These are the 81 executives who have met with Trump since he became president

Since his election, Trump has met with 81 executives to hear their thoughts on regulation, manufacturing, and trade. Looking at who the president has chosen to meet with offers insight into the direction he wants to take the country, as well as how he leads.

Mononokean Headcanons 2

who’s gonna stop me

  • Ashiya’s actually really good with kids, he knows just what to do to calm down crying children or when mingling with them (I’ve been rereading Gakuen Babysitters recently and Ryuuichi and Ashiya are so similar……..); Abeno’s not bad with kids, exactly, but it’s more like he freezes up around them and just stares… Zenko is always, always calm even in situations that would make Ashiya panic. 
  • This is probably fandom canon by now already but Ashiya being super knowledgeable about flower language (ofc)!!
  • Abeno has a habit of tilting his head to the side when he’s puzzled (I just noticed it a couple times in the manga but not sure if I’d call it an actual thing, so headcanon for now)
  • Ashiya’s nervous habit is turning into a blabbermouth who can’t shut up and lies terribly, Abeno’s nervous habit is rubbing the back of his neck (semi-based off the manga again)
  • When it’s hot out, the Legislator dives into the lake (maybe in his yokai form?). More than once, when Abeno reluctantly goes to meet him for some reason or another, he’s been surprised by the Legislator suddenly popping out of the water.
  • The Legislator and Executive are always doing their utmost to make life for the other As Hard As Possible (more on the Legislator’s end). They live for pissing each other off.
  • Saga and Fusshi have guessed that there’s something about Ashiya and Abeno’s job and are hiding, but they’re not super concerned about it.
  • Nowadays (presently in the manga), Saga, Fusshi, and Ashiya tend to gather around Abeno’s desk while they eat lunch, much to Abeno’s confusion.
  • Other times, Ashiya, Abeno, and Zenko eat lunch together on the roof occasionally.
  • Abeno still makes Ashiya go buy his lunch occasionally, but sometimes they’ll end up playing rock paper scissors and Abeno will go buy it if he loses. But if Saga and Fusshi go with him, Ashiya gets lonely and runs after them. (the script under vol5′s cover)
  • It’s the Mononokean’s biggest fear for something to happen to Abeno and Ashiya outside, somewhere where it can’t help.
  • If the trio were animals, Ashiya would be an enthusiastic black dog, Abeno is a moody golden cat, and Zenko is a quiet sparrow. Fuzzy is… Fuzzy!?
  • Ashiya is fairly decent at cooking; Abeno’s not bad, he can follow a recipe and everything but cooking is a pain and he has no sense of creativity of his own.
  • Once they’re of drinking age, Ashiya would be a weepy drunk and Abeno a sleepy one with a side of bizarre cheerfulness. Zenko can hold her liquor better than both of them.
  • Abeno is actually kind of an airhead sometimes, mostly when it comes to himself - he often ends up seeming scary when he’s literally not trying to be.
  • Similarly, when Ashiya takes a stand and says things completely, utterly seriously, he has no idea how forceful he comes off as.
  • Ashiya’s conversations with Zenko often end up as Ashiya talking a little onesidedly and Zenko replying every so often, but it’s still comfortable to them. Meanwhile, Abeno and Zenko are perfectly happy to just sit together quietly.
  • After the first time Zenko realized that Ashiya and Abeno will stop bickering immediately if she says to, she uses her power over them (lol) very liberally when they get especially vexing.
「不機嫌なモノノケ庵」原作公式ツイッター on Twitter
“落書き「殺伐ペア」 昨日投稿したイラストの構図を考えながら描いていた落書き。9巻のカバーは、この殺伐ペアの不穏な空気感を消すのに一苦労でした…。(笑)それに引き換え、裏側は仄々ペア。合わせて是非ご覧あれ。 (ワザワキリ)#不機嫌なモノノケ庵”

A doodle. “The Bloodthirsty Pair”

A doodle drawn while I was designing the illustration from yesterday. For Volume 9’s cover, trying to tone down this bloodthirsty pair’s turbulent atmosphere was difficult… (smile) On the other hand, in the background is the easygoing pair. Please do take a look at them all together.

(Wazawa Kiri)