Back from my first day at the internship!

1. No more work training with a bunch of complainers

2. It’s really relaxed and the two people that work there are really nice

3. They ran out of things to give me lol

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could you explain the sakura buff thing? I mean, the force she have comes from her exellent chakra control, not physical strenth(muscular), right? That's why her body looks like the other girls. Where does it come from?

just me drawing what i like is all, i mean,   if i was implying her level of strength was purely physical then id be drawin her like the friggin Hulk~  i just like sakura and i like strong girls and i like drawing them~   

I’m starting to feel like white people cannot handle success or achievement in black culture/people because simultaneously they see all the violence against us on the news and have to witness a near dichotomy in archetype of the black collective in the 21st century. You see this church massacre, a  young black girl being attacked at a kid’s pool party, young to older men of color being killed in cold blood by the police, the events have gone on and on for a while. Yet you also see black excellence at your university, older black parents/grandparents finally reaping the fruits of their labor (after suffering endless tribulations in the baby boomer/civil rights era), strong communities of varying interests thriving and Black people doing financially well or having potential in career focus. Black people finding ways to smile regardless of all the trouble the news will display to us. While everything is difficult in dealing with the constant tragedies, this doesn’t mean white people have to question your success, your excellence your shining moments and your happiness because of them. These historic events that the media will try to  press on civilians (only on their terms and benefit) does not have to make any of us feel helpless and defeated towards who we are and what we want to be in life. It cannot and will not destroy hope and it will never have a chance of diminishing the glow we possess in spite of their desperation for power and exclusivity. We exist and yes we matter.

Lakers Album: Purple Reign

Lakers Album: Purple Reign

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Do they follow me: Yes | No

Do I follow them: Yes | No | Now

What I think about their blog: The theme is really really nice! Her graphics are really hella sweet! The colour choices, shading and etc are exellent! They’re all so well made! I hear she’s a writter too! I’ve read a few and they’re honestly really really good. The writting style is great and just I have reread a few a buncha times! Sometimes I think of drawing for some since they give me a buncha ideas! Her nalu smut fics are really good too!!! They’re one of the best hands down! Personality wise, I don’t think we’ve ever talked to I can’t say much! But I think she’s a super hard working and talented person! The fandom is lucky to have such a lovely writter and graphics creator! I hope everything goes well for her!