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“Cuz as me the almost-man looks up into that town, I can hear the 146 men who remain. I can hear every ruddy last one of them. Their Noise washes down the hill like a flood let loose right at me, like a fire, like a monster the size of the sky cuz there’s nowhere to run.” -The Knife of Never Letting Go

Knee Jerk Reaction

Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: I was confident in my saying that I truly deserved this promotion, but if by some chance I didn’t get it, there was always next time. (No there wasn’t.)

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The sounds of a stack of paper being bounced off the table echo loudly throughout the conference room. With any luck, the announcement about who would be getting the promotion would be made during this meeting I had poured hours upon days upon months into my work life, and I was hopeful that it wouldn’t be all for naught. I was confident in my saying that I truly deserved this promotion, but if by some chance I didn’t get it, there was always next time.

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Trump walks out of executive order signing ceremony in a huff without signing  the orders
By Heather Dockray


The President of the United States of America is feeling really tired today and just wants to be left alone, okay?

On Friday, President Trump was scheduled to sign executive orders in front of a press gaggle. Instead of actually signing the orders, Trump seems to have gotten a little bit cranky and walked straight out of the signing ceremony, leaving the orders unsigned.

Trump didn’t even respond to Vice President Pence’s desperate pleas for the President to come back and sign the orders. 

Like a good boy, Pence then proceeds to gather the orders in a nice little folder for the president to sign later. Trump was provoked after a reporter asked him a question about Flynn.

Tainted Love

Request: @supernaturalmarvelgirl said:
Sam x reader. The reader is with Sam and she’s secretly a stripper. She sneaks out during the night and “works.” Well one night Dean follows her and asks why she works there and if Sam knows. She says no and Dean rescues her and Sam talks to the reader about it. Thank you 😘

Sam x Reader

Word count: 2037

Warnings: reader is a stripper? Language, angst, a little fluff, implied smut

A/N: Originally just a request but ended up being for @seenashwrite 200th follower celebration because there was a line I just couldn’t pass up (in bold) congrats on your milestone, love! And as always I have to give a shoutout to my amazing beta, @avasmommy224, I miss you tons girl!! Anyways, hope yall enjoy!

You tied the lace on your thigh high leather boots, making sure the bow was perfect and checked your reflection in the full length mirror hanging on the back of your dressing room door. You fluffed your hair and took a deep, shaking breath. No matter how many times you told yourself you had to do this, it never seemed to ease the harsh sting of reality. You were a stripper, plain and simple. There was no way of sugarcoating it. Some liked to call you an adult entertainer or exotic dancer for the rich and famous.

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“No.” Oliver protests. “I don’t want to hurt you!”

You laugh and put your hands on his bare chest. “You won’t, I promise.”

“Are you sure?”



Practically squealing with excitement, you step across the mat from your boyfriend. Getting in the position Digg, taught you, you wait for him to throw the first punch.

Finally, he throws a half-hearted right hook at your stomach, which you evade easily, stepping around behind him. You throw a hit at the back of his neck, but he blocks, grabbing your arm in the process.

Thinking quickly, you flip over into a somersault, pulling him down as you stand up from the perfectly executed roll. You walk up to him and put your foot on his chest. “I win.”

He looks at you in shock as you walk away.

maksimc: My little lion is about to make the next few months even more interesting! In my head first he crawls, then he runs and then he goest straight into a mean cross-over and yams! (puts the ball in the basket as if he doesn’t like the basket very much LMAO). Mommy is not ready for all this ‘growing up’ and wants him to stay an infant for the next 10 years…. 🦁 🏀
#LETSGO #BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor#MightGetYamedOnByABaby

Jimin, New employee

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A/N: Hope this turned out ok. Sounds a little hollow to me but yall be the judge ok?

Jimin, New Employee   ~   Jimin, CEO   ~   Two  ~  Three

Damn it! you muttered.

Today the new CEO was coming. The previous one had retired officially the week before, leaving his nephew to take over. This left you nervous and slightly angry. You worked with the previous CEO for 4 years, straight out of college, now what? Some young dude, not much older than you, was going to come in and boss you around?

Well yes. You weren’t going to quit over this. You needed this job. Plus he was CEO Kang’s nephew, he couldn’t be that bad right?

No idea. No one in the office even knew what he looked like, let alone his mannerisms. On the of chance he was a hard ass, you began hurriedly fixing up your desk area. You needed to prove you were just as worthy of being there as the new people he was bringing with him. After all, your desk is what he would be passing on the way in and out of his office. In your hurry, you dropped your stapler. Missing your foot by a hair.

Before you could bend down for it, it was being handed to you. “Oh, Thank you!” Looking up, you’re met with a handsome man smiling at you.

You try not to show how stunned you are at how good looking he is but his chuckle gives you the impression you aren’t doing a very good job.

