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please don’t ever laugh at someone at the gym who’s lifting very little amounts of weight, or running only a little bit on the treadmill. don’t make fun of someone for putting a machine at the lowest weight or only bench pressing the bar (it’s already 45 lbs on its own). don’t laugh at the people who are just starting out or who physically can’t do too much weights or running or pull ups or squats or whatever. Everyone has to start somewhere



Very lucky to have managed to squeeze Karatsu into my Kyuushuu trip, the setting for Yuri on Ice (Hasetsu)! I didn’t print out the exact scenes but these should look at least a bit familiar: the stairs Yuuri and Yuri(o) trained, the bench Yuuri did his exercises, the bench where Victor asked Yuuri about his love experience, and Victor’s 「おはようございます」cycling-on-the-bridge scene!

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Any advice on how to gain muscle

Yes. Intensive compound exercise (bench, squat, deadlift, fly, etc.) and a 3,000+ calorie diet with 220+ grams of protein.


Two of the fittest women on Earth, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Kristan Clever, get in a bench-press workout at the 2015 Reebok Athlete Summit.


Capricorn is not cold, Capricorn is determined. Capricorn likes success. Capricorn likes recognition. Determination, success, and recognition does not equate to solely office work. That is a weird, unrealistic stereotype that has been societally driven into our heads.

My Capricorn aunt always wanted to be a mother. Now she is. She does daycare and gets to spend extra time with them. She helps with their school functions. She is a good mom, and we all know it.

My Capricorn roommate has always enjoyed exercising. She used to be a runner and got into lifting in college. She majors in exercise science. She benches over 160 lbs. She has had various gym/ etc. internships. She is great at working out and helping others exercise, and we all know it.

My Capricorn friend is passionate about food disparity. She took it upon herself to go into the city each summer and get an internship working with low socioeconomic status groups in food deserts. She made her own major that integrates food-mapping with politics, and so on. She is motivational and making a difference in this field, and we all know it.

The worst part of becoming a person who works out (for the first time in my entire life, btw) is finding out that all the people who went on and on about how good exercise makes you feel, in control of your body, more energy, better sleep, whatever, weren’t lying to make my fat ass feel shitty and resentful. 

After a solid four weeks I honestly do feel better and stronger and more balanced and more energetic.

like, they were right, but still. fuck them.