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Yuri is a prodigy music student at a university of traditional arts. Otabek is a DJ, who compses his own music of classical dupstep, and plays it in the clubs he works in. Yuri’s life circles around classical music, and he plays everything to the exact note, it has to be perfect or its not good enough. Otabek likes to explore with music, and even though he loves to listen to the original piece, him personally, when he plays, doesn’t like to stick to the original piece. Otabek has always been a fan of Yuri Plisetsky, the prodigy musician, he loved the passion he put in the pieces he plays, how he plays from the heart. He goes to every one of Yuri’s concerts that the local theatre holds.
Otabek had been hired to work at a new nightclub down the street every weekend, and he did not expect to see his idol in the corner sulking with a cocktail in hand.
Yuri really didn’t want to be there but Mila had insisted for him to accompany her and her long term girlfriend- Sara, saying that he needed to loosen up. The club was loud and he really hated that people wanted to get close him, but the fucking hot DJ, kinda soothed his ‘internal pain’.
On his break, Otabek approached Yuri, intending to tell him how much he loves his music, but the words don’t come out, as all he can see is his gorgeous green eyes.
“You have the eyes of a soldier”
He didn’t mean to say that,but he did. He didn’t exepct him to react, he did- his cheeks were dusted pink. He didn’t expect him to reply, but he did.
“Did you compose it yourself?”
“The violin dubstep”
“You changed it. It’s not supposed to be played that way but its nice”
Yuri doesn’t really like it when people change classical music, when they change the pitch, change the key, the order, but Otabek he played it differently. He didn’t really change the piece technically, just the position of the movements, the timing of the movements and added the beat. He was surprised when he found himself enjoying the way he played.
“Sorry I didn’t introduce myself properly, I’m Yuri Plisetsky.”
“Yeah, I know. We kinda met before.”
How could Yuri remember such a beautiful face?
“I was in your class when we were younger, Feltsman’s Acedemy for gifted children. I was a violinist in the exeeding class, I failed to reach their standards and here I am now. But you were amazing, I watched you perform beautifully on the lyre, almost fairy-like. Almost. Your touch was soft and light, but your eyes were stern and focused, soilder-like. You might not remeber me though… Otabek Altin”

They kept talking after that until Otabek had to return to finish DJING.

Yuri waited the rest of the night for Otabek, and they continued their conversation once he finished. They schedueled a tea date and one thing lead to another.

— Based off my undying love of Lindsay Stirling and my fangirling of Otabek being a DJ. May turn this to a full length fic… see how this goes

Im having a Argument with a friend because he hates ain but loves Rose and i and my best friend think its just because Ain is male He always hates on the males in the game he never did complane about any Female Character (exepct lu/ciel he was hating on them to…Well okay Only Ciel i likes luwhat a Supriese) i just cant Understand that

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Worth it - Winchesters x Reader

Title: Worth it

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,104

Warnings: Suicide attempt

Prompt:  Maybe where Dean and Sam are on a hunting trip and on their ride they see a girl (reader) that wants to end her life by jumping off a bridge. And as we know our hunters they’ll try to save her and convince her not to end her life.

“Dude will you please just turn that down?” Sam huffed and rolled his eyes as Dean reached for the volume but turned it higher and the younger Winchester groaned at him.

“I suddenly wonder, do you have to even try to be so annoying at times?”

Dean grinned at his brother’s words “First; hell no. It just comes naturally.” he chuckled “And second; easy Sammy we just got back from a very successful hunt and going to a possibly successful hunt as well. Why don’t you relax a little bit huh?” he said matter-of-factly and the younger Winchester only huffed once more.

“Whatever you say.” he mumbled, resting his chin on his hand as he stared out of the window; not really wanting to hear any more of what Dean wanted to say.

“Damn it.” Dean growled, huffing himself “What’s all this fuss about?”

“What is it?” Sam raised an eyebrow but soon took notice of the long line of unmoving cards.

“Fucking traffic when you don’t expect it.” he grumbled, drumming his fingers over the steering wheel.

“Hmh” Sam hummed, going back to staring out of the window. And it was peaceful for most part, instead of all the horns and Dean’s grumbling. Until something caught Sam’s attention. He straightened his back in his place, his entire body stiffening.

“Dean” he said carefully.

“Hm?” the other Winchester only asked, not taking his eyes off in front of him.

“Dean!” Sam said a lot more urgently, his eyes going wide.

“What?” Dean asked exasperated, looking in the direction Sam was.

“Is that…” he trailed off as he stared wide eyed at the bridge.

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Never Again

* Laurens × Reader
* 166: I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend
* Hamiltime

A/N: and here is the story I promised! It’s basically 90% fluff and 10% other…I don’t think it even qualifies and angst. So just enjoy a cute fluffy John Laurens imagine! As usual with my Laurens stories, this is longer than I initially planned, but oh well!


“We’ll tell the story of tonight!” You smiled fondly at your life-long friend John Laurens and his new friend Alexander Hamilton.

“Let’s have another round mes amies!” Your French friend suggested. As exepcted, the other two men as well as Hercules gladly agreed. You, however, turned them down initially. Someone needed to keep a level head among the group. But tonight was different.

