executive office assistant

Patrick Leigh Fermor (aka Paddy Fermor) adventurer, author, soldier and scholar - photographed by his wife Joan in Ithaca in 1946. Fermor was one of a number of Special Operations Executive officers posted to assist Crete in its resistance to German occupation.

He was described in a school report as, “a dangerous mixture of sophistication and recklessness.”


“How do you know my wife, Mr. Davenport?”

Madeleine turns sharply toward Kit, her eyes wide and panicky. She begins to speak, but Theodore doesn’t hear a word she says. As his gaze travels from the diamond on her left ring finger to the swelling in her obviously pregnant belly, all of the pieces suddenly seem to come together for him.

It’s not my baby, he thinks in a daze.

Theo’s chief of staff and long time friend, Andrew James, moves in quickly. He has only ever seen the governor lose his temper in public once before, and he wore the same look of wounded pride on his face that burns in his eyes now.

“Pridemore, how nice to see you again!” Drew exclaims as he grabs Kit’s hand and vigorously shakes hello. “I was hoping we’d bump into each other tonight. I’ve been wanting to talk to you about an upcoming job opening in the office.”

“The executive assistant position?” Kit pants excitedly, all other thoughts immediately vanishing from his mind.

“That’s the one!” he nods, and ushering him away Andrew manages to separate Madeleine and Theodore from the rest of the group.

“You’re married?” Theo’s voice pierces through the air like a torpedo.

“No!” she whispers. “I mean, yes. Sort of, but-”

“So you lied to me then?” he hisses.

“Of course not! Theo, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. You don’t understand. We just-”

“Oh no, I understand perfectly. And to think, I actually cared about you.”

“Since when did you care about me?” Madeleine snaps. “Me or our baby?!”

Theodore’s eyes narrow into slits. “I want a paternity test.”

Maddie takes a step back, gasping as though struck by bullet. “You d-don’t believe me?” she stammers.

“Why should I? You’ve done nothing but lie to me, steal from me, and use me since the day we met.”

“And you’ve been such a saint? But you know what, fuck you. This baby doesn’t need you in its life, and neither do I.”

Theo pauses and studies her wet, tear stained face. “I want a paternity test,” he repeats again, carefully enunciating each syllable. “I need to know, Maddie, and I refuse to let this come back and bite me in the ass later. If it is mine…”

“Then what?” she spits at him angrily. “You made it perfectly clear before that you want nothing to do with me OR our child.”

“Then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” he shrugs, his confident, nonchalant air concealing the true alarm he feels at the notion. But it can’t be, he silently assures himself as he watches Madeleine storm away.

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