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Do you think there’s an exercise culture anywhere in the Shire? Do you think there’s like a handful of hobbits who are uncomfortably swole 


Alright friends, it’s headcanon time again! This time going right for the feels.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

  • When all’s said and done, Zarkon is defeated and the universe is saved, the paladins would return home.
  • And there are questions. ESPECIALLY from the World Space Government (which I’m sure there must be?). We see in Episode 1 that humans haven’t discovered alien life yet, and they just brought back two sentient, very intelligent, human-like creatures with super advanced technology. Not to mention a successful human-galra hybrid (seemingly) without huge biological problems.
  • (And aliens have a concept of a mall? And what on Earth is ‘Quintessence’? It’s a castle and a ship?)
  • So there is a long period of time before Team Voltron is actually free to do what they want. And once they’re free, the questions start to come from within the group.
  • What’s going to happen with Coran and Allura? Where are they going to go? If anywhere? There’s no Altea to return to. Is Allura still considered the princess if she only rules over one person, who’s her caretaker? What if the universe needs Voltron again? 
  • What about Keith’s relationship with the Blade of Marmora? Would he go back to be a part of them? Would he pursue his mother?
  • Now that the Holts are back, will they complete the Kerberos Mission? Would Shiro dare go back there, considering what a traumatic experience that was? Would Pidge join them?
  • Could Lance and Hunk go back to the Garrison to actually get pilot’s licenses? Even though they’re pro lion pilots? Where does being a paladin rank in the military?  What about their families? How would they explain any of this?
  • No one really wants to think about any of that. So in the meantime, the paladins decide they should show the Alteans Earth, both in terms of natural wonders and the culture of humans. They take turns deciding where to go and make a long road trip out of it.

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1. Take a walk. Exercise like this always keeps me from being hungry for a while after I finish. Also, if you go on an hour long walk, listen to music, chances are that the time you get home you won’t be hungry anymore and you will have thought about how it’s really not worth it to eat.

2. Watch a movie or TV show. Netflix is a great place for that. If you have on demand, that’s great, too, but stay out of the kitchen if your TV is anywhere near there.

3. Write a song, short story, or poem. It always helps me if I write about eating disorders and how I want to be thin. It’s triggering.

4. Clean your room. Not only does this make you feel more sane, but it also burns mindless calories while you scramble around your room.

5. Homework. Get ahead if you’ve already finished it.

6. Listen to music. Find new music.

7. Draw a picture. Again, I like to draw pictures of skinny girls and caption them.

8. Read something online: fanfiction, online books, listen to an audiobook, research something that interests you.

9. Take a shower. A long shower. Unless you’re in a drought. 

10. Drink coffee, chew gum, keep your mouth busy. This fools your stomach into thinking you’re actually full.

11. Write a list. Write a wish list, a list of things you’ve always wanted to do, count your blessings or something. Write a list about yourself. Write a list about all the reasons you want to be skinny.

12. Go to the gym, go on a run, work out. This is the perfect alternative to eating.

13. Shop online. Amazon is the website I look at most. You don’t even have to buy anything. What I usually do is look up furniture and imagine what my apartment will look like.

14. Call a friend or family member or maybe even make a plan to hang out. If you do hang out, though, make sure you don’t bring a lot of money so you can’t buy a lot of food.

15. Write a to do list for the week and get organized. 

16. Edit photos you’ve been thinking of posting on Instagram or Tumblr or Facebook.

17. Drink a full glass of water.

18. Brush your teeth: peppermint suppresses appetite.

19. Think about how beautiful you’ll be when you’re thin.

20. Do sit ups or exercises you can do anywhere. Yoga, oblique exercises, crunches, leg lifts…

21. Take a nap. Sleep boosts your metabolism.

22. Paint your nails. This way, you have to wait for them to dry in order to eat and the smell of nail polish makes food sound unappetizing.

23. Make up scenarios in your head about what life will be like when you’re thin and confident. Think about the things you’ve always wanted to say but been too scared to actually say them. Write them down.

