Park Shin Hye accepting “Top Excellence Actress Award”
          at the 2014 SBS Drama Awards for “Pinocchio”

Such beautiful words from such a lovely soul with the big heart to match, everyone is praising Shinhye for her speech. Her tears and trembling words were so touching, it’s no wonder she receives so much support and love from others around her. Congrats to our In Ha, our shinning Park Shin Hye.


CultureSOUL: African Americans in Space 

Some of the black pioneers who were the first to enter space.

  1. Guion Bluford - 1st AA in space in 1983
  2. Ronald McNair - 2nd AA in space & killed in ‘86 Challenger mission
  3. Mae Jemison - 1st AA woman in space in 1992
  4. Bernard A. Harris Jr. - 1st AA man to walk in space in 1995

A complete list of black astronauts here.