exercise animated gif

A cardverse AU I’ve always wanted to animate. Alfred (who’s not a King yet) is chased from the castle by the current King (Arthur’s father), and had to resort on escaping from Arthur’s room in a tower (don’t worry, Yao with a carriage full of hay is waiting down there to break his fall). Arthur had to stay back to held off his father so Alfred got a chance to run… Imagine a madman banging Arthur’s door while Leon urging him to answer it so he wouldn’t get hurt later. Alfred was yelling telling Arthur to escape with him, but Arthur just can’t abandoned his underlings and everybody in the castle under the mercy of his crazy father.

This AU had been on my mind for some time now, I think it’s inspired from a mixture of a Robin Hood-parody fic and a Cardverse fic I’ve read but I can’t seem to remember…

Animating this had been fun, I’m more used to animating fast scene with super deformed characters (Kids running, jumping around, e.t.c) so this kind of gentle and slow movement is a nice exercise for a original animated shot I’m planning to produce :D