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does anyone else have that one ship that actually is canon, but you can’t appreciate it because it was executed really badly (their romance felt too rushed/didn’t fit the main story, the actors had zero chemistry, it was just poorly written, ect.) but the concept is actually really cool and right up your alley? so you just kinda shove actual canon content to the side and never think about it again as you read 20592 au fics and fantasize about what could have been if the writers hadn’t screwed up 


Rooms Of Power- The Clock room ( Salon de l'Horloge )

“The fireplace and ceiling cove are the most striking decorative features. The fireplace hood was executed by Hubert Lavigne and Liénard: two seated children bear the imperial symbols, the globe and sceptre. On the pediment, two other children hold up a coat of arms decorated with oak leaves where the imperial arms used to be. In the central niche is a statue of France rby Pollet. It replaced in 1860 the original plaster statue of The Emperor by Lavigne. The fireplace bronzes were made, after Liénard’s plaster models, by Victor Paillard, who was also responsible for the famous clock from which the room takes its name.”

To know you

Prince!Jimin x Reader

5k of Fluff

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“Arranged marriage?!? With Prince Jimin?!” You shouted, your scream echoing off the walls of your room. Your advisor, Seokjin, winced. “They’re insane! They officially lost it!” You snapped. “On the good side, he is cute.” You looked at Seokjin with a flat glare. He frowned. “Your highness, you’re a princess, you knew this was coming.” He told you. “But not so soon!” You huffed, angry. You knew it was inevitable. It was engraved in your mind since the day you could talk. “Your parents gave you three months till you get married. And you won’t meet him till the day before the wedding.” He told me. “Like hell, I won’t.” You mumbled, your voice was gruff.

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anonymous asked:

We know that Oliver killed Clayborne because Claiborne was a criminal, and in those days, execution was the Hood's brand of justice. Except Oliver never considered the damage he left behind. Case in point: Adrian. We know Adrian loved his father despite his crimes, just as Oliver will always Felicity no matter what she does for Helix. What if Adrian lured Felicity to Helix so he could use the Hood's version of justice against the woman Oliver loves? (cont.)

Well, anon… well, I would just fling myself out of a window. 

It would fit, beautifully, because everything that’s happening is pointing towards this exact thing. Adrian wants to strip everything from Oliver, and he’s not going to just stop with his mental and emotional state (as we’ll see in tonight’s episode), oh no… he’s going to deliver the final blow when he believes Oliver will be completely defenseless, when he will truly shatter. Felicity has been a source of light and guidance in his life, and when he needs that the most, needs her the most, she too will be taken from him.

(But there’s a lot that Adrian hasn’t considered. His plan is contingent on Oliver still being the man he was back in Season 1, but he’s not.)


jenassa why

i didn’t try to get her to wear the hood, she just does. she had that elven helmet on and then i put the execution hood in her inventory and she put the thing on. ? the hat’s also there but she doesn’t wear it. this is from a while back but she’s still wearing the execution hood, if that’s what she prefers, okay then

also lol my carry weight

Who Is Really The Original Team Arrow?

Anonymous said: I was just wondering what your opinion is on whether laurel and oliver were the original team arrow while diggle and felicity are just add ons. I disagree with laurel/oliver original team arrow but i don’t know how to explain my opion exactly on the subject and you word things so much better than i ever could.

I’ve gotten this question twice, so I figured I’d better answer it. lol I’ve seen this argument between Oliciters and Laurivers floating around for awhile. Let’s all remember everyone is on the same team. Everyone wants to do good - Felicity, Diggle and Laurel. That being said…there is an answer to this question as to who Original Team Arrow is.  

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Let’s Start in the Middle

The opening moments of this Summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron were a very pleasant surprise, starting the film off on a foot that I wasn’t prepared for. Given how Joss Whedon’s original 2012 film ended, with the various super heroes riding off into their individual sunsets (and films) - I was ready for the first act of the film to be a “getting the band back together” sort of deal.

Those who have seen the film (and given it’s box office numbers, I assume that’s all of you) know that this isn’t the case. When Age of Ultron begins, the heroes are already united as The Avengers once again, and well into an explosion packed mission. It’s on us, the viewer, to get on board with the scene and reverse engineer what happened up to this point through the dialogue of the characters.

We call this starting in media res - literally from latin in the middle of things - and it’s one of my favorite ways to begin a session of Dungeons & Dragons.

I remember my group’s first campaign, all of us first time players, and our DM a newbie as well. Nearly every session would begin with our characters nonchalantly somewhere - the local pub, or our base of operations - poking and prodding until we ran into the correct NPC that would assign us the quest for the evening. There are a lot of things wrong with this, we were new to the game, but so many DMs still begin their games with significantly more of a whimper than a bang.

Do you want to go to a James Bond movie, and see it begin with 007 wandering around London buying bullets? Probably not - it would set the completely wrong tone for an adventure movie. Your players likely feel the same way - why kick off their exploits with bookkeeping and narrative loitering?

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