“Uhh, Y/N.” you say, sitting down the stapler and extending your hand.

“Park Jimin.” He says simply. As he shakes your hand you can’t help notice how wonderfully soft his hand is. Before the handshake can go on too long, a thought pops into your head.

Pulling your hand away you exclaim. “Ah, you must be one of the new hires that came along with the new CEO!”

He hesitates for a moment almost confused before his smile returns and he nods. “Would you mind showing me around?”

You think for a second. It isn’t like you have anything to do right now but the CEO is could be there any minute and you don’t want to make a bad first impression by not being at your area.

“Don’t worry about the CEO.” He says as if reading your mind. “Showing around a new employee couldn’t be a bad thing, right?” The way he smiles at you is strange, sly.

Ignoring it you mutter a ‘Right’ before motioning him to follow you.

Throughout the whole tour you could see his face from the corner of your eye. He seemed to be taking in every area carefully. You introduced to him to a few of your coworkers and he smiled politely then carefully looked around each one, peeking into a few cubicles of those who had the day off.

You try not to stare but fail miserably as he catches you. You look away quickly and he just chuckles lowly. “I don’t mind if you stare. I have been trying not to do the same thing.”

His words send a touch of red to your cheeks. Especially when he doesn’t stop staring. Instead he stops and you do the same. “Tell me, Y/N, What is the policy on office relationships.”

Trying to keep the color from getting any more red, you reply with a very matter-a-fact ‘Office relationships are strictly forbidden.’

This doesn’t lessen his smile. He just turns on his heels, saying something under his breath that you couldn’t quite hear but it sounded like “I can change that.”

At the end of the tour you made your way back to your desk. A few men were carrying out some of the old furniture and one had CEO Kang’s name plate. You made a mental note to take a look at the new name plate as soon as Jimin was gone but when you turned around you noticed he was gone already.


“In here.”

You followed his voice in the office. “I don’t think you should be in here.”

He just looked at you with a sweet smile. “Thank you for the tour.” He said, ignoring your statement.

Returning the smile, you crossed your arms. “Hey you never told me what your position is.”

He walks by you stopping in the doorway and turning around but before he could say anything a man in a navy blue suit steps next to him. “There you are Sir!”

Soon he is swept up in a wave of people you recognize as Executives. You watch him and the executives walk away through the blinds on the office’s glass wall. He spares a quick glance and a small smile as he becomes hidden by the wall.

Eyes still on the wall he disappeared behind, you walk over to the big desk, leaning back until you feel something. You stand up straight and turn to see what the cold object was.

It was the new name plate. Curiously you pick it up.

Park Jimin- CEO

Surprised, you look up and stare at the doorway as if he was still there.

‘I hope that was a good first impression.’

i wish i was like at least 25% as attractive as the people i follow :\

Day 3: First Kiss

( @juminzenweek )

It was late. He was sitting at a cafe outside, his coffee gone cold a while ago.

He knew he worked, but, usually he wouldn’t be this late. The executive director would never allow himself to be this late to a meeting. That he set up himself.

“Sorry I’m late. I had to make sure Elizabeth the 3rd was situated before I left,” said man said as he walked up. He rolled his crimson eyes, and sighed softly.

“So. What did you need to talk about?” he asked, “Wait. Let me guess. It’s about that stupid cat food commercial idea.”

“You are correct. I still think you should do it,” the director said, sitting down, and reaching for his forgotten coffee.

“It’s cold, by the way,” he said. The director retracted his hand. He sighed, and rubbed his temples.

“Listen. A couple of days ago, when I was drunk, I-” he was interrupted by the director holding his hand up.

“It’s fine. But, I want to tell you that I’m glad you told me,” he said.

“No, not that. What else did I say, besides, well, the love thing?” he asked.

“That’s what I was saying. You told me about your brother,” he said. His body froze, and he looked up at the director. Wide, crimson eyes met calm, grey eyes.

“I…I did? I…I didn’t-”

“Again, it’s fine. I’m glad you told me, because now I know why you refused my help,” he said.

“….You said you felt the same way, right?” he finally said after a long silence.

“I do, yes,” he said calmly.

“So. Now what? Are we….” his voice trailed off.

“I believe that’s how it works, yes,” the director said. The two looked at each other. The director chuckled. “Well, no. I don’t want to be considered with you just yet. There’s something…something I’d like to do, first.”

“What is it?” the albino  asked. The executive director stood, and walked over to the albino. He leaned his face close, and kissed his lips.

Crimson eyes widened, then shut. For someone who seemed as if he had a stone cold heart, his lips were warm and soft.

Grey eyes shut as he kissed the one below him. He gently put his hands on his cheeks. After a while, the two broke apart.

“Now. Now, we can be considered a couple.”

