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Quick Update (Animation Exercises)

Hey everyone! I just want to update about Animation Exercises: I have not forgotten of getting it started.

Right now, I’m in the process of moving from my current location to my hometown, and it’s not a short drive or process. I do plan to open the activity sometime after the week of July 4.

Until then, keep animating, and I’ll keep posting works and encouragement when I can this week. Thanks! :) 

BG by Côme. The smoke on the ground around the man’s feet has been done by Benji. And Camille helped me A LOT with the rendering of the smokes because we had no time left:) Also I managed to loose my last animation file (clapclap) so the 2nd thing is just a part of the final movie and we don’t see everything clearly but whatever:)

Edit: No gif for today sorry it was to big so turn the HD button on it’s a bit better


More work, and more mistakes, i’m becoming crazy! 😅 wip 3!

Edit1 : Clean (missing the eyelashes and the crown)

Edit2 : Colors+crown+eyelashes, next round (and it will be the last one), shadows+lights !

Edit3 : Final turn around, I know there is still a lot of mistakes, but i think it was a pretty good HARD exercise ! And it was the occasion to learn a little bit about how to use After Effect ! I’ll do an other one, but this time with a character that already exist in the animation world. Now I need to move on, and learn, work on animation exercise. Even if it was long, it was fun ! :)

Ps : Thanks for being +22K :D <3


‘‘I Am The Ghost!’‘

Here’s the result of my very short lip sync / turn around animation test.

Song : Charger - Gorillaz (feat. Grace Jones)


Samurai Jack Body Workout | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 24

So nice I did it twice. Samurai Jack is one of my favorite animated series of all time and its back on @toonami @adultswim this Saturday night.

Today’s workout will help you build a strong athletic body like Jack so you can help him whoop Aku.


Also check out the first Samurai JACK workout from back in the day!


The FX exercise I’ve been working on for 4 weeks with Maximilien Angelloz Nicoud, Morgane Ravelonary, and Julia Trouvé is finally out !


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