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So instead of getting lots done on Trill and Colonel LIKE I SHOULD BE DOING, i did this instead:

Geo is such a cutie.  I love him.  

I have to get back to work on Trill and Colonel before i do anyone else though.  I wish my art program didn't go through an update.  It’s been buggy ever since…sigh



This is my apology to all of you for killing my computer and putting the shimejis on hiatus for 2 months, but now my computer’s fixed and I’m ready to start again.


A few of you will be able to get special requests for what characters I do next and receive the first copy once they are finished.



2.    For each like/reblog this post receives your names will be entered into a pot.

3.    Your name CAN be entered more than once (a like and a reblog or multiple reblogs)

4.    The number of winners is related to the number of notes this post gets, more notes = more winners

5.    YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY CHARACTER FROM THE EXE UNIVERSE (but please note, more complicated characters take longer to make)

6.    I will message the winners once the time period has ended

This contest will end May 19th at midnight EST!

Shimejis are Fun

he looks very annoyed crawling around but i don’t know why. I don’t remember doing these images D:

Also, Trill multiplies EXTREMELY fast. I don’t understand. His code is identical to everyone else’s so far… 



I’m drowning in Trills!!! The others don’t multiply that much for me!

for example: these two sat like this for 3 hours not moving or multiplying or anything. Maybe there’s a bug in the coding :/

Winners Showcase

4 out of 5 of the winners have responded to who they would like done. I’m going to show them off so ALL OF YOU know who to expect next. (click on the images to get a non-blurred image) This list is in order of who responded first but not who might be done first

Dark Megaman ~ Winner: darkrokkuman

I’ll be honest, i probably should have realized darkrokkuman would want a Dark Megaman shimeji, but it never crossed my mind. Dark Megaman is fairly simple since i can technically just re-colour Megaman (and change the writing a bit).  I didn’t have a good high quality reference for his colours though so that was quite an adventure. I have been assured that i did a good job though and that all the colours look right. Though looking at it now, i think is a little to purple. Oh well.

Elecman.EXE ~ Winner: powerup-the-revolution

Elecman was actually pretty fun to do, even the generators on his back. What gave me trouble was his helmet. I don’t know why, but no matter what i did, i couldn’t get it to look right. This is the best attempt i had. And his hands were troublesome, some art had them silver and others had gold and i didn't know what to do. I ended up using gold so they stood out from the generators on his back.

Trill ~ Winner: enzetto

I know NOTHING about Trill.  I haven’t watched Beast or Beast+ because I wanted to finish Stream first, so, if anyone wants to give me his characterization: attitude, personality, habits; that would be graciously appreciated. Right now I’m just treating Trill as a typical 1-2 year old child.  Trill’s character model is shorter than Megaman’s (my base height). Next to Dark Megaman, Trill was the easiest to do. He was also the funnest.

Colonel.EXE ~ Winner: zachcg

Ho boy. By far the most complicated and time consuming of everyone. When i first started I was using blue to create a rough sketch and he started off looking like Sonic >.< To me, his face looks weird but i LOVE how i did his clothes. Similar to Trill, Colonel is not the same height as Megaman, he’s taller.  As of this moment, I think Colonel will the death of me, being the hardest.


So those are the characters you should expect to be coming out next. I hope you’ll be looking forward to at least one of them :) Thanks everyone

General EXE Shimeji Update

I’m starting to feel discouraged by not having finished anyone yet, but i don’t want to focus solely on one character because I’m stubborn. If i did do one at a time i’d probably get some characters done faster. Oh well, a pattern is already forming.

Dark Megaman.EXE 66 of 98 / 67%

i have nothing special to say about Dark Mega’s progression.

Elecman.EXE 35 of 100 / 35%

The third image has been the most painful image I’ve done this since i started.  I couldnt just cheat my way though and i had to re-draw the mask and the generators and i was not fun.  but it’s done and I like it so it worked out.

Trill 22 of 98 / 22%

i have nothing special to say about Trill’s progression.

Colonel.EXE 9 OF 100 / 9%

A gif instead of still images because I’m proud of the animation i did on his cape.  Colonel will definitely prepare me for other characters with free moving elements.

So tiacat11 sent me a message about my megaman shimeji and how she couldn’t get it to work. Okay, I’ve gotten a few of those.  After a small delay because i was seeing my brother for thanksgiving (and needed his help) i sent Tia my response yesterday.

I then worked on homework, played video games and went to bed.  

I woke up to this:

My first though was “oh good, you got it working”

My second was “OMG TIA ARE YOU OKAY?!”

Every time i look at these messages i start laughing again. Doesn’t help this is how EVERY PERSON reacts:

1. theres a tiny megaman on my desktop

2. looooooook at him

3. aww he multiplied

4. why is he still multiplying?


you know i NEVER NEVER EVER thought my shimejis would be this popular. EVER. its mind blowing.  Megaman has been downloaded about 250 times. AS MANY AS 250 PEOPLE HAVE DOWNLOADED HIM


anyways this post is getting really long. I’m glad you got it working Tia and i hope you enjoy :)

Megaman.EXE Shimeji UPDATE

Since midterms are just about over, I’ve spent some time working on Megaman and I’ve finally finished the beta and sent it off to a friend for critique. Now all that’s left to do is finish the final product images.

I thought I’d show off some more images for you guys, though i don’t have a wide variety in what images i have finalized. Sorry about that ^^;

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Colonel.EXE Shimeji Update

20% COMPLETE | 20 of 100

Colonel has obviously been getting the short end of the stick.  It’s not like I’m meaning to leave you out…you’re just A LOT of work.  

Anyways, i feel really bad, in general but especially to zachcg, with how slow Colonel’s progress is.  Please forgive me 

So i decided to sit down and get several images done and show you guys that YES I AM STILL MAKING PROGRESS.  I got nearly all of his sitting animation done (minus the ones where i have to tilt his head.  I’m not ready for that yet) which is about 11 images in total.

Colonel does not sit with his knees under his chin mostly because i don’t want to try and draw that.  These images are derpy enough as it is.  In some sense i cannot wait to get Colonel done, just because i can say i did it, and say i did it well (hopefully).

mechaendo replied to your post:So tiacat11 sent me a message about my megaman…

I’m glad so many people like your shimeji! You did a really good job on him ; v ; / I still appreciate the Dark Rock one too ye ye

i don’t even know what to say anymore.

on one hand i did work hard so i’m really happy they came out so well and everyone likes them

on the other hand this kind of thing has never happened to me before.  I’ve never had this kind of attention on something i did.

and hnnnnnnnggggggggg…