Tonight all your rambunctious friends were talking about revolution. While you agreed with their stance on freedom, you hated the way they talked about it. They were all willing to be martyrs for the cause but the thought scared you. The silly Lafayette or kind hearted Hercules. Even the quick witted Alexander who you’d just met. They were all so dear to you. Especially John Laurens.

Tan skin and freckles along with curly hair. Not to mention his kindness and sharpness of the mind. He was studying law at his father’s request but you knew he really wanted to study science. He had such skill with with pencils and charcoal, you enjoyed the days spent with him when you could watch him get lost in a drawing project. You grew up along side the Laurens, growing close to their eldest son. He became your best friend, teasing you and protecting you. Along the way, you had fallen head over heels for him. It was stupid, you told yourself, he didn’t see you like that. How could he? He had known you when you were little girl and when you were an awkward teenager. While he had been along side you at some of your best moments, he had been there for your worst too. Still, you regretfully admit that you were horribly in love with him.

So you accepted another round, much to the surprise of your friends. You needed to forget about this impending war in which your friends would be walking into a spray of bullets. You needed to forget about your best friend who you loved.

“Hey uh Y/N?” John voiced, trying to get your attention.

“Yeah?” You responded happily. Your mind was buzzing and you were carefree, or maybe you were just drunk. As long as you weren’t over thinking, you didn’t care.

“Maybe you should slow down.” John suggested. He looked at you, his brown eyes full of concern.

“There you go again.” You slurred, your drunk mind was bypassing your verbal filter. “You looking out for me like always.”

“Yep.” John agreed with a hint of a nervous smile. You were clearly drunk at this point, making him very worried. “And I’ll continue to do just that. Starting with cutting you off.”

“But why?” You whined. You stuck out your bottom lip, pouting like a child.

He chuckled. The sound pulled a large smile from you, your inebriated mind was apparently trying to reveal the affection you’d kept hidden for so long. “Because you speech is slurred and your pouting like a five-year old.” He reached out and gently tapped your nose. A blush covered your cheeks and though you wished it was the alcohol, you knew it was from the simple touch. “Lafayette, can you please escort Y/N safely home?” He asked.

“Why can’t you?” You asked without thinking. Honestly, it was probably for the best that he didn’t. If he walked you home there was no telling what you’d do in your drunken state. Still, you wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

“Because I have some things to discuss further with Alexander.” He explained. “But I don’t want you here any longer. You don’t need easy access to any more alcohol. So Laf, you got her?”

“Oui mon amie. I shall escort Y/N safely home.” Lafayette said and stood. He walked over to your seat and held out a hand. “Shall we go mademoiselle?”

You pouted, wanting to stay with John longer, but stood anyway; with Lafayette’s help of course. “I guess.”

“We’ll see you soon Y/N.” Hercules said as a goodbye.

“It was nice to meet you.” That was Alexander.

“It’ll check up on you in the morning, alright?” John asked.

“Alright John.” You slurred while giving him a dazed smile, cheeks still pink.

Lafayette walked you from the bar, your arm wrapped around his. You were walking down the street, past all the faintly lit restaurants and pubs. “Hey Laf.” You said suddenly.

“Hm?” He wondered and looked down at you.

“We should go get more drinks.” You suggested a bit loudly. You were still very buzzed but the more alcohol you had, the less you thought or worried about your friends and hopeless crush.

“Mon amie, what is wrong with you tonight?” Lafayette asked you. “You usually refuse more than two rounds. I’ve never seen you drunk before. Tonight you drank more then Hercules.” He continued walking to get you away from the bars.

“I’m fine Laf.” You said in a drawn out slur. “Everything is just fine.” You singsonged.

“I should’ve known you’d be a happy drunk.” He chuckled. “But I also know you’re lying. I’ve known you for far too long.”

“Oh nothing.” You sighed. “I’m just an idiot.” You reached your door and pulled a key from your purse. You grumbled as you tried slotting the key into the keyhole.

Lafayette took the key from you and unlocked the door. “You are not an idiot mademoiselle. Why do you think that?” He guided you in and had you sit on the couch while he went to go make some tea in the hopes of sobering you up before sending you to sleep of the alcohol.

“I’m stupid, so horribly stupid.” You babbled, tears stinging your eyes. Lafayette abandoned the tea in favor of comforting you. He sat next to and rubbed comforting circles on your back. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” You missed the way his eyes widened. “And I can’t do anything either! He doesn’t like me in the same way and we have such a good friendship and I don’t want to ruin it! He would hate me if I told him that I was hopelessly in love with him!”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks. Why you admitted that, you didn’t know. No, you did know. You were drunk, horribly drunk and had no filter right now. It was a miracle you left that bar with out blabbing to John how you felt.

“Mademoiselle, please lay down. Get some sleep alright? We can discuss this further after your are sober.” Lafayette pleaded. “I don’t want you to tell me something you’ll later regret admitting.”

“How am I supposed to sleep?” You asked, tears still falling. You mind was running a mile a minute, your thoughts spinning like a hurricane and thoughts of John were the calm in the eye of the storm; the moment of calm before the waves rolled widely once more.

