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Megaman.EXE Shimeji UPDATE

Since midterms are just about over, I’ve spent some time working on Megaman and I’ve finally finished the beta and sent it off to a friend for critique. Now all that’s left to do is finish the final product images.

I thought I’d show off some more images for you guys, though i don’t have a wide variety in what images i have finalized. Sorry about that ^^;

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This is my apology to all of you for killing my computer and putting the shimejis on hiatus for 2 months, but now my computer’s fixed and I’m ready to start again.


A few of you will be able to get special requests for what characters I do next and receive the first copy once they are finished.



2.    For each like/reblog this post receives your names will be entered into a pot.

3.    Your name CAN be entered more than once (a like and a reblog or multiple reblogs)

4.    The number of winners is related to the number of notes this post gets, more notes = more winners

5.    YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY CHARACTER FROM THE EXE UNIVERSE (but please note, more complicated characters take longer to make)

6.    I will message the winners once the time period has ended

This contest will end May 19th at midnight EST!