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Ok, seriously, the champ isn't even out yet and you already made such a quality blog of him. Not even sure how to describe my feelings outside of massive impressed. Keep it up! ^w^ Really enjoying reading your RPs with him. Maybe even more than your Poppy RPs, which would be an achievement and a half xP

execuse you i’m not even a bloody good poppy why do you think i’m a good grump

and poppy is a dumbass with a Golden heart like me

this is a grump



We were waiting for the chapter to come out to make this post, out of respect for those who wanted to remain spoiler-free.

Now that it’s out though, we can finally thank you all for supporting this blog and above all: Karin, SasuKarin and Taka!

We are a small fandom and we had to put up with a lot of… well, crap, to put it bluntly. But there’s no other fandom we would have rather belonged to. You guys are all wonderful and it’s truly been a pleasure to sail this ship and support this amazing (yet neglected, to the very end) group of characters with you all. And we will still continue to support them, even though the series has ended.

It’s been a long 7 years since Karin’s and SK’s introduction to the manga. It’s been a great road full of ups and downs. And despite the fact that the unsatisfying executions had become a trend as of late, I would still like to think we had a good run. There certainly are some highlights that I’m sure none of us will ever forget. And while I can’t speak for every one of you, I know that in our case—those highlights will always make us feel confident in saying that while Sasuke’s destination in the romantic department wasn’t what we expected or hoped for, Karin was still the most organic outcome. So yes, we sadly can’t celebrate what was; but we have every reason to treasure what could have been.

So thank you again, everybody, for seeing this through with us to the very end! :’) Here is to our OTP ♥

Theon and Ned Stark: "He is like a second father to me"

I definitly think that Theon wanted Ned to be a father to him. and maybe in certain moments it was possible to consider him one. I think Ned would have made it a point to teach Theon his moral code so in that sense Theon could think of him as a father. But Ned is very… let’s call it pragmatic. He’s all about being cold and rational and avoiding mixing his emotions with his duty. And I think he considered it his duty to do right by Theon and teach him what he is supposed to be taught and treat him how he should be treated. But rational Ned also kept his emotions in check, he knew he might have to kill Theon one day and couldn’t get attached, so Theon got no parental love from Ned, which is what he really wanted and what’s really important. There’s also the thing with the execusions because I think that it was Ned’s idea to treat Theon equally to his own children and that included teaching him how difficult it is to take another person’s life. But he also doesn’t seem to take Theon’s emotions into account in this. And tbh, I have a problem with Ned I think partly because of this (and it’s not about Theon it’s about Ned) because I think that Ned despite meaning well, expects everyone else to do the same thing he does. He expects Theon to also separate his emotions from his rational side. But Theon can’t do this, Theon is always lead by his emotions and they cloud his rational side. So when Theon goes to executions he’s not thinking that Ned has difficulty with cutting off a man’s head, he’s thinking that it might be him on the block next time. And I don’t think Ned can expect Theon to not think that way. either way I’m getting a little off topic here. The point is that Theon wanted Ned to be like a father to him (partially because he wanted to have a place to belong and partially because he wanted to get some love) and I think through the way Ned treated him (with respect but without emotion) Theon was very confused, he couldn’t hate him but he also didn’t get what he really wanted and Theon does with this relationship what he basically does with everything else, he tells himself depending on the situation he’s in either that Ned was horrible to him and he should hate him, or that Ned was like a father to him.

“ I found claims about Beast Boy and Raven having “Abusive” relationships is really stupid. Yes, while they do occainsionally annoys, insults each other throughout the series, but, rather you ships them together or not, it is clearly shows that they care about each other and look each others back when their fighting against the evil. Also, the one of the main themes of Teen Titans series is growing trust and friendship between people with different powers and personalities. So the abusive claims definitely against the main theme of the actual shows. I think the “abusive” claims is just the execuse from haters who doesn’t want to see Beast Boy and Raven as together or even as the friends. “

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Dont wanna sound rude but... like the art is great as always (the execusions oh baby) but the murder cases are getting resolved... very easily. More investigacion, or trial complicacions would be interesting

((I perfectly know that the cases are getting resolved very easily. But you have to consider the following:

