executive model


NEMO Arms Executive Order

High end AR-10 built by the company known for their semi-auto AR patterned rifles chambered in .300 Win Mag. There appears to be two different variations of the Executive Order; this model with the extended handguard, and another with a shorter handguard but different type of barrel. You can also get the Executive Order in either .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor. As you’ve probably suspected, this is not a cheap AR-10. MSRP is about $4,500. (GRH)


Daimler DS 420 Limousine,1968. A national institution, favoured by Royalty and local government, the Daimler Limousine was based on an extended Jaguar 420G chassis and used Jaguar’s XK 4.2 litre 6-in-line motor. More than 4000 were made during the car’s 25 year model life but it was not replaced when production ceased in 1992. The interior shot is the Executive model with TV, an Epson HX20 computer and car-telephone

Helena Barquilla for Thierry Mugler…

ELLE asked eccentric designer Thierry Mugler to sketch his “fantasy face,” which a Shiseido makeup artist would then execute on a model. From the pale, powdered face to the shadow-tiered eye tipped in silver to the asymmetrical star dangling below the right lower lashline, what you see here is Mugler’s definition of ideal beauty. (September) - ELLE.com