hier ruhet in gott / herr / FRANZ EXEL, / bürgerl: gastwirth und / hausinhaber wieden nro 495. / geb. den 28ten mai 1817, gest. den 19. august 1858, / tief betrauert von seiner / hinterlassenen gattin und tochter.

A TDJA chara (yes i’m still messing with that story) This is Exelle. He’s the former captain of the Daisy Jane (it went by a different name then) 

He stepped down and put Ruby in charge of everything just so he could watch her get herself killed….only she actually ends up being a rather successful pirate. The old crew’s been trying to convince him to start a mutiny but he doesn’t seem interested. And he’s a banished angel you can see the edges of his halo when it’s dark outside yeye.

Quem vê meu sorriso normalmente pensa, “ela irradia felicidade ” mas quem me olha por dentro poderia até dizer “ ela é uma guerreira de batalhas acumuladas
—  Caroline Exel
Sherlocked Convention Venue Info

Hiya peeps!

Just so you know, I emailed Excel centre to ask a few questions about the venue and thought I would share said information with you if any of you are heading there next week! Feel free to pass this on :)

Additional Seating
Thank you for emailing ExCeL London, you were enquiring about seating at Sherlocked.

In the exhibition there will be seated talks that you need to pay for a ticket to attend, however the venue have lots of seating in the main boulevard that you can use. At the entrance they will give you maybe a coloured lanyard to give you access to the boulevard at any time.

I can confirm that we have an onsite cloakroom open dependent on
venue events and timings. The fee is £1.00 per item which accepts coats and luggage and is located on our level 0 area just down the stairs below our central boulevard/ Level 0 in the ICC part of our building.
Please Note: we do not accept cameras, laptop equipment or any other electronic devices.

You are able to bring food into the venue but maybe not into all areas of the event.

Ela é difícil, é quase uma maratona conquistar aquele coração, mas depois que você conquista irmão, ela é doce, ela se torna a rosa mais linda de todo e qualquer jardim sem vida.
—  Caroline Exel
Então ele sorriu, e a partir daquele momento, o meu céu nublado abriu, e revelou o quão linda ele me vazia sentir, o quão viva eu poderia ser.
—  Caroline Exel

this is too cute!