exercise at your desk


 This stationary bike workstation can help combine some daily activities with exercise to make it easier to stay fit. In order to power a laptop, portable DVD player or other plug-in gadget, the user has to pedal the bike and create his own electricity. The ‘GO!’, designed by Rizki Tarisa, can also be used as a lounge chair when your device’s battery is charged or you just feel like resting for a while.

85% of all “ed-reformer” Twitter conversations:

Reformer: You know that time-honored “thing” we all do? Stop it, it’s terrible. I barely have research, but it’s old so it’s bad.

Teacher: I agree, but what about repercussions from my administration or district?

Reformer: Forget admins, forget everything! throw out all your desks for exercise balls. Never use a rubric, just grade with holistic tea leaves and visions! 

Teacher: But there wouldn’t be admin or district support for any of that!

Reformer: Then you’re not committed to your students, change starts within. I know my paycheck and way of life aren’t dependent on following anyone else’s mandates or rules, but that won’t stop me from patronizing you as if you’re ignorant, rather than attempting to juggle numerous requirements at once.