“Mon cheri, I’m sure you will fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow.” He assured you. He took your hands to get you to your bed. He tucked you in and you were asleep before you heard the shut door click shut behind Lafayette.

You woke up with a groan. Your head was pounding and you felt a bit gross. You were still in the same clothes as yesterday and your hair was still done up for your night out. You need something to drink and clear your head. Last night was just a hazy darkness and you remembered little past meeting Alexander.

Your door squeaked up and you sat up quickly, causing more pain to your head. “Hey, easy there.” It was John. He was standing next to your bed, a cup of tea in his hand. His eyes were looking at you in concern. He sat down on the edge of the bed and handed you the steaming cup. “You were out cold when I got here so I figured I’d make you some tea.”

You sipped the tea. “Is this what a hangover feels like? Cause if it is, never let me get drunk again.” You said, the pain in your head was translating to a pained voice.

“Yeah it is.” He said with a slight smile. “I’ve had my fair share.”

“Oh I know.” The roles were reversed as you used to check on John after he got drunk. “Like when you first got drunk at 16. If I wasn’t there, your dad would’ve probably killed you.”

“Now I can watch out for you.” You sat and talked as you finished the tea. He took the cup and gave you an opportunity to change and brush your hair.

You walked out and found him looking through your shelves of books. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You guestioned. You rubbed your temples willing the ache to go away.

“Sick of me already?” He teased.

“No!” You said a bit to quickly judging by the confusion on his face. “Uh I mean no I’m not but I don’t want you missing your classes or anything because I was stupid enough to get drunk.” You amended.

“Actually I should get going back to the college. I just wanted to make sure you’re ok.” He said a small smile.

“Thank you, John.” You told him. You saw him out and shut the door behind him. You leaned you forehead against the cool wood. At least you didn’t tell him your feeling last night. You could hardly be in the same room as him without your heart pounding and feeling a fluttering in your stomach.

You let out a broken sob and wrapped your arms around John. He was suited up in a blue coat and looked every inch the soldier he always aspired to be. He was leaving to go to the encampment, leaving you behind to worry endlessly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you tightly.

“I’ll be back Y/N. I swear.” He promised in a whisper, his mouth next to your ear.

You pulled back, just enough to look at him. “You better be.” You warned, trying to sound demanding. Instead to came out sounding more like a broken plea.

John smiled at you, a ting of sadness in it. He cupped your face and wiped away the tears on your cheeks. You stared at him, remembering the way his hair looked tied back. Memorizing the pattern of freckles on his cheeks. “Y/N?” He questioned your stare.

“Hm?” You eyes snapped up to his.

“You ok?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh well not really, not with you leaving.” You sniffed and blinked back a few tears. “But I’ll be alright.”

“You sure?” He asked.

You took a deep breath. “No.” You admitted quietly and looked down and your feet.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked. He hooked two fingers under your chin and tilted your face back up to him. More tears came at the concerned look in his eyes.

“You’re leaving John.” You cried, tears falling down. John hurried to wipe them away. “You’re leaving me and I may never get the chance to-” you stopped. Your emotions where running high and you couldn’t admit this now. He was leaving and it was unfair to him. Of course then if he hated you he’d be free to leave you. And you may never get the chance to speak to him again.

“May never get the chance to do what?” He asked. You looked at him, still conflicted.

Screw it.

You leaned forward and kissed him soundly. If he hated you, so be it. You weren’t going to spend your whole life wondering what this would be like. At least if he didn’t make it home, he knew how you truly felt about him.

You pulled away and looked back at your feet. “I may never get the chance to tell you how feel.” You said. You were sure you were a sight. Tears streaming down your face, nose running with the tears, unceremoniously kissing your best friend. What on earth is he going to think of you know?

“Y/N.” He said softly. You didn’t dare look at him. He was going to reject you and leave you worrying and longing for a man you couldn’t have. “Y/N.” He said more firmly, once more tilting your face back to his, catching your gaze. You lip wobbled, his gaze intense.

“I’m am going to write you every day and the day I get back I’m going to court you properly. And after some time,” he reached down and and grabbed you left hand and brought it close to his mouth. “I’ll put a ring on this finger.” With that he lightly pressed his lips to your ring finger.

You breath caught as he looked up at you. “But first.” He leaned in and kissed you properly. His arms around your waist and lips pressed to yours. His eyes were closed, savoring the moment and your eyes fluttered closed as well. Your arms hooked around his torso and you clutched the back of his jacket tightly in your hands. He pulled back, eyes still closed. “I’m not going to leave you behind. Never my dear Y/N.” He vowed.

“You better not.” You tried ordering once more. You voice was less broken than before but it was still more of a plea than a command.

He leaned his forehead against yours. He was brushing hair from your face and stared into your eyes. You gazed back, taking in all the affection in the dark eyes in front of you. “Never.”

John kept his promise and wrote you endlessly, sometimes getting multiple letters to you before you could respond. Every now and then a letter had an extra paper. This extra paper was always a drawing of his, showing his ability to find, or make, something beautiful even in war.

