executive order 11110


Many people in the public don’t know where the U.S. debt came from or how it got so bad.  The answer can be supplied via one institution; The Federal Reserve.  For those uninformed the Federal Reserve is a private bank that loans money to the U.S. Government with an interest rate attached that creates perpetual debt and is no more federal than Federal Express.

This country has been stolen by private bankers via the Federal Reserve Act.  JFK was able to circumvent this institution by issuing a DEBT-FREE currency called the Silver Certificate via Executive Order 11110 to handle the entire country’s commerce.  Unfortunately, he was killed 5 months later and the currency was done away with.

Educate yourself on real issues that surround our world and not just the names of Jersey Shore characters and who scored the most Touchdowns in one season.  These are all distractions to keep us from the truth. Wake up!  The time is NOW!