Today I almost skipped the sweat challenge since I had been up since 4 studying then in college from 8- 4 then straight to work. Not to mention all the stress AND Carb depletion but my lil lifting angel would be disappointed in me so I nutted up, put on my shorts and did my 20 minute Death Circuit !! And now all the stress of my day has melted away. Guys and gals here’s a thing I want you to burn into your brain never give up on yourself and never doubt yourself. When you have a Goal that you really want to become better at and you have days you don’t feel like it, that’s when you have to push yourself to do it. When no one is watching. It’s all you. Motivation is fleeting but Discipline is always there focus on cultivating that and you can exceed in anything life throws at ya and don’t forget I’m always here to give us friendly kick in the ass cause I believe in all yall😏 no excuse I must shower and go watch the new My love story ep that just came out today 😍😅👍 #fitness #dbZ #dragonballz #vegeta #muscles #muscle #crossfit #training #motivation #inspiration #anime #mylovestory #me #diet #abs #health #exercise #sweat #mma #bodybuilding