exercise dependence

General Summary of Exo News

1. Baekhyun giving new supreme underwear to lay and almost gave him the pair he was wearing (6th place)

2. D.O got his hair permed? ( 124th place)

3.D.O cooked meat for sehen last night and failed at making egg wrap (5th place)

4. Xiumin woke to chen standing on his bed above him whilst he was sleeping. In reality chen was stopping the AC from leaking on xiumin with a towel. It nearly turned into smut.. (2nd place )

5. Chen got Suho a present which he thought he would love so much. The next day Chen found it in the same spot as the day before. Chen aslos got baekhyun an expensive necklace. ( 5th place)

6. Walk onto the sky (8th place)

7. Chanyeol and Baekhyun are exercising like their lives depend on it. Baekhyun lost lots of baby fat and chanyeols clothes are too small. ABS ARE NEAR!! (3rd place)

8. Chanyeol and the fans singing the song they made on the live broadcast together!! He even prepared a lyric board!! D.O was being a cute boyf and holding the board for channie. (1st place) 


- chen got the 5th price of short gun in the car

-sehun got the 4th prize of ab reveal

-suho got the 3rd price of korean beef

-xiumin got the 2nd prize of the korean set

-chanyeol got the 1st prize of having a selfie on naver