it properly.

sometimes it looks like collecting things such as clothes, exercise gear, etc so you can “look” the part and essentially have it become your identity.

sometimes it looks like CONSTANTLY and only talking about exercise and fitness (if you work in this field, then it’s obviously a different story).

sometimes it looks like having a set routine that you cannot stray from even if that routine is only a 20 minute run or a 10 minute ab workout or yoga.

these are just some examples and this isn’t to say if you do some of these things you have an exercise addiction. i’m specifically talking about exercise addiction beyond the typical “overdoing” it kind. are variations and levels of exercise issues. this is more so just to have you look into it and question your motives. 

problematic opinionTM

I hate that Spock raises his eyebrow so often HONESTLY. it’s fucking unnatural. do you even know Spock? because I PERSONALLY know Spock, the character Spock, and I also know that eyebrow raising is a FLAGRANT indicator of emotion. STOP this Vulcan from raising his eyebrow. Jim why are u not doing something about this, it’s embarrassing, I’m cringing HARD. have you ever read an original series novel. how many times on a SINGLE PAGE can one FUCKING author write that SPOCK’S FUCKING EYEBROW IS RAISED????? is he raising it in increasing increments??? or is he lowering it and then raising it again and again?? does that hurt? is it a form of exercise?? eyebrow raising is NOT a motherfucking natural motion, everyone. have you ever raised one eyebrow. my friend can’t even do it, she tries to and it looks like there’s a snail crawling down her ass crack. it is such a try hard motion, and Spock is not a try hard. this is why the original series got cancelled, nobody could stomach another eyebrow, viewers were being hospitalized because they cringed so hard their skin crawled off of their bodies, I hate Star Trek and I pray for death

Doodled a bit tonight, turned into a sad egg pic inspired by Howard Pyle’s “Marooned” pic. It’s a bit mushy but I’m not really sure where to go with this– might spend a lot of this year doing drawing exercises to push form, definition, proportions, and value. I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me, but I know it can be done! :D

Thanks for hanging out with me tonight guys! <3

Teen Wolf Masterlist

One Shots  

Shut them all out…except for him (Scott Mccallx Reader)

No sound…just heart beating - Part 1 (Stiles Stilinski x Reader)

Stay (No Sound…just heart beating) - Part 2 (Stiles Stilinski x Reader)

Let’s have a ball (Bobby Finstock x Reader)

You’re trouble…I love you (Derek Hale x Reader)

Exercise comes in different forms (Derek Hale x Reader)

Mine (Derek Hale x Reader) *smut*

Hero (Isaac Lahey x Reader)

Everyone deserves a Punishment (Derek Hale x Reader x Scott Mccall) *smut*

Feelings (Brett Talbot x Reader)

Sincere (Derek Hale x Reader)

So When’s the Baby Shower (Derek Hale x Reader)

Dreams (Stiles Stilinski x Reader)

A Night to Remember (Brett Talbot x Reader)

Gif Imagines  

Imagine Derek meeting you for the first time

Imagine having kinky nights with …

Imagine Scott helping Stiles to ask you out

Imagine Derek discovering that you’re dating …

Imagine getting in an accident and Stiles …

Imagine Derek’s reaction after …

Imagine Isaac meeting you for the first time and …

Imagine watching Theo working out

Imagine being a fresh-bitten werewolf and …

Imagine making a pun in class but …

Imagine Stiles’ reaction when he sees …

Imagine going to see your boyfriend …

Imagine Stiles and Scott, your best friends, …

Imagine taking part in a play and …

Imagine being a freshly-bit werewolf and Derek trains …

Imagine getting spit roasted by …

Imagine being a new student in Beacon Hills and you meet …

Imagine being captured by Theo and …

Imagine going to the dentist with Stiles to …

Imagine helping Isaac with a Chemistry …

Imagine calling Isaac in the middle of the  …

Imagine Liam trying to get you out of …

Imagine Scott and Stiles holding back Liam when …

Imagine Theo and Liam fighting over you

Imagine Peter killing you and you …

Imagine Derek picking you up every day from …

Imagine Isaac having a crush on you and …

Imagine your boyfriend getting hurt but …

Imagine being a new student in Beacon Hills and …

Imagine walking in on Jackson in the …

Imagine having a love-hate relationship with …

Imagine Scott preparing for his …

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They followed Graham too so what's so important about them following Cait?

Well let’s see , Graham is a guy that is seriously into fitness . He recently completed the 22Day push-up challenge. He works out regularly I mean look at the man! He has a lot in common with the guys at Everyday Athlete Gym. Caitriona on the other hand has stated that her fave form of exercise is picking the chip up and putting it in her mouth. Now I realize that her comment was tongue in cheek and she does keep in shape . I think she does Pilates to stay toned, (again she mentioned that once) and one only has to look at her to see that she too is in incredible shape . Graham looks as if he’s more into the type of training that EDA offers and that may be the connection for that like. However in all the pics and videos EDA has posted I’ve yet to see a soul doing Pilates in any of them. I do recall a certain easily identifiable giggle at 3am in one of those videos and I think that while Graham may have several fitness related interests in common with EDA , Cait on the other hand has a rather large fitness related connection to EDA. She also seems to be one of the gang from what we’ve seen and heard .

