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How did I lose the weight?

I really hate to be redundant, because I’m sure you’ve been told this plenty of times already, (and so have I), but it is the actual answer: eat healthier foods and smaller portions, and exercise HARD at least 3-4 times a week. 

I think it is especially important to add heavy lifting training into your fitness regime because it will shape your body better than an all cardio schedule. Also, muscle burns more calories even while resting so the more muscle you have, the faster you will see change! I heavy lift at least 3 times a week now, and that jump started my weight loss. Cardio is still done, but I do less endurance cardio (just running for a long time at a normal pace), and more high intensity cardio. For example, I will do short sprints at my fastest pace for 1/8 of a mile, then walk the rest of the lap. Then I will repeat this until I’ve finished one mile, usually. It is healthier for your heart to learn how to beat faster and then cool down faster, too. This will actually reduce your resting BPM, which is very healthy for your heart! 

I also take pro-biotics daily now, and it has helped my stomach immensely and therefore helped my metabolism. That coupled with a daily multi-vitamin and LOTS of water has helped my body and mind feel better in general. I drink a lot of coffee, too, so I have to remember to drink DOUBLE the water for each coffee. So many bathroom breaks. So worth it. 

I started using the app/website MyFitnessPal to track my intake and my output! I have a 67 day streak going on right now for logging my meals and my exercise. I find that app extremely helpful because it is encouraging and it tells you if you are eating enough/too little, not just if you are eating too much. It really is a good app for your health, and I think it has a good social community too that keeps me motivated! Before using MFP, I never thought too much about what I was putting into my body and my workouts were not as regimented. This made it harder for me to lose weight in a pleasing pattern. Now the scale goes down about 1 pound each week. That is a super healthy pattern of weight loss because it is not too fast. 

However, I do not want to just lose weight! When I reach my desired weight, a healthy BMI, I wish to gain a little back in muscle. More muscle = MORE FOOD. And I sure do love food. 

I hope this helps! Any other questions more specifically aimed at my diet and exercise, please feel free to ask me! 


I haven’t gone walking with it yet to see how well it works but look at this!!!!

A little giraffe to help motivate you to exercise. It connects to gps and will track your walking/running. Earn coins by working out and use the coins to feed and dress up the giraffe.

It’s called Tep and I have it downloaded to iOS, not sure if it is available on other devices.

App Recommendation:

Hi guys, I really have to tell you guys about this app I found!
The app is called “Happy Scale”, and it’s really useful if you’re trying to lose weight. This isn’t sponsored or anything I’ve literally found this app and I’ve been trying it for about a month now and can’t go any longer without telling everyone about it.
The app is great because you put in your current weight and your end goal weight, and the app splits your end goal into 10 smaller, short term “milestones” so that you don’t get disheartened by how far away your end goal may seem.
The app presents your goals in loads of different ways, one being a graph which not only maps your weight on the scale, but also maps your predicted true weight loss by smoothening out daily fluctuations due to water retention and other factors.
I honestly have to tell you that this app is so amazing and it seriously feels amazing when you reach your milestones. I recently re-started my health journey and have already met milestone one (it made me feel amazing 💪🏻).
So yeah, I think I’m starting to ramble a bit now because I like it so much, but all in all, if this sounds like something you might need, or if you’re someone who tries to track their own weight loss, maybe you should try this out 😊


Guys I just blew my own fucking mind. I am so proud of myself right now!

Today’s goal:
28 min of jogging
31 minutes!!!!!

Or exactly 2 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly I was going slowly.


But I did it!

I was having such a crappy day at work too.


anonymous asked:

What are your best discipline, productivity, planning tips? You're so inspiring!

thank you so much! :) those three are kind of interdependent, but i’ll try my best: 


  • reward yourself when you achieve a goal.
  • alternate fun tasks with less fun tasks, starting with a less fun task so you have something to look forward to. 
  • hold yourself accountable. set goals that are measurable, i.e. that contain numbers -> read 5 pages, do 3 exercises, write 400 words. 
  • apps like forest prevent you from being distracted by your phone or tumblr.
  • i try to have one day a week where i don’t have anything planned. it gives me something to look forward to, and i always know that if something urgent comes up i’ll have the time to deal with it.