24. Drink tea! Look up health benefits of different teas. It’s massively helpful.


This month’s workout challenge! I designed these workouts to have an easy to follow, super effective layout. You start with 5 minutes of light cardio to get warmed up and ready. Then you do 3 cycles of 5 focused strength moves to target that day’s muscle groups. I chose and ordered them to alternate between higher and lower heart-rate-boosting exercises to get your best workout (and give you a rest when you’ll need it!) all the while building strength, increasing endurance, and toning muscles.

I consider the stretch day to be a rest day but you can choose to add a true resting day as well as to add whatever cardio you want! Remember cardio is what burns fat so if that’s your goal do about 20 minutes of additional cardio 3-4 days per week. Finally I highly recommend taking your workout outside whenever possible! The weather is finally getting gorgeous so enjoy it! :)

I hope this plan helps you get motivated, strong, & on track to whatever your fitness goals are this month!

For more at home workout ideas go here. :)

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Wait A Moment!! During Shooting!!
Ace & Jacob’s home training continue even at the shooting set.

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One, Two, One, Two at >>> http://www.vlive.tv/video/44142/

This simple but effective workout is broken down into 4 blocks. You can power through them or take up to a minute of rest! Each section starts with 1 minute of hard cardio, then moves to 1 minute of strength training, two minutes of medium intensity cardio, and 1 more minute of strength. The combination gives you the heart rate boost of cardio alongside your strength training for maximum efficiency and results!

For more at home, equipment free workout plans go here! :)


Finding Kiragi (F!Corrin x Takumi)

Modern AU

Takumi and Corrin were just going to have a nice day out with the kids. Head to the mall, catch a movie, and then maybe enjoy dinner. But with a rambunctious child like Kiragi, plans were liable to change. And Kana himself was only now teething, so things got pretty hectic whenever he lost his plastic ring.

Of course, that all paled to the moment when the parents realized they had lost something much more important…

“You lost our children?!” Corrin screeched. “I go to the restroom for ten minutes and you lose them?!”

“Uh- well- hey! Who goes to the restroom for ten minutes?!”

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3 Moves for Getting the Sexiest Abs Ever



MARCH 28, 2014

Instagram queen and celebrity fitness trainer Massy “Mankofit” shows you how to get tight abs in just three steps.

1. London Bridge Plank: Get down on your forearms and toes, and keep your body in a straight line. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Do not arch your back; maintain a neutral spine at all times. Slowly twist your body from one side to the other. That’s one rep. Repeat 15 times and do three sets. 

External image

2. Spider-Man Plank: While still in your plank position, draw one knee to the outside toward your shoulder. Return to plank position and repeat, alternating sides. Do three sets of 10. 

External image

3. Plank Jacks: Remaining in your plank position, jump slightly with your toes and spread your legs out. Jump again and bring your legs back together. Do 20 of these. 

External image

External image

10 tips for getting back on track

Long day and feeling tired? Need a quick break to refuel? Looking at your books and having a hard time mustering the will to study? Here are some of my personal methods for getting back on track!

  1. Get a mug of hot coffee or tea! Caffeine is a great way to stay awake and get a more energy out of yourself.
  2. Drink a glass of cold water! Oftentimes, our bodies interpret being thirsty as being tired. Water makes a huge difference.
  3. Drink a glass of orange juice! It’s a great way to increase your blood sugar and give you extra energy, as well as provide vitamin C to get those enzymes pumping . My biochemistry professor told us that he drank orange juice before every exam in college.
  4. Are you congested, sick, and not feeling great? Take Sudafed (pseudoephedrine)! I have a lot of congestion issues, and blowing my nose constantly while studying really sucks. This is the only type of medicine I’ve taken that really targets that congestion. It also has the side effect of making you alert! Of course, take any non-drowsy medication that will treat your symptoms as long as it works for you.
  5. Take a shower! Feel refreshed and clean to start your studying!
  6. Exercise! It can be anywhere from going to the gym for an hour, to doing 100 jumping jacks in your room real quick, to stretching your legs out. Get the blood pumping to your brain!
  7. Sit up straight at your desk! It helps you stay alert and avoid possible spine damage. I used to work at a spine research lab - trust me, you don’t want any spinal problems.
  8. Make a to-do list! Sometimes seeing exactly what you want to accomplish can really help you out. This also helps if you’re becoming anxious or worried about your workload. Of course, be realistic and don’t overload yourself!
  9. Meditate. Take a few minutes, wherever you are, to close your eyes, and breathe in and out deeply. Listen to the sounds around you. Find that inner calm, and clear your mind.
  10. Remember why you are studying. What is the end goal you’re trying to achieve? Remind yourself why it is worth it, and why you want it so much. You can do it. 