Down turn.

We all have our own ways of dealing with it. Connie from accounts put a jar of Vicks at reception, some people smear their top lip before going in. I just breathe through my mouth, swipe my card and head to my desk looking at my shoes. The stench of the corpses on the ceiling still hits you, but you’re not tempted to look up and become one of them.

I’ve worked here a long time, so my desk is pretty clean. A stack of the monthly company propaganda nobody reads, some coffee cups (SUPER DAD, A Christmas one, you know the drill), and a toe I haven’t dared to touch. Some of the newer guys that HR bring in have to sit underneath the liquefying corpse of the poor sucker they replaced. Sandeep, an Indian dude in the next cubicle, is like that. He just sits there shaking most of the day, I don’t know what he’s supposed to be doing. Once he jumped when a slab of Annette’s face landed on his keyboard, but he remembered rule one-and-only: do not look up. Ever. Just keep your head down and keep working, and what you don’t see can’t hurt you.

In the early days, apparently, you could look at it. Jared in Sales said it looked like a spiderweb of black mold spreading across the ceiling. I didn’t really pay attention because he was a boring asshole, but he kept everyone updated with his own little news report until the day it snatched him up like a frog snapping up a fly. He screamed until his lungs flopped onto the photocopier, but we all just kept our head down. Wasn’t our business.

Sometimes executives walk through our cubicle farm. They never talk to us, but they make noises about everything being fine. Andrew in IT mutters the usual jokes about the Death Star being ready on time, but I can see he’s noticed too. The suits they wear aren’t crisp anymore, they’re fluffy like mold. That’s just the latest fashion or something, right?

Not my concern, I gotta get back to work.

Yep all you haters, Norman’s bosses and co-stars hate Diane soooo much.
Numerous co stars liked his posts regarding her and now Gale Anne Hurd tweeted this. Even Joshua Jackson congratulated her.
No one cares about your opinions. Your little group of 20 fucktards don’t mean shit.

I think people in the Industry know more than you guys do when it comes to talent. Not that you guys know about talent - you cant even use photoshop well in your retarded IG posts. Congrats Diane! Well deserved. The film sounds and looks amazing.

Mod- ATTENTION TROLLS THAT READ MY BLOG. Take notice an EXECUTIVE PRODUCER for the walking dead congratulated her. Cricket, moonshine, iamstillhere, chichi i know you read my every post. Your evil plan to write amc seems to have backfired on you. It looks like the entire cast knows her and likes her. It also appears Norman’s job isn’t in jeopardy because he got a girlfriend. Find lives and stop bothering these people. Seriously your making complete assess out of yourselves. Some of you claim to have so many college degrees yet not one working brain between all of you. LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE! To my blog members I know these people turn your stomachs but I can’t give them any more attention. Just keep reporting them and know karma is a real bitch. ✌
Why Leaders Listen

This is a lesson Nelson Mandela learned from his father. 
(I heard it from public speaker and thought leader Simon Sinek - @simonsinek - in one of his talks about leadership)

According to Sinek the great Nelson Mandela once was asked by a journalist,

“How did you become a great leader?” 

Mandela being the son of a tribal chief (Hendry Mphakanyiswa of the Tembu Tribe) 


“I remember going to tribal meetings with my father and I remember two things. 

We always sat in a circle and my father was always the last to speak” 

We’re are social animals. We communicate and communication is listening and talking… but leadership is the practice of being the last to speak.

Very often, you see this in boardrooms, an executive will walk in and say 

“Here’s the problem, here’s what I think we should do but I’m interested in what you all think.” 

The problem: It’s too late!


  • people either change their opinions based on what the authority said 
  • or they start agreeing with each other 
  • or they just don’t give you their candid answers and they no longer feel heard because the executive has already weighed in. 

A true leader would say: 

“This is the challenge we face I want to know what you think” - without rendering any opinion and then listening and trying to understand.

Important: not giving any hints of agreement or disagreement (!) but rather trying to understand the reason that somebody has that opinion and stating it back in their terms simply to be clear that there’s agreement. 

By the time you get around the table and get back to the leader, everyone feels heard and the leader has the benefit of different perspectives. 

Even if the leader decides to decide differently from what someone in the room believes, everyone feels like they contributed. 

That’s leadership.

A large board room, a long dark wooden table. At one end sits the producers of Netflix.

At the other, Alexander Vlahos sits ringing his hands.

“Can you do it?” He asks solemnly.

The producers stare at him, not giving him an inch of emotion.

“Can you make it gay?” He asks.

The executive producer, stands and walks round the table to him.

They pat him on the cheek.

“It already is gay, Alex, it already is gay,” the exec says, leaving the room.

Alex sighs and texts Murphy. They’re never going to get the gay Merlin reboot of their dreams.