Lafayette wrote you asking why John was so happy. After a few letters you realized that during your drunken haze you must have told him how you felt.

John had written detailing his plan to go to South Carolina and free enough slaves to lead the first black battalion. His excitement was so obvious in his written words that your could practically hear him. You could almost see the beaming smile as Washington confirmed his plan. Or the way his foot would be excitingly tapping as he wrote you.

But Alexander had also wrote you. He explained they may have a way to get the British to surrender. What if word didn’t reach South Carolina in time?

The day of the battles all you could do was pace. You were surprised you hadn’t put a rut in the carpet as you walked over the same space multiple times. You walked to the window as church bells went off, all the churches in the town seemed to be ringing their bells. People were running out into the street in celebration. The Union must have done it. They must have defeated the bloody British! The country was…free.

Now you had to wait for your boys to come home. And slowly but surely they did. Hercules was always here at his shop. Alexander came home from Yorktown and Lafayette a few days later from Chesapeake Bay. But no sign of John.

You were bent over your kitchen counter making some supper. You paused taking a shuttering breath. You found this happening more and more, you couldn’t focus on anything you were more focused on whether or not John was alive.

A scream left your throat as some hands came around your waist. You spun, arms still loosely clasped around you, and found John smiling face. His eyes were bright with mirth and happiness, his freckled cheeks lifted up in a smile. His curls weren’t tied back but hanging down to his shoulders. “John?” You asked in breathless surprise.

“Word barely reach South Carolina in time. Another hour and we’d be in battle. I promised I wouldn’t leave you.” He told you, that doopy smile never leaving his face. You ran a hair through his loose curls. Your hand found its way to the back of his head, hair still threaded between your fingers. You pulled his face down to yours and crashed you lips against his. He responded in kind and wrapped an arm around your waist to pull you against him. The other hand mirrored yours and tangled itself in your hair.

He pulled back with a gasp. “I’ve missed you so much.” He accepted his statement with another kiss. “Now Y/N, will you allow me to properly court you?” He asked looking at you hopefully, as if you’d say no.

“Only if you can promise me one thing.” You challenged. He raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Promise me you’ll never leave me again.”

He kissed you soundly once more. “Never again my dear. Never again.”

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Can I have a headcanon for the captain cheating on their s/o (for what ever reason) and their s/o finding out please, I love your blog

Shunsui Kyoraku: His lips pressed together as he felt the stingy on his cheek, “Fuck” he said out loud, he was caught in action and even if he never felt bad about sleepinh around these past few months, he feels like his world was falling now. He tried everything to get them back, leaving messages, voice calls, even sending flowers, he just needed them, and he wasn’t going to stop trying

Sui-Feng: Sui Feng really thought she would get away with it, but she would leave the smallest evidence. “I’m sorry, I messed up, you don’t deverse this” she told them bowing respectful, she just heard their tongue click before they said “Yeah I don’t deserve this”

Rojuro Otoribashi: “Sorry” “I’m sorry” “Please forgive me” kept leaving his mouth but his partner was not accepting it, it didn’t matter how many sorry he would say, he cheated and that was that. “If you were so Rose you wouldn’t had done it in the first place”

Retsu Unohana: She doesn’t seen like the type to cheat, if the feelings aren’t there anymore then she will tell them, if they can fix the problem she is willing to do that but if they can’t, then they will break up

Shinji Hirako: The sparks that they had for each other were gone, that is what Shinji thinks, all they do is work, come home and greet each other. He can remember the days were they would be up all night in each others arms. He wanted those sparks again, he wanted something but man, he never thought about all the consequence he would be facing when they found out about him cheating.

Byakuya Kuchiki: Byakuya knew what he was doing was wrong, he knew cheating was not going to solve the answer, but he did it anyway, more then once and when his lover found out they just laughed. He wasn’t exepcting this reaction at all, he thought they were going to start crying, even call him names but all they said before they walked out of his life was “Who knew the great Byakuya Kuchiki was a lying scumbag!”

Sajin Komamura: This would have never happen if he never turned human, nobody ever gave him a second look when they saw he was a wolf, but know he was human, and was quite attractive. He didn’t know what overcame him to cheat on his lover, he knew better then this, but his good looks were getting into his head.

Kensei Mugurama: Kensei didn’t have a good reason to cheat, will, nobody has a reason to cheat but his reason was, “I didn’t love her, so it doesn’t matter.” That’s why when they walked out the door, he was silent, he knew that they would react like this and he was prepared, but deep down he knew he messed up and “sorry won’t happen again” isn’t going to cut it this time.

Toshiro Hitsugaya: His s/o didn’t want to believe it, their sweet Toshiro cheating? They wanted to see it with their own eyes, and when they did, they were crushed. Toshiro didn’t have any lies and told them the truth, the love they had for each other was gone, but he didn’t want to let go just yet.

Kenpachi Zaraki: Kenpachi gave himself, leaving someone else underwear in their shared room. “Fuck you Kenpachi!” They said throwing the underwear at him and leaving the house. He was to shock to run after them.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: Ok let’s face it Mayuri will cheat in his partner face and then break up with them, there is a reason why he cheated right? His not going to hold on to someone who he doesn’t care for anymore.