These are some pretty basic tips that I’ve learned in college so far, and I hope they help you out! 

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I WAS BUSY STUDYING AND PROCRASTINATING ON STUDYING TODAY BUT NOW I COME BEARING SOPHIE “PRINCESS” PARSON. anyway i kind of went crazy and wrote more than one minific about her. 

EDIT: previous posts about Sophie Parson: the origin, the second, more adorableness


Bitty rapped on the door angrily.  

“Young lady, you come out here right now and apologize to Nick and Marie!”

“You can’t make me!” Sophie called out, she’d covered her ears with her hands, hoping to mute out her Paw, but it was to no avail.

“Sophie Parson!” Her Paw said in his no nonsense voice. “Don’t make me count to ten!” 

“I don’t want to!” 

“One, two,”

“Paw, they started it!!”

“Seven, Eight,”

The door swung open to a Sophie in near tears. 

“They broke my hockey stick! It was my favorite, and I told them not to touch it but Nick wouldn’t listen and Marie kept on saying that I should let him play with it because he’s younger but Nick is awful and he broke it even when I told him he can’t touch it! Then Marie said that it would be okay and I can just get Daddy to buy me a new one but it’s my favorite and I hate them both and I don’t want them to visit us ever again!” She said in a huff, and then, to her embarrassment, tears started leaking down her eyes and she couldn’t control the hiccups she made as she started crying.

If Kent were here, Bitty mused, he’d immediately break down and start coaxing her. As it stood, tears don’t work on Bitty. 

“That doesn’t mean you should’ve pushed Nick. He got a cut on his knee. A hockey stick is just a thing, you should’ve let him play with it,” he took a knee to wipe off the tears streaming down his daughter’s face. “And Marie is crying because you yelled at her, didn’t we talk about not raising your voice near Marie? Do you like making people feel bad?”

“…No,” Sophie mumbled. “But they made me feel bad.”

“But that doesn’t mean you should have pushed Nick or raised your voice at Marie. We’re going to apologize to them now.”

“…Okay,” she sniffed.

Apologies were reluctantly given, accepted, and hugs were dispensed. When Bitty said goodbye to Nick and Marie when Shitty came to (with an abundance of apologies and a pie), Sophie ran back to her room before Bitty could turn around and grab her to talk.

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Hey Hot stuff I remember you saying in that livestream the other day that Dragonball Z gave you 10 things you will always remember and follow haha what were they OvO

haha sure thing Taogurl the 10 lessons I took away from DBZ were

#1 – You only grow stronger after you recover:

This was always highlighted by the Saiyans since they became stronger after recovering from every battle. When you train your muscles get micro tears from the stress you inflicted on it. After you let your body recover with proper rest & nutrition your muscles get stronger in order to withstand this stress the next time you train. So you too like Vegeta grow strong after recovering from your training session, since growth occurs during your recovery process. So make sure that if your training hard, that you also rest enough to recover!

#2 – When you learn to connect your body & mind your ultimate power unleashes

This is touched on several times in the saga is when Goku is learning new attacks. He is told by his masters that he must learn to connect mind & body as one in order to unleash his new powers. (although those might not the the exacts words they use, they imply do imply this to some degree)

While we may not have the ability to get Goku’s powers, when we do learn to use our mind when working out we become a lot more powerful. It’s kinda like a hidden power that we have since training is a lot more mental than physical.