  • do something productive each day (no zero days), no matter how little.
  • develop a routine, especially if you’re struggling with being productive. have set times for studying - it doesn’t have to be every day, but for example every saturday from 10 to 12. 
  • take breaks (try pomodoros if you want! lanes for google chrome has a built-in timer.)
  • productivity isn’t just studying. it’s also cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry… give yourself credit for what you accomplish, even if it’s not school-related. a day spent doing laundry/cooking a meal/vacuuming is not a zero day. 


  • have a good calendar/bullet journal (or both, like me) and USE IT. it doesn’t help you if it’s empty. (it doesn’t have to look pretty for it to be useful.)
  • i have an extra page with all deadlines of the next six months so i can easily see what’s coming up.
  • set earlier deadlines than the actual ones. you’ll end up handing in everything early, and you’ll have extra time in an emergency.
  • don’t forget to schedule time for yourself! studying and school need to be balanced out with exercise, sleep, meals, hobbies, and socialising. 

hope this helped! :)


I made myself go for a walk again today despite it being 33 degrees outside, because I caved and ate the stupid Friday muffin treats at work even though my original plan was not to. I was frustrated by my decision, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my whole day. I can still make good decisions even though I had poor choices this morning. And I remembered my headband today so my ears didn’t freeze off!

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No matter what I do, I can't make myself try in school. I'm a solid B student, but I know if I applied myself fully,instead of procrastinating until the last minute and handing in first drafts, I could be a ninties student. Ugh. I keep fucking myself over. Advice?

Hiya there!
omggg i understand. i really do. this happens to me too :((
thing is procrastination strikes at times just as this & youve got so much potential & can easily score well. but dont worry, with some time, hard work & patience you can tackle it!
i haven’t put the basic things you find on websites cuz you prolly know/ read em. i put a few things i use & find helpful. 
(sry if somethings sound harsh, it’s just that being honest is the best thing you can do to combat procrastination)

some tips: 