Jushiro Ukitake:Jushiro doesn’t regret one word he said to his lover, he cheated and he was facing his action he told them that they needed better, that they shouldn’t be together anymore. It hurr hus partner a lot, it hurt Jushiro a lot as well, but this was for the better.

Bts and Got7 reaction to you two kissing In front of the other members

      *None of the gifs are mine*

This one was really hard to write just too much cuteness I died at least twenty times writing this.

I’ve reached 50 followers! Thank you so much for following and liking my posts! I really do appreciate it even tough It is hard to show it throught text. So I thought that 50 Isn’t as big as 100 so I decided to still do something special and this is it! A reaction with both groups In one post and I am also writing It with the most care and presicion I can muster up! So I hope you enjoy It and I will do something bigger for 100 so If you have any ideas for 100 please send them my way! First let’s start with Bts!(Thought I should say this as some may not realize that I post everyday or at least try to)

Jin:You were sitting on a pillow In the Bts dorms next to Jin playing Mario kart with him and suprisingly beating his ass as the rest of the members were watching a.k.a Tae, Jimin, Kookie and Hobi as Namjoon was glued to his phone screen and Yoongi no suprise was taking one of his famous naps.

-Ha I won! You shouted exitedly as you passed the finish line just seconds before Jin.

-Oh please I was going easy on you. He said smirking with clear defeat on his face

-I don’t belive you, I could win you even In my sleep, Didn’t you say you were amazing at this game? You say with a smug grin on your face as you take this opportunity to tease him. But he pins you to the ground, His face inches from your face, your noses almost touching he loudley whispers.

-Oh is that so? Before slowly closing in on you until your lips lock in a deep kiss as he lifts up one hand to put it on your cheek, He is now only being supported above you by only one of his hands but he keeps strenght to be able to kiss you. You put your hands behind his head and as the kiss is happening you can hear the shouting from the couch.

-I don’t need to see my hyung like this! Jungkook shouts In disgust and as you break the kiss you can hear Yoongi say still with his eyes closed.

-Eww. You slightly giggle as he looks at you lovingly and pulls himself up to sit on his pillow again and says loudley.

-Round two? I bet I will win this time!

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Yoongi:You were over at the Bts dorm and all of the members were sitting on the couch watching a romantic K-drama, You were sitting comfortably on Yoongis lap as he stroked your hair.

-Im gonna go get water real quick. You say as you struggle to pull yourself out of his grip becouse he is holding you tightly and not seeming to let go. After struggling for a few secounds he unwillingly losens his grip enough for you to stand up and go get water. When you were drinking your glass of water you got a peak at the tv and see the two main characters running towards each other on a beach and you glance over at Yoongi and see he’s thinking the same thing so you put down your glass and start slow motion running towards him as he does the same and you two meet infornt of the tv and he hugs you tightly and lifts you up in the air and twirls around before putting you on the ground and bending you back before passionetly kissing you almost identically to the show. The other members annoyed groans can be heard behind you two.

-Move I can’t see the show! Jimin shouts. Yoongi breaks up the kiss and whispers to you I think our kiss was much better, He smirks before pulling you up and sitting down and lifting you to sit on his lap again. as he burries his face into your neck you can feel his smile against your skin.

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Namjoon: You came out of Namjoons room yawning with only Namjoons oversized t-shirt on. You walk Into the living room only to be greeted by six men stairing at you with a tv infont of them with an on going wii game, As you turn your head you notice Namjoon in the far back of the living room In front of a mirror practising his rapping, You slowly sneak up behind him and rest you head on his shoulder and whisper in his ear a part of jacksons rap In U got me.

-I bet you go crazy with my voice. You whisper in his ear with a raspy morning voice and you look In the mirror and he is making eye contact with you through the mirror ad as he chukles a bit he turns around so his face is near your. He cups your face and slowly kisses you, You feel him smiling against your lips. A whistle is heard from Jimin which results In all the other members turning around to look and the see you two kissing and they too start whistling. You feel him slightly laugh as he breaks up the kiss and turns his head so his cheek is touching yours and he softly whisper in your ear.

-Good morning Jagi~

You smile and give him one last hug before going in the kitchen to eat.

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Jimin: Jimin praticly made you come backstage to their concert even though you said you were okay being in the crowd, But he just couldn’t let you be there as he wanted to see you immediatly after the show so you agreed, So now here you were watching their show from a large tv jumping around and giggling and just being overall proud of your boyfriend as he was dancing and singing. The show ended and you were backstage still waiting for Jimin and you hear foot steps coming towards the door and as the door opens you see jimin smiling widley and almost visibly glowing as he runs up to you and grabs you by your waist and lifts you up in the air and twirls you around, You are straight above his face and he carefully lowers you a little so you are inches away from his face. Your lips smash into his as you two passionatly kiss with him still holding you in the air but to help him and not having to hold you in the air for long you put your legs around his waist as he fixes his grip and now has his arms around you waist. The door slams open and almost immediately can be heard grunts of disgust as the other members see the two of you.

