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Yes! Please continue your mutual pining fic aghhhhalhddkdkhf

Well since you twisted my arm! This is Part 2 of this S3 canon divergence fic. Since I got lots of ask prompts to continue the story expect more as I fill them. Again, these are timed so I can’t get as much story in as I would like but it will all spin out eventually (and be on the archives too) 

T | 1k 

Emma spent the weekend working extra hours. Running down her skips helping her to avoid thinking of other things, things that wore leather and eyeliner. But by Sunday evening she had run out of distractions and found herself wandering the apartment waiting for Henry to return. After the fifth time getting excited by voices in the hall she turned on the TV and the Xbox and did her best to sink into the quest Henry had chosen.  

A half-hour later the door banged open and Henry called “I’m home! Hey, you’re playing without me.”

Emma paused the game and turned to greet her son as he barreled into her on the couch.

“I’m trying to catch up with you,” she said as she tousled his hair. “You have a good time?”

“The best!” He pulled away “I’ll be right back.” As he disappeared into his room Emma heard a faint chuckle and she turned to see Hook standing in the entryway. Her heart did a summersault at the fond look in his eyes as he stared after Henry.

She stood and his gaze shifted to her and the fondness was replaced by something more guarded. They locked eyes for only a moment and then Emma shifted her gaze to Henry’s door.

“Seems like he had a good time.” Her voice was flat and she hated it.

“Aye.” His boots clicked on the floor as he moved closer. “Swan, I wanted to assure you that Regina didn’t inform me that you hadn’t been consulted about this arrangement. I would not have come if I had known and if you wish I will refuse to fetch him again.”

Emma looked at him as he spoke and saw the sincerity etched on his face and in his too blue eyes. He was giving her an out. She had told him not to follow her, to stay away and he was willing to still do that for her despite having the perfect excuse to see her. She only needed to say the word and he would disappear from her life and fade back into her memory.


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yall talking about how Dan did all that just to be with Phil

and I’m over here just like, damn. Dan actually ran to catch the plane just to have more time with Phil

I've been on keto for 10 days and have lost 7lbs!

It really isn’t that difficult. I just have to keep track of my carb intake, which I didn’t know so many fruits and certain veggies had so many carbs 🙃

I haven’t had any cravings though! And when patients bought us donuts at work I wasn’t even tempted to have one and that’s huge because I used to be the first person in the kitchen lol

I’m on this challenge with my gym until June 11, so I’m excited to see my results at the end! 💪🏾

strong hills


on the road to new york

A solid run, a strong workout today, the rest and easy runs of the past few days after Saturday’s long run seem to have restored the body.  On a warm humid afternoon, got in some intervals on a hilly trail in the park: 9 x 500 yard ‘sprints’ at around 5 minute/mile pace, with 90 seconds rest jog between.  

The intervals were good on many levels - strength training, speed work, form, and anaerobic fitness.  Definitely got the heart going, the lungs expanding, and the knees lifting.  Stayed off the track, haven’t been on a track in a while so didn’t want to risk injury with all the tight turns.

Including warm up and cool down, 9 miles altogether for the day.  The first speed work since a week before the Marathon, this a nice lead up to Sunday’s Half.


Final workout for the week before I go in vacation is done! It started to thunder and lightning and pour while we were exercising and we just kept going, but the humidity between the bouts of rain turned the pavilion we were working under into a sauna. Either way, a great work out, and I discovered I can touch my toes!! I was bending over from my back instead of my hips and I’m so excited because I’ve always wanted to be able to touch my toes!! #nonscalevictory