  • do you have a goal in life? a thing you’re working towards? maybe an ambition, or something personal that you want to achieve in life? everyone you sit down to study & feel like you dont want to, remember it. think of it. remember why you stared in the first place. maybe if you dont have a career choice for yourself yet, maybe have some small goal.
    for egs i want to be happy in life. if that’s your goal, do something that makes you happy. prioritize things that make you happy. 
  • a lyric by eminem i stand by:
    ‘look if you ever had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?’
  • procrastination is the thief of time. i know its cliché lol but look at it this way; you have 2 weeks for an exam, you can either spend 2 weeks spreading out your work load and studying OR you can spend everyday wasting time & cramming in the last 2 days. 
  • what’s something that you procrastinate doing? like for me its reading books or youtube or just scrolling through tumblr. i cut out reading books during exam time & read only at night. i cut out youtube during exam time as well. tumblr is something i come to once a day fr a few minutes. this all took time & it wasn’t easy.
    so cut out things that you procrastinate on. one by one. every small action matters. 
  • try the pomodoro method. give this a read & try it. you can download the app as well!
  • read this from this awesome site:
    “ I have friends who almost never let themselves do the really fun things they want to do during the semester.
    They’ll talk about how much they want to play a certain game or watch a new movie, but when I suggest that they just go play it, they’ll say: “I really can’t; I have way too much homework and I’d feel guilty.”
    Five minutes later, though, I’ll see them scrolling through their Facebook feed.
    I call this low-density fun.
    Scrolling through your news feed or watching a few funny videos on YouTube is easy, and it’s sort of fun to do.
    However, because it’s so easy and feels so unlike “real” fun, it’s easy to not feel guilty about it – which leads to a lot of procrastination.
    The solution? Commit to having your high-density fun.
    If you want to play a video game later, commit to starting it at 8 p.m.
    Then, make sure all your work is done by then.
    Let your high-density fun create a deadline that propels you into focused work. “
  • a quote i LOVE:
    “effort never betrays you”
  • try the 2 minute method. 
    study for JUST 2 minutes. and then maybe just 2 more minutes? then maybe just 2 more! 
    trick your brain like this. trick your brain into thinking that studying is actually fun & that you’d want to do it just for 2 more minutes & keep going on. it really works for meeee!
  • try this study method: 
    • do the easiest or most fun thing the first
    • then do the hardest
    • then the 2nd hardest
    • then something that HAS to be done
    • then finish off with something easy & fun!
  • eat the frog lol pls not really
    if you have something which you HATE doing, do that first. finish that first & then go ahead with the rest.
  • is there something you really like doing? for egs if you loooove chocolate, you can buy a small stash & keep it away. then you sit down & do some work & then IF and ONLY IF you’re satisfied with yourself, indulge in yourself. if you’re unhappy with the work done, do not take it.
  • if youve got a lot of things to do, make a timetable for yourself or a to-do list. also allocate an hour of activities/ exercise/ something you can do to get fresh air. it gets the blood flowing & helps a lot!
  • if its a subject you hate:
    just using my egs here, i hate physics & I’m bad at it but doing sums & questions make me happy cuz then with some hard work, i get the correct answer! so if you have a subject such as this, try to do something which helps you get an answer which might motivate you!
  • if you’re an audio learner (you can find you which type of learner you are here) try listening to some videos while you jog/ exercise. Khan academy (an app) lets you download the videos you want and u can listen to em offline. they’re really really good!!
  • if you know what type of learner you are, study using those methods!
  • think of the effort you have put in, in the past few years!! youve been in school for so long & if you dont put in the effort for this year, you’re basically wasting the time you spent in the past few years!
  • think of the effort, time & money your parents put to get you this education. work hard & make em proud ☺️
  • do you have a park in your area/ a coffee shop/ library? go there, DO NOT GET WIFI!!! delete all the games off your phone  a well if you want to, & study there.
  • think of all that you can do for this world. youve got so much potential & so much to give. why waste it? 
    if you ever fail in anything, that is okay, you can always try again! just remember, its the effort that counts.
  • be a sincere student. you’re not only lying to your teachers, you’re lying to your parents & yourself.
  • if it really gets out of hand, call your mum/ dad/ sibling t sit with you in the same room & study while they’re there, or better, teach them! that way they can call you out when you’re wasting time.
  • switch off your wifi modem? ask ur family members if its okay lols
  • give ur phone/ computer/ tablet/ etc to your patents, tell em to lock it in a cupboard & not give it to u. tell them to hide the key as well 😂
  • study with friends if that helps you! prom each other when you waste time 
  • try fear?
    the day before your exam, work up all the things that might happen if you dont do your exam well or if you dont study. that might get your motors running? warning: this is kinda pessimistic. this is not for everyone. also if you have anxiety pls ignore this 
  • remember, just be you. having fun is no crime but trying to escape your responsibilities is well kinda. try to get eternal happiness NOT momentary happiness.
  • do not let the toxic mixture of laziness & fear mess everything up 
  • watch this 😂 
  • watch this as well! then get back to work k!!
  • this post by @emmastudies on how to beat procrastination is v v good!!
  • make a good timetable if you’d like & stick to it. again u can force your fam to help u
  • discipline is MUST. try to follow a strict routine!
    “suffer the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”
  • do NOT compare yourself to others.
  • everybody makes mistake, everybody has those days but the goal is to nOT make the same one again. try not to!
  • look, you can do it. set your mind to it. sit down, get your things out & just begin.
    i know you can. YOU know you can!!!! the only thing stopping you is you. do not let your dreams be crushed by a the needs of momentary happiness.

sry if this post is kinda long oops
i hope this helped! 
ace this, hun! you can do it. if you ever want to talk/need help, pls do send me an ask/ message.  
i know that its hard to break procrastination but trust me, you will get over it. just keep trying, k?
take care & good luck. 💕

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Tips & advice for losing weight please?

🍓2-3 liters of water a day
🍓3 cups of green tea a day
🍓exercise every other day (app: freeletics bodyweight)
🍓track your calories (app: lifesum)
🍓I only eat vegan, mostly veggies and fruits
🍓try to do yoga and/or a little bit of dancing every night or morning
🍓eat healthy in general and stay away from fat or fried stuff
🍓take your time, don’t rush
🍓don’t binge♡

Tonight’s work out was a barre3 weekly video from last week! 30 minute standing work out. I liked this one. Feel like I could’ve pushed a little harder through the work out but it was late and this was after I had eaten dinner which I hate to do so that’s reflected. I also don’t know if I love standing workouts. Lots of arm cardio and I’m so so on that. Nice change up to my usual though!