-Oh god put a sign or something on the door. Namjoon says as he tries to cover his eyes.

Jimin slowly lifts you down and says.

-How were we? His eyes full of hope and smiling waiting for your response.

-Amazing as always. You say and smile as you look him staright in the eyes and he smiles in response.

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Hoseok: You were alone at the dorm awhile while the other members were at the store buying snacks, And you two decided to make the most of the time and have a girl group dance battle and he was of course winning until Touch my body by Sistar came on and you immedietly started crazily dancing as he laughed at your sillyness and put his hands gently on your waist which made you burst out in laughter as you are extremely ticklish. Suprised by your sudden laugher he says.

-Hey you brought this on yourself swinging your hips like that and singing touch my body It was basically an open invatiation!

-It tickles! You managed to say between your laughter.

-Oh. He says and moves his hands from your waist to your hips as he quickly pulls you close to him, He looks you deeply into your eyes as he slowly comes near your face and kisses you. The Dorms frontdoor opens ad the rest of the members come in and find you kissing and not suprising Jimin, Tae and Jungkook run up to you two and start dancing around the the two of you. You both laugh and break up the kiss and start dancing with them. You look at Hobi and smile and he smiles too and giggles a bit before continuing to dance.

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Taehyung: Bts was going to karaoke and they insisted you come with, So there you were now laughing your ass of at sugas lazy singing and jins attempt at rapping. Tae noticed there was a Bts song as an option and he exitedly forced you to sing with him War of Hormone, When you finally agreed he practically jumped from joy as he began singing pretending to be serenading to you even though it was in no way a romantic song, You weren’t good at singing but you slayed at rapping so as sugas rap came on you jumped up from the couch and began rapping with your whole heart in it as Suga was acceptingly nodding in the back and Tae was cheering you on, As it came to the part where In the M/V Jungkook picks up Suga on his shoulders Tae did the same thing to you, He swept between your legs and lifted you up with you still rapping but It was a bit of a broken rap as you were laughing every few secounds and when your rap ends he puts you down. When the song ended You hugged him tightly and pushed yourself of him a little so you could kiss him he happily kissed you back giggling as you kissed him which caused you to start giggling too and the other member started hitting his ass like in the M/V and you just stood there hugging him and enjoying the moment with him.

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Jungkook: You woke up In Jungkooks room with his t-tshirt and your short pyjama shorts. Try to drag yourself into the kitchen whereyou see all the Bts members eating breakfeast already at the kitchen table.

-Oh good morning Jagi! Jungkook says happily as he notices you coming into the kitchen yawning.

-Morning. You say and peck him on the nose when he was expecting a real kiss, You giggle as you turn around to face the other way from his suprised yet annoyed look but just as you’re about to leave to go put on makeup you feel him grabing your hand and pulling on it slightly so you twirl your way into his hug as he says.

-Is that all I get? He places his lips on yours and softly kisses you. The other members teasing can already be heard, He knew he was going to be teased for a long time for this but it was worth it for getting to kiss his beautiful girlfriend.

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Jaebum: All of Got7 decided to go to the beach on their day of and they invited you to come with them and you happily accepted that offer. It was about 2pm when we all got to the beach and luckily there where almost no people on the beach exepct for one family about 30 meters away. Everyone from Got7 except Junior ran into the water. You went to sit on a sun chair and Junior went to lay on the one next to you but not even one minute since you sat down you heard Jaebum shouting to you.

-Come on Y/N Come and swim with me! You sit up on the chair and see Jaebum with open arms signaling you to come and hug him, You comidically start running in slow motion to him but you trip just before him and make him toppel with you landing on top of him. You two are just a few meters from the shore, You look at him straight in his eyes as he places his hands in your hair and pulls your face closer to his as you share a passionate kiss, But that kiss is broken by a wave rolling in and covering Jaebums entire face. As laughter Is heard from the other members He sits up rubbing salt water from his eyes while you’re stradling his legs.

-That is karma for us having to see you two kissing! Jackson shouts and the other members laugh with him. Jaebum chuckles and gives you one quick peck on the lips before lifting you off of his legs and standing up and taking your hand and pulling you into the water.

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 Jackson:You were sitting on the couch and Jackson was sitting next to you. both of you were on your phones, And you jusy sat there in silence but that silence was soon broken by Jackson saying.

-Y/N! he says and stands up on the couch still looking at his phone.

-Yeah? You ask curious about his sudden excitment.

-Please do this with me! He turns around his phone so you can see a video of a couple, The woman was on the floor on her back as the man did pushups over her and pecking her lips each time he came down.

-Fine. You stood up from the couch and went on your back in the middle of the living room floor and Jackson went into a pushup position above you as he did one pushup he quickly pecked your lips anad wen’t back up, and the second time he stayed for a bit longer and started kissing you, He smiled and after awhile he went up again, and the third time he came down the kiss was as passionate as the last one and the he went up again, and the again the fourth time he held back and only gave a peck and this continued for quite some time. You two didn’t even notice the rest of the Got7 members standing at the door watxhing you two and trying to hold back laughter by the sight of your wierd muscle building techniqe.