You can clearly see this when you are doing something new or pushing your limits to new heights. For example I had to tap into more than just my physical strength the first time I did handstand pushups 

not only was it a new exercise for me so my body was not used to it but I struggled to even get one rep. I was tired  after 5 or so reps, but I was determined to get at last get one rep…and at this point it was more of a mental battle than anything else. It is hard to describe exactly what happened but my refusal to give up along my will to make it happen, made the tiredness disappear. This is not something that you can just think and realize, but if you have pushed yourself to the limits before then you know what I am talking about…It is a zone where you not only strengthen your body by pushing it harder, but strengthen the mind by overcoming the resistance and thus making you mentally stronger.


Although the importance of a good nutrition is not always highlighted in the show, you can clearly see that healthy food was emphasized as being good fuel for the body since is mostly shown trough the show (meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, noodles, beans, rice, etc)The characters never had an exact eating plan, you kinda just see them eating A LOT of  after hard training & battles. So the big take away is that if you are training hard you will need to eat a lot of healthy food in order to get stronger.

#4 – Use your environment to train 

When Goku was young he didn’t train at a gym or anything like that instead he trained outdoors using his environments: Pushing & throwing rocks, swimming along sharks, climbing trees to get fruits, fighting dinosaurs, etc. Even when Goku & Krillin started training with Master Roshi he made them, sprint, deliver milk all around the city, running up mountains, swim with sharks & work in the field in order for them to gain endurance, strength & discipline. We can always use our environment to train, as all we need is our bodyweight & something heavy to supply resistance. So if you think you need a gym in order to train, then think again.

#5 – There will always be something/one stronger than you out there, so keep training!

This was part of the reason why Goku always wanted to get stronger, so he could fight & against stronger enemies. In your own training this might also be part of the reason why you seek more strength. And although you won’t be fighting against monsters you will face sport challenges where you gotta be stronger than your competition in order to win.

Your life is not just physical battles but emotional & spiritual ones as well, so training to be physically strong is not only helpful in athletics but also dealing with challenges in your life, whether it be: a race or competition, financial trouble, breaking a bone, bad relationship, etc.. you gotta learn to fight trough the hardship and conquer it (you don’t just train to get stronger physically but mentally as well)

#6 – A BADASS BODY shows from Constant Training, proper nutrition and rest

Throughout the whole show training & fighting always occurred, so the characters always naturally developed a strong, muscular and powerful look. But while it is a fictional show this is true in real life: If you’re training hard, eat right & get proper rest you will develop a strong & aesthetically pleasing body – it’s just the look you get from being an athlete. Use movements that will require your whole body to work as a unit as well as lots of calisthenics in order to get stronger & build a body that doesn’t just look strong but is also strong.

#7 – Always be a student & learn from your mentors

Goku was alway eager & humble to learn from his stronger & wiser masters & mentors. Sometimes he didn’t fully understand what they were teaching him but he remained humble and open minded so he could receive their teachings.

You gotta be the same in your life & training. You gotta put your ego aside & know that there is always so much more to learn from others, always keep investing in your education & seek personal growth + it’s always good to see somebody else’s perspective on training & life.

8 and 9: Calisthenics are your friends and you should do them often

Unlike training with dumbbells and barbels as you are moving an outside force…with BW the extra weight becomes part of you and every part of your body needs to work in order to move it, so you strengthen your whole body as a unit: static strength, endurance, tension, explosiveness, etc all is being worked in 1 motion. This is always demonstrated throughout all the characters training besides polishing their fighting skills. But its not just because BW is effective but because practicing calisthenics will make you move better & more efficiently which transfer to everything from having better form when lifting heavy weights to having more energy in your body since you have better range of motion and less muscle imbalances. In the end movement is life, and if you can’t move properly then this is taking away your energy & life force. So doing bodyweight training is not just to remain athletic but to increase your vitality as well. Not too mention that you can do these exercises anywhere so you have no excuses to not do them!

And lastly:

#10 – Keep a positive attitude, have fun & stay optimistic

This was always Goku’s way of looking at things: he never saw anything as impossible & neither should you.

In your training you always gotta know that you can do whatever you set yourself out to do, it might require weeks or months of practice but it will happen if you stay committed. At the same time you must keep the mindset of a child who sees everything as an adventure & no limits onto what is possible. You gotta learn to enjoy the pain you will endure and the obstacles you will face, because if you are dedicating that much time to training, then what’s the point of doing it if you won’t enjoy it?


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