executive clemency

September 12 - Happy birthday to Leonard Peltier, American Indian Movement political prisoner.

Please phone the White House today and ask President Obama to grant executive clemency for Leonard.

Comments - 202-456-1111

Switchboard - 202-456-1414


Thursday, September 12, 2013

For all of my friends and family out there celebrating my birthday,   I wish I was out there with you!  But since I can’t be,  enjoy the day.  Have extra kind words for each other.  Put a smile on someone’s face. Wipe the tears from someone who is crying.  Be a  brother or sister to someone in the struggle.  Do something kind for our elderly and something gentle for our babies.  Be the voice for those who are afraid to speak. Be the protector for the weak.  In doing that, you are a warrior for our people.  It is my prayer that the Creator touches you with good health and happiness and that you live to enjoy many, many more years to come.    Thank you for remembering me on this day, the day the Creator breathed life into me. I am truly blessed with your friendship.   Doksha.    In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, Leonard Peltier
Executive clemency explained
President Obama recently commuted--or shortened--the sentences of 46 non-violent drug offenders. How can he do this? Executive clemency. Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric explains.

In Obama’s first term, he was stingy with this power, granting only one commutation and 22 pardons. But in his second term, the president made a renewed effort of clemency, making sure that when people commit crimes, they serve appropriate amounts of time. He has now granted 64 pardons and 89 commutations.

Is it possible that what appears to have been an attempt to free Black people through an act of executive clemency [the Emancipation Proclamation] was in actuality a critical step in a broader scheme to enslave almost everyone? Even as the Civil War was waged (in part) to liberate the Black bondsmen of the South, Lincoln’s generals picked up the tempo of the Indian Wars, moving to finally extirpate or reservationalize (quarantine) the last vestiges of the world that preceded money. We can say quarantine because the world view of native America was in many ways a compelling example of an actualized freedom that trumped the virtual freedom offered as the primary selling point of the money-world proposition being advanced by the young republic. Once the Blacks had been “freed” and the Indians subdued, nothing stood in the way of money. It could be released upon the world as a fully Democratic viral contagion, reproducing the world in its image as it devoured our planet and the people, creatures, and plants living there. This feast of money upon the World, we are told, is a Manifest Destiny. People are good. People are obedient. Who argues with destiny manifested?

–Thomas Stanley Ph.D, “Emancipation 150: The Great Jubilee”, in Black Quantum Futurism: Theory and Practice