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Mark: He was sitting on the couch with all the other members scatterd across the enire living room as you walk in and dramaticaly walk over to him.

-Oh MarkiPooh oh MarkiPooh. you say and slowly put your head on his lap holding your chest like you where having heart pains, The other members chuckle at your dramatic entrance.

-Is this some wierd version of romeo and juliet? He says and starts running his fingers through your hair and slowly puts his face closer to yours and says

-Oh Y/N-Pooh. He fills the few inche of empty space there was left between your lips and kisses you as the other members are laughing at the whole scene. As he breaks up the kiss he says.

-Well that’s one way to get a kiss.

-Oh Marki-

-Not you Jackson. Mark says never breaking eye contact with you.

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Bambam: You came into the living room only to find seven grown men putting on red lipstick and laughing at how stupid they look, You stand in the door frame holding back chuckles by the sight of Mark with red lipstick and just then you see bambam putting on red liptick but you only see the back of his head. Bambam turns around dramatically with his lips puckerd and says.

-Do I look beautiful Jagi? He does a few poses as he asks you.

-Absolutely! You say Giggling at his stupid poses.

-Even more beautiful then you? He says while slowly walking towards you and lazily putting his arms around your waist.

-I wouldn’t go that far. You chuckle and slowly tilt your head as you move closer to his face and softly kiss him and he breaks the kiss dramticaly sighing and bending you back and kissing you passionately. The other members go crazy especially Jackson who starts running around screaming since apparently (Your names first 3 letters)Bam is his biggest ship.

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Youngjae: You walked to the kitchen It was about 10pm and Got7 was playing a board game on the kitchen table, Jackson was throwing pieces around becouse he was losing and Youngjae tought it was hilarious as he was laughing his ass of at Jackson being so extra. 

-Oh Jagi have you done anything different with your makeup you look even more beautiful if that even is possible. Youngjae says as his jaw drops when he sees you walk In.

-No I actually just took of my makeup. You start to blush at the fact that Youngjae thinks you’re beautiful even without makeup. Youngjae stands up from his seat and walks over to you, Cups your face carefully and kisses you softly and whispers.

-Well it is definetly working for you.You smile at the fact that you found someone so perfect and you hug him tightly and hope you never have to let go. The rest of the members think it’s so cute that Youngjae found someone so perfect for him.

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Yugyeom: You were sitting on the couch in the practise room looking at the circle of Got7 members around Yugyeom cheering him on as he danced. Yugyeom danced his way over to you with the members still clapping along to the music and cheering for him as he took your hand and pulled you up from the couch and started dancing tango with you. He leaned you back, looked you with lustful eyes as he picked you up in the air and let you glide down to the floor so you were laying on the ground with your back between his legs. He jumps down into a push up position hovering over you as he leans his head down to kiss you, You run your fingers in his hair as he kisses you gently

.-Ohh Maknae got game! Bambam can be heard shouting. You feel Yugyeom chuckle against your lips before he stands up and helps you up too.

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Junior: You are sitting on the living room floor of the Got7 dorm as the rest of the members except Junior are watching a bird documentary. Youngjae is braiding, or at least trying to braid you hair as junior walks into the living room. He straddles your legs ad starts placing little kisses all over your face, You giggle and cup his face and start placing small little loving pecks all over his face as he chuckles.

-Ah you are just too adorable Jagi. He says smiling to you.

-I know. You say with a smug grin on your face, placing one last peck on his lips before he goes to sit down besides you, While all this was happening all of the members were squealing at the cuteness.

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This took waay longer than I tought almost exactly 12 Hours but I think It’s worth it.

anonymous asked:

I always see you on A03 in the comments section, you have a great taste in fics! Is there any way you could recommend any high school au's or one-shot au's?? Thanks :)

So you’ve seen me rant or have long ass conversations on comments.. but ok back to the actual question and this is in no particular order what so ever. Also these are my summaries and I’m bad at them so there might be spoilers in them. I also love JEALOUS CLARKE so I maybe a little biased. 

Work in Progress by in_anotherlife (complete)

Clarke and Lexa are best friends. Clarke who always thought she was straight gets jealous coz of Costia. So Clarke goes onto her bisexual discovery, there is some princess mechanic here but ultimately Clexa is endgame. Also did I mention JEALOUS CLARKE!

Do You Think The Universe Fights for Two Souls to be Together by K17L53 (ongoing).

This one is a soul mate AU. At 18 they get the name of their soul mate tattooed somewhere in their bodies. Clarke is a new girl at school, Lexa and her have an instant connection coz Clarke is Lexa’s soul mate. She doesn’t tell her so some angsty stuff happens. I’m terrible at summaries but this is really good just trust.

The Big Win by Biggiewoods (ongoing)

Raven and Lexa are sisters while Octavia and Clarke are BFFs, they are on opposite baseball teams. Clarke and Lexa are forced to hangout coz Raven got the hots for Octavia (bonus there’s Octaven!). Naturally as they hangout feelings develop which Clarke doesn’t acknowledge coz well she’s straight. She starts to realise her feelings after being jealous of a girl hitting on Lexa. Yes there is JEALOUS CLARKE.