The Swimsuit Double-Standard

I need some assistance here.

So me and my mom just got back from our local recreational park. She went to the swim center, as she does about four days a week, and I ventured off to look at the dog park and to battle the nearby pokemon gyms.

I returned to the swim center a half hour later, as had been agreed upon, to find my mother talking on the phone at the front desk, reduced to tears and seething with anger.

She had gone into the lap lanes as she usually did. She enjoys swimming, as she has a bad knee, and it is one of the few forms of exercise in which she can exclusively use her arms.

A little while later one of the female life guards came over and very politely asked her to confirm that she was in a swimsuit. Keep in mind, that this

is what my mom was wearing at the pool. I was with her when she bought that swimsuit. The both of us are G-cup (if you think that’s too much information, get over it) and beyond, so finding one piece suits is difficult or extremely expensive. And because of the size the swimsuit needs to be more like a bra, because it functions in essentially the same ways. As for board shorts, they’re swim trunks, and clearly don’t show too much skin.

The lifeguard assures my mom she was just making sure, and then walked away just as politely as she had approached.

Then, a few minutes later, comes the swim center manager. Herb Poe. 

He proceeds to be very condescending and imperious, asking my mother, again, if she is in fact wearing a swimsuit, how she can prove it, how does he know that she isn’t lying, all while looking her up and down like something in a bakery window. At this point my mom was humiliated. She gives up on swimming laps now and walks to the life guard office and asks if anyone wants to check the tag on her swimsuit.

And they laugh at her. She goes to the front desk and the woman there laughs at her as well. When she decides to call their supervisor, she discovers HERB POE IS THE MANAGER they try to hide her behind the desk and she refused. 

That was when I got back. I am furious. It took everything in me not to jump the woman behind the desk, who clearly couldn’t care less what was happening.

There are, everyday, men, young and old, who come to the pool in speedos that leave far too little to the imagination, and this old fart has the audacity to single my mother out. It’s clear enough what happened here.

So if any of my followers want to help here is the number to the center itself:

(240) 777-4995

And here is the number of the Parks Department Director:

 Gabriel Albornoz:    240-777-6800

Call the center. Ask them about swimsuit standards. There are no rules against two piece swimsuits, so ask them how they are going to guarantee that the life guard manager isn’t going to look at them like a piece of meat and kick them out . This goes for guys too. Be ridiculous. “Well ma’am my one piece swimsuit does show my arms, so how will he know that it is actually a swimsuit.” “But how will can the manager be sure that I’m not wearing shorts instead of trunks?” Inundate them. Waste their time.

And please, call the Director and make them aware of what is happening there. Ask them how the double standard is permission to harrass women. Ask them why they aren’t doing anything to stop it. Make sure they can’t ignore this. 

Please reblog this and spread the word. 

Kitten's Rules By Daddy

No stealing
(7 spankings)

No cheating
(5 spankings)

Must study night before test or quiz for at least a half hour
(Lose tv time)

Must do some form of exercise 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes
(Lose tv time)

Must eat 2 types of veggies (not counting potatoes) everyday
(No candy or sweets for a week)

Must brush your teeth and take a shower/bath everyday
(No bubble bath or bath bombs or bath salts in next bath)

Bedtime by ten unless daddy says otherwise
(Bedtime gets moved to earlier times plus 3 spankings)

Must drink at least 4 glasses of water every day
(No drinks other than water for one day)

Must never say no when daddy compliments you
(6 spankings)

Must eat lunch (try to eat a packed lunch)
(No candy for the day and eat 3 veggies instead of two)

Must do all homework
(No tv for a whole day that isn’t a weekend)

Must tell daddy anything that’s bothering you or upsetting you
(No punishment)

Must give daddy lots of love everyday <3
(Ultimate punishment!!!!!!!!)

Must send daddy 3 cute pictures of yourself everyday <3 (can be naughty or not)
(No pictures of daddy for 3 days)


Gif source:  Galahad

Imagine Galahad feeling yours and his unborn child kicking for the first time.

——— Request for anon ———

“What is that?” he gasps, looking at your stomach in wonder as you press his hand against the part where the most action was taking place. Your baby had decided to get some exercise in the form of kicking against you, and Galahad was completely enthralled with it.

“That’s its foot,” you laugh at his face, making him realize just how surprised he must look as his own smile blooms in response as you add, “I think.”

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Always meant to ask: Why the ballerina? Are you into ballet? I love it, so I always notice when I visit your blog (which I do daily) and it puts a smile on my face!

Yes… I dance ballet, not professionally..LOL… that’s my form of exercise :)… I love ballet :)…I’m thinking of signing up for MPC and setting a ballet goal for myself as my challenge… we’ll see…