-Working on a mystery is much more complicated than what it looks like
-I don’t have enough time to come up with enough complications and solutions for the mysteries
-I have to DRAW what I come up with, and it takes a lot of time
-I have other projects and I don’t want to work all the time on this AU

I already explained how much it takes me to draw even just a short comic, sometimes. It can go from one day to three days if not more depending on what is happening in my life and how I feel about drawing for this blog (because well, I need motivation to draw and when I don’t feel like drawing HS it’s better if I do not). So yeah, it would be great to have more investigation, more complications, more peeks at their normal life, more more MORE! But I don’t have enough time and I don’t want to spend all the free time I have on this. I already explained it once but I hope now it’s more clear ( ゚▽゚)/ ))

The boys agreed on not giving each other presents for Christmas 2 years ago.
At Louis&Harry’s residence, in the middle of them playing FIFA, all on one couch, the boys are talking about the presents they bought for their families. Niall announces that he already has gifts for all of the boys, ending with all eyes landing shockingly on Niall.
“I though we agreed on not giving each other presents-?” Liam says with guilty tone in his voice. Niall shrughs “you’re my family. I already have presents for you and that’s it.”
All of the boys except Niall look at each other and immediately execuse themselves from the room. There are only two days to Christmas and their dandelion of a band-mate told them something like this. They put their coats and shoes on, waving Niall goodbye with 4 different execuses what they have to do. All of them squish into Louis’ car, with him driving as dangerously as a video-gamer. All of the way to the centre of the city, they discuss the possibilities, because they have to give Niall something at the same costs as what he gives to them. Then they separate with solid war plan.
Niall didn’t see the boys for some time. Since they left, he played FIFA all alone, eating all the christmas cookies Harry baked. When they didn’t come back after 5 hours, he decided to took a short nap, his stomach hurting to the point where he wants to die.
It’s almost midnight, when Niall’s peaceful nap is interrupted by the loud noise of door closing and one very specific high voice. This is their last day together before they all go on their own break for some time. Zayn pinch his cheek to make sure he’s deffinitely awake, seeing Liam hovering over him, smiling, and voices of Louis and Harry, asking about where the cookies dissapeared, in the background.
Niall takes Liam’s hand and gets up to his feet, all of the boys already standing in front of him, forming a queue.
Louis, in the front, coughs, asking for attention. He gives an emotional speech of this being their last day together and also Christmas, he hands the present to Niall. Then goes Zayn, then Harry and then Liam after him. Niall accepts the presents and smile at his boys before closing the space between all of them and hugging them the tightest he can. This is deffinitely their longest and warmest hug.
Niall’s laugh breaks the hug “thank you so much for the gifts, you lads are the best!”. They all have different emotion in their face and Harry’s the one to ask “so—”
“This was my present for you guys. I’m the best hugger and the best thing money can’t buy is my love for my brothers!” and it being Niall, everyone goes “aww”, their hearts filled with joy.
“I still want my fucking present, Horan.” says Louis way too seriously.

no but i am so fixated on that au where kuroko is a radio dj and he has a late night show about poetry and kagami has some sort of night job (maybe he’s a driver idek) and he’s lonely and tired so he starts listening to the radio and finds kuroko’s show by accident and takes a liking to his voice so he listens, even tho he dislikes poetry but kuroko’s voice is so soothing and before he knows it he falls in love with that voice and knows all it’s quirks and timbre and when he has a cough and when he sounds amused and when he’s touched or annoyed etc etc. and kagami thinks he has a problem really. he doesn’t have the courage to call the radio station or write him an email or whatever and thinks he’s kinda creepy, but one day when he’s shopping or whatever he hears that voice but he can’t see the person so he tries looking for him but to no avail and when he’s resigned sitting on a bench and calling himself an idiot someone walks up to him and says ‘execuse me. you’ve lost it.’ and whoop it’s kuroko holding kagami’s wallet or cell or whatever and bam.

i really need it. 

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lol, Louis is no bottom, you can see that, Harry would bend over for every man

Yeah, I bet you can see things like this, right. you inhuman thing you.
of course he would. now if you execuse me, this is my blog, my preferences, my fantasies, and your thoughts have actually no place in here.
oh, and! you actually know shit about their personal lifes
hugs hugs, kisses kisses, get outta here