Force of Nature by awriterofthings (ongoing) [FF.net link]

Lexa and Clarke are estranged BFFs because after Lexa’s parents died she shut Clarke out. This is basically a story on how they become BFFs again and more. Also there is JEALOUS CLARKE. Don’t let my sucky summary turn you off this is a good fic.

Wicked Game by mimillekoishi (ongoing)

This one is more of a student/teacher thing. Student Clarke basically blackmail her principal, Lexa for sexual favours. There is a lot of sex so SMUT WARNING! This gets pretty kinky so you’ve been warned.

You Belong With Me by whatamithegeekmonkey (complete)

So this is basically a song fic based on Taylor Swift’s song You Belong with Me. It’s a bit fast paced but it is a fluffy short read.

Wonderland by clarkesquad (ongoing)

A Clexa boarding school AU. Lexa is a closet case and Clarke is her roommate. I can’t really say much else coz there’s only one chapter out so far but it’s really good so far and I am praying to the Clexa gods for an update.

When the Darkness Comes by Chandler_Bing (ongoing)

Lexa is a closet case who gets partnered up with Clarke a free spirited individual and openly bi. I can’t say much more without spoiling it so… yeah… Read it.

Acting on Your Best Behaviour by fairytaleslayer (complete)

Clarke and Lexa bond after being sent to the principal’s office. A quick short read. Fluff.

Summer is Over (But I Found You) by snowtamale (two-shot)

Not gonna lie but I absolutely love this one. This one is a HS reunion AU, but it’s filled with flashbacks about Clarke and Lexa’s summer romance. The flashbacks were heart wrenching and smutty. This is a very enjoyable read. It is smutty angst.

Cross-Rivalry Romances – Summer Camp Style by ToriWritesStories (ongoing)

As you can tell by the title this one is a summer camp AU, but they’re in high school so it counts. Clarke and Lexa are put into rival pods. It’s kinda like a Romeo & Juliet scenario but summer camp style and not as intense.

Careful Confessions by itainthardtryin (oneshot)

This one is about GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club president Lexa and Student body president Clarke and how they start flirting and confessions happen. A quick fluffy read.

In Search of Silver Linings, We Discover Gold (ongoing) by mymuseismusic

Clarke AP art student has been crushing on baseball captain Lexa forever and finally get her chance when Lexa hits her with a baseball.

Welcome to Hell by Clarekgriffin (ongoing)

I would like to start this off by saying this one hasn’t been updated in a long while so. This one is about rival schools. Where Lexa’s school burns down and their student body has to transfer to Clarke’s school. Naturally Clarke and Lexa are forced to room together to show that the student body can get along. It a good read from what I remember of it. This has a lot of angst, I mean people died in that fire so…

Check Yes, Juliet by Galpalkru (ongoing)

Again this hasn’t been updated in a while. This one is about Clarke and Lexa meeting at a Young Leaders conference and they work together to make their college resume better.

Libraries and Doodles by sssweet-disposition (two-shot – college AU)

A really cute two-shot about how Clarke is trying to get the balls to talk to Lexa but instead draws doodles in her notebook to make her smile. Pure fluff.

The Closet by whatamithegeekmonkey (oneshot)

This is a really short oneshot about how Clarke forces Lexa back into the closet like literally. Pure Fluff.

I know what I’ve lost (but you’re what I found) by geekchic64 (oneshot – modern AU)

Clarke starts texting her dad’s old number and then someone (Lexa) finally responds. This is about how small the world could be. Slightly angsty

The Clexa low-key in love with your bestfriend AU by adreamaloud (two-shot modern AU) [FF.net x x]

The series title speaks for itself it covers the same events from Clarke and Lexa’s POV.

You’re annoying but I like you by demijauregui (oneshot)

A quick Clexa social media AU. It’s basically an exchange between Clarke and Lexa on twitter.

It’s not easy finding the words to say by someoneelsesheart (oneshot – modern AU)

A oneshot about how Lexa is in love with Clarke and Clarke is about to get married to Finn. An emotional rollercoaster exepct angst.

I miss the sound of your voice (babe I’m saying goodbye) by geekchic64 (oneshot – modern AU) [FF.net]

A short angsty af oneshot. I don’t want to say much more but prepare tissues.

Sparks fly. by lordvoldyfarts (oneshot)

Lexa gets kicked out of her homophobic parents’ house after coming out and Clarke lets her live with them. Gets pretty angsty but it has its fluff moments and they wrote a sequel that I haven’t read yet but I will after I post this.

Falling But Not Alone by brickroad16 (oneshot – runaway bride AU)

Clarke runs away from her own wedding and runs into Lexa. They spend time at Lexa’s cabin together.

I’m gonna end it there coz I’m lazy the short summaries on some is because I’m lazy… @i-hart-fandoms I finished it!!

eleanors-park  asked:

did it made dominator angry that everyone referred her as a guy, exepct for wander?

Now. Honestly, I always thought everybody’s stunned reaction to her unmasking in Battle Royale was less about her being revealed as a girl and more about the fact that nobody could believe a doof like Hater could actually land a punch.